Is Traffic Hurricane a Scam Like Traffic Monsoon?

Is Traffic Hurricane a Scam like Traffic Monsoon? It seems to be a carbon copy of TM because the resemblances are striking. Traffic Monsoon is a scam and if you don't believe it you must have been living in a dark cave the past year with no access to the internet.

I've seen it advertised all over the place in the last few days and it's a worrisome thought because I just know it's going to go the same way as TM did which is down the pan.

I don't approve of rev shares and you should avoid them, too. They all seem to collapse after taking lots of money and they all are set up like that. It's a pyramid scheme and you know what happens with those, right? 

Is Traffic Hurricane a Scam Like Traffic Monsoon?

I wonder how these scammers have the audacity to think they can get away with it again and again but as soon as one collapses leaving thousands out of pocket another springs up in its place. It's like the head of the Hydra in ancient Greek mythology. Source (WikiPedia) Every time Heracles (Hercules) cut off one of its heads, another sprung up in its place.

Traffic exchanges and rev shares like Traffic Monsoon and Traffic Hurricane seem sadly set to remain in existence until a hero is found to defeat them and wipe them from the face of the Earth. 

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How Do They Keep Pulling it Off?

You wonder why they keep going, setting up new ones when the most recent one is closed down. Then you realize it's because it's a lucrative little scam that takes millions of dollars out of the members' pockets then collapses with the owners pocketing the profits.

It's happened before and it will happen with this latest iteration, mark my words on that. Do not even think about dreaming of joining these scams because if you do it makes you a part of the scam.

How so?

Well, you're helping to perpetuate it. You become one of the blocks in the pyramid. 

Can a Fish Swim?

I've got a few questions I'd like to ask you. Ready? Here goes...

  • Can a Fish Swim?
  • Is The Pope Catholic?
  • Can a Fly, Fly?
  • Is Water Wet?
  • Is Snow White?

If you answered "Yes" to all of the above then you have your answer to my question already when I ask you "Is Traffic Hurricane a Scam?"

I don't need to spell it out any clearer than that. Traffic Hurricane must be avoided at all costs, as other similar sites should be, too!

Don't be duped by the hype! They've been scamming the little people like us for years and will continue as long as we let them get away with it. 

Cognitive Dissonance!

Although some people would swear on their own baby's life that the likes of Traffic Hurricane and Traffic Monsoon are legitimate and they have made money with them it does not mean that it is legitimate. Cognitive dissonance is something they should learn about. It is a big fat scam and I don't care who comes to my website and argues with me. 

You Can't Change My Mind!

You can never change my mind on this topic because it is set! I've seen this "scheme" many times and they always end in tears for thousands and cheers for the lucky few who get away with all the money. They have no shame.

Charles Scoville is now being dealt with by the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) and it's not looking good for him.

For months he was telling people that there was nothing to worry about while continuing to take their money.

PayPal first had issues with his Traffic Monsoon scam in early 2016. It went on to the SEC in July 2016. 

There are Many Better Alternatives to Make Money Online!

One of the best ways I know of to make money online, and the most legitimate way I know, is through affiliate marketing. It sounds like something complicated but it's not.

Affiliate marketing is just "blogging for cash" or "expressing your opinion" about a product you recommend and getting buyers for it.

You've heard of and the likes of it, right? Amazon gets a lot of customers through websites which advertise its products in the form of reviews.

If I had a photography website I could say "Hey folks, this go pro camera is awesome, click here to check it out on Amazon!" 


When the website visitor clicks on a link and is taken to Amazon and decides to buy that camera the site owner gets a small commission as a reward for getting a new customer for Amazon.

Simply put, it's like telling people what you think of such and such and they buy it on your recommendations. You get a cut if they buy one.

The great thing is, Amazon has millions of products so this means there are millions of niches. 

I have another question for you!

  • Is a Scam?

I think I made my point in one question there. 

Is there a Place You Can Learn how to Make Money with Amazon?

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I'm Jim, It's been great chatting with you today. If you have any questions please go ahead and drop them below in the comments box. Until next time, see you! To read more about me try this.

Tired of Finding Out The Program You Joined is a Scam?
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4 thoughts on “Is Traffic Hurricane a Scam Like Traffic Monsoon?”

  1. Ahhh how hilarious…if you actually use your brain and do some research youll find that traffic hurricane is actually different to traffic onsoon in that its registered in the philipenes and theres no paypal so the SEC cant shut it down and also TM hasnt been shut down yet,…

    • I see you’re commenting anonymously, any particular reason for that?

      And you do know that the script for traffic hurricane is the exact same script from traffic monsoon?

      I assure you, it will collapse.

      • Absolute rubbish…if you have been keeping upto tabs with Traffic hurricane on facebook and the website you can see theyve actuslly changed the website completely, so now it doesnt look like a carbon copy and what is your reason that it will collapse?

        • I’m wondering why you’ve chosen to be anonymous, Ikhan! And I wonder why you choose to vehemently defend it. Would you by any chance be a member there? Hmm? Thought so…I’ll just leave the conversation there. Thanks for dropping in, Ikhan.

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