Is Mass Planner 2 the Best Social Media Marketing Software?

Is Mass Planner 2 the best social media marketing software for promoting your website? I started out with a free 5-day trial. I always insist that a free trial should be available to make sure I am getting myself into something that I want to actually pay for before I pay for it.

Anything I use must prove its worth before I shell out for it.  The name of the software I'm reviewing is Mass Planner 2. So, without further ado - let's find out what mass planner is and what it can do for you and your online business.



Sadly, Mass Planner 2 was told to close its doors by Instagram in May 2017, to the dismay of many, including myself.


What is social media marketing software and what does it do?  Why do you need it?  Is it a good investment in your own online business?

I intend to find out over the coming days, weeks and months (years?  Who knows?  It's too early to tell right now.)

Social media marketing software is designed to post on social media on a pre-chosen schedule in your absence. It potentially saves you hours every day from monotonous following, adding, pinning, unfollowing, tweeting, clicking, clicking...clicking...clicking...thinking hard etc (You get the picture now?)

It can automatically add/follow/unfollow people, groups, pages on facebook, google+, Instagram, Twitter (and that's enough detail, for now,) there are more which I am too new to cover, yet. But I intend to master this powerful marketing software and leverage it as much as I can to make an income online. This piece of software costs under ten dollars per month.

I paid by PayPal. I then decided that because I had actually paid cold hard cash for this software, that it would be a fantastic idea to do a blog post with frequent updates on my success with it.

So, here we are, with a blog post. Keep updated by revisiting this page. Make a bookmark in your browser. Let's take this trip together, see where it lands us in 1 month, 2 months or more.

We'll see if this tool becomes ESSENTIAL to an affiliate marketer's arsenal. I have misgivings, but I sure am impressed so far, despite the slap by google. Oops. Sorry!

My First Few Days using Mass Planner 2

This social media marketing software to me - even after just a couple of days use, seems to be a VERY powerful and flexible tool. I got slapped by google. A really quick slap it was too. I think that was day two, I can't remember.

Today is day 3, or is it 4, can't remember that also. Never mind. Onwards we go. You must make sure that you set it right so that you are not accused by google or others of spamming.

I had to quickly turn off the software as it was in the middle of posting when I received an email from the g+ team saying I had been naughty. Oops, I did it again!


Watch this rather cool tutorial which creates an image using Canva and Pixabay which is then placed on my website as a featured image. After doing this, at about 18 minutes into the video is when I take the same image and I post it to 50 facebook groups.

So the video has 2 parts, skip to 18 minutes if you want to see mass planner 2 in action. I wasn't deliberately naughty. I was being over zealous in my posting. I was simply finding the boundaries. The boundaries I speak of are things like -

  • Do not post to more than 50 facebook groups a day (especially if you just started using the software and your facebook account is not yet matured.) When you start out with the software you must be very cautious. I was an idiot, I urge you not to be. You will get warnings and even bans.
  • You WILL have to start fresh with a new account. You are pre-warned. I set it up to churn out posting far too quickly and to far too many facebook groups/pages for 24 hours a day.
  • I was basically jumping into a new supercar and flooring it to 250 mph in 10 seconds flat. Very silly and possibly fatal. I haven't yet reconfigured things to make sure Mass planner doesn't get me facebook or google slapped again. I suggest any users of this software be very thorough on your first 5 days of trying mass planner.
  • Don't rush in where angels fear to tread. I will give some more frequent updates below, so make sure to come back and get yourself up to date too. If you're already enthused and want to get your hands on this software, go for it.


[UPDATE] 20-Oct-2015

Well now, five days in, I am still playing with my new toy. I do like it even more than I did before. It seems to be an excellent tool with so many features I am wondering how it is so cheap. If I had made this software I would want far more than the asking price.

But that's good though, the company behind this software obviously knows the best way to get people hooked is to OVER-DELIVER.  And boy have they over delivered.

I have been running this software now on my desktop PC because it uses a lot of system resources, hence on a laptop - especially my old one - the cpu is going over at 50% all the time. This software is doing the work of twenty-four men, or should we say 24 robots?  Take it slowly, captain!

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It is a beast of a program.  I am still very impressed and I can see that I am going to be even more impressed when I get going for real with it.

Once I have learned and used it more I shall keep you updated. Time to get back to my new toy - I've only just installed it on my desktop PC so I have to restart the whole process from scratch.

It didn't take long the first time with the laptop.  So I see maybe an hour or so before I re-add all my social media accounts into the interface.


[UPDATE] 26-Oct-2015

Slapped again by google+.  Also, other social accounts slapped me, I'm overdoing it without understanding the tool fully.  I must dig a little deeper and get to grips with this tool if I am to utilize it to its full potential.

I have removed any social accounts that were getting me slapped. Facebook and two other accounts are now searching, adding, joining, following, and such.

My social media marketing software seems to be working well, despite me being slapped a few times now. Three times possibly, I am not going to count. Social accounts removed for now.


[UPDATE] 03-Dec-2015

I'm sad today.  I got slapped by G+ yet again.  I have taken my G+ out of massplanner so it can't get me in trouble again.  Facebook also slapped me on my second account.  A sad week.  But fear not, the ban from posting on facebook groups lasted 7 days.

After the 7 days expired I took things more steadily.  I posted to not over 50 groups, but as I was also using my website to share to facebook using social media buttons this also counted towards massplanner's posting and other activities like adding groups etc.

I can't post on facebook again until 7th of December. This next time around I will be super careful. I am going to start from the bottom.

