How to Make Money at ClixSense Step by Step

I'm going to show you how to make money at ClixSense here today. ClixSense is a pay to click (PTC) website that displays adverts and offers surveys for members to make money online by watching ads. They also have little tasks to complete which bump up your earnings.

The website contains many popular and fun games to play.  Clixsense was founded in 2007, so it's a stable and long-lived website which means if you signup with them, it's not likely to go under tomorrow. Unlike ExpressPaid which disappeared off the face of the planet with about $8 I had built up. 

Is ClixSense for You?

ClixSense is for anyone wanting a fast and simple way to make some extra pennies on the internet. It's a great way to get started with if you've never made money online and you'll quickly see the results from your efforts.

However, you won't be a millionaire by using it. I go on ClixSense when I'm between jobs online, such as writing a review for example. I wouldn't recommend to anyone that they rely solely on ClixSense if they're looking to make some serious money. More about serious money later. 

How to Make Money at ClixSense Step by Step

  • By Clicking and Watching Advertisements
  • By Doing Tasks like Viewing a Website
  • By Completing Surveys
  • By Getting Referrals to Signup for ClixSense

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You must first create an account which takes a couple of minutes and the usual stuff is required - your name and email and you must choose a username and a password. Then you can login to your account and click on ads at the top of the page.

There will be a picture of a cat that you must click on to verify that you're a human and then you watch an advertisement for anywhere between 5 seconds and something like 30 seconds. Your money is then credited to your balance.

You click on close ad which then takes you back to the dashboard. Once back on your dashboard you will see your money being credited.

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How Much Does ClixSense Pay?

It varies and it depends on what length of ad you're watching.  Ads vary in length from about 5 seconds to a length of about 30 seconds.  The smallest payout is $0.001 (1 tenth of 1 cent) which means you need to watch ten of these short ads to make 1 cent.

That's a tiny amount but never mind because looking at ads is not the only way to earn money on ClixSense. Think of it as easy money and remember that it soon snowballs. Then there are longer ads that pay up to $0.01 (1 cent) but they are typically 30 seconds long and they're also few and far between.

You should get offered about 20 ads a day and most of those ads are of the 5 seconds variety.

ClixSense also pays you to complete surveys. The surveys I have done are a few minutes long and they can pay different amounts. I remember that my first two surveys paid me $0.80 and $0.85 (80 cents and 85 cents) so I was happy there.

I'm not guaranteeing any fixed number on the surveys as they seem to vary. There is another way to make money at ClixSense and that is by "referring" people. If you get your referral code (your affiliate link) you can then get someone to click on that and they go to ClixSense through that link.

You get paid a commission which does not come out of your referrals' pockets but is paid as a reward for getting a new member to sign up. ClixSense wants lots of members. 

What is the Minimum Cashout Threshold?

The minimum amount you must build up into your account is $8 before you can cashout.  If you forget about the time it takes to reach that amount, you'll reach it quicker. 

How Does ClixSense Pay You?

ClixSense will pay you into Paypal or Payza or they will have other payment processors that you can use.  Make sure that your payment processor is available before you waste 2 minutes registering an account with them. 

Is ClixSense Legit?

Absolutely! Don't worry about that. I have checked it out and recommend it as a nice easy place to begin your make money online journey. They are making lots of money legally through advertising.

Think of it as a bulletin board that pays you to have a look at the ads on there.  Sometimes you might even see something that you find very interesting that is advertised. So you go ahead and signup or click to read more. You don't have to but you can. 

What is Good About ClixSense?

It takes a couple of minutes to get rolling. It pays into paypal which many people have. It is just a few minutes "work" per day. The great thing about ClixSense is that it is very easy to start. Another cool thing is you can actually see a result from watching your very first ad or completing your first survey. There are also various other little tasks on offer which I haven't yet experienced so I can't tell you much about those right now. 

What is Bad About ClixSense?

It's not going to pay you massive amounts of money and you can't spend all day on there, you only get a set amount of ads per day.  For example, on my first day surfing ads, I only made about 5 cents. But keep in mind that was just viewing ads. Remember the other methods I told you about?

Well I haven't really exploited those methods myself yet. But I intend to more often. Remember though that you can get people referred and you can do surveys and you could also join many other sites just like ClixSense which are basically all to do with clicking on ads and completing little micro tasks.

Combine all of these similar sites into a daily routine and spend maybe an hour per day doing it and you could see your income rise satisfactorily over time.

Just remember that the rest of the day you could do other things to make some real money. Be diverse. For example consider that another few minutes a day could be spent doing Paid Viewpoint surveys.

My Conclusion of ClixSense

Overall Ranking: 60%
Price: FREE
Go to ClixSense Now 

You may as well get into it if you're looking for one of the easiest ways to make money online. It's a brilliant and super low risk method but it won't make you a millionaire. It takes just a minute to sign up for an account and start earning the moment you login.

You don't have to be tech savvy to watch a 5 seconds or a 30 seconds advert. Join other similar sites and combine all that money.  I had to make sure they paid into paypal, you might want to do the same, whether you payza or any other online payment processor.

If you do these types of activities for a few minutes each day you can actually see some good results. Keep all other options on the table to make money online and you can't really go wrong. If you'd like to hear of a far more profitable way to make money online than ClixSense then go read this review.

Thanks for reading about how to make money at ClixSense.  I hope you gained enough knowledge about it to consider it worth investing in for a few minutes a day.

Do you know of a better PTC site than ClixSense?  If you do, get back to me with your comments below, or ask a question related to ClixSense and I'll be happy to answer. Good luck with ClixSense.

I'm Jim. Read more about me and this website click here

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  1. Thanks for this review. I have never heard about the Clix Sense before, and it looks like worth trying.
    I am thinking, if I start using all the tips you are giving on this site, by the end of 2017. I am going to be a double millionaire lol

    I like the part of being an affiliate for them. It fits my Wealthy Affiliate story so maybe I am going to sign up for the sake of that. I am truly amazed with all your hard work!

    • Thanks for the kind words, Lanu!

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  2. Thanks for this information which is worth knowing for anyone who has never made money online like me as well. I am going to try this method to get my first make money online journey.

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    • Hey there Darryus, I see that you are now a member of Wealthy Affiliate. Great stuff. You are going to love it but stick at it because there is a lot of stuff there to learn. Stay with the training courses and stick to them step by step with no steps skipped. We’ll have you making your first dollar, your first 10 dollars, your first hundred dollars and then your first 1000 dollars a month if you just stick at it and don’t give up. Anyone can be successful at affiliate marketing if they just “do not give up.”

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