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Category Archives for Social Media Marketing

can you really make money on facebook

Can You Really Make Money on Facebook?

I was recently asked a weird question and I will tell you why it was weird in a moment. The question, and I quote, was “Can you really make money on Facebook?”. Now, I know you can make heaps of money on Facebook. There are two ways and we’ll discuss both of them briefly below.

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Featured Image for How to Build an Email List with Instagram

How to Build an Email List with Instagram – Video Tutorial

In today’s post, I’m going to show you how to build an email list with Instagram the easy way. Here are the steps, including the tools that I use to grow my Instagram account as well as grow my email list. And it’s almost all on autopilot. Yup, it only takes 10-15 minutes a day per Instagram account.

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How to Get Traffic from Instagram

How to Get Traffic from Instagram to Your Website

Need more traffic? Who doesn’t, eh? In this short video, I’m going to show you a few simple tips that will help you to drive traffic from Instagram to your website. Take a look inside and see just how easy it is.

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How to Get Leads on Twitter

Video Shows How to Get Leads on Twitter with One Insanely Simple Trick

I’m sure you already know that social media is here to stay whether we like it or not. In this short post I’m going to share one strategy on how to get leads on Twitter for your online business. It doesn’t matter what the business is, if it’s website based you need to read on. I’ve discovered one (not so secret) tip on how to get more people to your website through Twitter. This one tip will also help with any social media channel. Today you will learn a really easy way to get those leads on Twitter that your online business deserves.

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FB Continuity Profits Review

FB Continuity Profits Review – Will it Work for You?

Mario shows his exact methods in this training program which teaches you how to use Facebook to make money online. He seems to really, genuinely and honestly want to help YOU and me to make something of ourselves online. He knows the struggles that we all have to endure, and that comes through in everything he says. This training WILL work for you if you actually take the steps that are required. Don’t buy this if you’re not going to carry through on your actions.

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