FB Continuity Profits Review – Will it Work for You?

Welcome to my FB Continuity Profits review where we'll be checking it out to see if it does what it says it does on the tin. This product was created by Mario Brown and it will be launched on 14th January 2017. If you're an internet marketer you might be interested in this to make your Facebook marketing efforts easier.

What is FB Continuity Profits?

PRODUCT: FB Continuity Profits
Owner: Mario Brown
Price: Check Current Price Here
Launch Date: 14th January 2017
My Rating: 80%
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FB Continuity Profits Review - What is FB Continuity Profits?

FB Continuity Profits is a training course on how to create revenues using Facebook. The word continuity in the title of this training program refers to recurring income. One of the most challenging things as an internet marketer is making one-off sales, so making a recurring income is often the best way to go if you want to maximize your success online with Facebook marketing.

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Who Created the FB Continuity Profits Training Program?

Mario Brown created this training program. Mario is an internet marketer and he shows us how he creates revenues from Facebook with his model based upon his own experiences with Facebook marketing. Replicate what he does and you should see a big difference in your marketing efforts with Facebook. And his stuff works for any niche you're in.

So, now that we've established who Mario Brown is let's talk some more about his latest product in this FB Continuity Profits review. As you can see, Mario is a pretty legitimate looking internet marketer.

Meet Mario Brown (and his initially not supportive wife)

Is Mario Brown a scam artist?

He seems like a talented but humble guy to me. After watching the video above, what do you think? You can learn how to use Mario's techniques in absolutely any niche you're in. The principles are the same for the weight loss niche as they are in the niche of golfing, learning guitar or whatever your area is.

This training will teach you how to get traffic from Facebook to any offers that you want to make money with. It could be a website (or websites, plural) that you own, it could be to your ClickFunnels landing page, it could be a landing page to collect subscribers' emails, or it could be just about any other stuff you're promoting on the internet. If you need traffic, this training promises to show you how to leverage Facebook.

What You'll Learn with the FB Continuity Profits Training?

FB Continuity Profits Review - What is in the FB Continuity Profits Training

The Pros of FB Continuity Profits

Mario shows his exact methods. He seems to really, genuinely and honestly want to help YOU and me to make something of yourself online. He knows the struggles that we all have to endure, and that comes through in everything he says.

This training WILL work for you only if you take the steps that are required to make it work. Don't buy this if you're not going to carry through on your actions.

The Cons of FB Continuity Profits

The training might not be in-depth enough for some. If you've got some experience in internet marketing you'll be fine. But, if you're a complete beginner I have a better suggestion for you than the FB Continuity Profits training.

If you fall into this beginners category then you should check out my post about an online business training school by clicking this link. Heck, even super affiliates join in. Thousands of like-minded members are waiting to assist you.

Who is FB Continuity Profits for?

Only those, like myself, who are wanting to use Facebook to create income by getting traffic to go where you need it to go.

Who is FB Continuity Profits NOT for?

I'd say complete beginners to online marketing with social media in general who are just getting up and running with a website would be better to learn some other stuff first, before buying FB Continuity Profits to learn how to get traffic from Facebook.

It's not for people dabbling and those who chase shiny objects without sticking to a tried and tested formula.

Training Overview

Mario will show you the exact steps he uses when leveraging Facebook to get that much-desired traffic we all crave.

What's the Support Like?

The support is good, they'll help you out should you have any issues with the training, such as certain steps you don't understand, or not being able to view the training. I'm sure Mario himself will be there at times to answer your queries.

FB Continuity Pricing

The initial cost of FB Continuity Profits is $37 at the launch date. As this training is launching you can get it for that listed price.

I don't know if the price will go up or down or stay the same. Are There Any Upsells? Yes. However, it doesn't mean they're essential.

They're the type of offers that help you take things to the next level once you've learned the ropes Mario Brown shows in the training.

My Final Opinion Of FB Continuity Profits Training Program

FB Continuity Profits might benefit you a lot if marketing on Facebook is a must for you. However, if you're brand new to internet marketing then you should definitely wait before you buy this training.

You'd be far better off if you learned affiliate marketing from the ground up and know how all the bits and pieces fit together. My number one recommendation for beginners is below.

Click the link below to have a closer look at FB Continuity Profits.

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Thanks for reading my FB Continuity Profits review. If you have any questions about this training program then let me know in the comments below.

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I'm Jim. Read about my own story here. Have a great day!

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2 thoughts on “FB Continuity Profits Review – Will it Work for You?”

  1. Ah, Marion Brown. I’ve seen him before when I was looking at a different product a few months back. I can’t remember what it was, but I think it was something to do with social media, probably Facebook. Sorry, I wish I could be more specific.

    You say that he teaches the exact methods. Does this mean this will work for someone who doesn’t normally use Facebook? If I was to create a new FB account, would I be able to follow the steps in his guide and get the same level of success?

    • I’m sure you could, Marcus…but the hub of an online business should always be your website, and tools like this only help if you’ve got lots of other things in place first. However, if you’re new to facebook, I would first spend time building it out so that people on facebook can see you’re not a fly by night fake account creator…

      If you’re not into social media, maybe getting into it is a good idea for getting a few more visitors to your site. For facebook I use a tool called mass planner 2. It does just about everything you could want it to do for social media and you can use it with facebook, twitter, pinterest, google plus, instagram, linkedin and also there’s a new module included for email, not even looked into that yet, I must do so soon. Read this review of mass planner here for more information on that. It might be just what you’re looking for and it covers more social media platforms than just facebook alone.


      Thanks for popping in again, it’s nice to see regular visitors coming by…


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