10 Characteristics of an Entrepreneur That Will Take Your Business to the Next Level

Would you agree with me when I say people who are most successful in business have special traits that enable their luck? In today's post, I wanted to talk about 10 characteristics of an entrepreneur that will be helpful to any new business owner.

If you hack your own mindset with these tips you'll be likely to be more successful than you hoped for. I've scoured the internet looking for the most successful entrepreneurial tips on developing the right characteristics (or mindset if you want to call it that.)

After reading this post, you'll have 10 cool mindset hacks to help you be more successful with whatever business you're in. It doesn't matter if it's online or offline because these tips can be applied universally. So, if you're ready to rumble, here's a short summary of what tips (or mindset hacks) you can find inside.

10 Mindset Hacks For Budding Entrepreneurs

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Mindset - Hacking into The 10 Characteristics of an Entrepreneur

Mindset Tips for Success

What is the Definition of Mindset?

The definition of mindset according to Wikipedia is a set of assumptions, methods, or notations held by one or more people or groups of people that is so established that it creates a powerful incentive within these people or groups to continue to adopt or accept prior behaviors, choices, or tools. (Source - Wikipedia)

Okay, now we all know the definition of what mindset is, if you take all of the following hacks and make use of them you're going to benefit in the short-term, mid-term and the long-term.

If you consistently fall short of these mindset hacks you will be far more likely to fail in whatever you're venturing into. Go over them every day, more than once and burn them into your brain. Let's go over those hacks above starting with the first and most important one.

If you consistently fall short of these mindset hacks you will be far more likely to fail in whatever you're venturing into. Go over them every day, more than once and burn them into your brain. Let's go over those hacks above starting with the first and most important one.

1. Forget The Money

Forget the money if you want to be successful with your business. Remember this. It's not about the money, it's about helping people with a problem. The sooner you understand this then the sooner you'll see benefits of not thinking about money. Serve people who need help and the money will come when it's supposed to come.

If you focus on money it shows, and you'll make less and have to work harder to make that money. People read into your psyche more than you think. Your language alone is enough to tell most people you're only after getting paid. Don't focus on any financial gains if you want to find success in any business, either offline or online. Deliver what people are looking for first and foremost.

2. Always Over Deliver

When you promise to deliver xyz to people, give them abc as well. When they get what they asked for, or paid for, and you give them more than they bargained for, they WILL remember you for that. They'll turn into long-term loyal customers who'll come back again and again.

They'll make you their go-to person every time because they know you'll give more than what was asked for. For example, if you're promising an eBook for $10, send them a bonus eBook for free. Makes sense, right? I promise you, people will remember this bonus you gave them and they'll be very inclined to buy from you again. 

3. Be Real

Don't try to be something you're not. Be yourself and don't tell people what you think they want to hear. Tell the truth, always, even if it means you'll make no money. People see this as an attribute of honesty and sincerity. You will be remembered next time when that person wants something and you can then turn them into that loyal customer who comes back again and again for more. 

4. Give The Best Possible Customer Service

Once you've attained a customer, take care of them immediately. Don't put them off with excuses. Don't pass them from pillar to post, you're just making things super frustrating for them.

You'll lose any loyalty and trust you've built with them if you do not serve them well and treat them with respect. They won't come back for a second helping of any of your products or services.

Deal with them swiftly, make them happy and you'll continue to have a loyal customer who will come back again and again. They'll also spread the word about your amazing service.

This gets you more customers. If you give bad service, word of mouth ends up losing you more customers in the long-run.

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5. You Cannot Please Everyone

Sometimes you'll encounter people who simply cannot be pleased no matter what you do for them. As an example, someone could pay for a cup of coffee and complain that there are no french fries with it. What? Yes, sometimes that is what it's like.

People can sometimes expect way more than what they're entitled to. Do whatever is necessary to appease the customer, even giving a refund when they don't deserve one. You'll see, Karma will pay you back down the road in ways you can't imagine later on. 

6. Don't Burn Bridges in Financial Disputes

If you get into financial disputes with associates, business partners, or employees, it really is best to let it go. You have to think about the future and in the future, you may desperately need that person for whatever reason.

Money isn't the sole focus here, it's relationships with people, whether co-workers, employees, mentors, business partners or customers.

Do you remember the top hack at number one above? Forget about the money, let it go! Karma will repay you in the future. It's swings and roundabouts!

Speaking of relationships, it's important if you have an email list to start off on the right footing with them and build trust if you want to keep them on your list.

Too many marketers spam their affiliate links to their email list and lose subscribers by the boat load. 

7. Apologize if You Screw Up

When you make a mistake are you the type of person who simply can't admit to making it? If so, you're doing the exact opposite of what you should be.

You'll lose respect from anyone who knows you've made a mistake when you don't acknowledge it and apologize for it. How hard can it be?

Say sorry when you make an error in judgment and everyone involved will see you're an ordinary, honest person who's prone to make mistakes.

If they're decent people they'll forgive and forget and even love you a little bit more because now they know you're not perfect.

You're a regular person, just like them, and they will relate to you more. Perhaps they'll even help you to avoid similar mistakes in the future.

Refund Unhappy Customers

8. Don't Hold Out on Customers if They Want a Refund

I know they can take the biscuit, but sometimes customers will want a refund even when your product or service has fulfilled or exceeded all requirements and expectations before they purchased.

It's a fact of life that sometimes things go wrong such as loss of a job and no longer being able to afford whatever they bought from you. This is what you do, you give them a full refund without dragging your feet.

