Mass Planner 2 Review – My Shiny New Toy Helps Me Make More Money on Autopilot


Sadly, Mass Planner 2 was told to close its doors by Instagram in May 2017, to the dismay of many, including myself. ๐Ÿ™


But every cloud has a silver lining. Since you're here, I know that you are interested in social media marketing, online business tools, and making money online.

Am I right?

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Welcome to my Mass Planner 2 review. I'm sure you know that managing social media is a pain in the butt. You see there are two options.

Option 1: Do it yourself and waste a hundred of hours a month.
Option 2: Hire someone to handle it all for you.

I don't like either option from a business perspective. Time wasted on the first option to handle social media marketing yourself would be better spent creating content for your websites. What could you get done with those hours every month if you didn't have to worry so much about social media?

Hiring someone else is also not an option I want to pay for.

But there is a third option...

The third option is easier to manage yourself and is far cheaper than employing someone else to do it for you. I found a happy medium.

Say hello to Mass Planner 2. We're going to find out what it is and what it can do for your online business. Mass Planner 2 allows you to handle all your social media accounts yourself while saving a lot of time. And Mass Planner also saves you money that you don't have to pay to someone else. In a nutshell, Mass Planner 2 saves you time and money.

Mass Planner 2 Review

Name: Mass Planner 2
Overall Ranking: 95%

What is Mass Planner 2 and Why Might You Need it?

Facebook and Google auto poster software

Ever hear the term "growth hacking?" This tool takes a lot of work off your hands, freeing you up to get on with more important things in your business.

Before using it I spent about 3 or 4 hours per day growing my social media accounts. Mass Planner 2 is a growth hacker's best friend. 

Oh, The Frustration!

It was monotonous, boring, and confusing. I had a lot to keep track of. At first, I was hesitant to use an automated piece of software. But as there was a free 5-day trial, I thought, "what the heck, might as well give it a go!"

Since using Mass Planner 2 my home business life has become much more streamlined and organized. Once your initial setup is complete, it takes about 15 minutes per social media account) you set it off on autopilot doing all of its pre-programmed tasks for you.

This downloadable software is robust, flexible and extremely powerful for people who want to manage their social media accounts. If you need more traffic from social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Google Plus, Instagram and even Tumblr, then this tool should serve you well. But be cautious with it...I'll tell you why later on.

Mass Planner 2 has so many abilities that I'm not even going to try to cover them all today, as much as I'd love to. 

Mass Planner 2 Has So Many Functions I Don't Know Where to Begin!

If I told you everything it does, this post would end up being 20,000 words long or more! I'll give you an overview of what it does and some tips on how to use it, as well as a couple of important tips on how you should not use it.

I'll also follow up with some separate tutorials at a later date to cover all the other things it can do. That's going be a lot of tutorials for lots of different functions of the tool. There is a video overview if you scroll down a little from here.

What's the Problem?

  1. The problem is the management of your social media marketing campaigns. It's time-consuming and takes a long time to build up followings. It's almost a full-time job in itself if you want to do it right. Just imagine the time you'd save and spend on other things, like your actual websites if you didn't have to deal so much with social media.
  2. Posting your website URL to Social Media takes time and effort if you do it manually.

What's the Solution?

Mass Planner 2 will solve your problems with social media management. It has tools for every action you would want to perform on a day to day basis. It's a robot. No, it's dozens of robots, all working simultaneously to help you out on autopilot.

Enter Your Social Media Accounts

Just plug in your accounts, program each specific tool, like finding groups on Facebook to join or following someone on twitter. All based upon keywords. Do you need to post your articles to lots of places on social media such as Facebook and Google+ but you're finding it boring and time-consuming?

Mass Planner will do that for you. It takes a minute to set up one post and the tool will churn out those posts on autopilot while you get on with other stuff. 

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Shh! Don't Tell Your Competitors! Keep this Tool a Secret!

Mass Planner, quite surprisingly, is a social media management tool that isn't that well known. Website owners, affiliate marketers, and bloggers use it to grow and manage their social media accounts. It does everything on autopilot.

It's like having dozens of little robots working full-time for you, so you can get on with more important things like blogging or researching your next blog post. I use it and have done for almost a year now. I like it a lot.

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Is Mass Planner 2 a Scam?

Ha! I was actually asked that question by a couple of people who didn't know what it is. It's not a scam, it's a piece of software that you download which has a free trial so that you can take it for a test run before you decide if you want to buy it or not.

Think of it like getting a test drive of a car that lasts for 5 days before you have to pay for it. You can do a lot of mileage in that 5 days, right? Use those 5 days to grow your accounts a little, if nothing else. There is really zero to lose. Don't like it? Don't buy. Easy. So, no, it's definitely not a scam but it is very cheap considering the benefits to your business online. 

Considering The Benefits, The Price is Ridiculously Low

I gladly pay the cost of just $9.95 a month because it saves me from over a hundred hours of mundane work every month. I certainly wouldn't be without it. If you are reading this post because you saw it on social media, you can thank Mass Planner for that!

Mass Planner Tools Overview

  1. Joiner for Facebook Groups and Pages, Google+ Communities and Linkedin Groups
  2. Unjoiner Tool for leaving Groups, Pages and Communities on Facebook, Linkedin and Google+
  3. Follow Back tool that follows people who followed you on Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram
  4. Like tool for liking stuff on Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr
  5. Comments tool for Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram
  6. Follow tool for Google+, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest
  7. Unfollow tool for Google+, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest
  8. Blog, Re-Tweet and Re-Pin tool for Tumblr, Twitter and Pinterest
  9. More Tools (too many to list here)
  10. Account Actions tool for Facebook (accepts invited to groups and pages for you)
  11. Contact Tool for Facebook, Google+, Instagram and Twitter
  12. This column shows how many groups, pages and communities (etc) the finder tool has found

Those are the most useful tools (in my opinion) covered above. There are many more tools that I've never even needed to look at, like mentions on Twitter. (I still don't know how to use Twitter properly)

Posting to Social Media on Autopilot with Mass Planner

Growth Hacking Tool

The tools overview above is only half the story of what Mass Planner 2 can do for you. It's not just about finding, joining, following and building your accounts (growth hacking).

It's also about posting to social media on autopilot for you. you set it up and let it run. I post to about 50 Facebook groups and Google+ communities per day (on each of my 4 accounts.) If you do too many you will get warnings to slow down. If you ignore the warnings, you can ultimately lose an account. Luckily for me I only ever lost one account which was my first Google+ account.

My Bad!

I was not careful enough when I first started using Mass Planner 2 and was quickly flagged for spamming my own G+ page about 100 times in one hour. I hadn't the foggiest of what I was doing as it was only about day 2 of using this powerful tool.

WARNING: DON'T SPAM ANY SOCIAL NETWORKS WITH MASS PLANNER 2 (Learn how to use it properly before going crazy with it. There's no rush, so don't try shortcuts. I've been there and done that!)

Not to Worry!

I had to set up another Google+ account to replace it. As for Facebook, they're a little more forgiving than Google. The worst punishment I've had from Facebook for posting too much is a 7-day restriction from posting on the groups. I still had access to my facebook account, but I couldn't use the groups. What a bummer! No big deal, I had another 3 accounts to fall back on and simply switched to them if I ever got a restriction slapped on me.

I suggest you only post to about 10 places, to begin with, and gradually increase that over a few days. Even now, sometimes I get a Facebook restriction after posting to a few groups. Some days Facebook seems stricter than others. Yet on other days I can do 50 posts to 50 groups and be fine. Some days I get to 30 posts and get a restriction. What's going on there? Go figure!

