Ready to Get Started with CryptoHopper?

watch this quick video first to make sure you get the secret sauce. Do not ignore.

You will need Binance first.
here is my link if you’d be so kind to sign up for Binance using it.

To make sure this works and you end up as my referral (in order to get the secret sauce), please do the following to make sure.

  1. clear all history (all time) in your browser. Watch the video above for how to do this and other steps.

Next, Tradingview is not essential if you’re a beginner with Cryptohopper, but I find it super useful for sending buy orders to my hopper based upon various trading indicators within Tradingview. If you want to take advantage of these many functions like I do, here is my referral link. Thanks.

If you cannot use Binance, don’t worry. We will get you set up using Kucoin.

And of course you will need Cryptohopper to make everything work on autopilot. My referral link is below. Thanks again.

  1. Make sure my affiliate ID is in the cryptohopper address bar when you arrive on cryptohopper website. If my number is there, click “accept cookies” on the blue popup you’ll see. This is essential. Otherwise it won’t record you’ve clicked my affiliate link. My affiliate ID should have the number 15412 included.

3. Go ahead and create an account, use an email address you’ve never used at cryptohopper before. Use a username you’ve never used before. (this is assuming you’ve ever used cryptohopper).

4. Cryptohopper will send a confirmation email to you. Make sure you check your email in the same browser you’re creating your cryptohopper account with. Click the link in the email to confirm. Once confirmed, choose to create a paper bot (saves messing about putting API keys in)

5. Once logged in to your cryptohopper, go to menu on left side and select subscriptions. Choose adventure plan at minimum, you won’t get much benefit from explorer.

6. Pay with paypal or credit card other wise if you use crypto it can take 4 days to clear. Once you’ve done the steps and paid cryptohopper for the subscription, let me know and I’ll check my stats to see if you’re registered as my referral. Then I will send the secret sauce to you via skype.

All the steps above are dead simple, really. They should only take you a couple of minutes. If you have problems just contact me on skype below and I’ll walk you through things.

Here is my skype ID


copy and paste that contact into skype and search for me.

Remember to clear all browser cookies.

If you don’t have skype, download it. It’s where I help all the people who have signed up under my affiliate link.

Please Note: You will need binance or

You will need to use USDT as your base currency. The more the better, obviously.

You will need to top up on some Binance coin to cover binance trading fees and get a 25% discount on trading fees. Nice.