What is Product Launch Jacking?

In this short post today I'd like to answer someone's question. He asked me "what is product launch jacking?" I was also asked how you can do it for yourself to get a fair old slice of affiliate marketing action.

Product Launch jacking is a term used in the internet marketing industry that people use when they want to describe a method of promoting brand new, as yet, un-launched products (or services) and making commissions from them.

Of course, they can't sell the product before it's released for sale, but they can get themselves positioned ahead of the rest of the competition by simply knowing what the product is and when it will be put on sale for customers to buy.

What is Product Launch Jacking and How Can You Do it?

Many affiliate marketers online are making big bank using the product launch jacking method. But how is it done? How do they find out about products that are about to launch and get themselves positioned and ready to make sales on day one?

A Product launch calendar can be found at Muncheye.com. This website is where many product vendors will list their upcoming products, be it tools, training, a service, or whatever so that they can let people know it's coming soon.

This allows you, the affiliate marketer, or blogger, to pick and choose which products you're interested in promoting before it's actually been launched.

There are Some Very Successful Product Launch Jackers!

Some product launch jackers take it to a whole other level. It's the only method they use to create revenues online. I've seen and heard of some people making upward of $50k per month. And those are just the ones I've heard about or seen in videos on YouTube. There's probably heaps more of them on more money than that which I've never discovered (yet).

As a business model, or a method in itself, it's really quite simple to do. But it's quite a genius little method at the same time.

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How do You Do Product Launch Jacking?

Simple. Muncheye is just one example and to keep this post short and sweet I'll only give that one for now.

A quick video showing the inside of Muncheye.com where you see a list of products on their launch calendar.

As I mentioned somewhere above, Muncheye isn't the only place you can find products that haven't yet been released. There are others, one being JVNotifyPro.

Head on over to either of these sites. Do a little bit of due diligence before choosing something to promote. Get your affiliate links. Make a video or two, write a blog, or email your subscribers and tell them all about it. 

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Keep on keeping on!

I'm Jim. Read more about me and why I created this website here.

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