Is Quantum Code a Scam? RED ALERT

You're wondering, is Quantum Code a scam, right? Do you know that there are about 20-25 scams on the internet for every single thing that isn't a scam?

That's right, statistics, baby! You will be burned if you try Quantum Code. Read the whole post because there's a benefit for you at the bottom.

Is Quantum Code a Scam? Watch The Video Below

I think it's blindingly obvious it's a scam and I hate to see people fall for it. In this post, I'll tell you how I know it's a scam and what you should look for to identify scams for yourself.

What is Quantum Code?

Quantum Code is one of those silly binary options robot scams that plague the internet these days.

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What is Binary Options?

Binary option is legit enough, it's just that most of the software shamelessly pushed to auto-trade on your behalf are the actual scam you should avoid. There were two other such scams called the Zero Loss Formula and Empire Option. Don't fall for those two, either, folks.

Speaking of formulas, the exact same formula for the video sales page was used in this iteration of a binary options software scam. See this article on Wikipedia for more thorough details on binary option related stuff.

How Much Does Quantum Code Claim You Can Make?

On the sales page, you can clearly see them claiming you can make 1.8 million dollars a month. Ridiculous claims like the ones made in the video of Quantum Code make my blood boil because it's theft from hard-working, honest people who are desperate to make some money online. It's taking advantage of vulnerabilities of people who haven't got enough money to lose on scams.

How Can You Tell Quantum Code is a Scam?

It's written all over it if you look closely enough. Look at the claims of income, look at the way they say there are only a few VIP spots left. Refresh the page and that number will reset. It's called a scarcity tactic that is designed to make you think that if you don't get in right now you're going to miss out on the "opportunity of a lifetime."

Watch this video, which if you look closely and use your noggin, you'll see it's clearly all faked. Remember, it doesn't matter who or what is "calculating numbers", nobody and no thing can predict the future. That's what they claim in the video, that a machine can predict what's going to happen. It cannot.

Is Quantum Code a Scam? - Watch This Video Carefully

I guarantee you 100%, refresh the sales page and the numbers will reset to what they were when you first visited and start counting down again. The truth is, there is zero scarcity and they'll take a million customers a day if they get them.

How can something that is digital be low in stock? Beats me. Digital stuff can be duplicated billions of times almost for free. Ever copied an MP3 File?

The actors in these scams are paid actors from places like I've seen these guys in multiple videos selling multiple scams to us, the unwitting visitor desperate to make some money.

Fantasy Island Actors

De Plane, De Plane!

Look at the rental jet plane, I've seen that same plane in a couple of other binary option robot scams. It's the same rental company. Often times in these videos there's a common format. The plane, the man standing outside the plane talking rubbish from a script.

There's often a charming young lady waiting to escort him onto the plane. There may be a posh car thrown in for good measure. Inevitably he chats some more, either on the plane or in an office with his apple laptop computer sitting pretty on the desk as he cons you into parting with real hard cash. Don't do it, I implore you!

In these types of videos, you'll also often see them "showing" you the software in action. It's 100% BS designed to fool you into getting out your credit card and spending the family savings. 

What Happens When You Don't Make Money with These Scams?

You'll likely be told you didn't do it right, or you need to upgrade to a higher paid service to actually make real money. Another clear warning it's a scam. 

What is a Legitimate Way to Make Money Online?

Believe it or not, there are some things online that are not scams. One such program I'd like you to take a look at is here. And better yet, it's free to join. You only pay money if you want to go premium, like so many other great things online, there's a free version to show you around so you can check it out and see if it's a scam or not. Read about that program here.

I hope you manage to not get scammed online. It boils my blood, it really does. Let's clean up the internet by warning people off of these types shameless scams.

I'm Jim, read more about me and the reason this site exists here.

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