Serplify Review – Beware Content Spinning Software

Welcome to my Serplify review where we'll be taking a closer look at this new software which was launched on January 18th, 2017. The product promises to find local SEO keywords and then you can spin articles based on those keywords.

Serplify Box Cover

PRODUCT: Serplify
Overall Ranking: 20%
Front-End Price: $47 (Plus Upsells)
Owners: Mo Miah and Others
Launch Date: 18 Jan 2017

What is Serplify?

After watching the video (you can see it just below) for the first time I was initially intrigued about this software they say finds keywords for you based upon seed keywords you give it.

Serplify then delivers you the keywords and lets you pick and choose which ones you want to use in your next article.

The promise is that the software will now go out on to the internet looking for content based on the keywords you selected.

Serplify Demo Video

The software will then spin the articles and come up with a fresh, unique articles and the makers claim you'll get ranked on first page for them.

While the software shown in action looks impressive, I'm not sure that I would purchase it, because I know that spun content in most cases is garbage that will hurt you in the long-run.

Serplify was shown to work in under one minute and the steps to create a spun article with the software are listed below. 

How to Use Serplify - Instructions

  1. Give the project a name, in the example shown in the video, it was named "gutter cleaner project".
  2. Then he adds his domain name which was (it's a real site, I checked, and has almost a thousand spun articles already).
  3. Next you enter the locations of where you want to rank using the geolocation tab.
  4. Now it's time to enter the title of your blog post and in this example the title was "gutter cleaner in (city), (state), (counry)" the words I've used in brackets are shortcodes with geolocation in them.
  5. He then pasted an article into the body of the blog post and clicked on "spin".
  6. Using software such as Spin Rewriter, Spin AI and Spinner Chief article, the article is spun.
  7. The next part shows the option to grab images and videos from YouTube to add to the content.
  8. On the next tab within the software he selects syndication options for social networking sites. 3 Integrated syndication options are available including one called Only Wire which is a plugin for WordPress.
  9. In the next step he shows the scheduler for posts. He selected the option to publish 100 articles over a space of 14 days.
  10. The maker of the software then shows how he checks the article using copyscape to make sure it's unique. It's unique alright...

But there's a but...and it's a BIG but...

But...What's Up with This Picture?

I went to the site just now and noticed really quickly that the articles there number almost one thousand and they're all about gutter cleaning. I only had to click on one random post to take a closer look at the quality of the blog post.

Here's the problem.

The very first article I read was bad in so many ways. There were grammatical errors and things that didn't make sense.

Also there was a "robotic" feel to the text that I could tell wasn't written by a real, thinking, feeling human who wants to genuinely help you with your gutter cleaning dilemmas.

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Article Spinning Sucks, and Here's Why

Article spinning is a very bad idea because the content might be unique, but it's not "quality". Google and other search engines are looking for quality content when indexing articles in their databases.

The main problem though, is the non-human element to the articles. I only looked at one such spun article and could quickly see after reading just 4 paragraphs that it was rubbish content.

The software works flawlessly in the video, but that doesn't mean it's a good thing. Google is going to recognize a site with spun content on it and the rankings are going to plummet, meaning the whole exercise is a waste of time.

If you have a website about any given topic online, that's your niche. Anyone who can't be "bothered" to create unique, compelling, quality, human written content the "old fashioned way" by writing it themselves, does not deserve to be ranked.

Why should they, when real people who do the right thing with their content are busting their asses to help you out? Do you want to read an article written by a robot that doesn't quite make sense? I know I don't.

Content is King! And Always Will Be!

Quality, unique content written by real human beings is the only kind of content you should ever create. Don't try to cheat the system because it will come back to bite you in the ass sooner that you think.

That website that I looked at was full of crappy content that I could see just with a glance was not written by a person. It's cheating, end of story.

The only way I could see this working long-term with spun articles is if you actually manually rewrite the spun articles. However, what's the point of that when it is just as quick writing an original piece with your own personality?

