(FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions at Best Stay Home Jobs

Welcome to the beststayhomejobs.com FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Page where I try to answer all the most commonly posed questions in emails and in the comments section. Learning online business takes time and effort and many questions will fill your mind, especially when you’re a complete beginner.

FAQ at Best Stay Home Jobs (Frequently Asked Questions)

I get asked hundreds of questions per day and the ones here are what I deal with the most.  So if you have questions for me, please check out these FAQs first to see if I haven’t already answered them. Additionally, you can also ask a question in the comments section below. I answer all questions. There is no particular order to these questions. Let’s go.

I have no money, is it possible for me to make money online with no investment?

You can get started for free, for sure. But at one point in your journey if you want to create a long-term passive income plan then I recommend you invest something into that opportunity. Often times there are free accounts for things online that help you get started with no money. For more information on things you can get started with for free, check out how to earn money online without an investment here.

Are there Any Work at Home Jobs that are Not Scams?

Of course there are, you probably know this already but you’re not sure what is what if you’ve never looked into it in any great detail. Check out this post for more information.

Do I need a website to make money online?

No.  But you will be putting yourself at the front of the race to make money online if you do have one. A website can be leveraged in many ways and you should look into getting one for yourself. These days websites are super easy to build and cost pennies or can be free to setup. Shucks, you can even get free hosting these days. I can get you a free website, click here!

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Where can I learn to make money online?

The best place to learn how to make money with a website is Wealthy Affiliate.  This is a platform with a combination of training video tutorials, free keyword research tool, an online business community with a live chat feature, website hosting, website support, website security, website backups daily and many more goodies for online business owners. Read my Wealthy Affiliate review here.

What is affiliate marketing and how does it work?

Affiliate marketing is a way to make money online by selling someone else’s products or services.  Your niche website is your business and at your business you recommend stuff.  Your visitors read your recommendations and decide to buy something.  That item could be an Amazon or Best Buy or Target product. Check out this post for a more in-depth overview of affiliate marketing.

What is a Keyword Research Tool?

Jaaxy is my favorite keyword tool of choice. I’ve used many others but they can’t touch Jaaxy. If you want to build a WordPress niche website and fill it with relevant articles you need to do keyword research. It’s easy with the tools you can use today.  Proper keyword research is going to be instrumental to your website’s success. Better keywords mean more visitors to your site and more visitors to your website means more profits. Read more about keywords and keyword research tools here.

What is the best hosting for beginners’ websites?

I recommend if you want a website that you get it hosted at Wealthy Affiliate. Why? Because Wealthy Affiliate not only hosts your websites but they also give you access to thousands of resources like training videos, tutorials, a keyword research tool, an online business community to help you with a live chat facility to get instant support. Not only that, Wealthy Affiliate has it’s own affiliate program you can join and make money from by referring friends through your “affiliate link.”  Highly recommended.  Check out my Wealthy Affiliate review here.

How much does a domain name cost?

That all depends on where you go to buy a domain name.  You have to register a domain name with a domain name registrar such as Namecheap, GoDaddy or HostGator. Those companies will typically have all kinds of upsells included that for beginners can be very unsettling.

For this reason, I recommend using a registrar with no upsells. Wealthy Affiliate, again, is highly recommended for registering a domain name because of the included hosting. When you register (buy) a new domain name at somewhere like GoDaddy or HostGator, you still have to pay additional costs for monthly or yearly hosting. It’s all included with some extra goodies at Wealthy Affiliate.

How much does it cost for hosting my website?

Depending on where you have your site hosted it will cost anywhere from a few dollars a month and upwards. But free hosting is available (see my Wealthy Affiliate Review)

What Niche is the Most Profitable?

Any niche can be profitable. The best and most profitable niche for you is the niche that you’re genuinely passionate about. If you’re an expert in a particular topic then you’re going to have an easier time writing about that topic. An example of a bad niche would be for someone who hates dogs to start a dog training website.  For help in choosing a niche and domain name, go read my Wealthy Affiliate Review for information on finding a niche.

That niche for that particular person is not going to be profitable. If that person is a fan of remote control nano-drones then that is a niche he or she could make huge profits from. If you hate remote control nano drones and you have absolutely no knowledge of them, you’re not going to make a penny in that niche. So let’s just say, “any niche is profitable” depending on your own passion for it.

What are the Best Ways to Make Money Online for Beginners?

There are lots of ways you can make money online if you’re a complete newbie. Everyone starts somewhere and so can you. I could get you earning in so many ways, like online surveys, PTC (paid to click) sites, selling stuff on eBay, dropshipping.

