Why Has PayPal Started Ditching PTC?

Why has Paypal started ditching PTC? I do a little bit of paid to click in the mornings for about 20 minutes or so. It doesn't pay huge sums but is a great way to keep up with new products coming online. Recently, though, ExpressPaid fell victim to PayPal's decision to drop them from their services. What's going on there?

Let's try to understand what the problem might be.

So, Why Has PayPal Started Ditching PTC?

PTC is an acronym for paid to click. These types of websites which exist in the thousands have been around for years. Some come and some go and some manage to stick around.

Some PTC sites will pay better than others and some don't pay enough. Recently, about a month ago, I reached the minimum cashout threshold for payment with ExpressPaid and decided to take my "winnings" out and deposit them into PayPal.

Uh Oh!

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After a few days of waiting patiently to see that I'd been paid I was frustrated when I discovered ExpressPaid were telling members to be patient if they'd cashed out into PayPal and it was because they were having issues with the well-known payment processor.

It'll be fine they kept on asserting. PTC isn't actually one of the best ways to make money online but it is a mostly legitimate method (if they actually pay you!)

But it Wasn't Fine!

After about 12 days they finally came clean and admitted that PayPal had decided to stop doing business with them. So, where does that leave me and my hard earned money (only $5, lol)? Well, they ended up placing the money back in my balance so I didn't lose it.

The problem now was that I didn't/still don't have another payment processor to cash out into. I'm stuck with a balance just under $10 with no way to "get at it" unless I set up another payment processor. I'm working on it in fits and starts.

ExpressPaid isn't the Only PTC that PayPal is Picking On!

I've seen it happening with other PTC sites too, MDBux is one example. They gave a similar message to their members but at least they were honest about it from the outset.

I had only reached 28 cents with this new PTC site when I got that message from the admin about PayPal dropping them also.

mdbux ptc paypal message

They said PayPal seems to be dropping PTC sites as some kind of scam. They also said it's happened already to a lot of other, more well-established paid to click sites that have been around for years. If you'd like to see a list of what the 10 best PTC sites are,  have a look at this

mdbux ptc message to PayPal users


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So, What's it All About?

I don't know, really. I can only guess the same as anyone can because the people who operate PayPal aren't really saying much about their decision to start dropping lots of paid to click websites as and when they please. They've been in business for years with some of these sites. Here are a few reasons I'm taking wild guesses at.

  • Does PayPal think PTC is like MLM (Multi Level Marketing)?
  • Is PayPal is annoyed about the millions of tiny little transactions of a couple of dollars?
  • PayPal is trying to streamline its operations and only wants to deal with bigger money, not small fry?
  • Could it be that PayPal might have a new boss at the helm and he or she hates PTC?
  • Let me know in the comments below if you have any ideas or if you know the real reason...

What Can You Do About it?

is paypal going to war with ptc sites?

Not much, I'm afraid. You can choose another payment processor that each particular PTC site offers or you can quit. Only two choices about it. Other payment processors are available with various sites and they include...

  • Neteller
  • Payza
  • PerfectMoney
  • Skrill
  • Payoneer
  • OkPay
  • Bitcoin

Not All PTC Sites are Equal!

Not all paid to click websites will use the payment processor of your choice so you should always check before starting to click their ads. Sure, it only takes a moment to sign up with them but can you imagine working your way up to a tidy little sum of earnings only to discover that your particular payment method isn't covered? You'd be in a similar, sticky situation I found myself to be in.

Why has PayPal Started Ditching PTC?

Your guess really is as good as mine. So, there we have it. Don't dive into PTC until you know you're covered and be careful if you only have PayPal because you never know when they decide to pick on your paid to click site next.

As I mentioned there are thousands of these PTC sites and maybe PayPal intends do strike them all from their relationship list.

Let me know in the comments below if you've faced any issues with PTC and or PayPal.

I'm Jim.

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