Watch me in this video at the top of the page as I set up some Facebook auto-posting with Mass Planner.

Video Taken From My Related Article on How to Post on Facebook Groups with Mass Planner 2 

How Many Social Accounts Can You Add to Mass Planner?

You can have 7 different social media accounts "plugged in" to this useful tool. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Linkedin, Google+ and Tumblr are all covered. In fact you can have multiple accounts, for example, I have 4 of each.

Social Media Management Tool 

I have 28 social media accounts plugged in and running almost completely on autopilot 24 hours a day. The basic option of Mass Planner allows you to add 2 of each account, so that's 14 social accounts you can plug in.

There are Additional Tools You Can Buy To Boost Mass Planner Further

I got an additional option to add some more accounts. This upgrade cost me pennies, too! If you want it to run 24 hours a day you must leave your computer switched on (but you don't have to).

It is a downloadable piece of software that runs on Windows laptops or desktops. It runs on a Mac too, but you have to fiddle with some stuff to get it working. If you're a Mac user then you probably know how. I don't have a clue!

Recommendation for Mass Planner 2

I recommend if you have a desktop to use that, because Mass Planner 2 is so powerful and uses a lot of system resources. If running on a laptop you'll need to alter the settings in the dashboard so that it doesn't use so many resources.

The more tools that are running together at the same time you use, the more resources on your computer will be swallowed up.

If you have an old computer or a laptop, Mass Planner can be tuned down. My Mass Planner 2 is running from a desktop computer with a quad-core cpu with 8gb of Ram. More than enough for Mass Planner to tap into. 

How About Mass Planner 2 Support? Can They Cut it?

I've contacted support on about 4 or 5 occasions and they've been extremely fast, very polite and they've fixed every minor problem I've had. Just before Christmas last year when I contacted them with a bug issue, they even gave me a free tool on top of all the tools I already had.

The value of the tool was $25. Wow! I'm not saying that's going to happen to you when you contact support, but it shows they care about their customers, right? Awesome support, couldn't ask for better. Fast, polite, accurate, knowledgeable AND generous. 

What are the Pros and Cons of Mass Planner 2?

The Pros

  • There are many benefits such as saving time and stress. Mass Planner (once you get to grips with it) will save you thousands of hours a year in your social media marketing efforts. If you're a small or home business owner you need to leverage the capabilities of all that this tool can do for you on autopilot. Any blogger, affiliate marketer or website owner who wants to get more traffic to their websites would be wise to use it.
  • Waiting for SEO techniques alone to build up your online business can be painfully slow. This tool gives you a much-needed boost and if you set it up properly and use it properly every day, I can guarantee it will pay for itself quickly and you'll also swear by it. It has made a massive difference to my online pursuits and it will surely make a difference to yours.
  • This tool costs pennies when you consider the time it saves you and the headaches of managing your accounts. How much would you pay a human to do it all for you every day? Those few pennies I paid for it soon made me lots more money because of all the valuable traffic I was getting from social media that I definitely would not have had unless Mass Planner had come to save the day.

The Cons

  • I've had about 12 Facebook restrictions over the past 10 months, each of them lasting for between 1 day and 7 days. This is not the end of the world, I make the same recommendation as above. Create a separate account if you're wary. I lost my first Google+ access due to my own stupidity, can't really blame the tool for that. But I would like to see a safety function that prevents you from making boo-boos like that. It was a bit of a pain in the butt to get a new google+ account and then build it out quickly, but again, not the end of the world. Certainly still far more efficient to have Mass Planner 2 than to handle it all manually.
  • As I mentioned earlier you can and sometimes will get restrictions from posting, especially with Google+ and Facebook. I lost a Google+ account very quickly because I was an idiot. Don't let that happen to you. And if it does, it's not the end of the world. You can set up a new account. You don't lose full access as you will still be able to use Gmail. Suggestion. CREATE A SEPARATE ACCOUNT for Mass Planner and your business. Keep your most important account safe until you're competent enough with Mass Planner to add it.
  • One of the pros is all of the tools. However, this can also be looked at as a drawback. It can get crazy. The more tools there are, the more you have to learn about them.
  • There are so many tools and so many little bits and pieces to learn it can be confusing to get to grips with. Tutorials are available for each tool, so make sure you watch them as soon as you get hooked up with Mass Planner. You'll save yourself headaches and time. I still don't know how to use about 50% of the tools that I could be using. What I am using currently is more than enough for me to leverage. You can bet I'm going to be learning more about it as I feel I need to.

Is Mass Planner 2 Worth it? My Verdict

Mass Planner 2 is an awesome product/service that has made a significant impact on the success of all my websites (this one included). It's gotten me more traffic without the need to rely solely on Google rankings. There are lots of ways to get traffic, and Mass Planner, when used properly can benefit you big time. I wouldn't be without it now.

Apart from my top recommendation which is Wealthy Affiliate University, it is the best investment I've ever made for my online business. The cost is cheap as chips when you consider what it does. I often wonder why it isn't ten times the price. I'm not complaining though! I suggest you to at least try it out for free for 5 days before spending a dime on it.

You will quickly see how beneficial it is going to be. I love free trials, don't you? It proves something to me when there is a free trial. It means the product creators are extremely confident that you'll love it enough to actually pay for it. Suggestion. GET YOUR FREE TRIAL OF MASS PLANNER 2 RIGHT NOW - Because you've got nothing to lose! 

You can benefit from Mass Planner 2 even more if you add a tool like Social Studio FX to the mix. This tool helps you to create images for social media.

If you know of any other tools just like Mass Planner, let me know in the comments below. I don't think anything else comes close, personally. But it's a big internet and I might have missed something. Have you got any questions about Mass Planner 2? Drop them in the comment box below and I'll answer all of them. I hope you enjoyed my Mass Planner 2 overview and suggestions. Thanks for reading!

Read more about Jim, the author, right here.

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138 thoughts on “Mass Planner 2 Review – My Shiny New Toy Helps Me Make More Money on Autopilot”

  1. This tool almost seems to be outta my league right now. I have just been using crowd fire which is an app to help grow my twitter.

    Jim, when you first started using this tool. What type of growth did you see from the free trial? How about after a month with a membership?

    A rough percent of growth would be ok!

    • I wouldn’t say that I used it well enough in those first 5 days to grow much. But steadily over time, now I get about 100-150 twitter followers per day. And you know what? I’m not even sure I’ve set the twitter follow tool up to it’s best possible settings. Last week, from 1st January to 7th January I went from 7,300 followers on twitter to 8200. That’s 900 followers in a week. I use twitter manually, also, so I don’t know to what degree my manual actions are helping.

      The main reason I got mass planner though, was for posting on autopilot. I used to post to 50 groups per day on facebook, it took hours, honestly, with my android tablet. I got referrals like that. Maybe an average of 2 a day. Since using mass planner 2, though, That jumped to between 4 and 10 referrals. It all depends on what you’re posting, where you’re posting to (what groups) the time of day, the image you’re using, the copy you write, the quality of the product on your website that you’re recommending, etc. So, as you can see, there are so many variables at play.