You could write ebooks and publish them on Amazon for kindle or you could write blogs for cash. You could even “gamble” with things like Forex. There are literally hundreds of ways, maybe thousands of ways to make money online. My favorite is affiliate marketing (blogging basically). Check out this post to read about PTC sites. Check out this post to read more about survey sites.

What is an Article Spinner?

An article spinner is a piece of software that “steals” content from other websites and rewrites them. The content quality these types of software spit out are low quality and will hurt your reputation. I wrote a post about one such piece of software. Read my Serplify Review here.

How do I choose a domain name?

Try to choose a domain name that is less than 15 characters long. Make sure the domain name is spelled correctly. I like to choose a domain name that tells exactly what the site is about in its name. As an example of this, the website you’re now visiting is called beststayhomejobs.com.

It’s quite obvious from reading the domain name what the website is all about, right? I know, I know…my domain name is 16 characters long. The 15 characters thing is something I’ve learned since buying this domain name. It shows you that it is a constant learning process.

Is it Possible to Make Money with Instagram?

Yes, it is. There are tools that can help, too. 2 of the tools I use are Mass Planner 2 and Instamate 2. Either of these tools, or both, will help you to grow your Instagram accounts, schedule posts, and ultimately make more money on Instagram. Read my Mass Planner 2 review here or read my Instamate 2 review here.

What is the best WordPress theme for beginners?

For beginners, I always recommend the simplest themes.  The simplest themes, in the long run, are going to accelerate you to success.  Don’t go for a fancy pants WordPress theme that has so many bells and whistles because believe me, you’re setting yourself up for 10 times the amount of work.  You need to concentrate on producing content for your website first and foremost.  Keep the theme dead simple and I promise that you will make money faster because you are not constantly “fixing” things in your complicated theme.

What is a WordPress Plugin?

A Plugin is an additional component of software that is “plugged in” to your WordPress website.  It extends functionality.  There are thousands of WordPress Plugins and many are free.

What Plugins Should I Use for My WordPress Website?

Don’t use too many is the first bit of advice I can give you on that. As for which plugins to use on your website, it will be different depending on your needs. With most of my websites, I like to have a minimum of an SEO plugin, an Anti-Spam plugin, a Cache cleaning plugin and a plugin for shrinking images. Check out my post about 10 recommended Plugins for WordPress here.

What Should I do Right After Publishing a Blog Post on My Website?

There are steps you can take to help you rank faster and rank higher. These steps are so-called “white hat” steps as opposed to black hat. Watch what I do in the video here.

How do I keep my website fast?

Keeping your number of plugins down and keeping your website theme simple are two ways to streamline your WordPress website.  There are also lots of website plugins, services, and products that can help you.

A website such as Pingdom will help you to determine what your site speed is and it will also give you some suggestions on how to speed it up.  Another such site just like Pingdom is GTMetrix. Again this site also gives suggestions. Images and videos that you upload to your website also cause speed issues. Make sure you use a good plugin for shrinking images.

How Do I Embed a Youtube Video On My Website?

I made a short tutorial on that exact topic and you can see that here.

How Can I Find Free Images to Use on My Website?

If you’re looking to get free images for your website you can check this out here.

What Tools Do You recommend for online business?

There are gazillions of tools online and many can be free to use. I made a list of 7 must-have online business tools here. Also, you might want to download my free ebook with over 100 Free Online tools that will help you grow your online business. These tools are what I’ve been bookmarking and using for over 2 years now. Get the free ebook here.

I Want to Create a Membership Site – How Can I Do That?

Membership sites are becoming more popular than ever. Find out what you can use to create one here.

How Can I Use Facebook to Drive Traffic to My Website?

Social media is going to play a significant role in your success with a niche website.  Facebook has a membership that is huge, as you know.  Learn how to leverage facebook to get more website visitors.  I use a special tool to drive more traffic from facebook to my website and that tool is called Mass Planner 2 – it rocks!


Sadly, Mass Planner 2 was told to close its doors by Instagram in May 2017, to the dismay of many, including myself. There is one tool that is still running, and that’s Instamate 2, which will help you to manage your Instagram accounts.


What is the best social media share/follow plugin for WordPress?

I like to use SumoMe which is a plugin for WordPress that has share buttons as well as many other functions like analytics and heatmaps. I’ve got a post about the best free plugins for WordPress here.

What is Clickbank?

