The Wealthy Affiliate Complaints You Might Not Know About

You can't please everyone, can you? I've made a list of the Wealthy Affiliate complaints you might hear once you've joined and you're on the inside.

I see them sometimes in the live chat from brand new members who've not even bothered to spend 5 minutes clicking about to discover what's available.

It winds me up that instead of spending time studying the ins and outs of the Wealthy Affiliate website they would rather start whining from the get go. 

Wealthy Affiliate Complaints from Newbies

Complaints really are few and far between but some people don't really get it. They cannot see within minutes the awesomeness of the free membership account and what it will teach you. And then even more awesome is the premium membership which is only $49 a month.

It's peanuts for what you get. Let's get to the bottom of all these premature complaints from people who just joined and are too blind to see what the Wealthy Affiliate is all about. 

Let's Cut to the Chase, Shall We?

It's time to cut to the chase and get on with this list of complaints and I'll start with the most common ones first and then I'll give my response to them. They're numbered. Keep in mind, also, that these are the things asked mostly in the live chat feature.

  1. Is this a scam?
  2. How much money will I make?
  3. How much money do you make, mister stranger that I've never met before?
  4. What do I have to do to make money here?
  5. When will I get paid?
  6. I built a website yesterday and I'm not getting traffic yet, why not?
  7. WTF? The premium membership is $49 a month?
  8. WTF? Why must I BUY my own Dot Com domain for $14 a year?
  9. So and so makes $10,000 a month, why am I not making that yet? 

Whoa, there cowboy! Get off your horse and drink your milk!

It's not a Scam!

There is never any trouble at Wealthy Affiliate University

1. Do you really think for one minute that the members here who've been a member for any length of time would remain as members if it was a scam? Wealthy Affiliate is an online university.

It is a hosting platform for your websites. It's an online business community of entrepreneurs and home business owners, super affiliates and beginners alike.

They're all rubbing shoulders together and assisting people with guidance and advice.

Wealthy Affiliate has tools and support for anyone interested in making money online in any niche you can dream of.

Wealthy Affiliate is the best thing since sliced bread and you don't know it because you've not even scratched the surface yet.

You're asking because you might have been scammed before, and I get that, but really, just spend a bit of time digging about before you ask this question again.

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It’s so obvious it’s legit when you spend a little time checking the place out. Most people who spend an hour as a free member and fish about on the site will see what it is and what it's all about.

Being a free member for a day will most likely get you excited at the amazing potential for you to make heaps of money online.

But you have to do real "work" if you want a successful online business.

And did I mention all of the training available? There's so much training for everything related to online business from how to build a website with WordPress to email marketing and social media marketing.

The list of the benefits at Wealthy Affiliate really is endless and I'm not even going to attempt to write it all here.

I ain't got all day, cowboy! Just take the time to look around inside for yourself and stay a while!


2. How much money you can make depends entirely on you! I know it's a bit of a cliche but it really is up to you how much money you make. If you dedicate just one hour a day learning and implementing what you've learned then it might take quite some time to make your first dollar online.

If you do it part time you will make money sooner as long as you're doing the step-by-step training properly! And if you're throwing your heart and soul into it like the most successful members then you can indeed become a super affiliate.

Let’s get real!

It's not going to happen overnight. There is much to learn and implement and many factors to consider in the equation. Quit after a week or a month and then you'll never be successful. Why don't you stay a while?

Don't Be a Big Nosy Parker!

a Big Nosy Parker

3. It’s nobody’s business in the offline world how much money someone makes and this is also true of the online world. It's a rude question to ask and you'll rarely get an answer.

You wouldn't ask this question of your new work buddies on your first day, would you? It doesn't mean it's a scam just because people are not willing to brag about their earnings.

Stick at it and learn about how much you can make.

Yes, some make 10k, 20k, 30k a month with what they learn at Wealthy Affiliate but they've been in the game a lot longer than you and probably have many websites in many niches. If you want to be like them you have to stay a while! 

Here's What You Have to Do!

4. You have to build a website and write content for it! The website name can be anything you choose and the niche (topic) of the website is up to you (no pornography sites).

You will be taught how to get visitors, how to do SEO, how to do keyword research and how to create compelling content that converts people into buying stuff you advertise on your website.

You’ll learn how to sell Amazon stuff, Clickbank stuff or stuff from any affiliate program you choose.

There's a lot to implement but you'll be shown everything and it takes time, that's true! Just stay a while! 

When You've Done Enough Things the Right Way!

5. That's an impossible question to answer! Answer this question, can you? "How long is a piece of string?" You see everyone is different and everyone has a different amount of time and a different level of creativity and a different level of intelligence, determination, and a different work ethic.

There are so many factors, again, how long is a piece of string? Which piece of string do you want to know the length of, exactly? What's your niche? How is your keyword research and how many blog posts do you publish per week?

Is your on-page SEO good and how good are you at writing? How nice is your website design? You'll learn the best ways to do all of this and much more besides, at Wealthy Affiliate. Things will improve in time if you just don’t hop about chasing shiny objects and stay a while!