      However. I quickly realised my life had become much more streamlined using mass planner, once set up, I was saving at least 2 hours a day on manually posting to facebook groups. Now, I set up a post and start it running in less than 2 minutes. That’s how fast it is. Of course, mass planner makes itself human by waiting a preset amount of time before posting to the next group. It doesn’t just bash them all out at once, you can set intervals of 30 seconds, or 30 minutes if you like. Really, what I’ve covered in this review doesn’t do mass planner enough justice. There is soooo much to leverage with it. And admittedly, after over a year of using it, I still haven’t maximized it’s potential. An analogy would be like having a bugatti veyron given to you and you’ve never exceeded 60mph in it. You’ve never experienced it’s full potential, but you know it’s there, you can feel the power under your foot.

      Thanks for dropping in, Kurtis

  2. Hi James,

    this was a great review and extremely informative. I have never heard of Mass Planner 2 before but it sounds like a must have. Iยดm a bit slow on learning how to use these things but Iยดm going to follow your advice and take it slowly.

    Best regards


    • Best bet with anything new you’ve never tried, Sean. Take it slow. Try it out for free for the first 5 days. It’s a downloadable piece of software and runs on windows machines. If you turn off you computer at night, which I recommend doing, Mass Planner will not work, which is the best option for newbies. If your accounts on social media are active 24 hours a day, that’s a big red flag to them and you’re more likely to get spanked. Make Mass Planner 2 act in a way you would act normally, for example, only have it running a few actions per day within a certain time period, like between 8am and 4pm or something similar. Let me know if you need any help with Mass Planner, I don’t know everything about it, but I do have over 18 months experience with it, which will be 18 months more than you, so far.

      Thanks for dropping by, Sean.

  3. Hey James, Nice review presented. Heard about mass planner before, but did not try it yet. I will try it later for sure. it seems it will help me a lot. Right now I have an issue with facebook account. They have blocked me for review purpose for some time. Can you help me in this regard?

    • Send them a message and ask them what’s going on. In the mean time, maybe set up a new facebook account. Mass Planner is only good for you if you have all your accounts with facebook in a stable situation.

      Thanks for popping in, Arooj!

  4. I definitely love free trials and I am going to check this one!
    Although I have 0 followers on my Google+ and Twitter account (simply don’t know how to get followers yet)
    But yes, I like this tool and knowing you from the Wealthy Affiliate, I believe in your judgment!!!
    If you say it is legit, then it’s legit!

    Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

    • oh it’s legit for sure, Sunny, it wouldn’t be allowed anywhere near my business if it were a scam. Mass Planner 2 is actually something I think is essential if you’re waiting for your website to take off organically. Wouldn’t be without it now.

  5. Wonderful site and excellent review. I am not quite ‘there’ yet but I am bookmarking this for future reference. Thanks so much James. I respect your choices and loved your site with all the cartoon characters. Thank you for sharing such valuable information with us.

  6. I loved this article. I have been saying that I need something like this for quite sometime now because I run a website and two separate online businesses.
    After reading your review, I know that I really want to try this program for myself . Thanks for being so informative and for keeping it easy to understand!

    • Get your free 5 day trial and give it a test run, Jessica. Nothing to lose!

      Enjoy, and remember to take it easy with it, like you would with a brand new sportscar, don’t go 200mph when you’ve just jumped into it the first time. Take it steady and Mass Planner is a very useful tool.


  7. Hi Jim-Bo,

    Mass-Planner 2 Review is very detailed. I like the fact that you talk about the pros and cons and you use the system.

    I need a system like this but can not afford at this time. This will be bookmarked for future use.

    It seems like the program will lesson your time spent on social media. Social media does take up a lot of my time.

    Thanks again for sharing this excellent tool.


    • Hi there, Tim

      Don’t worry, when you’ve got to a point in your business that you can afford tools to help you, they pay for themselves. Good luck buddy!


  8. This is amazing!!โ€ฆ
    I was getting crazy with the task of be better with the social media source, but this review made my day!!โ€ฆ Now I know one more option that I can try!!
    I love your website, is very informative!
    thank you so much for the post!
    wish you the best and keep the hard work

  9. Hey James, This seems like a very useful program I have never heard of it before. I’m glad I ran into your review on it seems like this could definitely help me. Can it be use with any social media platform?

    • Hi there, Jeff.

      It can be used with the following accounts.

      Google Plus (I don’t use it with G+) Read why not above.

      And just a couple of short months ago they added an email feature but I haven’t really looked at that in any detail.

      Thanks for dropping in.

  10. Hey, I like the fact that with mass Planner, it’s easy to get your website some significant amount of traffic without having to be indexed and ranked in Google but the Facebook limit is kind of a huge turn off.

    They should at least increase the limit to a month or something so that more time for more exposure is added.

    • Facebook makes its own rules in regards to limitations and often changes them with no forward notice. This is going to happen when you post manually to facebook or whether you use any automated social media marketing tool. You cannot blame Mass Planner for Facebook’s rules and stipulations, you could write to Mark Zuckerberg, lol. But I doubt he’ll help you out there.

      Thanks for dropping by, Dave!


  11. Anything that could help me in my endeavours to manage social media accounts is worth looking at. Mass Planner 2 at this stage looks like the obvious solution. How much time would you estimate that Mass Planner 2 would save you per week? Are there any free programs that do a similar thing for those just starting out in internet marketing?

    • Nothing for free will do all that mass planner 2 can do. I’ve searched, believe me, because I would love to do it all for free too. All the tools out there, even paid ones, seem lacking in many aspects. Mass Planner 2 just gets better and better, they always seem to add new functions to it. They’re really proud of their software and always looking to improve upon what it was yesterday with something new today. Bugs are ironed out quickly in their frequent updates.

      You could have a go with buffer or hootsuite, but I am sure you’ll be missing out on many things that they don’t cover, even when you combine them together.

      Thanks for dropping in!


  12. Hi James !!!
    I did not know that there was a Program like Mass Planner available on the Internet. A very Useful and Helpful tool, since doing the same kind of work manually, without the help of Mass Planner can be extremely time consuming.

    Another benefit of joining Mass Planner is that you can join for 5 days Free trial before you start the Membership plans. I am definitely joining Mass Planner today.

    Thank you for the Informative Review !!!

  13. Hello Jim,

    You have very good information on your site, I use social media but I didn’t know you are able to do that much to promote your business. I will have to come back to your site to learn more about advertising in social media.

    Does creating pages and groups on facebook helps to grow your business?
    I will be happy to hear back from you.


    • Mass Planner doesn’t create groups and pages for you. That is a manual process that you do yourself, Sunewako.

      Yes, creating a fan page for your business is beneficial and takes a few minutes, but….

      Mass Planner doesn’t create stuff. It posts to groups and pages that you instruct it to post to. It also finds and joins those groups and pages based on the keywords you tell it to look for. Let’s say you want to find groups all about cooking. You give it keywords like “baking” “home cooking” “bbq” etc and it searches for all the groups on the accounts you want. Then it lists them and you can choose which you want to join. Then you click go and it sends a request to join all those groups.

      Thanks for chiming in, Sunewako…


  14. Thank you so much for your review on this. Exactly like you indicated it can be overwhelming to try to manage all of our accounts these days. To the point of exhaustion. I do have one question for you which is, is the use of this tool a little overwhelming at first? It looks so robust which is awesome, but I just wonder if it is maybe a little intimidating when you first get started or is it very user friendly right out of the gates? Thanks so much.

    • It is overwhelming when you add 20+ accounts to it straight away. I suggest (in hindsight) adding one account per time and setting up the tools within that account first. Then after that account is added you should move on to the next.

      It’s not so much “overwhelming”. It’s more like being a kid on Christmas day who’s received a thousand gifts and he doesn’t know where to start…lol


  15. I have seen many reviews on Mass Planner and all of them seem to be positive. I really want to get started with Mass Planner this week! Your videos were very illustrative and they gave a nice look inside of the member’s area.

