How to Start a Website for Free and Earn While You Learn

Are you wondering how to start a website for free and earn while you learn? It's a fair question, especially if you're thinking about taking it up as a means to making a living. It's a serious topic and should be handled as such. You have to write a lot before you start to see results. That question is also very difficult to answer for many reasons, but I'll try.

Patience, Young Jedi!

It takes a little time and patience, yes! That's for sure in 99% of cases, but do you know what? There is a way to lessen the pain of having to wait a long time. Let me elaborate...Have you ever noticed how time flies when you stop thinking about something? When you're having fun?When you're working hard? How quickly has the last one month gone for you?

How quickly has the last one month gone for you? You understand what I am getting at, don't you? That's right folks, what I'm actually trying to bring to your mind is the fact that now is the time to start blogging if you want to monetize a website and earn money online.

Content is King

The more content (blogs) you have, the more visible you are online. The more visible online that you become, the more traffic (visitors) to your website you will get.

Your very own unique and engaging blog post

+ Keywords

+ traffic

+ a cool and awesome product or service to promote

+ A good rate of commission (recurring is nice)

= money in your pocket (or paypal etc)

The process above is simplified, somewhat. That is because those are the core components to consider. Of course, there are little micro-tasks that you must do within each of the main steps laid out above. I won't cover them right here - that would be a long blog post. Those micro-tasks are also contributing to the equation.

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What are the Variables?

There are so many variables that should be incorporated into that basic strategy listed above, such as these but not including many I haven't listed...

  • Are there lots of words in your blog?
  • Do you have 10 minutes or 10 hours each day to work on your blog/website?
  • How good a writer are you?  Do people read your first paragraph then click away because it seems uninteresting?
  • The title of your blog post might be non-enticing.
  • Relevant images in your blog post should have alt tags (for SEO)
  • Your blog should be at least a certain length, I like to say around 1000 to 1500 words long - but don't go too long, people have short attention spans.  Unless it is a riveting read, they won't read to the end.  Which is right about where you would have a CTA (call to action) button to buy, sign up, register - etc...
  • It takes time to get rankings in the search engines, sometimes you don't get good rankings - which leads to less traffic.
  • Blogging once a month might not cut it, but blog once a day and you increase your chances of making money by a large factor - google loves websites and blogs that are frequently updated (another way to get rankings is to get comments on your site/blog post)
  • Your website's loading speed in peoples' browsers.  Is your site too slow?  you lose a lot of visitors like that.  Try to keep it below 5 seconds.  I aim for 3 seconds but usually fail.
  • The niche you are blogging in
  • Do you love your niche and the products and or services within it?  Would you actually recommend it to yourself?  If you think it is fantastic, chances are a lot of other people will too.  Those are the visitors right there, that you want to entice to your website.
  • Is your blog passionate?  I mean, do you love what you are writing about?  Because it shines through and helps keep readership levels good.
  • So, there so many other little variables....too many to add here - you can possibly come up with another twenty for yourself.  How creative you are?  There's one more variable.

I Ain't No Mathemagician!

I'm not a mathematician, or a magician, or a mathemagician, but...I can tell you that it takes a different amount of time for different people in different circumstances. Think of all those variables and try to estimate for yourself. My point is this - forget the math, the numbers, and stats, the odds and evens, just get going with your content and website.

Write your next blog today, not tomorrow. Write a new blog post every opportunity you get. Got 30 minutes spare before dinner? Start writing, maybe finish writing after dinner.  Write, write and write is what you should do. Get it all out there.

Let Your Fingers Burn Up That Keyboard

Let your fingers burn up your keyboard, deliver to the internet the valuable content it is always crying out for. Let the internet consume your content for breakfast, then fill her up with lunch and dinner and supper too, if you can.

The internet will love you for it, google will rank you better, your readership will grow and google will love you even more.  Your blogging will improve over time, the more you practice then the faster you publish and start a new one. It's a snowball effect that will gather pace. How many snowballs you got? Get your self 30 good snowballs rolling.

Snowballs - Is it Christmas?

Set those snowballs off rolling and in time, if they are good, useful blogs and you've chosen good keywords and your blog answers what people are looking for, you are on to a winner. But don't stop now, you're ahead.

Keep tweaking it and growing it. The more you do it the better and faster you become. You might get to a point where making money online is like a very simple act you do naturally every day. Sometimes you can continue to reap the rewards of blogging today, starting tomorrow.

And that blog post then becomes a potential PASSIVE INCOME generator. The hard work was done that day when you wrote that blog. Set it and forget it? Not quite, but almost. It's almost a passive income.

You should now be concentrating on your next blog post. And for complete beginners? I strongly suggest to you this awesome way to start for free. It is the very same thing I got started with.

A Wix Website Doesn't Have Training to Make Money

There are many disadvantages with the Wix website builder. Wealthy Affiliate beats Wix website builder hands down because there is zero training to make money online and no business community to help you.

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The money will come to you a lot quicker when you forget the numbers and you spend 18 hours a week writing than it would if you wrote for 18 hours a year. Think in terms of if you start NOW, then you will profit sooner.

