13 thoughts on “How to Get More Traffic to Your Site from Twitter”

    • Go to google and search for Twitter tools, Sunny, they’ll help you out, most are free to use (limited) and all will have premium options, like everything else online these days. They give you a free to use version with limited capabilities that let you test it out.

      I have found so far about 25 twitter tools….

  1. Thanks Jim! I certainly will. I cant wait to start earning some money from my site. I will work on the twitter account today. Thanks again.

    • Most welcome, Luna.

      Don’t spend all day on Twitter, tho…There’s other stuff to do 🙂 And remember, not all your tweets should be promotional stuff. Go for a ratio of 9 : 1

      9 Things that are not promotional, 1 thing that is. This is what I’ve learned in the blogosphere. If people see nothing but promo stuff they will unfollow you rather quickly.


  2. Thanks Jim, I really appreciate this informative article. I already have a twitter account so I will start to work on getting more relevant followers today. I am new to Affiliate Marketing so I can use all the help I get. You gave a step by step account about the tools that can be used. Very good! I did not know there were free tools that could be used in that fashion. I came to your site to read the article you posted but was fascinated with it, and decided to look around. Glad I did, you did a good with this. Thanks again!

    • Indeed, Luna,

      I’ve found a lot of other tools for twitter alone, about 20 others that seem quite useful. I haven’t had time to check them all out yet, but I’m working my way down the list one by one on a casual basis. When I am done I will certainly write something up on them and how to use them for benefits of home business. Multiple revenue streams and growth hacking is what it’s all about, Luna. Traffic generation strategies, SEO, Social Media Marketing. The list is endless and there is much to learn and much to take action on. Feel free to pop in anytime and take a look at my latest tips.

      Thanks for visiting,

      see you again soon,

  3. Hey, Thanks for the post! I have all my social media sites up and running but I’ve been struggling to figure out how to get my twitter out there and get people following. Very informative and extremely helpful. I do have a question though. Right now I have my personal twitter account, Now yes, I am sharing a lot of the posts etc from my website having to do with my niche. But do you recommend making a separate twitter for my niche/site. or use my personal? I’m just curious which would be better…. Thanks again for the post, it really helped me a lot.

    • Hello Nicholas,

      You could use your own profile for twitter, or you could even create another just for business. You could create several for business. I recommend also another tool called manage flitter, google that. It allows you to unfollow the people you’ve followed but they haven’t followed you back. The free version allows you 100 unfollows a day which is quick and easy. Doing it the manual way inside of twitter is cumbersome and you have to scroll a lot, read if they’re following you or not, then click unfollow when you find them. Manage Flitter lines them all up in a neat little queue based on several pre-defined factors you tell it, such as no profile picture, or non English language…that’s 700 unfollows per week done in about 7 minutes a week, rather than manually which might be a good hour or two. Another time saver!

      Here’s a list of 21 tools for twitter alone, that can help with various tasks. I particularly like tweetjukebox, manageflitter and tweetdeck. I haven’t even got around to trying a lot of the others on that list. Hands feel full enough already.


      Also there is Mass Planner 2 which can do many tasks on twitter for you such as tweeting, retweeting, following and unfollowing, mentions, etc etc…it’s all good fun!
      Hope these answers help you out and save you heaps of time every day. Social media marketing when done manually is a pain in the a$$. 😉

      Thanks for dropping in, Nicholas!

      • These answers have been very helpful. Thanks for answering my question so fast, and giving me information on all these other options. I wasn’t even aware there were tools that can help you unfollow those that aren’t following you after a certain amount of time. That will be REALLY helpful because yes, its definitely a pain trying to manage all of them with the scrolling and clicking. Awesome! I think I will try out this mass planner 2. Thanks again James,


        • Wise choice, Nicholas.

          I think you’ll love the extra time it saves you so you can get on with other things.

          Be careful though, as I said, Mass Planner 2 is a monster and you have to treat it with care or it will stomp all over your social media accounts.

          Take Care,


  4. Cheers for this Jim, really useful, I am slowly learning all about internet marketing, and this is good stuff! twitter has been a bit of mystery to me, do you use Instagram too?

    • Thanks, Steve.

      Twitter is easy once you get the hang of it. I’m learning new tricks almost by the day. A great thing is to join Wealthy Affiliate, where they will provide you with training videos on twitter and all the other social media networks, including instagram.

      To join Wealthy Affiliate go here.

      You’ll learn lots more besides, including keyword research, wordpress, how to find good affiliate programs, how to do on page SEO and bundles of other stuff. And you’ll get two free websites with hosting!

      Thanks for dropping in, Steve!

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