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Category Archives for Scams

Is Quantum Code a Scam

Is Quantum Code a Scam? RED ALERT

I know what you’re wondering. Is Quantum Code a scam, right? Do you know that there are about 20-25 scams on the internet for every single thing that isn’t a scam? That’s right, it’s statistics. You will be burned if you try the Quantum Code. Read the whole post, there’s a benefit for you at the bottom.

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Is SmashFund a Scam? Don’t Let Them Smash Your Funds!

Is SmashFund a scam? I have a little bit of information about this so called online money making opportunity that might just shock you. I have a friend, Lynne, and she wrote a review about SmashFund a couple of months ago for her website and she also posted a video review on YouTube. It was a popular video and she got 10,000+ views really quickly.

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What is the Zero Loss Formula?

What is The Zero Loss Formula? Don’t be Fooled by Outrageous Claims!

We’re going to watch a video together and then chop it up into pieces to identify some really big red warning flags that are typical of most scams you see online. So, play the video below and I’ll give you my take underneath of what stands out like a sore thumb to me.

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what is

What is and What are the Fantastical Claims?

Well, looky what we have here! What is and what are the fantastical claims? This site smells fishy right off the bat. What’s it all about? I decided to look.

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Is Traffic Hurricane a Scam Like Traffic Monsoon?

Is Traffic Hurricane a Scam like Traffic Monsoon? It seems to be a carbon copy of TM because the resemblances are striking. Traffic Monsoon is a scam and if you don’t believe it you must have been living in a dark cave the past year with no access to the internet.

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