What is Clickbank Marketplace and How to Make Money?

If you’ve been asking what is Clickbank Marketplace and how to make money with it, you’ve come to the right place today.

Clickbank is a digital marketplace, referred to as an affiliate program, for bloggers who are looking for digital products such as ebooks to promote on their websites. It’s a way to make money by affiliate marketing.

It’s easy to join Clickbank but you need to learn how to use it to find the good stuff to promote.

Oh, and you might need a website, too. We’ll take care of a that for you below. We’ll set you up with one for free!


What is Clickbank Marketplace and What is a Digital Product?

A perfect example of a digital product is an ebook. But there are also digital services. Products/services can be in digital form.

That means they can be delivered over the internet to your email address. Have you bought an ebook from amazon.com before?

Same thing. Now you’re wondering…

Can You Make Money Promoting Clickbank Marketplace Products?

You want the truth?…Are you sure you can handle the truth? The Short answer is… “yes!”…absolutely you can.

The longer and the more exciting answer is…

With ebooks alone, not even taking into account all the other digital products – you can get an OMG moment.

It’s a cheeky little business model that makes you a passive income, or residual income as people sometimes say.

You just got to set it up and let it go. Then rinse and repeat. It’s cool. It’s selling someone else’s stuff for them and they give you a commission.

It rocks!

It’s a cool way to make money online.

Learn how to make money online including how to use Clickbank

How Awesome is All of the Above?

Wow,  you’re thinking it can’t get more awesome than that. I assure you it can get more awesome, but I will cover those things in another post. I think you get the picture now anyways. Am I right?

Is Clickbank Legit?

Clickbank is indeed legit and it does work! However, just as with any other marketplace you can find lousy products.

Imagine a supermarket where you try a new brand or a new kind of food.

You take it home and you eat it but you hated it. It’s not the supermarket’s fault that you hated it.

It doesn’t mean the supermarket is a scam, does it?  It’s exactly the same thing when dealing with digital products from Clickbank.



What Other Examples of Digital Products Are There?

Digital content of all forms, not just ebooks are making people money online!  Videos are another form of digital content.

Think of tutorials for how to improve your golf swing or a paleo recipe book.

Think of software such as video editors. Think about anything you can find online in a digital sense and then think about how that also has value just as a physical product does.

Music, there’s another one…you’ve heard of iTunes, right? Those mp3s that you get from iTunes are digital products. Someone somewhere is making big money with some of those.

Even if you don’t own a product you can still make money off of it. This is affiliate marketing. This is where your website comes in.

And this is where you make money by advertising or promoting something on your website.

Simple, right?

Coming up is Nathaniell who’s a member of Wealthy Affiliate. He makes a lot of money online but admits to not using Clickbank “that much!”

How to Find a Good Clickbank Marketplace Product

Nathaniell walks and talks us through Clickbank making it look easy.

So, this selling digital content online with products you don’t even own is a legitimate and groovy way to make a passive income, is it not?


What Else Have I Got Up My Sleeve?

Oh yes, that’s it. How could I forget this…you have GOT TO follow the next few paragraphs very closely and just “have complete faith in me” when I tell you what I am telling you to do.

If you are serious about working from home full-time or part-time then please. Learn how to do it all the RIGHT way. Read carefully!


I Do Have Something Just as Awesome as Clickbank!

I’ve been dying to tell you about something that is even more incredible and is so fantastic that you’ll kick your own butt for not finding it before.

But don’t think that digital marketing is any less awesome. If you want to promote Clickbank products you need to get a website.

There’s no two ways about it. You are far more likely to make money if you have a website.

Promoting Clickbank products without one is possible but difficult without a central hub which is essentially your website.

But don’t worry about that, I will give you a free site really soon as promised. I know you’re probably thinking about costs.

What if I told you that I can get you a free website right now and that there is a lot of other stuff for free too?

No questions asked…

I have found what to me seems like the holy grail of online affiliate marketing schools.

I suggest very strongly that you get your hands on a free website, some free training videos and a free keyword research tool (that has training videos, too!)

These few things are all you need to learn how to make money online including an education on clickbank related stuff.

