Why I Don’t Want a JOB – Just Over Broke

I'll tell you why I don't want a job (Just Over Broke.) Jobs leave you just over broke and suck the life out of you. You work to make someone else rich and it's their dreams you're building, not yours. I want to be my own boss. I am my own boss now and I made it that way. How did I come to be my own boss? I'll tell you how...

Why I don't want a job - just over broke

Before I started this website and a couple of others too, I was in a J.O.B. A JOB to me is always Just Over Broke. No matter what I earned I was always struggling to pay the bills. Funny that, isn't it?

Anyways I had a stroke of luck in that I got to a point where I was laid off.

Why I don't Want a job - Just over broke

Yes, I was laid off, and I can hear you asking why. Well it was because I got a bad back.

Somehow I'd developed a dislocated hip, herniated disks in my lower back and the pain was intense. I really don't know how that happened, I just woke up one morning and had really bad sciatica.

I couldn't stand up straight and I couldn't walk 5 meters without excruciating pain...and so began an 18 months long ordeal of chronic pain and suffering.

Just 2 weeks into my back problems I was fired from my JOB as an English teacher in a Thai school. They seemed concerned because I was walking like a monkey and clutching my bad back all the time.

They didn't like how it looked to the school, so they let me go. I was angry, for sure...but soon I realized it was a cloud with a very thick silver lining. I'm happy they gave me the boot and if you gave me a time machine I wouldn't use it to go back in time to change history. Nope! Here's why...

It started slowly, painfully slow but I got it in my head that if I had to be stuck at home minding my two kids while my wife became the breadwinner, then I would have a crack at making money online. I chose affiliate marketing as my business model and I went into it knowing that it takes time to really get rolling. It took me a couple of months to make a dollar.


I will remember that dollar forever because that first tiny little dollar showed me that it was indeed possible for me to make money online with affiliate marketing.

That first dollar told me that I could repeat the process over and over again to turn it into not one dollar but tens of dollars, hundreds of dollars and then thousands. I was excited, I still get excited now.

I was struggling to learn affiliate marketing, it's bit puzzling, for sure. But it's one of those things, you know? It's one of those things that once you've learned to do it, it is actually really easy to do.

You realize it wasn't such a big puzzle after all! You start to tweak your methods to improve upon what you already had success with. This is called scaling your business. You find out what works and then you identify why it worked and you have an "Aha!" moment.

Then you repeat that process but this time a little better and a bit quicker. You gradually improve upon your improvements and become faster at identifying them and re-implementing your methods that did work and you root out the stuff that didn't work. But here's the thing...

How did I learn this affiliate marketing stuff without being scammed out of time and money?


I went to an affiliate marketing training school

I went to an online school so I didn't actually have to leave the house (a bad back and 2 kids, remember?) I joined the school for free to test it out before actually paying a dime which was essential because I didn't have a dime. And so the real journey began.

I wanted to learn the ins and outs of online business. I wanted to build a website and I wanted a website that provided people with legitimate opportunities to make money online. You'll notice a few ads on this website and that's how I get the site to pay for itself and my hard work.

The ads you see on any of my websites are only the things that have been checked out by myself and proven to work. I don't allow scammy schemes on my properties. Only the legit, real deals are promoted here. I want to keep my reputation squeaky clean, it's vital to me and my continuing success. Be honest and you'll reap the benefits.

What school teaches you how to make money online?

I learned with Wealthy Affiliate which is an online based affiliate marketing training platform that gives you a free starter membership as well as an option to go premium.

Wealthy Affiliate Login

I joined Wealthy Affiliate in July 2015 and I was thinking it wouldn't work. I was very wrong and very pleasantly surprised at the stuff they taught.

I knew within one day that it was the best place for me to learn. I continued with my free membership for another 7 days and found it irresistible enough to actually pay for the premium option.

Now let me mention something. I've used the internet for a good 20 years. Wealthy Affiliate is the very FIRST thing I ever paid for in those years.

Again, it is the FIRST thing I ever paid for online in 20 years of being on the internet. You might want to think about that.

Why would little old me, with barely a penny to his name, no job, serious medical issues and 2 kids to take care of even consider paying for something like that?

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Even the free membership is awesome!

Granted, you can learn a lot with the free membership. There comes a point, however, that you want to learn more than just level one.

But by the time you've learned level one and got your two free websites up and running you begin to see the massive benefits of paying the monthly fee to go premium.

You don't have to, let that be said, but if you're a serious person and you want REAL success that's the best way to find it. Here's a comparison of the two membership options in a chart to see the differences.

I recommend anyone not sure if it's for them to check out the free membership and really take a good look at the training and the community of like-minded people there at Wealthy Affiliate who can help you.

As you can see the free membership has an affiliate program. You can actually make money by referring friends (or strangers) to Wealthy Affiliate so that they can also learn.

What is an affiliate program?

An affiliate program is something that allows you to get paid for promoting something. Wealthy Affiliate has an affiliate program even for free members.

The premium membership pays twice as much as the free membership does, so that's just one reason you might want to upgrade in the future.

For now, though, stick to the free stuff until you know for sure. I don't want you spending money on something that isn't right for you.

You get a website with hosting and tools!

A website, hosting for the website and a keyword research tool that will help you choose what keywords to target on your website.

Not to mention the training you'll get, the 1 on 1 help and the live chat feature (7 days of live chat only for free members).

What's Not to Like About Wealthy Affiliate?

If you're looking to learn to make money online with lots of help and freebies then go for it. There's nothing to lose, unlike all those push button schemes littered about the internet. You need to learn the real ways to make money online.

Wealthy Affiliate will teach you all you need to know and they'll help you find the success so that one day, you too can work full time from home and forget ever having to be a slave to a J.O.B!!!

Leave me some questions or comments below and I'll get back to you ASAP.

Read more in-depth detail about Wealthy Affiliate here.

Perhaps you need more tools to help you get a business off the ground? How about these 4 free to start tools?

Thanks for reading,

I'm Jim and you can learn more about the reason I created this site here.

See The #1 Recommended Training That Shows You How to Make Money Online...

Learn all you need to know about making money on the internet.

5 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Want a JOB – Just Over Broke”

  1. Hi, James. I’m here to respond to this post that is VERY well written. I can relate to your sciatica (didn’t have it until I was 74, which was 2 years ago but mine is under control). I’m glad you have what sounds like a very good wife willing to help, and men are sometimes the best stay at home “moms” 🙂 I’m impressed with what you’re accomplishing with your website and wish you the greatest success. (I shared this on Google+ and Twitter)

  2. Great post here and yep a job is Just Over Broke and really sucks. Been there done that cleaning up other peoples garbage and making others rich while I scrounged for peanuts. I say NO MORE! Id go so far as to say I will never ever work for anyone or any company ever again! Ive been a US Marine, an electrician, a tow truck driver and a loader. And you know what none of them paid enough except to leave me broke, ticked off and stressed out. The Wealthy Affiliate is a way to tell all that to go away. You have to work at it but its worth it. Great post!

    • Hi David,

      You’re right about the Wealthy Affiliate. Building yourself a legitimate home business online isn’t something that happens overnight but it sure is worth it.

      Thanks for dropping in.

  3. Hi Jim – I love your site! Its really creative and honest too which is the best part. Your story is very inspiring and I wan’t to know more so I subscribed to your mailout! Can’t wait to get the first one.
    All the best Cheers Debbie

    • My top recommendation to anyone, Debbie, is the Wealthy Affiliate, go there now through my link and I’ll be a mentor for you. Thanks for dropping by for a chat and thanks for subscribing, too! Always nice to get another subscriber!



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