How About Traffic Monsoon? Don’t Get Stuck in a Jam!

Hey there. Today I wanted to discuss Traffic Monsoon. I first heard of this website over a year ago when it was still taking off. Many say it's a scam and many say it isn't. So, how about Traffic Monsoon today? 

Is it a big fat scam or will it change your life as so many members claim it will? I've been doing a little digging about and you should read carefully what I have to tell you about this company and the owner, Charles Scoville.

Be sure to watch the video evidence below. 

How About Traffic Monsoon?


Type of Site: Revenue Share/PTC/Traffic Exchange

Owner: Charles Scoville

Created: October 2014

Alexa Rank: 3,333 (at time of writing)

Score: 10%

Scam?: I'm pretty sure it is!

Recommended?: Not at all.

Traffic Monsoon Update

Traffic Monsoon is no longer available due to an on-going court case with SEC, the Securities and Exchange Commission in the United States. Is this not proof enough that Traffic Monsoon, and the likes of it, are in fact Ponzi schemes?

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Launched in 2014, Traffic Monsoon is a website that combines PTC (pay to click), a Traffic Exchange and a Revenue Sharing site with promises of huge earnings if you pile some money into it by buying ad packs. 

What is PTC?

PTC or Paid to Click is a form of making money online by clicking on ads and getting a few tenths or hundredths of a cent for each one you view. You can learn more about that in my ExpressPaid Overview

What is Revshare?

WikiPedia has this to say...

What is Revshare


What is a Traffic Exchange?

Again from WikiPedia...

What is a Traffic Exchange


What about Traffic Monsoon Owner, Charles Scoville?

Charles Scoville is the owner of Traffic Monsoon as well as a few previous ventures that flopped. Charles has had a few failed websites before Traffic Monsoon was created and I believe all or most of them crashed out and left people unpaid, allegedly. 

I'm citing many sources here, not just the first thing I saw online. I'm also covering my ass by adding the word, allegedly, because you can't be too careful these days. Sometimes what you believe to be a scam isn't a scam and many times what you believe to be the real deal turns out to be a big fat scam. 

What is Traffic Monsoon's Alexa Ranking at the Time of Writing this?

Its ranking in seems to have been taking a bit of a nose dive over the last few months. Is this because of the Paypal issues and does it show that it's beginning to fail? I'll let you make your own mind up on that. In the picture below, you'll see a decline since January 6th 2016.

Traffic Monsoons Alexa Ranking 

Is Traffic Monsoon a Scam?

I'm sorry to say it, but it turns out that my suspicions last year of it being a bit of a ponzi scheme were correct. I almost joined myself to check it out just about a year ago. Glad I didn't.

I think that you would best avoid it because for a few months now there have been a lot of complaints from people who were using paypal as a payment processor. It turns out that Paypal walked away from Traffic Monsoon for some strange reason. 

I will let Charles Scoville himself tell you what happened. But before you watch this video, let me forewarn you that Mr Scoville has had quite a few flops before he created Traffic Monsoon. 

Just a heads up. He seems a nice enough guy. He doesn't look like a scammer, but are scammers supposed to look a certain way? With Paypal leaving him in the lurch, it makes you wonder. Anyways, here's the video, made in February 2016 while Charles was apparently in Dubai.

Traffic Monsoon News Update from Charles Scoville (11 Feb 2016)

Should You Use Traffic Monsoon?

Bernie Madoff Ponzi scam

I wouldn't. I'm not sure if you should either. But if you do, make sure you don't throw your life savings into it. I heard good things last year that lots of people were making money with it in mid to late 2015 and I must admit, I was almost convinced enough to join. 

The good things I heard though, were always from those who were members and making money. Just because people are making money on something, it does not mean that it is legit. Remember that. 

For example, do you remember Bernie Madoff? Yeah? Well he's now in jail for a very long time, like 150 years! Here's what wikipedia says about him. I'm not for one minute accusing Charles Scoville of crimes as serious as Bernie's. In fact I'm not accusing him of anything more than creating stuff that ultimately fails. 

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Innocent people like you and like me can actually help to perpetuate scams by getting more people involved in it. Don't get involved, in my opinion.

The big question remains, why did Paypal not want to deal with Traffic Monsoon if it's all above board and legit? Let's hear more from Charles Scoville on that here in a more recent video from June 2016.

Fast forward to June 2016 in Birmingham, UK.

Other Websites Charles Scoville Created that Have Now Closed

Here's a list of other websites Charles created that failed miserably, allegedly leaving many people out of pocket.,,,,,,,, freehitxchange,

adscashfast,,,,, and 

Oh dear. It would seem that PTC sites, in general, don't last long. There are exceptions to every rule, though. I know a couple or more that have been around more than ten years. But they aren't on that list above. 

