How to Learn About Affiliate Marketing from Top Affiliates

Do you want to know how to learn about affiliate marketing from the top affiliates so you can make money online? Do you feel there is one major problem? Could the ultimate problem be with the structure of your learning?

And that is resources to learn affiliate marketing can be fragmented and they certainly are time-consuming if you don't know what you're doing and you're an absolute beginner. By this I mean trying to learn it all by yourself using channels such as YouTube and Google search.

The problem with these methods is that there is no real structure. You're piecing together a jig-saw puzzle and many times, the pieces have been replaced with new ones. i.e. New methods that supersede old ones.

Often times tactics are out-dated and simply will not work anymore. Worse than that though, out-dated ways can actually cause more harm than good. 

What exactly IS Affiliate Marketing, Anyway?

Okay, okay, let's put the scary words away from now and give it another name. Affiliate marketing, simply put, is the art of promoting "other people's stuff" for a commission. Here's a proper definition from Wikipedia.

How to Learn About Affiliate Marketing from Top Affiliates - Wikipedia Affiliate Marketing Definition

How to Learn About Affiliate Marketing from Top Affiliates

This is the one main reason that so many people give up and fail in their entrepreneurial pursuit of making money online with affiliate marketing. You need a structured, clear-cut and well-defined game plan.

It's a game plan that's worked for successful entrepreneurs just like Nathaniell, who created a website or two while learning with Wealthy Affiliate. Nathaniell now consistently makes more than a full-time income. Do you think Nathaniell is still a member of Wealthy Affiliate now that he has all that success?

You can bet your bottom dollar he's still a member!

I will let you figure out why he is still a member for yourself. Hint, it's something to do with "even if you're a super affiliate, there are still always new things to learn." The best place online to learn and keep up with new things to make money online by far is Wealthy Affiliate and the community there.

You will find many other equally successful members at WA. It's a big club. And for good reason. 

Social Media Marketing With Youtube, Pinterest, Linkedin and Facebook

How to Learn About Affiliate Marketing from Top Affiliates - Social Media Marketing

They all have search capabilities and you can employ them right now because you're on the internet.  If you know WHAT you need to learn and when you need to learn it, though...things will be much simpler for you if you joined Wealthy Affiliate free and learn the basics.

The places you can use above are great for an overview if you're wanting to learn about affiliate marketing, but...There is a much better way and it is far more structured and step by step than learning the ropes by yourself.

Take my word for it on this topic, I've been down the road of trying to learn about it all myself and I wasted months and months. It isn't worth your effort and time.

I do consider myself lucky, being where I'm at on my own particular journey.  I intend to continue my pursuits because I know it can be very, very profitable if I do it right. 🙂  You should perhaps already know by now that if I can do it and others can do it, then so can you!

Realize your potential. You should think about what niche you'd most likely enjoy, for that is the best way to get started with affiliate marketing.

Choose something you're dearly passionate about and that will see you right along the way. If you choose something you don't really care about you'll struggle day in and day out with creating content for the niche.

We are all experts at many different things when we often don't even realize it. Use your expertise to your advantage by building a niche website and making money from it.  Did you know you can promote Amazon products on your site?  That's for another blog post.

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Want to Know How You Should Really Learn About Affiliate Marketing?

There are better ways than the fragmented ways above. And there are faster ways to learn and there are slower ways to learn. There are ways to learn about affiliate marketing that will cost you big money. I prefer the free methods myself. That's why I only recommend beginners take a free trial or a free membership option before investing anything.

When you're starting out in the world of building a home business and working online it can be overwhelming, to say the least. What are all those words and phrases about?  What's google analytics and what is an HTML tag? What is WordPress and what is a plugin? How do I put all the pieces of this jig-saw puzzle together if I don't even know how many pieces there are?

Worry not, for I have a perfect solution for you if you're the type that really wants to free yourself from ever having a boss again. Here's what you do. If you want step by step help then follow these instructions carefully. 

Tutorials for Affiliate Marketing

How to Learn About Affiliate Marketing from Top Affiliates - Wealthy Affiliate Homepage

Follow these simple instructions and you'll be hooked up with an online business training platform that will rock your world from today.  I am a member myself and you can hook up with me and I will throw a few closely guarded tips at you.  In advance, you're welcome! 🙂

Read this then get your starter membership with Wealthy Affiliate. Check out all the awesome stuff and get yourself comfortable with Wealthy Affiliate. Take this seriously and it will take you seriously.