I will simply just post 1 ad to 20 (big) groups per day. After a week, I will increase to 25 groups and so on. I should have used that technique from the beginning.

I suggest you do the same to avoid the (slight inconvenience) of getting slapped or even banned. I still recommend this software very highly but I urge caution. This tool is like a juggernaut that could destroy all of your social media accounts if you are silly with it.

Even when I am not posting anything though, the tool is so useful. It has added thousands of followers, pinners, joined groups and pages, liked tweets in my niche, the list goes on and on even without counting the posting tool.

I am going to really slow down the tool now for every social account. I don't want a twitter, linked in, instagram or pinterest ban on top of the others. It's time to get sensible. I can set up new accounts if I need to but I would rather avoid that hassle. These new accounts, especially with facebook can get restricted due to their immaturity.

Mature accounts are better to use. Speaking of which, make sure that you also use your facebook accounts as a regular person does. Like things, comment on posts, share posts to your timeline and just interact within the account as a real person always does - naturally.

I'm still just a beginner with this tool but I am leveraging it very well even now, despite the hiccups.

Anyone already using this fantastic beast of a program who has good experience and understanding, please do leave tips and advice or some comments in the section below.  We can all learn something new from that.

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[UPDATE] 26-Dec-2015

Well now, a couple of months in and I still have Mass planner 2. It has got me a google+ ban (no other services like gmail, youtube affected though) and a couple of warnings for posting too much to facebook. I had to go through the toil and trouble of setting up a new google account for my website.

Now I don't use mass planner 2 to post to google. I only use the posting tool on 2 Facebook accounts, 2 Twitter accounts, 2 Linkedin accounts and 2 Pinterest accounts.



Would you rather have 12 robots doing all your social media posting, adding, finding, tweeting, retweeting, pinning, and following for you or would you rather work at it yourself like one robot? The answer I believe you're going to give, is of course.



NO! Just before Christmas, I contacted support at Mass planner by email. I reported to them that a certain component of my Mass Planner tool was showing as a false positive in Nod32 Antivirus.

They quickly assured me there was no problem and showed me how to fix the antivirus and prevent it seeing mass planner as malicious software.

Mass planner 2 support gave me a link to a place called VirusTotal which is like a data repository for all things that are virus related. Indeed, mass planner 2 was also there - deemed to be completely safe after all. My confidence returned.

I did begin to worry when I saw the antivirus warning from Nod32. I brushed my worries aside quickly. The tool has proved its worth many times over by getting me referrals to my website - despite all the pitfalls for me.

You, however, are wiser than me and you will not make the same silly mistakes I made. At least now you know that Mass planner is safe to use as long as you go carefully with it from the very beginning.

Mass planner 2 has added thousands of followers, followed thousands back, found groups and communities on facebook and google+, twitter, instagram, and LinkedIn.

It has posted thousands of my website blogs and it has gained me more than enough in terms of "sales" for any product I promote.

See this is what I mean when I say it has paid for itself many times over. I suspect had I not used Mass Planner 2 my business would be only at about 10% of what it is now. If you have any questions, ask away - that's what we're here for. Comment below in the comments box.

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Thanks for reading (what is in my opinion) the best social media marketing software. Read more in my review of Mass Planner 2.

Best Regards,


8 thoughts on “Is Mass Planner 2 the Best Social Media Marketing Software?”

  1. Hey thanks so much for that article! I’m wondering if you have a referral link you can share for MP? If not, could you send me their contact email?

    I appreciate it!! Cheers

  2. Hi James
    Thank you so much for sending me the link to this article. I have been searching for something to save me more time and to do more of the work on social media 🙂
    I had come across Mass Planner before but I think I was strapped for time and didn’t really have a good enough look. It is so nice now to hear what you have to say, as someone I respect and trust in the industry.
    The only bummer now is that my 5 day free trial went to waste so now I will have a wait a few days to sign up. I hate things going off my bank account just before the end of the month, that can get me into trouble!

    • Hi Lynne,

      I also like to streamline my business finances like you do by making sure I’m charged at the beginning of the month rather than the end when there may be fewer funds available. Indeed Mass Planner will save you heaps of time on Social Media as it is like having someone else take care of it all for you. You just figure out how you want it to act.
      As with any software it is only as clever as the person who made it or programmed it to do the functions you are looking at. If and when you buy it make sure you don’t go crazy with it and you should also “expect” a few slaps from your social platforms. I lost a G+ account!
      I’ve so far been given about 7 slaps from facebook (they stop you posting to groups and joining new groups for 7 days). I didn’t lose my facebook account so I could still use facebook as a regular user, I just couldn’t interact on the groups i was a member of for 7 days at a time. No big deal. But losing the g+ account certainly was a bummer because I had to set up a new one. I still have access to my old gmail address, they didn’t take that from me, which is good because it is also my paypal email address. My recommendation is NOT to add your gmail account to Mass Planner until you have learned how to use it well enough so that you don’t get slapped or have it taken away from you.

      Thanks for coming by Lynne!

  3. A good review of a great product   I agree with you about being cautious with the product though as it can come across a spammy but used properly it is a grateful time saver leaving you free to do other important tasks  

    • Yes, Tim

      Agreed, you don’t get into a brand new sportscar and put your foot down in it taking it up to 200 mph on your first trip.  You take it at a steady thirty miles per hour until you get a good feel for it, then you gradually increase the speed over time.

      You will kill yourself going hell for leather right out of the starting blocks. Treat it as a marathon, play with it until you are comfortable with it and then ramp it up a little bit every day or week.

      Any others agree with Tim, let us know in the comments here.




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