What is The Zero Loss Formula? Don’t be Fooled by Outrageous Claims!

It's me again and today I'm letting you know about a ridiculous scam I've discovered called The Zero Loss Formula. So, what is The Zero Loss Formula about and what claims are made on the sales page?

We're going to watch a video together and then chop it up into pieces to identify some really big red warning flags that are typical of most scams you see online.

So, play the video above and I'll give you my take below of what stands out like a sore thumb to me.

It goes under the guise of a scheme that claims to automate your binary options trading for you. You can just "sit back" and watch it as it makes money for you all day long. Yeah, sure you can! What a laugh, eh? If you believe that claim then you probably also believe in leprechauns, mermaids, fairies, unicorns, and bigfoot! 

What is The Zero Loss Formula?

What is the Zero Loss Formula

It's a piece of software that allegedly trades currencies for you and it is claimed that it can work 24/7/365 because "the markets never sleep."

The guy on the sales page, Peter Morgan, implies that all you need to do is transfer some money into a special account to bring up your balance in the software so it can be used to gamble on currencies going up or down.

I wrote a couple of other reviews of similar scams. One was Empire Option and the other was Quantum Code.

There seems to be a pattern in the style of the videos they all have. Probably all from the same scammers.

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How Does The Zero Loss Formula Claim to Work?

They say that they developed the software a while back and it was 90% successful. Then they say they took it back to the drawing board to work on it for another year and made it 100% successful.

These claims are ridiculous because even a supercomputer cannot predict future events such as war, climate change, oil prices, political upheaval, natural disasters, famine, drought, and a myriad of other things which affect currencies and the world economy.

It's guess work.

And guess work is gambling. And you know the house always wins in the end.

Who is The Zero Loss Formula Targeting?

Claims Made By Zero Loss Formula Are Outrageous 
People looking for work from home opportunities and anyone who is gullible enough to fall for a scam that says a computer program can generate 100% accurate results while you sit and watch your profits piling up.

What are the Big Red Flags to Look for?

Red Flag Number 1.

The guy in the video. At first, he's getting out of a luxury car and climbing onboard his private jet. He has a full head of hair and he's wearing a polo neck shirt, smart jacket and he has a white handkerchief in his breast pocket, folded neatly.

He gets on the plane and sits there looking at his mobile phone. He's pretending to check his profits so far for the day. Not too far-fetched, I admit. 

Red Flag Number 2.

Then you will see him in the next scene walking into what looks like a hotel room and he plonks his apple laptop on a glass table. So, what's the big red flag here?

He is now bald and is wearing the same clothes. Is it even the same man? Or is he a replacement actor? 

Red Flag Number 3.

He tells the viewers that he's just got off his private jet (which confirms it's meant to be the same man) and just had to make a video and tell us all about this new software called The Zero Loss Formula.

He says his name is Peter Morgan and he's a millionaire and that's his private jet. LOL. He's clearly an actor! If you watch the video above you will see he's also in other scams, too. He's a paid actor. 

Red Flag Number 4.

Watch his eyes! You can see him reading the script. The video is well made and polished up but there are a few grammatical errors in the subtitles.

The site looks well polished as all good scam sites are. They go to great lengths to make things look as legit as possible. 

Red Flag Number 5.

The sense of urgency conveyed below the video. Under the video, you will see there are only a few slots left to get this software and it quickly counts down to one.

So, what's this flag? Let me elaborate a bit. a) It's software and being software means it is digital.

point a)

It's software and being software means it is digital. That means they could provide everyone on the planet with a copy of this software. How can it be possible to only have 1 left?

Point b)

I refreshed the browser window and low and behold, that number climbed back to 6 again and counted back down to 1 in a couple of minutes. LOL.

So, I refreshed a few more times and sure enough, the counter went back up every time. So that's another big red flag to me. The only thing I enjoyed about this video was the intro music. I liked it.

When Was the Zero Loss Formula Released?

This software has allegedly been available since August 2016 and they say it is in the beta testing stage. Another flag if you ask me because they say they're looking for 50 people to test it out.

Remember that countdown number of slots that jumps back up to 6 then drops to one again after you refresh the page?

My best bet is that it is a repackaged and revamped piece of already existing software by the same makers as other binary options tools. I'm not saying binary options are 100% a scam, exactly.

But I am saying that gambling is a scam and you'd be better off if you took a gamble on building your own home based business with your own website.

You could make money with affiliate marketing, PTC, or you could write eBooks and publish them on Amazon's Kindle platform.

You could even buy stuff cheap at sales and sell them on eBay. There are oodles of legitimate opportunities to make money on the internet.

Don't be fooled by schemes like The Zero Loss Formula. Why Would Anyone Believe in Such Trash?

Mostly because of naivety or desperation. Making money online legitimately takes time and effort and it's best to keep that in mind when you visit the sales pages of anything online, even the stuff that isn't a scam.

If it was so simple to make money online then everyone in the world would quit their jobs and work from their kitchen tables.. 

Don't Believe the Hype that The Zero Loss Formula Tries to Sell You!

The reason you're trying to make money online in the first place is because you don't have enough to get by, right? So, be careful with what cash you do have.

Choose wisely where you spend it. Hyped up claims to make money on autopilot really suck a lot of people in. They never work. They're always scams.

It's hard work learning how to make money online. But it can be done legitimately.

Check out my Honest Wealthy Affiliate Review if you're really serious about making money on the internet. And if you're itching to read about another scam, try this.

I'm Jim and you can read more about me and the purpose of this website here.

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2 thoughts on “What is The Zero Loss Formula? Don’t be Fooled by Outrageous Claims!”

  1. Omg, the Zero loss formula, is my favorite!!! Your review made me laugh! I just remembered the website it scammed me had similar mistakes and this countdown and many things you said.
    The guy that was a millionaire was an actor too haha

    You know what, with this experience in online marketing I have now, knowing how much scammers earn and steal from people, and being an actress if I ever get to audition for some online scam, I am going to charge them a lot! LOL

    • Did you know that for every legitimate program online there are about 25 scams? Incredible, isn’t it? No wonder people are scared to try something out. It makes promoting things like Wealthy Affiliate much more difficult for legitimate stuff. Don’t trust anything like the claims The Zero Loss Formula makes.

      Go to Wealthy Affiliate, here’s a link and I will help you out after you join. Oh, did I mention it’s free to start? Well, it is! Unlike Zero Loss Formula you won’t have to part with a penny to test the waters, get some free training, learn some cool new stuff…

      Try this…


      Thanks for coming by, Sunny.


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