What is Moneyline? Global Moneyline Review

Hi there, I'm James, call me Jimbo. People asked me what is Moneyline and how does it work. So, of course, I thought it would be most beneficial for all my readers if I wrote a post about it so they can get in quick, like I did. The faster you get in, the quicker you build a downline.

During a Skype session with a good friend of mine, whom I trust 100%, I was shown something quite shocking to me as I had never heard of such a thing. He knows his stuff, believe me. So, read all about Moneyline and why I think you might be just as shocked as I was and still am, to a degree.

Global Moneyline Review

NAME : Global Moneyline
My Ranking: 90%
Price: $0, $20, $50, $100, $250
Website: GlobalMoneyline.com

What is Global Moneyline?

Are you looking for more leads for your online business? Do you want a way to get your campaigns in front of lots more eyes? Are you always looking for new people for your team? Do you have problems getting signups, subscribers and traffic, etc? Stay a while and I'll share something with you that you're going to love. It's free to join, so put your credit card away.

Watch this video, the fun really begins when you get to about 8 minutes in.

Is Moneyline Worth Looking at?

Global Moneyline is quite an extraordinary downline builder that is free to join and there is no pressure to pay for premium.

There are 5 different pricing points which start at the free option. Don't be mistaken about the power of the free membership, it really can make a difference to your business if you stay a while and thoroughly check it out.

Don't sniff at this as a free opportunity, take your time to really check it out on the inside. And don't be put off by the aesthetics of the Global Moneyline website. Looks are not important here. What it actually does for you is the most important thing to look at, take this picture and it shows the basics.

Global Moneyline Dashboard Screeenshot

How Does Moneyline Work?

The site looks ugly once you're on the inside but to be fair it's only a few months old. That being said, aesthetics are really not important. The most important thing is that something works and moneyline certainly works. After just 3 days my moneyline exploded to over 4,800 people under me.

My website traffic has almost doubled in 4 days, too. I did some simple math to show the actual numbers after just those four days. It works out that a new member joins every 1 minute or so and that will increase as more members bring more people in.

  • On Day One -1,200 members joined under me.
  • Day Two - 2,390 members were under me.
  • On Day Three - 3,650 members were under me.
  • Day Four - 4,820 members were under me.
  • Many more will be joining at an increasing speed

global moneyline compound leverage commissions

Can you see how many people are getting into the Moneyline? Would you like to leverage these like-minded people, network with them, get them to buy your stuff, etc? Of course, I know you would. Especially when you can do that for free and never have to upgrade. 

Something to Keep in Mind about Moneyline

Remember that these people above who joined after me are now "under" me. This means that I can message each and every one of them with whatever I want to send them. Any offer, any deal, or I can just get them to visit my website (this one) to read a blog and subscribe, etc. Imagine you're in the middle of this picture and you're a bronze member for a one-time fee of $20. Refer just 5 people who go for bronze membership.

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That's $100, but, your first two (the red dots in the image) go to your sponsor (the person who referred you to Moneyline). After that, you keep the $60. Then, things really start to heat up. Your referrals go and get their own referrals, now you get more commissions (their first 2, just like you did). The image says it all. I have a friend (I joined when he showed me this site) who has over 300 referrals. He's made over $3,000 in less than 3 months and it keeps going up as his referrals now get sales, too. 

Tip: Help People When They Join Through Your Link!!!

moneyline compounded commissions


I Was Sold Within Minutes of Joining (My Friend Showed Me Why I Should)

I quickly went for the bronze membership which gave me the ability to message 20 people in one go. This saves time. I am definitely going to upgrade to the silver, gold and then finally the platinum membership. The platinum membership gives you maximum power and "authority".

You'll make heaps more money if you're platinum. The only bummer about this is you have to go through all the other memberships first. You go bronze, silver, gold and then you can go platinum. You can't just join and immediately go platinum. I recommend you watch the video which explains the finer details and you'll see how explosively powerful the Moneyline is going to be when you get in.


Pros and Cons of Global MoneyLine?


  • It's completely free forever if you're not willing to upgrade to a paid membership.
  • If you do pay for any membership point you pay only once, not monthly or yearly.
  • The potential to get leads, signups, referrals, traffic to your website is insane.
  • Every day there are over 1,200 new members and they're "under you" in the moneyline.
  • It's like having 1,200+ new subscribers on your email list and you don't have to do much to get them.
  • You can promote whatever you want to the people "under" you.
  • You get to network with thousands of people in every niche conceivable.
  • When you're a paid member, you can message 20, 50, 100, 250 people at a time.
  • It's like having an email list that grows on autopilot.
  • Even as a free member, it's worth joining quick to "get in the moneyline"
  • The earning potential is astonishing. (Watch the video and skip to 8 minutes in!!!) 


  • The site looks a mess. (Who designed it?)
  • Because the site looks a mess, people are less likely to give it a chance.
  • When you're a free member, you can only message one person at a time. 

Who is Global Moneyline for?

  • Online Entrepreneurs
  • Home Business Owners
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Network Marketers
  • Bloggers
  • Email Marketers
  • Anybody Who "Makes Money Online"

Global Moneyline Training & Tools

There are videos inside of the Moneyline dashboard to show you what you're supposed to do. It's easy. 

Global Moneyline Support

You probably won't need to ever contact support, but it's available, of course. Because I've never needed to contact them, I can't give you an honest statement about whether they're good or bad. 

Global Moneyline Pricing

There are 5 price points which are-

  • FREE - You do not have to upgrade at all (great!!!)
  • Bronze Membership - $20
  • Silver Membership - $50
  • Gold Membership - $100
  • Platinum Membership - $250

What are the Benefits of Global Moneyline?

You can get traffic to your site or any url you choose and you can find people to team up with. You'll get leads, signups, referrals and sales, just from messaging people within Moneyline about your business.

Then there is the potential to earn a lot of money with signups for moneyline because you get an affiliate link. When you get 2 signups, the initial payment goes to your own sponsor. Any signups after that become yours. 

My Verdict of Global Moneyline

Why the heck wouldn't you want to join this for free to check it out. You do not have to upgrade, there are many benefits even as a completely free member. You can get traffic to your site, get leads, subscribers to your email list and buyers for your promotions, whatever they may be. 

Global Moneyline is an extra source of traffic and this is obviously beneficial for anyone with a website or other online venture. It takes at most 2 minutes to sign up. Using a gmail address is best. What are you waiting for, get in the moneyline quick and everyone who joins after you is "under you." 

Thanks for Reading

I'm Jim, thanks for reading my overview of the moneyline. I hope you join, even as a free member forever. By this time next year you could have hundreds and thousands of people "under" you in your downline and the leverage would be amazing.

Any questions or comments, please leave them in the comments section below and I'll get back to you. 

Have a great day!

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Ciao for now,


4 thoughts on “What is Moneyline? Global Moneyline Review”

    • good thing is once you’re registered you could leave it a while and come back to it to see you have thousands of people in your moneyline that you can send a message to with your best recommended promos.

      Love it!


  1. Hey Jimbo
    Thanks for a solid and accurate review of Global Moneyline. Nice that you put your faith in me on this one. Have you got sign ups yet? What I would add if I may is that you can network with your upline, too. Here is a chance to further promote your biz. Keep on mate and thanks again for the trust.

    • Hey there, Tim.

      It’s going quite well at moneyline now. I’ve got over 8,800 people in my moneyline already since the 6th November 2016. It’s now the 13th. That’s a week since joining. Not bad at all.



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