Jaaxy Review – I Don’t Like The Name But I Love These Results!

You need to use the best tools you can get if you want to achieve the success I know you're yearning for. In this Jaaxy review I give you undeniable and unfakeable proof (is that a real word?) that not only is Jaaxy the easiest keyword research tool to use but it's also the one that I use to get my pages and posts ranked.

Keyword research tools help to get you ranked in the search engines for keywords you shoot for. The better the tool you are using the better your keyword research will be. This post is about Jaaxy - the most powerful, easy to use tool for keyword research that I ever used.

The better your keyword research is then the more traffic you will get to your website or your blog post. The more visitors that you can get to read your, then the more clicks you will get on your affiliate links. It's as simple as that. High rankings equals better earnings.

I've tried many keyword research tools in the past and some were okay, some were plain rubbish and some were just far too complex to use and I could never work them out.

I was looking for simplicity, speed and efficiency combined. None of the keyword research tools I had used covered all of my demands (and more) until I tried out Jaaxy. 

Jaaxy Review

Name: Jaaxy
Free | $49 Jaaxy Pro | $99 Jaaxy Enterprise
Owners: Kyle Loudon & Carson Lim
My Rating: 96%
Recommended: Yes

What is Jaaxy?

Jaaxy is a keyword research suite that will help you to find low-hanging fruit keywords that are great to rank in the search engines.

Who is Jaaxy for?

This keyword tool is for bloggers, affiliate marketers, website owners and home business owners. Anyone who wants to rank an article in the search engines will find Jaaxy is the solution.

Is Jaaxy Easy to Use?

Indeed, it's by far the simplest tool I've used and I've been through a few trials of many keyword tools out there.

Jaaxy Pricing - Free to Start vs Pro v Enterprise Editions

Jaaxy is free to start. You get 30 free searches before you have to upgrade if you want to continue using it. The Pro version of Jaaxy will set you back $49 per month.

Jaaxy Enterprise version will cost you $99 per month and includes all features of this keyword tool. To be fair, Jaaxy Pro is enough for me. But Jaaxy Enterprise might be for you if you're a power user.

Jaaxy is the best. Why? It combines all of my needs in one accurate, simple, fast, efficient and powerful tool. It's all I need for keyword research and it's all you need too, I am betting on it! It's easy to use for complete beginners. Right off the bat, you will feel at home in the dashboard.

Jaaxy's Accuracy

It is a must. The last thing you want after publishing a post is to find that your keywords did not in fact rank very well. And of course, low ranking articles don't convert to visitors who convert to buyers.


Jaaxy's Simplicity

The simplicity of a keyword research tool for me must be easy for me to understand. It must be easy enough for a keyword newbie AND it must also be more than powerful enough for power users. Also, it must be the last keyword tool I ever need to use and it should be user-friendly and not give me a headache. Jaaxy is that tool!

Jaaxy's Speed

The keyword research tool must be fast. Too many times I have sat and waited too long for my keywords to be analyzed and for the results to appear in front of me on the screen.

Jaaxy's Efficiency

Too many bells and whistles with anything in life can interfere with simplicity and speed.  Too many features are not required by me. I want a keyword research tool that shows me just the information I need so that I can get on with leveraging keywords for my next project.

Jaaxys's Raw Power

You need it. If you have raw power from the very beginning to the very end of your keyword research then you will rank far better with your articles in your niche. And that means more conversions into actual revenue. If you can find one tool that does all of the above then you are surely onto a winner.

What you think you need and what you actually do need are usually two distinctly different things. The best way to show you how Jaaxy works is to give you an opportunity to try it out right here and right now.

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Try Jaaxy for free! Type some keywords into the box below, get results and see if you can understand them. I think you will see how easy Jaaxy is to use right here, right now - even if you have zero experience with keyword research tools.

Is Jaaxy for Beginners or Pros?

The Jaaxy keyword tool was designed to do a professional job with hard-core keyword researchers such as bloggers and other website owners needing to rank high in the search engines. However, it was also designed to be so easy to use that an idiot like me can find profitable keywords.

Need Proof That Even an Idiot Can Rank on Page One?

Watch the video below for my proof that even an idiot like me can rank on page one of Google's search results.

It worked very nicely for me when I was still a relative newbie to blogging and website building and monetizing.  Jaaxy also works well for the many super affiliates who make thousands online every month. Remember...

Keyword research comes at step 1 in the process of making money online. It is essential to get the best keywords if you want to earn a living online - absolutely essential.

Do not leave it to good luck or rely on an inferior keyword research tool and start crying months later when you haven't made anything. Keyword research using Jaaxy is also easier and fantastic for researching niches to get your teeth into.

I finally found what I was looking for in Jaaxy

I needed to find a keyword research tool that has all of the above attributes plus a couple of other features that I found to be very beneficial - such as the ability to check if a domain name is available with those keywords.

It is a handy little feature that does not interfere with your keyword research but instead it adds to the usefulness of the tool - this isn't a case of unnecessary bells, whistles, flashing lights or special effects that complicate matters.

You do not need useless fancy pants functions.  What you need are the powerful basics that get you ranked. 

Create Keyword Lists

You can create keyword lists. These keywords are saved for future reference so that you can tap into them at a later time. Save the keywords that piqued your interest, filter out all the others of no use to you and choose just the low competitions ones.

If you're a serious blogger or online marketer then you need Jaaxy. If you want to start the right way then you should start by building out a content-rich WordPress website using the world's most powerful keyword research software from the outset, to benefit you in the short-term, medium-term and the long-term...

I give Jaaxy a score of 96%. I simply must say this..."I wish I had discovered Jaaxy years and years ago..."

Oh, how I wish and I wish and I wish. Maybe I would have been much more successful and reached success much sooner - rather than stumbling around from one keyword research tool to the next one, wasting time, effort and money. If only I had a time machine, eh?...

If only I had a time machine I would go back in time and tell myself to get Jaaxy right at the very beginning. And if my other self had refused to listen to my advice I would slap him and tell him again...

"GET JAAXY NOW!"...I was far too determined to build my business for completely free, so I went the free route every opportunity I could. I was unwilling to invest my time and effort and what is a tiny amount of money on the essentials to accelerate my business because I did not know they were essential at the time.

So let me circumvent your problems from the very beginning of your voyage. If you are a newbie you are lucky as you are the one I am trying to slap around the face. 

If only time travel were a reality!

I hope you enjoyed my answer to what's the best keyword research tool. More tips, advice, reviews, and lots of other things are in the pipeline!

Ask any questions you have in the comments section below and I'll get back to you. Stay awesome, okay?


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