You'll be remembered by that customer and later on, they might be back. If you deny a refund they'll tell people about it and those people will know you as someone who thinks only about money.

You're shooting yourself in the foot if you don't refund people, especially in exceptional circumstances. This ties in with great customer service. 

9. Say Thank-you to Customers, Employees, and Associates

Always thank your customers, employees, business partners and associates at every opportunity and they'll love you for it.

Be humble and say thanks frequently to show how much you appreciate them. They'll be more willing to go the extra mile for you in return. You're keeping a business relationship good that way. Say thanks and mean it!

Mindset Hacks

10. Give Credit to Your Mentors

Always give credit to your mentors for all they've taught you. This shows people how humble you are. When you're an egotistical type that never gives credit where credit is due, people will despise you for it.

When you give credit it shows people that you know how lucky you are and you're likely to keep those people around for longer. Your mentors will be appreciative, too, and they'll also be around longer. 

In Conclusion

Be the good guy in business, don't screw people over. Go beyond what they expect, be honest and thank everyone who works for you or with you. Thank your customers for their loyalty. Admit mistakes when you make them and be humble. 

Thanks for reading about the 10 characteristics of an entrepreneur that I try to develop every day. I'm sure if you use even half of these tips moving forward, you're going to be a big success.

If you have any mindset hacks of your own, I would love to hear them so that I can add them to this list here. If you disagree with any of these hacks, let me know that, too! Scroll to the bottom of the post and there's a comment box ready and waiting for your ideas.

I'm Jim. To read more about me and the reason this site was created, you can do so here.

If you want to read more of my articles go to the Blog.

Thanks for reading.

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16 thoughts on “10 Characteristics of an Entrepreneur That Will Take Your Business to the Next Level”

  1. Hi, Jimbo. This is a great list. #8 reminds me of something I learned in business school. We were talking about return policies of stores, and Sears came up. I don’t know if they are still like this, but they would take a return for anything for any reason, no receipt required. Sure, there were a lot of people taking advantage, like bringing in a lawn mower that was obviously 20 years old and requesting a refund, or someone bringing something “back” to the store that Sears didn’t even sell. The company’s attitude was that it was worth spending the money in these situations to build good will with all their other customers who legitimately needed to return something for which then didn’t necessarily have the receipt. That lesson always stuck with me.

  2. Awesome hacks and I agree 100%. It is sometimes hard to keep the right thing straight and not feel like you are getting used LOL Historically I get caught being the middle man hehe and have to suck it up from a customer then plead with the owners to discount me also, buy high sell low no buy low sell high LOL I get confused.
    Going to work on all the hacks , I know it is the right path!
    Keep it coming Jimbo!


  3. Awesome Post! Thanks James. I totally agree with everything you have said here! I truly believe that you get what you give. I try to focus on helping people and solving their problems. If you give first then people start to trust you and it is easier to recommend goods and services to the, Also if you have taken the time to understand their needs then you can offer them products that are highly beneficial to them. Fantastic! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hi Jimbo,
    It is said that the customer is always right although this is not necessarily true, it is a good thing to practice. I agree that one should not focus on money but rather on trying to satisfy the customer but some customers are hard to please.
    How do you think I should deal with someone who is always coming for free stuff and never spending a dime?
    Humility goes a long way but sometimes the boss has to show his authority.
    How can I be authoritative to my employees without losing their respect?
    I have picked up a few tips from this post.

    • Authority with your employees will come through showing them how to do things rather than telling them what to do. Be a leader, not a boss. As for free-loaders, tell them where to get off, politely. Yes some people are indeed hard to please, but that is their problem, not a reflection of you!

      Thanks for dropping by, Luna!

  5. Hi Jimbo,
    I really enjoyed your article on the top 10 characteristics of an entrepreneur. You have a very interesting site. I’m going to poke around and read some more! I even got a bonus of Facebook Advertising Videos! That’s really cool. Can’t wait to read them. That’s a perfect example of over delivering. Thank you so much!
    I wish you the best of success!

  6. Hi, Jimbo, what an engaging and well-written post! I like all the tips, I learned something new.
    I’m into affiliate marketing and I could use these tips, the most important one for me I think is being real and honest.
    Thanks for sharing and have a great day!

    • Hi there, Anis, thanks for coming by. Yes it is an important trait to have is honesty. Telling the truth is better for business. So many bloggers will exaggerate to get sales, you can see reviews for sub-standard products all over the internet and they’re there because the affiliate marketer behind them is only after a quick buck.

      Go here to read about a place which teaches ethical affiliate marketing, it’s free to join and you can even get 2 free websites to learn with.
      Take it easy, Anis.

  7. Hey James,
    I believe that a proper business needs proper behaviour to make it successful. And it needs patience and humility at every step. And I wanna add here that never make loss of your business to make anyone else’s happy or in humility. I am also doing a real export business of leather fashion. Now I want to make it more successful and get into new markets being online. Can you please suggest me in this regard? From where should I start and take this big step. Thank you.

    • Hi there Arooj!

      If I were you, I would definitely join Wealthy Affiliate and learn everything about making money online. Their teaching can be applied to the whole range of making money with websites. They have email marketing, affiliate marketing, social media marketing, digital marketing, WordPress, Keyword research, the list goes on and on. They also have websites and free hosting. You will have to pay $14 a year for a website (you need to buy a domain name such as a dot com)…

      Read my Wealthy Affiliate review here for more details. You will also get help from me on a one to one basis. I will be happy to see you there!

      Take care, Arooj



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