Google Penguin 4 Algorithm Update is Live Now

In recent developments, Google Penguin 4 Algorithm Update went live. There are hundreds if not thousands of factors within Google's algorithm designed to catch out people using black hat techniques to get better rankings.

Nobody knows for sure what these factors are, but this will help to prevent loopholes being exploited. This update is good for some and bad for others.

The idea is that if you have relevant, unique content that is up to date then you have nothing to worry about at all. But if you're one of those black hat strategists that use dodgy ways to get ranked then you're about to become unstuck. It's always best to stick to the rules and if you do stick to them.

Your life is going to be easier in the long run. Here's an analogy of what I mean. 

Liar, Liar, Your Bum's on Fire!

When you tell a lie to someone, you have to remember exactly what you said to them. This can lead to yet another lie, later on. How much effort do you have to put into that lie to keep it covered up?

In the end, you wish you'd just told the truth from the outset. Your life would have been so much easier because you didn't hide anything. You'll be playing cat and mouse with Google's algorithm updates forever unless you just do everything right the first time. Cheating the system might have worked for you for a while.

Here are a few things you should definitely NOT do to game the system. 

20 Seconds to Comply - Penguin 4 is Allegedly Real-Time Based

Google's latest update is based on a more real-time environment which basically means faster gains or losses in terms of ranking. Another rumor is that Google will not now punish your whole website if only one URL is on the dodgy dark side.

Rather than that, they will treat the specific URL harshly while leaving the rest of your site alone if that is done the right way. Comply with the following tips to keep your site sweet in Google's algorithmic eyes. 

Do Not Use Article Spinners

An article spinner scours the web for articles based on your choice. It takes those articles and changes them about by using synonyms and clever little tricks to reword the content to suit your site.

Don't do this.

However good these article spinning programs claim to be, you will definitely be picked up by Google's smart algorithm sooner or later.

The only method of using article spinners that might be acceptable is if you edit the spun articles and basically rewrite the whole thing in your own words.

Editing it is just like writing it yourself in the first place. So, why bother?

Write quality content only and make sure it's unique and it has your own personality in it. This is absolutely the best way to please Google and you need never worry about duplicate content issues. 

Update and Improve Your Content Regularly

If you keep your content fresh and up to date Google will give you more love. Google begs for unique, fresh content. If you keep the bots happy then you'll be happy as well as the most important people, your visitors. 

Comments on Your Site are Content, too!

Is your content engaging your readers and are you getting comments on your posts and pages? If not, you might want to work on that. When a new comment is added to a post or a page your content then becomes longer. Comments on your site show Google that your content is being read and is informative and interactive for visitors.

More comments are good and if you're not getting them then maybe something is wrong with your content. Is it valuable and useful to your readers?

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Black Hat SEO Techniques are Going to Be Dealt with More Quickly than Ever Before

The new update to Penguin will deal a blow to dodgy black hat SEO methods more quickly than it used to. Another good reason to play by the rules if you're a blogger who wants to rank well.

I'm Jim, thanks for reading. Leave any questions or comments in the box below and I'll get back to you. It helps me to rank 😉

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