EverLesson Review – How To Build Membership Sites The Easy Way

Welcome to my EverLesson 2 review where we take a look at what it is, what it can do and who it is for. It  launched on January 23rd 2017. Everlesson 2 is looking quite popular from what I've seen and heard recently.

Product Name: EverLesson 2 (formerly MemberHub)
Overall Ranking: 50%
Price: Check Current Price Here
Owners: Karthik Ramani/Chad Nicely
Niche: Software
Website: EverLesson.com

EverLesson 2 Review - What is EverLesson 2.0?

Everlesson 2.0 is a software that allows you to create membership sites with similarities to WordPress. You can sell as many of your products on these sites as you want. Multiple membership sites can be created and you can choose from dozens of custom themes for them.

The first version of this software had a different name and was known simply as MemberHub. That proved popular, and so they got to work on improving it and renamed it for its second iteration. The new name will now be known as Everlesson 2.0. There is no such thing as EverLesson 1.0.

What is EverLesson 2.0?

What is a Membership Site?

A membership site allows you to accept paying members so that they can access premium content on that site. They're very popular these days. For example you could create a site all about teaching guitar to newbies.

You could charge the members $19 a month for access to all of your premium lessons. This is a great idea and can be used in every niche I can think up from Amazon Affiliate marketing to Zebra training, lol. I couldn't think of a niche beginning with Z, so that'll have to do. 😉

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Who is EverLesson 2.0 for?

Everlesson 2.0 is for business owners who want to create versatile, workable membership platforms that are easy to use and offer support on the sales side of a business. So, if you're into creating premium content and you want to charge for access this is the route for you.

Who Created EverLesson 2.0?

Who Created Everlesson 2.0?

The creators of Everlesson 2.0 are Karthik Ramani & Chad Nicely. Karthik is a talented chap who created the following products previously.

Karthik Ramani's Other Products

  • Social Mini Store
  • Social Marketing Suite
  • One Links
  • Social Directory
  • Lead Monster
  • Social Contest
  • Video Hub
  • Channel Authority Builder
  • Quiz Funnels - The Social M
  • Easy Links
  • MemberHub
  • InstaStore

Chad Nicely's Other Products

  • MemberHub Annual
  • MemberHub Monthly
  • MemberHub
  • EasyLinks
  • EasyLinks Pro with Developers license
  • EasyLinks Marketer
  • EasyLinks Lite
  • EasyLinks Paid Traffic
  • Channel Authority Builder Elite
  • Channel Authority Builder Basic
  • Lead Monster - ENTERPRISE
  • Lead Monster - PRO
  • Heat Monster Lite
  • Authority Monster
  • Heat Monster
  • Videohub Standard
  • Videohub PRO
  • Videohub Ultimate
  • Videohub Basic
  • Videohub Lite
  • Lead Monster
  • Social Directory
  • Social Directory Lite
  • Social Directory Pro

As you can see by the two lists above, Chad Nicely and Karthik Ramani have a lot of products that they've developed together. It seems they're a good team because some of the products on the lists above are very popular.

Is Everlesson 2.0 a Scam?

I think one glance at MemberHub, plus another glance at the long list of other popular products in the lists above show beyond a shadow of a doubt that this second iteration of MemberHub, now known as Everlesson 2.0, is  an awesome system for people to create membership sites "in minutes" as they say...It's legit!

What is Good about Everlesson 2.0?

In MemberHub, the first iteration of this system, the interface was super easy to use and everyone found it nicely laid out. The revamped interface will no doubt be even more popular than the first.

What is Bad about Everlesson 2.0?

Creating membership sites is not for beginners. You should be at an intermediate level to create membership websites. You're going to have to create premium content for those sites.

That's the hardest part. Additionally, I noticed there is the ability to integrate EverLesson 2 with Spin Rewriter, a piece of software for content spinning.

You can read this article to find out why content spinning is not a good idea. However, you're not forced to use that if you don't want to. You can ignore it and it won't be detrimental to do so.

Should you Buy EverLesson 2.0?

If creating a membership site is a must for you, then absolutely, I don't think you'll go wrong here with EverLesson 2.0. If you're not ready to build a membership site, read about an alternative solution that might be just what you've always hoped for below.

How Much Does EverLesson 2.0 Cost?

EverLesson 2.0 is listed at $297. MemberHub was also the same pricing.

My Final Opinion of EverLesson 2.0

My rating of EverLesson is 80%. I have never created a membership site myself. But after looking at the first version, which was MemberHub, I am tempted to try out EverLesson 2.0. If I were to set my mind on making a membership site of my own I believe that EverLesson 2.0 is the number 1 option for me.

But is it the number 1 option for you? If a membership site is not quite what you're ready for, I have an alternative suggestion for you. You could always get into creating membership sites if and when you're more adept with the necessary basics. 

Is There an Alternative to EverLesson 2.0?

There's an alternative to EverLesson 2.0 and that is creating a regular non-membership site known as a niche site. You're on a niche site right now reading this.

My niche is home business, affiliate marketing and such. If I wanted to create a membership site for that niche I could create premium content that teaches affiliate marketing, somebody stop me! I have enough on my hands with my current sites without adding to my workload right now.

Back to that alternative I mentioned. The alternative to creating a membership site is learning how to create a regular niche website for your home business.

The tools and the training are available for anyone to use. There is also the help and support that gets you up and running with your own online business from home.

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Thanks for reading my EverLesson 2.0 review today. If you have any questions or you want to add your 2 cents worth, comment below and I will answer as soon as I see them.

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