    I found it a bit challenging to read the article because your upper bar was hiding almost half of my screen all the time. Is that normal thing in your website or does my computer bug? I would make a upper bar/logo a bit smaller to give a better user experience ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. HI,

    Thanks for the info. I’m pretty interested in this program as I’ve tried a few other tools like this but none have really been all that great yet. I’m currently using Crowdfire but I find that it has a lot of glitches.

    It makes me re authenticate my account almost every time I sign in which takes a lot of time and really is just annoying.

    Mass Planner 2 seems way more in depth. It seems like it has everything covered and works well. Have you ever had any problems with it as far a glitches go? Does it ever kick you out or make you re authenticate?


    • Yes, sometimes I do have to reauthenticate. This isn’t a mass planner issue, though, it is the specific social media account. I believe it is because you might be logged in through two devices. Perhaps your mobile device and you computer? This happened to me a lot and I couldn’t figure it out for a while. Now I realized it was my mobile devices (2 of them) were also logged in to those particular social media accounts as well as my Mass Planner being logged in. Log out of all other devices to keep things running smoothly. Usually does the trick.

      Yes, as with any software I’ve had my share of glitches. Mass Planner updates regularly (almost daily) on autopilot and this usually irons out any glitches that began occurring since the previous update. One time it wouldn’t post anything at all, for 24 hours I was pulling my hair out. I contacted support and they told me some simple steps to get it posting again. Total time to fix after contacting support was 10 minutes. They got back really quick. I think they want to keep their customers really happy.


  17. Reading this I feel like I’ve stumbled across a goldmine. I spend sooo long posting to all of my social media accounts – probably like an hour a day at least. And sometimes when I don’t have this kind of time I have to simply omit posting that day. And this excludes if I actually want to interact with people who are reading my content. So this tool would actually be a lifesaver and something I’d gladly pay 10$/month to implement. But I’m just kind of confused about a few things. You mention that you lost your Google+, is that because it automatically reposts things and stuff? And you weren’t sure how to manage the settings? Or is this because you yourself posted too many times/to too many communities?

    • Your question, Yes is the answer to both. I was very new to google+. I used to post manually, often using the share buttons. and I’d post to the same place (my own google profile page and some communities). Plus all of my posts were going out too fast. I am still not too good with google in manual posting, either. I still don’t use google plus within mass planner because I still sometimes get a warning by posting manually. Go figure. I really should learn how google plus works, before grumbling. But there are a million other things I’m trying to grasp at the same time. It will come.


  18. Thanks so much for this information! This is exactly what I was looking for. I have two websites and I’m in the process of launching another in the next couple of months. It is extremely time consuming to update all of the social media outlets and time is money, let’s be honest. I see a lot of traffic from the social media posts that I do so it would be nice to see that jump up without the hassle that it can be. The fee is low enough that the traffic should be pulling in more than enough to cover it. Thanks for the great information. I can’t wait to start using it!

  19. Hi Jim,
    Yours is the second review of Mass Planner 2 that I’ve read.

    It looks really amazing. I’m currently using free versions of Buffer for scheduling posts and Crowdfire for Twitter automated direct messages, but constantly frustrated that they don’t do more. I know they are only the free versions but I don’t want to pay for two services when it looks like one will do the job and more for a comparable price.

    Looking forward to testing this out for myself soon.


  20. This is amazing!!…
    I was getting crazy with the task of be better with the social media source, but this review made my day!!… Now I know one more option that I can try!!
    I love your website, is very informative!
    thank you so much for the post!
    wish you the best and keep the hard work ๐Ÿ˜€

  21. Mass planer sounds like a great tool to use. Very true, social media marketing is very exhausting especially when you are a solopreneur.

    Any thing that can carryout effective social marketing for you while allowing to focus on other parts of your business is worth having.

    $ 9.95 a month is not bad

    • Hey if you go for the 6 month option, it’s even cheaper than 9.95 a month. You will only pay $44.95 for 6 months. Way cheaper. I used it for a month and could see I was definitely going to use it long-term. So I went for the 6 month option to save about $30. It works out at about $7 a month.

      Thanks for coming by.


  22. Hi James
    I have not heard of Mass Planner before and after reading your post, I am glad I learnt about this product.

    I am an affiliate marketer and am tired on doing individual post on the different social platforms once my article is published.As you said, this certainly consumes time and takes me away from important things like building up my site.

    I am seriously considering the trial but have a concern.I have only ONE G+ account.I know you mentioned that I should thread lightly, so here is my question.I have only joined one community thus far.Do you reckon it is safe to include this account into my ‘Mass Planner’ or should I start a new g+account?

    Looking forward to your reply.
    Regards and thanks for all the help

  23. Thanks James for this interesting review. I am definitely going to take a look at this tool, but before I do, does it use up a lot of data. I only have 20 gigs a month, and I don’t want to use it if it is going to eat up all my data.

  24. I really love your review about Mass Planner 2. You said that Mass Planner 2 is the best social media marketing tool and I can agree with you. It is great for social media followings because a couple of my friends use it. Obviously you can’t get followings over night but with hard work you can expect great results.

    • Hey there Karlo.

      Your friends are smart. You should get mass planner 2 also, as there is a 5 day trial you can see what it does for no money down.

      Actually I started getting about 25-30 twitter followers per day with using mass planner right off the bat. I programmed it to follow certain followers of affiilate marketers well known online with thousands of followers. This way, I know they are interested in the MMO niche. I went from 1000 or so followers to over 6700 without lifting a finger over the past few months.

      Thanks for dropping in, Karlo.


  25. Very interesting James and thank you for sharing this. I had never heard of this Mass Planner before either. I am only a little hesitant as to the difficulty in using it. I have bookmarked this so I can come back. Great review. Just a quick question, who or what are you using for your comments section. The layout is nice.

  26. Hi there, great information! I’ve always been interested in social media marketing, but just didn’t know where to start. The more I read and understood how it works makes me want to try it out. The video tutorial was an excellent idea. Tells the highlights in a short amount of time and kept my interest. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I wrote my first post Work From Home Internet Business with links and got super excited because the training works and my links work…lol… Would check it out and share your thoughts? Greatly appreciated. ~Gina~

  27. Hi James, I want to first of thank you for making this killer review about mass planner 2. This review is worth it considering the significant nature of social media these days. Aside, being just socializing, many people now use social media for business purposes and I know your review will go a long way to help many people realize which tool best serves their industry. Great job.

  28. This is absolutely awesome. Mass Planner is something I have been looking for for a long time. It seems that I spend more time posting my articles to all of the social media sites that I have an account for than actually writing articles and do research for articles.

    I do have a question. Is it able to automatically send a private message to people who follow decide to follow you? I like to send people thank you messages when they start following my twitter account.

    • Aha, yes it does actually, I didn’t know it did until you asked and I went to check it out. Seems I’m learning more about the power of Mass Planner 2 every single day now. Wondering what I’ll learn tomorrow.

      Thanks for dropping by, Allan!


  29. This is great – i’ll be ready to sign up for the trial. This is something that I always needed being important that I take care of. I liked the content found in this page and found it helpful because I learned so much that I didn’t know before about mass planner. Please keep up the good work.

    • Be careful with it, JP, it’s powerful and it has the ability to get you spanked quickly by google especially. Don’t add google until you’ve really grasped how it all works. The other social networks are a little more lenient.

      Thanks for dropping in JP.

