Is Empire Options a Scam? Is the Pope a Catholic?

Is Empire Options a Scam? Is the Pope a Catholic? Is a casino a scam? Of course, they're all scams! Empire Options is a big fat scam and I'll tell you why you should stay away from any kind of binary options scheme.

If you play with money like that then you are gambling, pure and simple, however you try to cut it.

Don't tell me it's "investing" because I've heard that old chestnut before.

You might as well go to a casino and blow your life savings if you're considering Empire Option as a legitimate way to earn money online.

The best thing you can do today is to forget about it. Seriously, do you want to lose heaps of money on a bad gamble?

Haven't you ever heard of the saying, "the house always wins?"

Is Empire Options a Scam? Is the Pope a Catholic? Well?

Binary options, and all them other options things are scams and you really would be better to take your savings and blow them in a casino.

Binary options will get the better of you in the end. Don't gamble with your future.

Don't get sucked into a possibly addictive and expensive habit.

Spend your money and your time more wisely on a legitimate online business opportunity such as affiliate marketing, selling on eBay, writing ebooks and publishing them on Kindle. Just about anything is better than gambling.

The House Always the End! But it Ain't Your House!

Why don't you take a gamble on yourself?

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Why not build a website in your free time instead of hoping to get rich with gambling your money away? It's insane to waste time and money on binary options.


It's Gambling...Plain and Simple Gambling, I say!

Empire Options Scam

You've heard that saying before, right? Well, it's true in the binary options, empire options or whatever the devil options you've been checking out. Don't do it! Stay well away and be safe online.

Empire Option is a scam and binary options is a scam for the same reason that all casinos are scams. Of course, people who love to gamble will strongly disagree, the same as a heroin addict might strongly disagree when you tell them that heroin is addictive and bad for you.

Gambling is a scam. Keep your money, invest it wisely. Build a long term business online. You'll thank yourself and you'll thank me in the future if you take this advice. 

Too Many People are Losing Big Money with Binary Options Scams!

A lot of people lose big time with schemes like Empire Options. Don't do it, I say again! Sure, you might "win" a few dollars here and there, and that will spur you on to take more risks, it's how gamblers always lose out in the end. It's an addiction like no other. 

Is Binary Options Legit?

Just because binary options is legal, it doesn't mean it's legit in terms of safe and stable ways to make money online. Don't get into it, I implore you. Please do something better with your money than gambling it all away. In the end, you will just lose it.

It's just a matter of time.

You can't come to me and say, "hey, Jimbo, you're wrong, I made a thousand dollars last week with binary options!"...Nope! Don't think like that, either. Time is what will tell! You might make something in the short term but I guarantee you that in the future you'll bet wrong!

People always do and the world comes crashing down. Binary options is a big fat scam! Don't say I didn't tell you so! I'm washing my hands of you if you get into that dumb game!

I wrote a review of something called Quantum Code and another one called Zero Loss Formula which both reveal how ridiculous these binary robot scams are. 

What About Your Family?

What about your family? What about your kids and what about your future? How you can gamble like that is beyond me.

It's far better to go for something legitimate that takes a bit of elbow grease and it's far more rewarding than "winning" on binary options.

Be sensible, be smart and be hard working to build your fortune with something honest. Build a website and make money with it. It is far more satisfying when you get rich from a little website you made and advertised stuff on.

I'm Jim and I'm here to help guide you on a better path to make money online. Please leave any questions you might have in the box below and I shall return with an answer for you.

Be smart and take care! To read more about myself and the purpose of this website try this.

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2 thoughts on “Is Empire Options a Scam? Is the Pope a Catholic?”

  1. Hey Jimbo, you are way too funny!!! I like reading your posts but for real!!! Is the pope a catholic hahaha come on! Where does this humor come from? Hey what I wanted to say, I have some kind of fear of gambling you know, I think that it is a huge addiction and that the same happens with online scams (of course when you don’t realize they are scams). Better stay away from those!
    I do! All the time since I’ve been scammed twice, I stick with the Wealthy Affiliate and that’s it!!!

    Thanks for the heads up on this money-eater!!!


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