Is SmashFund a Scam? Don’t Let Them Smash Your Funds!

Is SmashFund a scam? I have a little bit of information about this so called online money making opportunity that might just shock you. I have a friend, Lynne, and she wrote a review about SmashFund a couple of months ago for her website and she also posted a video review on YouTube. It was a popular video and she got 10,000+ views really quickly.

Great stuff, Well Done, Lynne.

But what happened next might surprise you because it certainly surprised me. Read on for the dirty and I'll also feature Lynne's new video which describes what happened in more detail.

Is SmashFund a Scam? It's Looking Likely!

I would bet my bottom dollar it is, especially after what happened to Lynne. They'll probably smash all of your funds if you dare to trust them with your credit card details and hard earned cash. So, what happened? Here's the "new" video Lynne had to make because she was forced by SmashFund to remove the video from YouTube.


I've never heard of such nonsense before about a scam company being able to force, by law, that someone who reveals something that is likely to be a scam on YouTube, to remove said evidence on a whim. If I revealed that Bernard Madoff (the infamous Ponzi scheme guy) was a big scam artist in a YouTube video I would have a heart attack if his company sent me a legal letter telling me to remove the content.

I Wonder!

How can this happen, I wonder? Here's the video Lynne made to replace the original and in this video, she doesn't say the words "SmashFund" but instead says "SF" to cover her own ass. Over to Lynne, now, to explain what happened. Oh, Lynne has a potty mouth, lol. Shows she's an ordinary down to Earth lady, right?

Lynne makes some really valid points which I agree with 100%.

  • Why would Lynne throw away the opportunity to promote something for $50 a month per referral?
  • And why would Lynne choose to promote something that makes her $19 a month instead?
  • Why did SmashFund jump all over her so quickly, like they were ready for her and others with negative reviews?
  • And why is there nothing inside of SmashFund other than an affiliate link to promote?
  • It seems the owner or owners of SmashFund have scammed before, they seem a bit experienced to be so quick off the mark to defend their latest iteration of a scam.
  • How can it be illegal to have an opinion on something even if it's a negative opinion?

Why, Why, Why?

So, Lynne could have chosen to promote SmashFund but she saw that it is most likely a huge scam and didn't want to get involved with it.

Lynne is like me in that she will not promote scammy stuff because she wants to keep her reputation as an honest reviewer of online opportunities.

Yes, she points out the scams and she tells us all about the legitimate stuff, too. Which is the whole point of doing scam reviews, right?


If Lynne were dishonest it would be easy for her to promote SmashFund and sucker heaps of people into joining under her affiliate link with no sleep lost.

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But Lynne has a conscience.

SmashFund jumped all over Lynne's Youtube video and her post on her website rather quickly as soon as they discovered she'd ranked well for both.

This to me says that they were good and ready to pounce as soon as someone said anything negative. Could this be because the scammers have experience with their other failed scam attempts? I think so. What do you think?

You'd think that inside of SmashFund's "back office" for members that there would be more than just an affiliate link. That's a big red flag to me, too.

Is it really illegal to oust a scam like Lynne did? Could Lynne be wrong about the whole thing and even if she is wrong, is her opinion illegal? That sounds suspect to me, too!

SmashFund likely will smash your funds if you dice with them. If you say anything bad about them they might even send you a legal notice, too!

Will I Get a Notice, too? - Bring it on, SmashFund!

Am I going to get one, I wonder? Let's wait and see. SmashFund, quite clearly are bullies and like Lynne, I don't bow down to bullies. If they come after me the way they went after Lynne I'll be even more adamant they're a huge scam operation and I'll find a way to fight back just like Lynne has.

Is SmashFund a Scam? Tell Me What You Think!

Make your own mind up. I've presented all the evidence I can muster. All opinions in this article are my own. I believe anyone is entitled to an opinion, don't you? I believe in free speech. Want to read about another blatant scam? Try this. If you have any information about this company and what they're up to let me know in the comments below or just say hi!

I'm Jim, thanks for reading.

5 thoughts on “Is SmashFund a Scam? Don’t Let Them Smash Your Funds!”

  1. You are all three of you hero’s in my book god love ya , Love Lynne’s, say it as it is attitude. I hope these Scumbag feckers get shut down.

  2. Hi Jimbo,
    I reviewed SF too, and came to same conclusions as both you and Lynne.
    I guess the only up side of not much traffic is that it has not come to the attention of SF, still its only a matter of time I guess.
    Great post.
    Have a great day.

  3. Oh James, you naughty bugger… but hey I have not said a thing.

    SF sucks, Mr RT sucks…. and yes I have a fucking potty mouth at times. Thankfully here I don’t have to defend myself or my potty mouth do I?

    Brilliant post and I am so glad that there are still some people around that are not afraid of speaking the truth, no matter what the bullies do.

    A scam is a scam and there are just way too many of them around for my liking.

    • Can’t belieeeeeve you swore on my website. lol. Yes I like to speak the truth in a room full of lies. Smashfund will not be smashing any of my finds. $149 to join, indeed, then you get an affiliate link to promote it. OMG can you imagine the complaints you’d get and the damage to your reputation if you got lots of referrals for that and then people started slagging you off on your site? No way would I promote such an obvious scam on my site. I like to keep it real because I’m here for the long haul, not just to make a quick buck.

      Thanks for dropping in, Lynne!


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