  30. Thanks for recommending this tool. I’ve been looking for something manage my social media for a while. It’s starting to be a hassle to post every day and engage my audience all whilst managing my own content. They both really are full-time jobs of their own if you want to do it right. Thanks for the warnings. If I check it out, it will be with a dummy account.

    • Yes i advise a secondary account for business purposes in most cases. When you get to learn how Mass Planner works, you can then go ahead and use it on your usual accounts too. I have 4 facebook accounts running on mass planner, so if one gets a 7 day posting to groups ban, I simply switch to another account or two.

      I haven’t had any warnings for a few months now, because I’ve learned where the lines are drawn. Be very careful with your main google plus account. Don’t add it. Use a secondary account if any account at all with google because they are very strict. Facebook goes quite easy on you.

  31. Wow this seems like the total package. It really streamlines anything. Bookmarking this page for the future because I am not sure when I can make the move to actually test it out.

    How is the formatting of the rich content when shared into facebook? Does it convert well? Does the on site SEO handle it all?

    • It posts a url of your choice and the featured image is pulled from the url you chose.

      As for SEO, it has no baring on SEO, Mass Planner is not a part of your site, it is completely separate. For example I could use it to post YOUR url on whatever networks I chose to. Or I could post youtube videos.

  32. Social media marketing has always been a tricky proposition in relation to other marketing methods. I think if you are in front of a pc most of the day that is fine. Otherwise maybe this program helps. Glad you could give us that fine advice on using the tools that will help

  33. Hi JIm,

    Great site and awesome overview of a really powerful tool. I am defo getting my hands on it when the pennies come in and I have set up my new, more social media friendly site.

    I have actually looked into this tool before, great news is you don’t have to use your computing power as you can install it on a a VPS server and have it running from there. But VPS is at cheapest $10/month.

  34. This is a very powerful mass planner tool. I have tried it and could not believe the results.

    It really works and it is really helping me alot to build up my social network easily and I do recommend anyone looking for such a tool to go for it.

    Thanks for sharing such an important online resource, I will do my best to keep an eye on your site just make sure I’m up to date with any future developments.



  35. Nice review, but one thing concerns me the most:

    – This is a Windows based software and
    – Mass Planner needs to run continuously on your computer in order to publish your content on specific times.

    Is there any alternatives out there which are web based?

    It is much easier not to worry about computer restarts or other malfunctions if all such stuff is managed in cloud

    • Actually, no it doesn’t need to run 24 hours a day. Just switch it on when you want it to post. It’s best not running 24 hours a day anyway because if you were posting and joining groups, following people unfollowing people and using all the tools at the same time all day long it wouldn’t look human. For example right now, as I’m using my computer, Mass Planner is switched off to give it a break. Facebook and other social media platforms know that it’s not possible for a human to be active 24 hours a day.

      I leave my computer on overnight sometimes when I’ve given Mass Planner a break during the day time.

      Yes, it’s only available on windows right now but If you have a Mac there is a software you can use to emulate windows, I wouldn’t know how though, but Mass Planner’s website has details. There is also the option of a VPN which is also detailed on the mass planner 2 website.

      There are many alternatives that spring to mind. Buffer and Hootsuite are two of them, but even combined they don’t have half of the abilities of Mass Planner. Can buffer follow people on twitter and unfollow? Can hootsuite find facebook, google and linkedin groups and join them based on keywords. I’m just scratching the surface with those examples of what those tools can’t do for you. The list is long. You would need to about 30 different online tools do cover everything This one can do. There are at least 21 twitter tools, that I know of including tweetjukebox manage flitter which can do specific things. With Mass Planner I don’t need anything else, it’s truly an all in one tool with so much power out of the box.

      I would try the free 5 day trial like I did, then make up your mind as to how useful it is when you’ve experienced what it does for your social media marketing efforts. It’s the coolest tool I’ve ever tried online!

      Thanks for dropping in,


  36. James, thanks.
    I’d never heard of this product. It sounds like you’re getting a lot of use out of Mass Planner – and you’ve also butted up against a few obstacles with it. I guess I’d ask – is the documentation or are the tutorials good to get you up and running without deep-sixing your FB or G+ accounts?
    I liked your video too – Biteable. Nice.

    • Yes I lost my first G+ account because I didn’t use Mass Planner sensibly. I was spamming my own G+ profile over and over again, partially because I also didn’t understand how G+ worked also. I took off my G+ account(s) for fear of doing it again. Now I stick to the other socials.

      Facebook can stop you posting to groups sometimes, too. Which happens when you’re approaching 50 groups per day with the same post. Best to mix it up a bit.

      Thanks for coming by, Larry!

  37. Seems like a great tool to use. First time hearing of such a tool. I also like the tips about setting up a different account to run it from. However what about the personal touch. If everyone is using a planner like this where would the personal touch come in? Maybe I missed where you said that. Looks like a great tool that I am going to look into more. Thanks for sharing.

    • The personal touch was at first my main concern. But then I realized you can add the personal touch when someone comments on, or likes a post you’ve made because facebook will tell you someone has commented or like. This is where you go into your facebook account and interact.

      Good point you made, Helen!


  38. I like the post. I think the tool is something I am going to look into as it will save me time and is at a vey fair price. I love the review especially when the positives and negatives are both pointed out. I know we never have enough tools in our arsenal so this is much appreciated!

    • Thanks for dropping in Keith.

      Yes, there’s a ton of tools for website owners and they do get overwhelming. That’s why Mass Planner was an obvious choice for me. They’re always adding new functionality to it and they’re one day going to reach version 3. So far there is email which has also been added to it, too. I haven’t looked into that tool yet. After almost a year of using it, I’ve learned about 10% of what it can do. That 10% has got me lots of referrals, tho, which is fantastic. I’m wondering what will happen when I learn the other 90% of it…what do you think? Will my referral numbers get a big boost? I think they just might. I don’t use buffer or hootsuite now, there’s no real need.

      Cheers Keith

  39. Mass planner seems like a great tool for managing your social market. It is so hard to find tools like this that are low cost and inexpensive these days. I find that i am spending so much time managing my social media that it takes away from my time doing other things. It is so nice to know there is a website tool for this.

    • Time is the number one resource we have, Tony. Getting more done with Mass Planner can leave you with heaps more time to do the other stuff such as researching blog posts and writing and so on. I love this tool because it works when I don’t. Often times when I go to bed my Mass Planner is chugging away on autopilot and it’s great to see I’ve had visitors and signups when I wake up in the morning. Amazing software and I’m wondering how they keep it so cheap. Ain’t complaining though, lol.

      Thanks for coming by today, Tony!

  40. James, after reading your review about mass planner 2, I googled to see other reviews on this tool and all of them are praising Mass Planner 2’s functionality. I am new to internet marketing and just recently started building my site. I am saving your post so that I can follow your links to Mass Planner 2 and will definitely try it out myself. Thanks for your informative blog – it is helpful!

    • Hi Marisa!

      That’s very kind of you to keep me in mind if you get the tool through my link. It helps with the costs involved in keeping this website running. And with a free 5-day trial it’s a no brainer! I see you’re a member at Wealthy Affiliate, which is great because you’ve got that “keep it in the family” approach which is beneficial.


  41. This looks like a pretty useful tool. There are so many social media managing platforms now it’s hard to keep track of them all. I currently help run a startup company centered around a mobile app called WeXplor. It’s great to be able to manage your social engagement through all-encompassing platforms. We currently use Buffer but maybe this one is worth a look. Great info

    • Hi there, Wil.

