What is Social Media Marketing?

You've heard about marketing on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and a lot of the other social networks, for sure. But what is social media marketing about and should you be spending precious time on it if you have an online business to run?

In this post I'm going to tell you a few home truths and by the time you get to the end you'll realize the importance of social media to your business, especially if you're a home based business owner, a beginner blogger or a website owner who's looking to get more traffic.

What is Social Media Marketing?

It's basically just advertising your website on social networks. This gets people to click and be taken to your website. It's a way of getting extra traffic and we all want more traffic, right?

Of course we do. So, what about social media marketing as a way to get extra eyes on your content? You're going to want to try a little bit of growth hacking.

Social media marketing is a way to get eyes on your content, which is on your website. As you know, content is King and Keywords are Queen.

However, relying solely on keyword research and SEO to drive traffic to your website will take some time, especially for new, low authority niche sites. Getting heaps of traffic to an article is what social media marketing is all about but that is where problems can arise.

What are the Problems with Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing Problems

The sheer number of social networking platforms out there on the internet make it difficult to keep up. You have to follow to get followers in your niche. You have to join groups and post links to your site. You have to target using keywords so you're not just spamming your url to just any old place.

You have to join groups on facebook and communities on google plus. You have to tweet and re-tweet and you have to spend a lot of time on each platform every day.

It's all very time consuming and overwhelming when you're trying to build a website or a blog. What you should be doing is concentrating on building out your website with informative, helpful content that keeps your readers coming back for more.

However, if you're always tied up on social networking it means you have less time to spend on your website activities, product research, keyword research and all the nitty gritty you'd much rather be getting on with.

Who Needs to Do Social Media Marketing?

You should be using social media if you're promoting things on your website or if you're a blogger who's starving for a readership.

employ someone to do social media marketing work

Sure, you could employ someone to spend eight hours a day on all the social networks building up your followers, finding and joining groups, posting your content and all the other things that need to be done.

However, that might be out of your budget as a new online business owner. You may need to keep everything as low cost as possible, unless of course, you're already crushing it online.

Most people, though, have to start small and work their way up. This requires hours of manual DIY social media marketing activities to grow your social followings.

Having a lot of followers is important with the likes of twitter, pinterest and instagram. Joining lots of groups that you can post to is essential, too.

Why is Social Media Marketing Necessary?

It's really important these days to use social media as an additional means to get visitors to come to your website. Don't pass on that extra traffic that can keep your sites ticking over while you wait for page one rankings.

Some marketers I know of actually use social media marketing as their primary source of traffic and they concentrate less on keyword research and SEO. It can be done as a full time business in itself, to drive traffic to web pages. There are companies and individuals who do this for a living, but it costs!

How Will Your Online Business Benefit from Social Media?

Getting traffic is important, getting people on your site is the whole purpose of having a website, and if you're struggling with getting page one rankings because your keyword research isn't so good yet, or your site has low authority, it can be a life-saver to use social media to get people on your pages reading your content.

Tweet Jukebox - Google Chrome 2016-06-20 22.22.55

Can Social Media Marketing Be Automated?

Yes, it can. There are tools to automate social media marketing that are a big help and some tools are free. One particular free tool I like to use daily is Tweet Jukebox which is an online option to automate tweeting on your behalf.

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Tweet Jukebox rocks! It has a bunch of some 200 famous quotes already loaded into it so you can start tweeting them out right away.

But There's a But...

Tweet Jukebox only does tweeting on a scheduled basis and it only works with Twitter. Is there something with a little more power? Is there something that does more than Twitter alone?

Funny You Should Ask!

There is an automated social media marketing tool that can handle much more than just tweeting on Twitter. It does the work of many people, on autopilot, for a fraction of the cost of employing a human. It never tires, it never needs to sleep, eat or take a break. It doesn't call in sick or go on vacation when you need it most. So, what is it?

Here Comes Mass Planner 2

social media marketing solution

Mass Planner is a behemoth and it makes Tweet Jukebox look like a little baby in the social media automation tool arena.

Like I said before, Tweet Jukebox rocks! It really does. But it doesn't even come close to Mass Planner's abilities when it comes to powerful automation and functionality.


Sadly, Mass Planner 2 was told to close its doors by Instagram in May 2017, to the dismay of many, including myself.

There is one tool that is still running, and that's Instamate 2, which will help you to manage your Instagram accounts.

This software is a downloadable tool that you install on your computer. A desktop computer is recommended to unleash its full capabilities but it will work fine on a laptop if that's what you've got.

What Can Mass Planner 2 Do?

A better question to ask would be "what can't Mass Planner do?" because it does everything you need it to do. It's the best in its game and I've been using it for almost a year now.

I still use Tweet Jukebox because it's still a handy free option I like to leverage. The more tools the better! So, what does Mass Planner 2 do, exactly?

Is Mass Planner the Answer to Your Social Media Marketing Dilemmas?

Check out my Mass Planner 2 review here to learn more about it.

If you're spending hours every day trying to build up your social media accounts to a reasonable level, absolutely. Mass Planner comes with a free 5 day trial so you can get to grips with it before deciding whether to buy or not. I like free trials

 Free trials usually mean that a product is going to be good and the makers are extremely confident that you'll love it enough to pay for it after testing it out.

If you'd like to learn of a manual way to get more traffic to your site from Twitter read this.

That's my overview of social media marketing and the best tool you can use for automation.

Leave any questions or experiences you've had with social media marketing or automated social media marketing tools below in the comments, I'll get right back to you. 

Thanks for reading. Until next time, Bye for now!

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