How to Start a Legitimate Work from Home Based Business

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away, I found myself in a position where I needed to find how to start a legitimate work from home based business I could afford. Even better than that, one where I could start for free because I was really strapped for cash.

I started my make money online adventures because I had to be a stay at home dad and I couldn't go to work because of medical problems. That's another story for another day and another galaxy.

As a stay at home dad who had no choice but to stay home, I found myself stuck in a rut and money really was getting tighter and tighter. Medical bills were piling up, I was unable to work, two kids and I couldn't even afford the bill for the internet at one point.

It was really a low point because I need my fix of the internet daily. I like to keep up with world news and with friends. Having the internet and then not having it sucks, doesn't it?

My Checklist of Prerequisites to Start an Online Business

So to cut a long long story short, I had to put my thinking cap on and I had to come up with something quick.  My prerequisites were quite extensive as you can see below...

  • It had to be work from home.
  • It had to be online.
  • It had to be legitimate
  • It had to be something I liked doing
  • It had to be fun
  • It had to be free to start
  • It had to be scalable
  • It had to have passive income potential
  • It had to actually help other people
  • I had to be my own boss
  • It had to be any location in the world so I could travel if I wanted
  • It had to be something that didn't require packing and posting stuff
  • It had to be a PayPal method to receive any payments

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How I Got Started Working from Home

I want to be able to sleep at night when I make money online or make money offline. Starting a business online can be done in thousands of ways just as starting a business offline can too

So, there exists an online myriad of ideas. I wanted to know which home based business idea was superior and I wanted to know what was the most legitimate online work from home based business that I could afford.

I searched and I searched for many months. I went down quite a few rabbit holes but I'm proud to say I wasn't scammed in terms of money, much.

I did have a lot of time wasted, though. Time was the main thing that was stolen from me, not money. If you'd like to avoid many of the rabbit holes that sucked me in, read on. I will give you some shortcuts to what really works rather than delving too deeply into what I know doesn't work.

I am going to point you in the right direction but I can't build a business for you. That part is up to you. With the right tools and the right mindset, you can go far. Remember those prerequisites I mentioned earlier? Well, now I'll tell you all about something that I found that meets and even exceeds all of the things on that list. Let's get to it.


What is the Best Home Based Business to Start for You?

Do all of the above prerequisites ring a bell in your mind that says too good to be true? I thought so at first. So, what's the best home based business to start if you're a complete beginner and you're worried about scams, startup costs, and how to do it all? I know of a cool place which is perfect for newbies. You, my friend, are going to school. Not only that...

You are going to school with a massive bunch of helpful, friendly, knowledgeable students and plenty of teachers. Also, you are given two free websites and training on WordPress using video tutorials.

Learn all you can for free and build a website or two. This business model is totally awesome and if you don't agree with me after a week, I will eat my hat!  It certainly is more than possible to make money online with this method. I hope you see it the way I do.

Sometimes people go from severe debt to wealthy millionaires because they chose to do the right thing for them at the right time. We all want that, don't we? So, let's cut to the chase shall we because we haven't got all day and we need answers quick.


Want Your Own Internet Home Business? - Stop Procrastinating!

This is what you do now, don't procrastinate and say to yourself, "Oh, shucks, I'll start my internet home business tomorrow." What I am about to give you is a link to an amazing place that fills all of the prerequisites on that must-have list above. If you think you can't make money online with this business model...consider reading this...


Learn How You Can Start a Business Online for Free


The Best Home Based Business to Start with No Nonsense

If you want a no-nonsense way to start an online business then you can go sign up now for a free membership. I will be there on the other side to greet you and show you where to click and check out next.

If you think that it is impossible to make money online and you would rather go and look at some cats then I suggest you go here to see some actual cat photos on Wikipedia. I love cats too but I'd rather spend my time making money online than looking at cat photos.

I have a cat, I look at her all the time, her name's "Chockit", I see her in HD, she sits on my lap all the time and sometimes walks all over my keyboard. Cheeky Chockit, she's become!

So, I don't need to look at other cats, mine would get jealous anyways because she loves her daddy. Getting off track. Ensure you complete your account setup if you require extra tips. WA will let me know when your account is set up fully and then alert me that I should greet you with a personal message. Once you are signed up I will send you a message within WA.

Let me know when you reply to the message what niche you think will be good for you. Tell me in the comments section below and I will give you further details and advice on what to do first. Ask questions, I will answer within WA, or below in the comment section. 

Go there now and prosper. Learn all you can and start building your future. Please, remember, it does not happen overnight. You have to build a skyscraper. The free membership will get you started and give you that essential foundation every skyscraper needs.

Whether you upgrade to premium or not is all up to you. You will definitely know by the end of level one training if this is the right thing for you. It's in your hands. I can't force you into it. 

Start a Legitimate Work from Home Business at Wealthy Affiliate

Are you a go-getter or a cat picture browser? Thanks for reading about how to start a legitimate work from home based business - as always, please do leave questions in the comments section below. Don't forget to share to your favorite social media networks so all your friends can learn, too.

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