How to Get Ranked in SERPs with Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

Finding keywords with the Jaaxy keyword research tool is a breeze for webmasters of any skill level. A good keyword research tool is probably the most essential component of building websites and getting your articles ranked well in the search engines. It's critical if you want visitors.

I've tried a good few keyword tools out for myself for all of my websites and the one here, Jaaxy, is the best by far. Here's why. It's the best one because of the simplicity of it and the power of it. It does everything that a keyword tool should do without bogging you down with so much fluff.

Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool Review

Name: Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool
My Score: 97%
PriceFree Trial
Owners: Kyle Loudon & Carson Lim

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I use this one on a daily basis and I need nothing else. The pages and posts I have ranked for on page 1 of the search engines are all attributed to this one tool - Jaaxy!

I've obtained 30 free searches for the Jaaxy keyword research tool so you can try it out for yourself right here and right now. Go ahead and type in some keywords specific to your niche so that you can see what it does.

How to Rank in SERPs with Jaaxy Keyword Tool

Take a look at this screenshot showing a typical keyword research. I used the search term "how to make money selling ebooks online" for this example. Jaaxy shows me that term only gets 40 searches a month and 7 visitors per month if I get to page one in the search results.

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So, no problem, Jaaxy has listed some other commonly searched keywords which give me great ideas for my future posts. The best one it shows right here is "how to make money selling clothes online." Now I have a choice of keywords I could target, if I wanted to.

Keyword Research Tool - Jaaxy

The main metrics you need to pay attention to are as follows.

Column 1 - Keyword

(keyword) shows lots of keyword combinations you might be interested in. Think of them as suggestions. In this case we are looking at "how to make money selling clothes online" for the purposes of this demonstration on how I find low competition keywords that get me ranked. 

Column 2 - Average Monthly Searches

(Avg) shows how many searches are performed per month for those exact keywords. A high number is what you are looking for here. There are 160 searches a month for that term. Not too bad. 

Column 3 - Traffic You Get if Ranked on Page 1

(Traffic) shows how much traffic you can expect to receive if you attain page one rankings in the search engine results. You need to find a low number here. I could expect 28 visitors per month (for that one post using those keywords) if I got page one rankings for those keywords. 

Column 4 - Quoted Search Result

(QSR) shows the QSR results and that means Quoted Search Results. This is how many websites are targeting those exact keywords. A low number below 100 is what I like to shoot for. In this case I can see 19 other websites that I will be competing against for a page 1 ranking. 

Column 5 - Keyword Quality Indicator

(KQI) shows KQI which is the Keyword Quality Index. This speeds up your ability to pick out the best ones you have a chance to rank for in serps. Green is good, yellow is okay and red is not good to shoot for. 

Column 6 - SEO

(SEO) This number should be as close to 100 as you can get it. Go for over 80. This is a calculation based on some of the other metrics above. An algorithm, if you like maths! In this example, the number 92 shows up. This is great to go for! 

Column 7 - Available Domain Names

(Domains) shows what domains are available with those keywords. I could in this example choose to buy a domain name called "" although I wouldn't because it's way too long for my liking. 

Column 8 - Related Keywords

(Related) shows some related keyword ideas you could click on to see more results. This is great for keywords you might never have thought about. 


Jaaxy Logo

As you can see, Jaaxy is all I need to use for all of my keyword research. Forget Google's keyword planner, it's far too generic and it doesn't show the metrics like Jaaxy does. It's hard to use, too.

I've tried out Long Tail Pro, it's good but more expensive and more difficult to use than Jaaxy is. Jaaxy simplifies the process of finding your next set of keywords for your website.

It's faster, more powerful and more streamlined. That means you save tons of time each month on keyword research. When you save heaps of time, what is the result?

You have far more time on your hands for other important stuff like writing articles for your website and other business stuff. Incidentally, if you don't have a website business yet, but you're itching to get going with one, I recommend you read this review of Wealthy Affiliate.

Is Jaaxy Worth the Money?

I believe it's the easiest and the most cost-effective keyword tool I've ever discovered. Like I mentioned, I'm not a keyword research ninja. If you're like me and you find keyword research a pain in the butt, consider Jaaxy. However, If you're happy with what you have already, I would keep to that.

You can read my full Jaaxy Review here.

Thanks for reading, if you have any questions let me know below in the comments. Have you found a keyword tool better than Jaaxy? If you think you have, let me know below!

Jim. Read more about the author and owner of this website here.

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9 thoughts on “How to Get Ranked in SERPs with Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool”

  1. The keyword research is number 2 most important step/lesson for me when is about creating and building an online business (number 1 is finding a good starting point which is certainly the Wealthy Affiliate and grasping all that they teach us there).
    Now when I finally have learned what are the keywords and tried them on Jaaxy tool, I am sure that my success is very close! Many pages I have created are ranked mostly because of the good keyword choice.

    And also, the opportunity to make money as a Jaaxy affiliate is a great chance given to us! Where else on Earth you can find that?!

    Big Like for Awesome online Hit called jaaxy!!!


  2. Jaaxy is seriously a powerful tool, I recommend it to anyone that wants to take their keyword research process to the next level.

    Jaaxy can help you to find profitable keywords that the google planner cannot show you.

    Another great thing you can do is to use the Google instant search to come up with keywords that are hot,then head to Jaaxy to see the stats, that’s what I do when I m looking for keywords.

    You have shared an awesome review with us! waiting for your updates-Anis

  3. I have heard a lot about Jaaxy, when I finally decided to go ahead test out the free trial I never looked back ever since. This is a must have tool for any online business. Great job breaking Jaaxy down for the folks out there.

  4. Hi James,
    This is a really good article explained a lot. Just quick question though, how would you find out how far your page has ranked in google? Thanks in advance

  5. Keyword research is a confusing and time consuming process. You have explained the process thoroughly. I have learned something from this article which is always a good thing. I find myself being distracted with all the options the tools give you. It seems Jaaxy breaks down the info in a simple understandable way! Think I’ll take the test ride!

    • Hi there, Dennis.

      Yes, I can’t use many of the other tools out there. I’ve tried a good few, paid and free. They’re complicated to me. I’m sure many will agree. I’m still not great at keyword research myself but using Jaaxy I’ve managed a few page 1 rankings, lots of page 2s and 3s also.

      Thanks for coming by, Dennis.


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