Your Website is Still New!

a website takes time to be trusted by google

6. Your website is too new. It must become a trusted website in the eyes of the Big G (Google) and must not be seen as just a spam filled rip off site that only intends to make money.

Create useful quality content, keep it updated and publish new content regularly, give your visitors real value and Google will begin to trust you.

Wealthy Affiliate will show you how to do all of this and it will take time so you must be patient like everyone else if you decide to stay a while!

See My Detailed Review of Wealthy Affiliate and Why It's Still My #1 Recommended Affiliate Marketer Training Program...

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$49 for Premium is a Steal!

7. Yes, the premium membership is $49 a month! It is worth much more than that, by the way...but let's address what you get for your money if you do decide you must go premium. You get the option to have  10 Dot Com domains with hosting. (1 domain is enough for most, especially if you're a beginner!)

You get a FREE keyword tool with an unlimited amount of searches.

 Wealthy Affiliate is a Bargain

Wealthy Affiliate is a 24 hour a day, 365 days a year business community of like-minded people helping you out.

You get Personal help from the founders of Wealthy Affiliate and myself. There are private messaging abilities to ask for help from anyone else who’s a premium member.

Then there are Webinars every Friday with Jay, one of the real pros in the internet marketing game. There is unlimited access to all the training courses that you will ever need to become a successful internet marketer or blogger with unlimited potential for making really big bucks online but only if you stay a while! 

Everyone with a TLD Pays for a Domain Registration!

8. Yes, you have to actually BUY a domain name! If it is a dot com or a dot org or a dot net etc. These are TLD (Top Level Domains) and these are $14 a year if you buy inside of Wealthy Affiliate.

They are about the same price as anywhere else you buy one. This doesn’t mean Wealthy Affiliate is a scam. Are you kidding me?

Everyone must pay annually for a dot com domain registration

What's $14 a year when divided into 365 days? It's less than 4 cents! Everyone who has a dot com domain on the internet has to pay yearly for the registration fee.

ALL websites on the internet pay this, it's not just a Wealthy Affiliate thing. Facebook has to pay for registration of the domain name “Facebook” every year, too!

It’s not included in the $47 a month premium membership cost. It's a separate thing that all members have to pay for.

You're crazy if you think $14 a year is some kind of a scam.

Consider this...since it's possible to make more than $1000 a day on one website or even much more, do you really think that $14 a year is going to be a deal breaker for you? Don’t let it put you off! Stay a while! 

Don't Compare Yourself to Others!

9. So and so might have been a member for several years! They may already know all there is to know about how to make money with a website. So and so might already have been an internet marketing pro before they joined Wealthy Affiliate.

Don't compare yourself to anyone and you'll progress better. You need to take the time and not expect massive results too soon.

Don't set your expectations too high. The fact that they are super affiliates yet decide to remain a member of Wealthy Affiliate is a testament to the fact that it is the real deal and if they think so, why don't you just stay a while and see for yourself?

I'm Jim. I hope you enjoyed reading about some of the Wealthy Affiliate complaints you might not hear too often unless you've been a member for a while.

You can contact me inside of Wealthy Affiliate any time you like and I'll be there to assist you.

You can also contact me here in the comments section below the post. Ask any questions you might have, say hi! I'll see you again! If you'd like to hear what over 100 people think of Wealthy Affiliate go and read this post and take a look at the comments.

See My Detailed Review of Wealthy Affiliate and Why It's Still My #1 Recommended Affiliate Marketer Training Program...

Learn all you need to know about making money on the internet. 

2 thoughts on “The Wealthy Affiliate Complaints You Might Not Know About”

  1. Ah Jimbo, this is great news!! I have been scammed many times (in the hope that the latest scam will actually work), and having you address these issues so candidly brings a sigh of relief. You see, I only joined up 15 days ago, completed my free training in a few days, and because everything was so interactive I decided to pay the Premium membership so I could learn more. You can’t even go to Tafe or College for free, so I figured this was a pretty cheap alternative!! We are instructed to follow the lessons which makes total sense, as you can’t put the cart before the horse, and the support from members, new and old is incredible. Everyone has prior knowledge of something they have learned through life, in or out of this training, and everyone is actually willing to share that knowledge – and that is the difference at WA. There are no secrets… there are no upsells (that I’m aware of)… you pay your monthly subscription and learn, learn, learn – oh and of course put it all into action along the way to create your winning websites! I have learnt how to write content for my niche sites, I have learnt about keywords and how they are used now, and I have learnt how to get them ranked in google and other search engines, and that’s only in 15 days.. so I guess I am going to stay awhile – and I hope that many more people do to!

    • I’m so glad you saw the benefits of being a premium member and took the plunge. I hope you decide to “stay a while” because when you do, you see it becomes better and better as you unravel many “secrets” to building and monetizing websites, keyword research, on-page SEO and all aspects of making money online.

      Thanks for dropping in and hope to see more of you. Stay a while!



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