What About Traffic Monsoon Visitors On Your Site?

I've heard a lot about revshare traffic being useless, pointless traffic. Not much more valuable that a bot. When a visitor sees your site through Traffic Monsoon's revshare system they very rarely actually interact and it's even less common for them to actually click and buy something. 

To me, getting traffic is not the only thing you need to do when you have a website. What you really need is good quality, laser targeted traffic that wants to be on your site because they're looking for something in particular. 

Traffic Monsoon is Still On the Go, But for How Long?

Looking at all the other stuff Charles has created above, that has failed, it seems like there's a pattern emerging, right? Do you trust Traffic Monsoon?

I'd be very careful if I joined. I'd make sure that I invested the bare minimum and get my cash as soon as possible before investing any more. This is the Paypal thing playing on my mind, and the fact that Charles' other ventures have flopped coupled with the crappy quality traffic. 

What if I'm Wrong About Traffic Monsoon?

Of course, there is the slight possibility that Charles Scoville is just an unlucky guy who's failed a few times before finally cracking it with Traffic Monsoon. But I'm not convinced yet. I will keep studying this like a hawk, to see what develops.

So, I'm not entirely sure I want to cry out that it's definitely a scam and eat my hat if I'm wrong. I don't like the taste of hats. I'm only human and I can be wrong just like anyone else. I don't claim to be right all the time, but I am most of the time.

I've got my suspicions that soon, Traffic Monsoon will collapse and leave a lot of people out of pocket, amounting to millions of dollars. 

My Final Verdict!

Although many people, even now, after all the upheavals at Traffic Monsoon claim that's it's completely legit, there are too many clouds about it.

The Paypal thing, the dodgy traffic you get and the fact that so many of Charles Scoville's previous exploits fell flat on their faces, tell me to stay well away from it.

But as I mentioned earlier, I am only human, just like you. I can make mistakes, I can listen to the wrong people, I can read the wrong things.

I'm 90% sure that Traffic Monsoon is going to flop, maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow.

But I'm sure it will go the same route as the other sites, only this time, being a bigger website, it's going to be a bigger crash and a lot more people are going to be out of pocket than with Charles' other sites.

Do your due diligence. Accept that you might get low-quality traffic from there (if you want to get traffic to your website) and also remember, if you're involved in it and it is a big fat scam, you're a part of that scam, whether you claim ignorance or not.

It's your fault if you don't do due diligence. And you're the one who will have to live with it on your conscience if it turns out the way I forecast. 

Have You Lost Money with Traffic Monsoon?

I'd like to know about if you've lost money by using Traffic Monsoon and also I would love to learn about what you were told if anything. Let me know in the comments section below. I'll keep you updated as I learn more.

And please remember, do your due diligence before joining anything online. I've got a lot of stuff on this website that is legit.

One of them being the Wealthy Affiliate University, which teaches you how to make money online with affiliate marketing.

A more easily understood way of describing it would be teaching you how to blog for cash! I recommend it very highly. It gets the highest score I've given anything online. Read about that right here

If you'd like to ask me any questions, let me know in the comments below and I'll gladly get back to you. If you want to shout at me for calling Traffic Monsoon a probable scam, go ahead.

I can give as good as I get. Nice talking to you guys today. Until next time, see you! 

Read more about Jim and the reason this site was created here.

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4 thoughts on “How About Traffic Monsoon? Don’t Get Stuck in a Jam!”

    • Yeah the doors are closed now at Traffic Monsoon. They’re under investigation by the SEC in America.

      However, another “clone” of Traffic Monsoon has opened up, and that one is called Traffic Hurricane. lol. All these weather patterns, what’s next? Traffic Tornado? Traffic Cyclone? Traffic Storm?

      This link above is to something I stand behind 100%!!!

      Thanks for coming by, Sunny.

    • Yes, Joyce. Be very careful online, there are about 25 scams for every legitimate thing on the internet these days. You must always check things out thoroughly before joining. Best Stay Home Jobs was created to list and write about all the good things online and find out about the bad things. Maybe Charles Scoville is a really honest man and is just trying his best to make something good and legitimate. But since posting this article, I’ve learned a lot more about revshares, ptc sites and such. They don’t usually stay in business long, they collapse. Also, if you’re hoping to get traffic to your website from these places, it’s poor quality traffic, not the kind that is good for your site. Have a look on my site for the good stuff. The good stuff is easy to find and I’ve checked it all out to make sure it’s legit. I haven’t been scammed yet, but I’ll write about it if it happens.

      Thanks for visiting, Joyce, you have a great day and be careful!


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