What is a Smart Passive Income? Myths & Misconceptions Exposed

There are myths and misconceptions about making money online that need to be addressed. What is a Smart Passive Income and is it possible to create one that is truly hands-free?

If you're looking to create a smart passive income stream or multiple streams of residual income then you need to know there are bogus claims strewn all over the internet. This is something that is of great concern because this is how the scammers can draw you in with their claims of making lots of money on autopilot. 

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Passive income never really is truly passive. The original hard work that you put in at the beginning makes this a fact. There in no such thing, but there is "almost" such a thing as a passive income. Let me explain why I say this.  

What is a Smart Passive Income? Exposing The Myths

When you create a revenue source online, with affiliate marketing, for example, you have to do all the initial work to set up so that you can leave it rolling and let it gather pace by itself. Even if you only had to work for 10 minutes to create something that makes you a hundred dollars a month on autopilot, you have to count that 10 minutes as work. Therefore, it's not completely passive. 

Passive Income is "Almost" Truly Passive

I say that passive income is "almost" possible because of this initial work thing. Nothing can be 100% passive because you've done a little work at the beginning to set things up. So, now we come to another misconception.

Sometimes you have to check up on things. One example would be logging into your website to tweak something, update a theme, or plugins. Maybe you have to check your pages or your affiliate links because sometimes they can break.

This also makes the term "100% passive income" a misconception or a myth. Indeed, when you've learned the ropes and you can do a lot of stuff with your eyes closed and one hand tied behind your back, it can come to a situation where minimal effort is required to keep the ball rolling. It's rather like pushing a car once it's already moving, it gets easier to maintain.

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An "Almost" Passive Income Example

If you're a blogger and you make money by blogging on the internet then you have to spend a little time researching what you're blogging about. You have to do a bit of keyword research and then you have to write the blog post. 

There's Always Some Work Involved with all Types of Passive Income

After that, you have to add images and or videos to the post. Then there's the on-page SEO to tackle, too. All in all this whole process could take a good 3 to 6 hours unless you're really adept at creating blog posts, and in that case, it might take no more than a couple of hours per article.

Now, if we were to say it took 6 hours to create an article on your website then that's not too shabby. After publishing the article you've got to share it to social media channels like Facebook and Google Plus, amongst many others.

Then you have to submit your article to google search console (formerly webmaster tools) so that the Google bot will crawl your website. This is required to get ranked in the Serps (Search Engine Results Page).

Then you might be inclined to ping your blog post with Pingoat or other ping services to let them know you've just published a brand new article. 

Maintenance is Required to Build a Residual Income Online

All of these things are in themselves "work" and that makes a truly passive income a complete myth. So, let's say that a Residual Income can be 99.999% truly passive. If you left a blog post for 10 years this would be an "almost" passive income.  

Thanks for reading. If you have questions or disagree that a passive income is not possible, comment below. I'll get back to you with my argument.

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