Don't um and ah about how long it will take because it will take as long as it takes. The maths in working out those statistics is incomprehensible to me. Maybe you are good at maths, can you tell me the answer?

Wealthy Affiliate Also Includes a Free Website Domain

You can get a free website domain at WA. Being subdomains, they don't cost a penny. If you want a dotcom domain name, you'll have to pay $14 a year for that and you'll also have to upgrade your membership to premium which costs $49 a month. This allows you to have 10 dotcom websites hosted there.

Keywords are Queen

It's all about content is king and keywords are queen. The number ONE best thing you can do to increase your chances of making money blogging quickly is to keep publishing fresh content.

And as a result of that, I think it highly logical to just forget the stats, get stuck in and do loads of writing blogs, your practice will pay off sooner in the future.

When you work hard the day goes fast doesn't it? Add those days together and what do you have? Lots and lots of content that you can then leverage. But keep adding content frequently is excellent advice.

Imagine working hard at writing for a month and u wrote maybe 6 hours a day for that one month? Who knows what typing speed you have, there is another variable to consider, so heck, I ain't gonna guarantee anything to anyone.

I can't do that...But you can!

It's down to you, basically. It means you gotta do whatcha got to do, folks...

Write lots every day and you will increase your likelihood of making a living quickly. Work at it 5 minutes a day and I think it will take a year or two before you see a dime. Get me? You get what you give.

How to Get a Website for Free

I started free. It's the very best way to start, of course. It does have limitations with the free way to start. But you can upgrade and pay for a decent host for a few dollars a month. In fact a place I know of lets you host 25 websites for $47 a month.

On top of those websites, you can also get SEO training, a keyword research tool, Live Chat support (other bloggers just like you and just like me), Video Tutorials, Weekly Live Webinars...the list goes on. There are two membership options, free and premium.  The free version gives you 1 website.  But how cool is that?  You could run a blog for free and learn to make money online.

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Thanks for reading about how long it takes to make money blogging and as always, ask your questions on blogging strategies and affiliate marketing in general just below in the comments section. Or you can give me your own take on blogging.

Are you a beginner or are you a pro-blogger? Let me know below. Over and out for now and may all your blog posts reach page 1. Please go ahead and share this with your friends on social media. Thanks.

I'm Jim, you can read more about me here.

9 thoughts on “How to Start a Website for Free and Earn While You Learn”

  1. Well for me it took about 6 months to see some real money coming in – not enough to quite my day job at that point but enough at the time all the same!
    I think the main downfall is the amount of work needed – it is A LOT no matter what niche you choose to be in (some more work than others obviously). I think when I was first starting out I didn’t realize HOW intense the workload was going to be!

  2. When I begun blogging it took me 2 months before I made my first sale lol. Know I run an online business and make $5000 every week but It took a lot of hardwork and motivation and sacrifice. It was all worth it tho as I am now traveling full time and making extraordinary amounts of money.

  3. Hi James,

    A lot of people give up too easily when it comes to blogging and earning money. I slightly disagree with you on one aspect. It takes a LOT of time and a LOT of patience to build up a successful blog that make coin month in and month out .. every month.

    Content, is king, queen and duke, the keywords, good keywords too.

    Site loading time, really should be less than one second or just over a second. Really easy thing to achieve I run in 609ms and I am no expert or tech savvy.

    • Thank you Derek, wow 609 ms is fast. I should improve mine to equal or better that number. Want to start a competition? We’ll call it the site speed challenge or something, eh?

      Thanks for dropping in Derek, call again soon!

  4. Hey James,
    Those are some really fantastic points about blogging! You give some great variables when choosing your strategy on blogging. I completely agree that you have to consistently post new blogs for the SEO’s to take notice. Once a month definitely won’t cut it if you are trying to make an income quickly (I try at the very minimum to post once a week). I never thought about the speed that your website loads on visitor’s browsers. I’ll have to make sure I check into that. Thanks for the tips and great article!

    • You’re most welcome sir! Indeed site speed is paramount in google’s search algorithms, but more importantly it affects your visitors who are the real people coming to your site to read information. In this, the information age, people want their info “snappy.” A website that loads in too quickly is going to lose you many visitors. Keep it fast, keep it sleek and make sure that information is your priority. No fancy flashing graphics, etc. Try to keep your page load speed about 3 seconds or less and you’ll do better.

      Live long and prosper, and go join Wealthy Affiliate for much more knowledge. You’ll love it!


  5. Excellent article! Yes, I absolutely agree – finding your niche, using the right keywords and also creating valuable content are all key in any online business, so these tips are also valid for anyone online business or blog!

    I’m now alt-tagging my relevant images for SEO, thanks so much for this and your other tips about loading speed, I hadn’t really considered this previously.

    • Thanks for the comments Kegan,

      Site speed is indeed important, if you want visitors to actually read your articles on your site and the site takes way too long to load in, nine times out of ten they will simply click away to another website.

      Instant gratification is a must when you visit a website. Try to get the speed well below 5 seconds (ideally within 3 seconds imo) to keep visitors from clicking away. It really is an important aspect of your business online.

      Nice to meet you, don’t hesitate to come back again!



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