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My Wealthy Affiliate Review

My Wealthy Affiliate Review – Just Another Lackluster Service?

In my Wealthy Affiliate review today, I'm going to tell you if I think it's just another lackluster service or not. I'm going to explain a little about the WA program so that you can determine if it's right for you or not. If you're looking for a review that encompasses many aspects of this program you've come to the right page.


My Wealthy Affiliate Review

NAME: Wealthy Affiliate
OWNERS: Kyle & Carson
COST: FREE MEMBERSHIP or $49 Per Month Premium Membership Available

What Is Wealthy Affiliate?

It is an online community membership site that was founded in 2005 by 2 online marketers.  Since its creation by Carson and Kyle, this site has become the top dog for helping others to create and grow successful online businesses.

It is far more than just a training site.  This platform has a big online community that interacts with each other.  Not only offering guidance but also support.


Who Benefits From Membership?

Although I would recommend this program to those just getting involved in running an online business, it is, in fact, suitable for those who have different skill levels, from the complete novice to those who have lots of marketing experience.

What Wealthy Affiliate membership offers are not likely found with any other program because they have made their program very accessible to everyone. It doesn't matter if you aren't able to pay high prices for the training or your budget is limited. They will provide you with a membership that suits your needs. And if that means free forever? So be it!


What Not To Expect From This Program

This is not a multi-level marketing (MLM) program.  So, of course, you don't need to build a huge downline for you to be able to make money from it.  You aren't actually asked to sell Wealthy Affiliate.  What this program does is that it teaches you how to make money online.

Also, it is vital to remember that unless you are a skilled marketer when you become a member of this program you aren't going to get rich fast.  When you read through my Wealthy Affiliate review you will learn that this program is going to help you build a solid online business.

This is one business that is going to last for a long time and one that will start to provide you with a good income.  All the time you will be provided with support from others so that you will never feel as you are doing things on your own.


How Much Does It Cost To Join Wealthy Affiliate?

The Starter Membership is free. But when you choose to upgrade to their Premium Membership you can pay either $49 each month or $359 for the whole year. For those who decide to upgrade to the Premium Membership within the first 7 days of having free access to the program, you will only have to pay $19 for the first month's membership. 🙂

Take a Closer Look at Wealthy Affiliate Here

What's The Downside To Being A Member?

When it comes to Wealthy Affiliate there are not that many downsides. But three to take into consideration are as follows:

  1. There is a huge amount of information on the site and if you are new to online marketing you may find yourself overwhelmed by it all. But you can prevent this by making sure that you follow the tutorials provided from the outset and be very focused on following the well-planned training that is provided.
  1. You may discover live chat becomes quite addictive. As a result, this can cause you to become less productive and in turn may prevent you from concentrating on the training and building a successful website.
  1. Unlike many other programs you see online today, at Wealthy Affiliate they don't offer a money back guarantee.  This is because you can join it for free and have complete access to all of the program. So you are able to check everything out before choosing to become a Premium Member. Additionally, you can stay a free member forever, should you not wish to upgrade.


My Wealthy Affiliate Review – The Final Verdict

My Score


After reading this Wealthy Affiliate Review, hopefully you can see why it has become the number one community for anyone who is interested in building a successful online business.

My name's Jewel Carol, I hope you enjoyed reading. To learn more about myself and my team-mates, James and Irene, and about this website read this.

About the Author James

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away... Jimbo got a chronic case of sciatica and lost his job. However, Jimbo used this opportunity to learn how to build websites with Wordpress and then to make money online. Jimbo wants to help you do the same, while helping you to avoid the plethora of scams.

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Access My List of Over 100 Free Tools That I Use To Help Me Grow My Online Business

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