      I used to use hootsuite and buffer, too. If they can do all of the things that Mass Planner can do they’d be great because they’re free (unless you go premium).

      Thanks for popping in!

  42. Hi Jim-bo,
    The Mass Planner sounds like a great autopilot tool to free you up to be able to write more. Not quite up to using this yet but will definitely look to set this up in the future. I like the fact you get 5 days free trial and then the option of monthly or six monthly accounts and yes, a great affordable price.

    Does this system run in the background while you do other stuff on your computer or do you have it running while not on computer, sleeping?

    Have definitely made a note to get this further on down the WA training. Thank you for the great info on this great time saver!

    • Hi there, Caroline!
      I started using this tool when I was a member of Wealthy Affiliate for only a month. To be honest, if it were not for this tool I would have given up a long time ago because waiting for google to love your site enough to rank you better wasn’t working too well for me. It gave me the ability to drive traffic from day one of using it. In fact, Mass Planner 2 paid for itself very quickly and then it got me 7 premium referrals to Wealthy Affiliate that I know I wouldn’t have had without it. I love it. Paid for itself over and over and over. Please don’t take my Mass Planner 2 away from me. lol.


  43. Hey James,

    Your post was priceless to me, as I’m currently at the stage where I think I already need a tool that will do all the monotonous daily social media routine for me. Even sharing the new posts from my Websites manually becomes really time-consuming, and there’s also a matter of greeting new followers and sometimes responding to their messages.

    I think I’ll at least try out that free 5 day trial.

    Thank you!

    • The 5 day Trial is more than enough for most people to see what the tool can do for you. Use it wisely though, Dmitriy because social media doesn’t like any kind of automation. Make it look human by not using it 24 hours a day and you will be fine. Also, don’t post too much per day. Keep a nice ratio for each platform and it will work for you, too.


  44. Hey Jim I really liked the short video you posted about massplanner, made me look into biteable.

    Thats is so awesome, actually didn’t know this existed because i also have a home business and i have to post everything by myself and that takes me about 20 minutes everytime I make a post and that times 3 a week so 1 hour a week and 4 hours a month and 48 hours a year. definitely have to check it out that is awesome thank you for the reivew.

    But man I watched the video of what mass planner can do and it kind of made me shy away from it because it really looks complicated.

    by the way how much more traffic did mass planner 2 get you?

    let me know thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Well, I’d say that just about ALL the traffic I get from social media is from using Mass Planner 2 to post in groups. This is all traffic I wouldn’t have had if I’d tried to do it all manually. Mass Planner frees up time so I can write more content for my sites and more content means I have more stuff to share on social media with mass planner. It’s a win-win situation. I’d say at least 10 visitors a day from each social media platform on average but I could boost that by tweaking how much I post and at what time of day etc. It’s still something I’m very much learning about. Each social media network has its pros and cons that you have to get to know.

      It is complicated, if you look at the whole thing in one go. But if you treat each tool inside of mass planner as an individual tool when you program it, it’s much easier.

      Cheers Ben!

  45. Hello James,

    Thanks for this awesome post. This software is truly a time saver. I am using something similar to this software. But it is little bit expensive than this. Because it comes with several other options like landing page creator, auto responder and so on. It’s called Zukul. But if you want only the social media account manager, Mass Planner 2 would be the best choice.


    • Thanks for the information on Zukul, Shashinth.

      That’s something I intend to research and write about. I’d love to know what you think of it if you wouldn’t mind replying to this comment to let me know!



  46. Hi James, I really congratulate you for taking your time to explain about the Mass Planner 2. It sounds as if it’s a great app to use especially when it comes to gaining traffic. I adore such technology and I’d like to try it and see how it goes. I like the way you’ve reviewed this application in your website so that makes your website very informative and a reliable resource to clients. That’s how to gain money…when you solve people’s problems!

    Well done!


    • Yes, solving problems is what this site’s intention is, Paul. Let me know if you try Mass Planner and I’ll send you some tips to get up and running faster with it and also tips on how to avoid getting spanked.


  47. Hey there,

    I’m surprised by how robust Mass Planner is. It seems like a tool for professional social media marketers to manage their multiple accounts and postings.

    Personally, as a blogger, I found this too overwhelming. I wonder if you recommend any more simple tools for the average online marketers and bloggers to schedule their posts?

    My all time favourite is Buffer, simple and easy to use.

    Thanks for sharing!


    • Buffer is a cool tool as is hootsuite. But even when combined together they don’t do nearly as much as Mass Planner does. Like you say it is a robust tool and I think it’s what all the big guns in internet marketing use but don’t spill the beans on it. From being a beginner with it nearly a year ago it is responsible for over 99% of my referrals, commissions and signups for everything.

      Thanks for coming by, Anh!

  48. Wow. I’ve been looking for one social media manager that can link up all the platforms that I have. Checked out a few out there and they always seems missing one or two.

    This seems like the one worth trying. The monthly subscription seems reasonable. I will be checking this out.

    • I went 6-month subscription after a short time of using it because it saved me paying about $30 extra over that time. Actually, when Mass Planner made me $50 in a short space of time I upgraded to the $45 for the six months option. Like I say it paid for itself over and over again and I’m still just starting to grasp all of its abilities. I would not be without it now. I can use it for multiple websites, multiple social accounts and multiple product promotions. All round industry leader, in my opinion. Even though there are still many things for me to learn about it I think it is quite outstanding for the low cost.

      Thanks Kenny!

  49. Hi James,

    This seems like a really useful tool, no doubt. The monthly cost is not prohibitive either. I use a couple of other tools currently, and they are effective.

    Mass Planner 2.0 may be a better solution for me since I now have to jump between tools to get the postings scheduled…

    Like you, any such tool that will help leverage my time to free it up for other activities is welcomed and sought after by myself…

    I will be checking on Mass Planner 2.0 and giving it a whirl, the 5 day free trial means that I will have enough of a window to compare it to the tools I am using now.

    As an aside, I like the explainer videos you have added here….Video is SUCH an effective way to really get your point across, especially with this Mass Planner 2.0 review it works!


    • Hi Dave and thanks for coming by today,

      I intend to make some more videos on mass planner when I’ve learned heaps more about it. I will publish them on youtube and then embed them on my site, too. So be sure to stop by from time to time to see what’s what.

      Thanks Dave.


  50. Sounds like a lovely tool for an affiliate marketer. I have actually been looking for a powerful tool like this lately for my own site. Am I able to try this without a CC signup?

    • If you go here you get to take the five day trial for free then you can pay with paypal when you decide you love it as much as I do!
      If you go for it for a month, complete your first month then go 6 monthly it’s a big discount!


  51. Ooooooh. I have been looking for something like this! I am so happy to find such an in depth review on this product! I have been having insecurities about products like this one. But, I feel more comfortable with the idea now after reading this article ๐Ÿ˜€ yay for this website!!

    Spaghetti ๐Ÿ˜€

  52. Hi Jimbo-
    Great post here. I have not heard of this tool before and I think i will check it you. For a long time I hated getting myself involved with social media until I started my own online biz that I quickly found out that social media could be good for business. I am still learning the ropes of FB and G+. I thinking about giving this tool a try.

    Quick question though, since the tool accepts requests and responds to them, what happens if it accept requests that you do not necessary want? Not all requests from FB are good in my opinions.

    Thank for the post. Very informative!

    • All tools in mass planner can be pre programmed to your liking, Udoh!

      Mostly is a set it and forget it tool. Only time you need to get into it is when you set some posting up, which takes about a minute to set it off posting a specific url to 40 groups on facebook or wherever.