It's important not to spend too much time helping out when you are a newbie. You're best off if you just go into learning mode at first.  Learn what you can every day and keep building your online business.

There is a pay it forward kind of approach at Wealthy Affiliate which you will witness yourself.  You see, Wealthy Affiliate is more than an online business training school. 

It's a community of regular people just like you and just like me, who want to work from home and who want to make money online. So you'll fit in great. Be nice and nice things happen for you. Be helpful and you will get help tenfold. Just be yourself! And enjoy the company of some of the most successful affiliate marketing bloggers in the world. 

Creating A Free Account At Wealthy Affiliate

We need to get you set up as a new student at the Wealthy Affiliate university so you can really get stuck in and start building your dreams.  You can begin right now.  I'm not into stalling people, wasting their time, wasting their money and wasting my time.

I want people who come to my website and follow my advice to be successful people because of my advice.  That's why I created this website (and this very blog post you're reading now, of course!)

Even though some of the members make loads of money, guess what they like doing most of all? You'll never guess...they like helping other members out (without taking advantage of them) which brings me to another topic...

There are no upsells.  There is the premium membership and free membership option. That's it. You are NOT required to buy anything other than your own domain for about $14 a year. Go for the free membership! Highly recommended! If you get really serious and want to go the whole hog, go premium...again, even more highly recommended.

As a stay at home dad, the premium membership is better for me. If I were not a stuck at home dad, I would stick to a free membership. At least until I knew for sure that Wealthy Affiliate was worth the investment.

Free is definitely worth it for anyone wanting to have a dabble. Let's move on...  

A List of things you should do right after creating your account.

First - Upload a profile picture. This will show that you're a real person and not some spam robot.

Second - Write a short intro on your main profile page to introduce yourself, and tell people what you'd like to achieve.

Third - Introduce yourself in the live chat. People there will welcome you and point you in the right direction. They'll tell you what to check out first and they'll tell you exactly what you have to do to build your online business.

Last - Look on your profile comments for a message from me. It should arrive just a few minutes after you create your account. It's a welcome message with a couple of instructions on what you should do next. Leave me a reply so I know you've received it.

How to Learn About Affiliate Marketing from Top Affiliates - Live Chat Inside Wealthy Affiliate

Being sociable at Wealthy Affiliate is a big bonus to you. Asking questions in live chat is a great way to gauge how Wealthy Affiliate works.  In the screenshot, there is an arrow pointing to the live chat area.

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Wealthy Affiliate is a goldmine of education for anyone wanting to earn a living online and they can learn it all at their own pace. Step by step video tutorials will help the most.  Follow the structured path and build your business framework up on a day to day schedule.

Ask questions. I promise you will get an answer.

So, if you really want to learn about affiliate marketing from top affiliates, I strongly suggest you check it out!

Give me a shout when you arrive! Thanks for reading how to learn about affiliate marketing and I hope to see your questions and comments below. Have a nice day, wherever you are.


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  1. Free, Free, Free. That is the best way to get the best helpful information. Thank you so much for all of the great advice. I see you have really done your homework. I have gotten a lot of useful ideas from you. How has affiliate marketing changed your life? How many other lives have you touched through your business? I’m so glad this is such a helpful community.

    • Hello and thanks for visiting.

      Free is a great way to get started with anything, I believe. If it’s free, it can’t be a scam.
      Of course when you really get up and running you would want to invest a little something in your business.

      The thing is this…people do not TREAT their online businesses as though they are a real business…they ARE real businesses if they make them so.

      Affiliate Marketing has changed my life for the better and in turn I have helped hundreds to start their own business online…Part and parcel of my job here at AMTT is to guide people in the right direction, depending on what they’re looking for.

      That direction is almost always Wealthy Affiliate and I have no qualms about singing Wealthy Affiliate’s praises day in and day out.

      If you would like (or anyone else reading would like, for that matter) you can go and join WA right now, through this link. You will have extra help and extra support. ME. you will have a direct line to me there and I will keep up with you by regularly asking you if there is anything I can help you with.

      I take care of all my referrals, because they trusted in me to point them to the right place.
      The least I can do is make sure they feel at home once inside.

      Once again, thanks for dropping by, lovely to have visitors and lovely to get comments.



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