What is the Best Keyword Tool for Beginners?

I’m often asked what is the best keyword tool for beginners so I always recommend what I find the easiest to use. Proper keyword research is an essential component to any online marketer or blogger who wants to capitalize on their product. It doesn’t have to be complex, though.

There are oodles of tools online to create blog posts and keyword tools are abundant. Some, though, are best avoided, such as one which creates fake content based on keywords you give it. It’s called Serplify and it’s a content spinner. Read my article, Serplify review to learn more about what is is and why it’s a bad idea.

Keyword Tools Help You to Get Traffic to Your Website!

Using keyword research we can target certain customers only (the ones typing your exact keywords into google) and get them to visit your website. The aim of the game here is getting visitors to your site to read your articles.

If you want to get ranked in the search engines, the right keywords will get you the traffic you need. If someone comes to read your blog they might just buy something that you recommend. You may get a small commission which doesn’t come out of your readers’ pockets, so the reader isn’t losing anything. This is the affiliate marketing business model, or as I like to call it, blogging for cash.

The owners of the product you recommended are going to be very happy with you because you gave them a new potential customer. Your reader is going to be happy with you because they get to find out easily without doing their own research on a product what they should buy and why they should buy it.

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The Writer’s Why

The writer (you) benefits by getting a possible commission. After all, because the writer of the article has already done the research and written an honest review it means that the reader has an easier job of finding what they need.

This is what we could call a win-win-win triangle situation where everyone has something to gain by working together with each other. So now we know all about why we need to do some keyword research in order to profit from our writing. But…

What is the Best Keyword Tool That’s Easy to Use?

Now, back to our main topic. We want to know what is the best free keyword research tool for beginners. We also want to touch upon how to use it properly so that you can profit. This post is all about a free tool that I stumbled on during my research on quite a few research tools on the internet today.

It took me rather a long time to find the best free keyword tool and it had to be one that was perfect for me as a beginner (actually a bit of a dummy) and it had to be easy to use and I also had to be able to understand the results. I believe it still is the perfect tool for any newbie who is wanting to do some keyword research stuff for their website or their blog.

Remember,  writing an article without first using a keyword research tool is not good for bloggers who want to turn their words into profit by monetizing the website or the blog. This review will help you to find the answer to that age-old question of what is the best free keyword research tool for beginners?

Keyword research tools are ten a penny on the internet and some of them are very good and some of them suck. Some of them are paid for and some of them are free.

So let’s just whittle everything down to one single keyword research tool for beginners and affiliate marketers who want to monetize their blog. This final recommendation is for budding online bloggers, online entrepreneurs and internet marketers. It is also free to use when you register for an account.


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Testing, Testing, 123!

After testing many keyword research tools that were free I decided to find the best free keyword research tool for beginners like myself. I found that not understanding how to use these many free keyword research tools had gotten me all the more confused. Not implementing the proper keywords into article writing is going to be fatal to a writer’s ambitions of attracting the right visitors to his site…

As I was Saying

So, as I was saying…I am going to tell you about what I think is the best tool for beginners and experienced bloggers alike. Any level of website designer can use this free tool. All they have to do is create a free account to use it.

Quite simple, took me 1 and a half minutes to type in my credentials. None of those credentials had to be my credit card details, I hate that don’t you? This particular tool is so easy to use for newbies or veterans compared with a plethora of othes I’ve tried. I failed miserably with so many others and wasted a lot of time trying to learn how to use them.

But now I’d found one that was simple to use and simple to find the best results with. I did eventually find a good free one and it had some additional benefits to boot.

What are the Benefits of this Tool?

Let me give you a quick rundown of the benefits of the free WA keyword.

  • The WA tool tells you how much traffic per month you can expect from search engines.
  • It tells you how many searches per month for any give keyword search term you enter
  • As you can see in the picture, the results are fairly easy on the brain at even first glance.
  • The free WA keyword research tool comes with the added bonus of online tutorials. They’re in video format that show you how to use the tool and understand its results.

For me, this tool has what it takes to be the best tool for beginners. Well done WA keyword tool! Keep up the fantastic work.

Is it a Godsend?

It’s a godsend, indeed. Because I’ve seen training videos that walked me through how to use it. I use it daily and I couldn’t live without it if you took it away. Like I said above, you will have to sign up for the free account to use this one. You can register to use it on this page here.

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Thanks for reading and I hope this article helped you to find the best keyword research tool for you. What do you think of WA’s free keyword tool? What do you think to Jaaxy? Do you know of a better tool for free? Or do you use a paid one? Tell me what it is. Leave your comments and I will answer every one of them. Let me know if there is anything specifically you need help with. Drop me a line in the box below.


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