      Thanks for popping by!


  53. Hi Jimbo,
    What a great post! You’ve thoroughly addressed all of my pain points in dealing with social media and convinced me to give Mass Planner a try. I have not come across this program before but I can see that it will be a huge time-saver. The deal clincher for me is the free trial without the need to provide credit card information. In my mind, this is always a key indicator of legitimacy.I don’t buy anything sight unseen and I resent organizations that expect me to.

    I’ll let you know how it works out and thanks again.

  54. Been looking for a good review of mass planner for a while, it looks like an incredibly useful tool if used correctly. Thanks for the great content definitely going to give it a try.



  55. Hi James

    Great informative review of a social media tool that I have never even heard of. I’m so glad that I stumbled upon your review as I am in the process of learning all about affiliate and social media marketing and can see just how much time and effort would be saved on a week-to-week basis, by using this tool.

    How long does it take to initially set up Mass Planner 2? Did you find that it was driving a lot more traffic to your website once you had it up and running?

    I would love to check it out, especially as there is a free trial to give you the chance to take it for a test drive.

    Many thanks for this information James, I really appreciate it.
    All the best Tommy

    • It takes about 10-15 minutes for each account you add to it. What you do is add your account (20 seconds to do) then you tell each tool what to do for each account. For facebook, you tell it the keywords to look for in titles of facebook groups, then it goes off and finds them…say you are looking for only groups that have the words “home business” in them. it goes off and finds hundreds of home business groups, but with between x number and z number like you told it to. So u could choose between 1000 people and 10,000 people in each group. It will go searching and bring back a list. Then you could choose what groups to join from that list. Next comes the “join” tool, it sends a join request to the groups you tell it to. It’s humans who decide to allow you to join the groups, so sometimes you can wait for days for one particular group to be joined, but no matter, you’ve been accepted into hundreds of otheres already.

      This is just a description of 2 tools for facebook!


  56. Hi James.

    Just read through your review and I found the information extremely useful and I think I will have to give it a try! I am still learning how to use social media to drive traffic to my website but based on your well-written review it looks like Mass Planner 2 would work awesome!

    Thanks for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hey there, Rick!

      It is awesome, but I’m biased because I use it every day and I would say that. ๐Ÿ™‚

      I recommend it to anyone who wants some extra traffic. Of course, be careful with it. Take the five-day trial and see if you love it, too! If not, don’t continue with it! I love free trials, usually it is because the owner of the product is so confident that you’ll like it. btw, Mass Planner 2 has paid for itself many times over and now it’s free for me (considering the money it’s brought in for me) for the next 12 months. ๐Ÿ™‚ and also there is an affiliate program that pays 50%…for everyone who buys it through your link, you get 50% and then 10% of 2nd tier affiliate’s earnings. It’s another cool thing which has also paid for mass planner for another 6 months. So, it’s great in many ways. Gets me traffic, gets people wanting to buy it through my link, pays for itself over and over very quickly.

      Highly recommended, might just bump up it’s score to 98%.


  57. I am going to have to try this tool! I really appreciate the well written post. It was very entertaining as well as very informative.

    Great job at pointing out the cons of the product. One thing I learned from my IT days: a bad script can make problems happen really fast.
    I’d say you need to learn to be careful with this tool as one misstep can cause some headaches quickly.

    I cannot believe the time you save. I will have to check it out.

    • Thanks Britt!

      Indeed go easy with mass planner if you decide to try it out. I suppose it is best to try it for free for five days and see what it does on a spare social media account. That way, if and when you get slapped, you will not suffer.

  58. You’re a life saver! I have never heard of such program before. I can say this can help me out so much and free up my time. Thank you for the review and also thanks for the warning! knowing myself i would have done the same thing and lost my account as well lol. I’ll definitely check it out

    • Hi Garis, best thing to do is not use it with your own google+ account. Make a separate google+ account (I have 4 accounts) and use that in mass planner 2 to be on the safe side. Take it easy, get followers, find and join groups, post stuff on autopilot and lots of other things too. Just don’t go crazy. Keep posting to about 40 posts per day on each social network, seems like a safe number in my 10 months of experience.

      It’s great stuff, cheap, too!

  59. Hi James, I am hearing about Mass Planner for the first time. It is awesome based on what I read here. I am spending far too much time trying to grow my Social Media accounts.
    Auto Pilot seems to be the way to go these days. I am well learned about Mass Planner just by reading your post. Thanks for the information.

    • Hi Luna,

      I used to spend about 30 minutes on each social media account, that was hours per day wasted. Since Mass Planner 2 took over for me, (after the initial setup) I now spend about 1 minute per day on each platform, just for the human touch to get in touch with people who’ve sent me a message. The total time I spend now on Social Media every day is about 10 minutes for all of them combined. Imagine all the other things I can now do with the spare time. I can do keyword research, I can write blog posts, I can deal with all other aspects of my online business that Mass Planner gave me back. Indeed, automated social media marketing tools are the bees knees.

      Thanks for dropping in, Luna!


    • Social Media Automation is the way the big guns do it, Emmanuel, whether they admit it or not. This is a way to grow followings, increase reach and simplify a lot of work if done manually.
      Thanks Emmanuel


  60. Mass Planner sounds great James,

    I am getting ready to sign up for the free 5 day trial as my Social Media presence has grown so large and I believe that Mass Planner may be what I need.

    I tried Hootsuite some time ago and didn’t like it but I like what you have shared about Mass Planner and see where they have improved upon what Hootsuite was missing.

    Thank you for sharing Mass Planner with me my Friend,


    • Thanks for dropping in Tony!

      Yes, Mass Planner 2 is a cool tool and very beneficial. It’s a lot of stuff to learn but even at my beginner stage it’s got me heaps of extra traffic, signups and referrals. It’s paid for itself many times over. I am excited about the day I finally master it completely, then we are talking BIG ROI!

  61. Hey James. I’m totally impressed. Mass Planner 2 seems like a pretty awesome tool. But it also looks scary! A lot to figure out. It only took you two days to get the hang of it?

    I’m currently signed up with StatusBrew but haven’t used it yet. Not sure how to actually! LOL. It all seems very daunting to me. But I know it’s necessary in order to save time and get that traffic.Have you heard of StatusBrew? Any opinions about it?

    Once I get into the social media groove, I’ll definitely take a look at Mass Planner 2 just cause you’re suggesting it and I trust your opinion ๐Ÿ˜‰


    • Hi there, Status brew is one of those things on my list to check up on. I will write about it too. I do recall status brew is only for twitter. Mass Planner is for many more and will do everything status brew does. Mass Planner is scary, but when you click on each tool and dig down into that tool, it’s quite self explanatory. When you get stuck with it, all you do is click tutorial (while in that tool) and you will be taken to a video tutorial that shows you how to use that specific tool.

      As for being quite adept with Mass Planner 2, no, lol. I consider myself a newbie even now, there are so many things I haven’t checked out, I haven’t drilled down enough into it. I think I am leaving money on the table by not REALLY REALLY getting stuck into it. I have utilized only about 5%-10% of its uses. Facebook, google plus….the rest are just getting going, they are building my followers now on twitter, pinterest, linkedin etc. I am going to try to set aside some time to learn each tool, maybe one per day. I am specifically interested in the MENTION tool for twitter, so I might start there.