It Doesn't Make Sense to Use Article Spinners

So, it doesn't really make sense to use article spinning softwares, however good they seem to be. Editing these spun articles can be a pain in the butt.

Go ahead and try rewriting an article that a robot has written and you'll see what I mean. Even as an English teacher for 15 years, it was hard work.

It's miles better to actually create your own stuff. This shows your readers that you "care" enough about them not to cheat them.

A little after-thought you think about. If you were the creator of a piece of software that claims to be this good would you sell it to people?

Would you use it yourself in secret to make millions of dollars that your competition isn't making? Why sell this "awesome" piece of software if it really works?

Why not just use it yourself, make millions online with spun content and never tell anyone how you did it? 

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The Pros & Cons of Serplify

The only potentially positive thing I could find about this software is the speed of it. The Serplify software works as well as can be expected - if you like cheating the system.

I wouldn't recommend it to anyone, so I'm not going to even consider buying it to test it out for myself.

I've seen enough in the video at the top of this page and I've seen the content this software spits out for publishing, it's rubbish. I am surprised they even have that site shown in the video as a real site. It gave me the opportunity to inspect it for myself.

My Final Opinion of Serplify

If you value your reputation online then I wouldn't touch this software with a barge pole. Stay away from "black hat" methods because Google will catch up with you one way or another.

It's far easier in the long-run to actually do the right thing when making money online. Go to Wealthy Affiliate and learn the proper ways to make money online legitimately.

There's a free starter account and if you sign up with my link I will then be able to mentor you. (Read the Review by Clicking the Button Above).

I'm currently an Ambassador at Wealthy Affiliate which means I'm ranked in the top 25 members.

Should You Buy Serplify?

Absolutely not. Learn the proper methods I mentioned above. Do online business legitimately and it will reward you far more than any spun content ever can. You'll sleep better at night, too!

My name's Jim. To read more about me, about this website and what my mission is, click here

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7 thoughts on “Serplify Review – Beware Content Spinning Software”

  1. Hi,

    I need your help. Can we use serplify in our old worpress websites or we need fresh wordpress websites please let me know .


    • I wouldn’t use serplify at all, Thava. Content spinning with it is low quality content. You’ll get penalised from google.
      I recommend you go join this instead to learn how to build a great business with completely “white-hat” techniques. I will help you all you need there. It’s free to join and you can remain free forever if you want to.
      Check this out, Thava. I’m waiting for you there.
      Build Your Business The Honest Way

  2. Ugh, I really hate these kind of products. They are responsible for all the junk and spam online that scares people away from legitimate courses.

    So many people fall for these scams because they think they can take a shortcut and skip all the hard work, but it rarely works out like that.

    Stealing and spinning content from other websites is probably the worst thing that you can do for your business. Thanks for spreading awareness about this product, I’ll avoid it for sure.

    • Yeah they are never ending and they distract people away from the legitimate stuff to make money online. I recommend Wealthy Affiliate for anyone who wants to learn how to make money the honest way. If anyone reading this is wanting to do it the honest way, with heaps of help to walk you through every single step by the hand, click here and join WA with me.
      Thanks for dropping in, Tim! Hope to see you again soon.

  3. They seem that they are aware of psychologies of some short cut liking peoples.

    But I think those who have seen these video will never be misled because we obviously have seen some of the short comings of this software.

    I’m one of the member at Wealthy affiliate, and wealthy affiliate worth having all the current 800000 members because it is one of the very few companies out there which are giving money making at home services legit and just.

    I agree with your conclusion of advising the right way of money making.

    Thanks for your concern of sharing this very new scam before they get to the pocket.

  4. Hi, James thanks for sharing this thorough review of Serplify.

    Spinning articles may be an easy way to get free ” UNIQUE’ traffic but that unique traffic will be full of nonsense and grammatical phrases like you mentioned in the post.

    I think we all tried one the spinning article method but realized that it’s not worth it!

    Writing your own quality content is the way, hard work but only that can make you succeed,

    There are no shortcuts, they make these pieces of software just to make a fast buck from you!


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