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Category Archives for Pay To Click

why has paypal started ditching ptc?

Why Has PayPal Started Ditching PTC?

Recently, ExpressPaid fell victim to PayPal’s decision to drop them from their services. Why has PayPal started ditching PTC? What’s going on there? Let’s hypothesise, shall we?

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Top 10 Best Paying PTC Sites List

Top 10 Best Paying PTC Sites List

Welcome to my top 10 best paying PTC sites list for 2016. I’ve been clicking away for 3 months to bring you these results from well known paid to click websites on the internet. I’ve compared all of them and whittled them down to only the very best you will find online.

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What is the best paid to click website

What is the Best Paid to Click Website?

If you’re wondering what is the best paid to click website then I’ve got a few of the best ones here today that I’ve personally checked out for a few months. All of these are well established, long running PTC sites that are paying. Most will pay into PayPal, Payza, and some other payment processors for your convenience.

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how to earn money by working from home on the internet

How to Earn Money by Working from Home on the Internet

Today I wanted to share with you how to earn money by working from home on the internet with nothing but a laptop or computer. Sometimes even a tablet, iPad or cellphone is enough to help you make some extra cash online. I’ve made a little list of things you can try. They’re all free to join.


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What is ExpressPaid About

What is ExpressPaid About and How Much Money Can You Make?

I saw a Facebook groups post asking What is ExpressPaid About. I’d never heard of it so I decided I should check it out and see if it was worth trying out. When I do find the good stuff or the bad stuff I write a blog post on it to spread the word. So here is that review for those of you who may be a little intrigued about ExpressPaid but not quite ready to take the plunge.

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