      Yes, indeed, it’s scary, but since I know it’s gotten me all those referrals and has paid for itself over a hundred times in 6 months, it’s a no-brainer to keep it. And now I refuse to let it go. Waiting on SEO alone is not enough…


  62. I certainly see this in my future! The blogs I’m working on and the novel promotion (totally intimidating in our imagination) definitely need a ton of organization as they grow.
    I appreciate the warnings – automation can be a challenge! This tool seems very worthwhile the learning curve!

    • It’s a beast of a tool so be careful. It goes like a juggernaut on steroids and if you jump behind the wheel without learning how to drive it first you can do a lot of damage. Luckily though, especially with facebook, the damage is only for a few days (they will stop you from posting and commenting in groups). You can still use your facebook account as you normally would, just no groups activity allowed. Sometimes it’s a restriction of one day, sometimes 7.

      Thanks for dropping by


  63. Hi James,

    I read through the entire thing and could even understand some of it!! I am currently using a plugin for WordPress to handle my social media postings. It is working okay for what I have now and I paid approximately the same amount for a year. Once I get some more websites going, I may need to consider something a little more robust than from within WordPress. Thank you for sharing this review

    • Indeed there are many plugins for WordPress that can post things out for you. But I believe they do not Add people, find groups, post to groups, follow people on twitter, unfollow, like, mention (twitter), and a plethora of things that Mass Planner does. I have used many plugins to try to do a fraction of what Mass Planner does but to no avail. Nothing out there is going to beat Mass Planner at its game. It is designed to make life easier. When you share a post of image using a plugin it only goes out to a limited amount of destinations. With this tool it goes out to every destination you tell it to go to. That could be thousands of groups, communities, twitter followers, pinterest etc.

      No plugin (that I know of) can do a fraction of what Mass Planner does.

      Thanks for your input, Kathy!


  64. Great review of Mass Planner 2 James! It was very informative and easy to read and understand what it is all about. I can’t wait to give it a try.

    • Thanks Rick and Nice to see you dropping in.

      Have fun with Mass Planner but be careful you don’t get spanked for spamming. Take it easy to begin with and slowly rev it up a bit on a daily basis to test the boundaries.


  65. Hi James, thanks for bringing the information to light! I’m excited to sign up the for trial. I’m sure my learning curve will be HUGE, but if it will do all that you say…it will be worth the time and effort. Your review was on point realizing there’s too much to this tool to list everything. I will be visiting your site often as well. Lots to learn here! Again, thanks!

    • Hi there Kay, I hope you like it. If you have any questions about it that I am able to answer, I will. Come back any time you like and I will fill you in. I’m not an expert at it myself yet, so I might not be able to answer every question you have. But I will do my best.

      Thanks for your visit, Kay!

  66. Hi James, this is a great review and I am so thrilled that I found it! I have been looking for something like this for quite sometime and I have checked out this system now and I can’t wait to get started! I have taken in all of your warnings and hope to do a good job. Your site is awesome and one of the most professional I have found. I have bookmarked it so I can return and learn more! Thanks again, here’s wishing you much success! Linda

  67. Well I have recently acquired mass planner and am still learning to use it, I personally think it will take myself a another member a long time to work it out completely as the drawback, and the only drawback is that it it complicated to use but you are so right, it is massively powerful and I am already seeing results from what little I have done as I have no doubt I am using a small fraction of the potential of the super software. Your review covered everything that I was looking for so thanks a lot James!

    • Thanks for dropping in, Simon

      Keep at it with Mass Planner, it gets better and easier to use with practice. Just make sure you don’t go overboard and get flagged by a social network for spamming. Tweak it up a little bit every day to find the boundaries. For example I usually get a 7 day slap from facebook if I try to post on over 50 groups in one 24 hour period. So I keep to no more than 48 groups (on one facebook account) per day.

      Glad to hear you like the software.

  68. Thanks for the review. I didn’t even know there was a thing called mass planner. It seems like it can be very useful if used properly. I can see how you lost your first google plus account, and had those restrictions. But if used in the manner that you described it can be beneficial. I’m still learning about the many different tools out there. Thanks again for sharing this information. Quick question, is the 5 day trial completely free? or do you have to give your card info like some places ask and make sure you cancel before the 5 days are up or you’ll be charged? just curious.. thanks again,

    • Hi Nicholas,

      Yes the 5 day trial is indeed completely free, no need to enter any payment details so they won’t be getting your money then you have to chase them up for a refund. This is the ONLY reason I gave Mass Planner 2 a try. If I’d been asked for credit card or paypal information and charged up front I would never have used this flexible tool. So glad they had that 5 day trial. Heck, it got me some referrals in 2 weeks that paid for the tool for 6 months, lol. So of course when that happened, it was a no-brainer to take mass planner 2 under my wing and now I really wouldn’t/couldn’t be without it. It has made a MASSIVE difference to my workflow and my referrals for various things on various websites. I cannot afford NOT to have it. Don’t tell the makers of mass planner 2 that I said that though, they might put the price up if they know how awesome I think it is! lol

      Thanks for dropping in, Nicholas, pop back any time you like!

      • Thanks James, That’s exactly what I wanted to know. If that’s the case I may go ahead and give it a try. Thanks for getting back to me on that so quick. You’ve been extremely helpful,


        • That’s what I’m here for, Nicholas,

          To help people like yourself in their online business exploits is what this site is all about.
          Hope to see you again soon, and let me know how mass planner 2 goes for you.

          Thanks for dropping in!


  69. Thank you for your reply, James.

    Yes, it’s always good to have the human element. By the time machines and software can behave completely human-like, life might get very scary indeed. It might become like The Matrix, with machines completely taking over. I wouldn’t like that. But then, saying that, I’m not altogether comfortable with some of the humans we have controlling things right now, but that’s a whole different conversation…

  70. This sounds like a really useful tool. I used to use something similar a few years ago when I was playing around with social media marketing. I think it was Hootsuite. I was using the free version, but there was a paid version too. I can definitely see how these kinds of tools can really save a person a lot of time. Being able to just leave it to go off and find followers and groups, that’s a huge time saver. You really could spend all day doing that kind of thing manually.

    I’m definitely a big fan of using technology to do things quicker. Sure, there are always going to be some things that are best done by an actual human. Like you writing your review of Mass Planner 2, for example. But in life, there are also many things that can be done a lot quicker by a machine or software program than a human would ever be able to achieve.

    As a side note, this is why WordPress is so great for building and managing websites. It streamlines so much of the website creation and maintenance process. I think back to the 90s when everything had to be done manually. Anyway, I’m getting off track…

    Looking at your list of things that Mass Planner can do, I’m actually genuinely amazed. Even being able to “Like” things on Facebook automatically must be great. Does it do that by searching for Facebook posts that match certain keywords? And being able to retweet things on Twitter, presumably, it does that in the same way. So really, it handles all the mundane things that a social media marketer would get really bored doing all day. But presumably, you still need to reply to messages manually?

    • Hello there, Marcus!

      Mass Planner 2 has so many tools that I’ve never found I needed to use because when it comes to social media marketing, apart from posting, I’m quite a novice at it. I assume that every single tool that mass planner has is extremely useful in the right hands.

      The human interaction, like replying to people is always best done in person, because a “robot” like this isn’t sentient. Give it another 10-20 years and it might be at version 27 with artificial intelligence incorporated so it could even take over the more human actions for you. I wouldn’t like that though, I’ve seen that movie with HAL where he (it) refused to open the airlock for the human to get back into the spacecraft. Ha!

      You would program the likes according to keywords, yes. Many other functions are keyword based, also.

      Well, it’s great that you popped in, come back any time you like.

      Thanks for dropping in.



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