Clickbank is an affiliate marketplace.  Affiliate marketers, bloggers and the like can go there, signup for an account and choose products they want to recommend on their websites.  It’s free to join and there are many thousands of products to choose from.

For more on Clickbank, read my post, What is Clickbank Marketplace? Clickbank specializes in digital products such as ebooks. JVZoo and Shareasale are two others similar to Clickbank. Of course, there are many others, too.

How can I build a website if I don’t know anything about coding?

You don’t need to know anything about coding to build a website. I don’t know any coding and look at this website! It’s easy with WordPress. Learn how at Wealthy Affiliate. Read the Review here.

Can I really make money online from anywhere?

Yes, if you have access to the internet and a device to access it. Building a website can even be done on a tablet, though it is a bit fiddly to do it that way. I recommend a laptop at the minimum, or a desktop is better. Of course, you can’t carry a desktop computer around the world with you, but a laptop? Sure you can.

How long does it take to make money?

Sorry, I can’t answer that. But I did make a pretty good attempt to answer and you’ll find that here. How long is a piece of string is always what I reply to that question.  It depends on what you’re doing to make money on the internet.

Some things take a while to really get going but boy oh boy, they can really get going if you stick at it and learn all the necessaries.  You could go to PTC websites like ClixSense and start making money today, but it wouldn’t be that much.

You could also sign up to Paid ViewPoint and other similar online survey websites, however, they aren’t going to make you rich overnight either.  Whatever you do online to earn money, it’s going to take some time to build, period.  My favorite way is affiliate marketing, granted – it takes a while to learn the ropes and the money will start trickling in slowly.  After a while practicing it you get to see the huge potential.

What is an Autoresponder?

An autoresponder is a tool we use to send out emails to our subscribers. I use Aweber because it’s one of the best-known email marketing tools you can have. Click here to get a one month free trial of Aweber. (affiliate link)

How can I avoid being scammed?

Read reviews of products and services, go to google and type in “PRODUCT NAME – REVIEW”. Don’t just read one review though, read a few so you get a good picture in your mind of what it’s all about.  You’ll quickly decide if something is legitimate or a scam.

Is it really possible to make thousands of dollars every month?

Yes! And more!

I haven’t made any money online yet, what should I do?

You will need to learn the correct ways to make money online, want to know how I learned? Something that I recommend to every single person I meet online or offline is the Wealthy Affiliate Online University and Business Community.  It has changed the game for me and thousands of others. There is a lot to learn and at Wealthy Affiliate you will learn it all in a step by step, no BS way.

What is Amazon Associates?

Amazon Associates is the affiliate program at Amazon.com. It’s like Clickbank.  You choose what you want to advertise on your website and then people on your website go to Amazon through your link to buy a product.  The levels of commission vary depending on the product category. Also, a cool thing about Amazon is you get paid a commission even if those visitors do buy the exact product you recommended on your site. They could have clicked a link on your website to buy a blender for the kitchen but instead opted to buy a huge widescreen TV set. Kaching, you get a commission for the TV set just as you would have for the blender.  A cool way and sometimes a nice bonus when advertising Amazon stuff on your site.

What is the difference between a post and a page in WordPress?

Posts are blog posts. A page is more of a static article on your site. You are reading a page now. But if you click on my HOME menu item, it will take you to lots of posts. Click on the posts and then you are reading a post. There’s not a lot of difference, really, and it’s not much to concern yourself with.

What is a widget in WordPress?

Widgets usually go in the sidebars or the header and footer of your website.  A widget can contain advertising, or a list of your latest posts and comments.  There is no sidebar on this page but if you scroll to the bottom of this page you might see a widget advertising something.

What can I promote if I decide to do affiliate marketing?

Anything that can be bought online if there is an Affiliate Program for that product. The best way to find out is to go to google and type in “ITEM + AFFILIATE PROGRAM” and google will fetch you the results you’re after.

What is google Adsense?

It’s an advertising system by google that you can leverage on your website to make residual income from. At the time of writing, I do not have any google Adsense on my websites.

Do I need my own products to be able to make money online?

No. A great thing is that you can promote other people’s products on your sites such as stuff from Amazon or Clickbank. Commissions for sales range from 1% to a whopping 75%. Not bad! Read my article about Clickbank now.

What is digital marketing?

It is promoting stuff that can be delivered to customers via the internet. A perfect example is an ebook. An ebook is a digital product and can be downloaded once paid for. Instant gratification.

What is an affiliate program?

Clickbank, JVZoo, Shareasale are three examples.

I’ll add more frequently asked questions as this website continues to grow.

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