Learn how to make money online including how to use Clickbank

This kind of education is the fun kind of education. You know what I mean? Where in the mornings you will spring out of bed and you cannot wait to get to your computer.

Now, remember when I said you needed to trust in me?

This is where you need to trust me because really I lose nothing if you don’t trust me and you could lose more than you know.

I want you to succeed online. One day in the not too distant future, I want you to be able to fire your boss.

I want you coming to my website again in 2 months, 6 months, or whenever, to give me a testimonial in the comments section.

But most of all, when you get up and running, I want you to help others to do the same.

Show other visitors it works so that they can see it too. If you’re tired of looking online but you keep getting burned when you try something out, I highly recommend you learn some new stuff.


Back to the main topic…Clickbank!

Well…Clickbank you see, has a lot of digital stuff for you to promote on all kinds of topics. Loads of stuff, any topic like dieting, dog training, yoga, recipes, paleo and things like software for your computer too.

This is a cool place to start out if you are a beginner and if you need help because of the fact you are a beginner, click on the link to go to school right now.

There are other similar sites to Clickbank. Unfortunately there’s a lot of low quality stuff there that you might want to avoid. Clickbank is about digital stuff such as ebooks, courses and software…the list is long.

Digital marketing has come a long way since the birth of the internet and Clickbank seems like one of the most popular and easiest marketplaces for newbie affiliates.

Clickbank started out in 1998 and grows by the day. You can find almost any digital product there in almost any niche. You can find weight loss related things, pet care related things.

You can find courses and ebooks on almost any topic. Software like keyword research tools are there too…

First and foremost before I say anything else about Clickbank you should do this. Leave Clickbank alone until you’ve joined the following program…

I recommend you go and join Wealthy Affiliate University right now so that you do not forget.

This is actually something you should not miss out on and it is my most highly recommended place to learn this make money online stuff.

Rather than running off to get stuff to promote…what about your training?


You Can Learn how to make money with Clickbank at Wealthy Affiliate

You need to learn how to make money with Clickbank stuff on a website and you also need to “branch out” and learn other stuff too. Clickbank isn’t the only marketplace for internet marketers. There are thousands, maybe millions of affiliate programs, too. An example being Amazon Associates.

  • You will learn how to build a website with wordpress
  • You will learn how to do keyword research and SEO the right way
  • How to choose a niche (a topic for your website)
  • You will learn how to write a blog post
  • You will learn how to generate income out of thin air
  • You will learn how to build an autopilot business that pays you when you sleep
  • You will learn how to avoid scams online
  • You will learn about email marketing
  • You will learn about Clickbank and others like Clickbank
  • You will learn how to rank on the first page of google
  • You will learn so much more that you wouldn’t believe me if I told you…

So, are you up to the challenge? Is learning new stuff too much effort for you? I don’t know. Here I am with my websites making money online and most people are watching videos on facebook.

Which one would you choose to be?

Go learn how to leverage Clickbank using a free website at Wealthy Affiliate and learn the ropes.


Learn how to make money online including how to use Clickbank

Thank me later, but in advance before you do get to thank me I will say “you’re very welcome!”

Some of the things on some of my sites are Clickbank. I learned all there is to know about Clickbank Marketplace at Wealthy Affiliate…

Including how to find products to promote from many other places such as JVZoo and Shareasale. Those are similar places to Clickbank.


Leave your questions in the comments below. I promise to answer each and every one! Take care!




2 thoughts on “What is Clickbank Marketplace and How to Make Money?”

  1. I like the information you provide on the clickbank info and how to use it, then how it flows into the wealthy affiliate information. A lot of tips and ideas here.

    One question I do have, you made the comment, “You will not believe how many ebooks I’ve made commissions on” How much have you really made with clickbank? (I must have missed the part where you shared the amounts you make on clickbank, sorry)

    • Ebooks I made commissions on come mainly from amazon. As for other clickbank products I only chose one to promote which is long tail pro.

      I didn’t share the amounts I make on clickbank. I don’t want my readers to think I am hyping clickbank or giving them unrealistic expectations. Let’s just say that a lot of money can be made with clickbank.

      Thanks for visiting, Angela!



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