What is the Best Paid to Click Website?

If you're wondering what is the best paid to click website then I've got a few of the best ones here today that I've personally checked out for a few months. All of these are well established, long running PTC sites that are paying. Most will pay into PayPal, Payza, and some other payment processors for your convenience.

What is the Best Paid to Click Website to Make Money?

Some are good, some are bad and some are just plain terrible. Don't waste time finding out the slow way, which is by trial and error. I've already done the testing for you and you can find the best ones here. There are tons of PTC sites on the internet. I've got the best right here at your fingertips.

I need a new mouse!!! 

What is Paid to Click?

PTC means paid to click. Businesses wanting to spread awareness of their brand can use PTC sites to display short adverts to the general public. A PTC site is choc-a-block full of small ads that you click on to view. Each time you view an ad, depending on its length, you get paid.

Are Paid to Click Websites Free to Join?

Absolutely. Nobody would want to join a PTC site that charges you to join. Of course, as with most things online, there is the option to go premium which includes more benefits. I'll let you discover those for yourself but also know they're not required.

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How Does PTC Work?

You sign up which takes only a minute to do and then you add whichever payment method you have so that they can pay you when you reach the minimum cashing out threshold. They all have different payment processors.

Many have PayPal and some don't. Some have Payza and PayPal. You'll have to check with each one before you get stuck into clicking ads. Some of them will even pay in bitcoin.

You wouldn't want to waste time clicking on ads for a month (3 minutes or so a day) just to find that you can't get paid into your paypal. My advice is to check this first and foremost when you join any paid to click site.

Sometimes payment processors may be added. More and more PTC sites are also adding bitcoin as a payment method. You'll need a bitcoin wallet for that.

How Much Does a PTC Site Pay Per Click?

Some ads are 3 seconds long and some ads are 30 seconds long or more. The longer the advertisement is, the more they usually pay. Some sites pay more than others. That's why I listed the top 10 best PTC sites here. I've tested many of them out for 6 months now.

The number one position went to the PTC site that paid me the most over that 6 month period. There is one PTC site at the bottom of the list in position 10 is the one that paid me the least for the period.

Results may vary when you factor in some variables like what time of day you logged in to click on ads. This might cause you to miss out on some. I wasn't too scientific in my testing of these sites.

I just logged in when I could and the times of day were always different. Consider this before consigning number 10 to the scrap heap. I began with this testing in January 2016 as an experiment and found there are many differences with each site.

Back to how much they pay.

Some sites pay 0.0001 US cents per 3-second ad. Some pay up to 0.02 cents per 30-second ad. Some sites offer more 30-second ads than others. It's really a very mixed bag with all PTC sites.

So, a test was needed to come up with what I deemed to be the very best PTC sites. Boy, have I been doing a lot of clicking on your behalf to bring you these results! I must have accrued over a million clicks so far in 2016. My mouse is worn out!

Is Paid to Click for You?

Anyone who wants to make a bit of easy pocket money can easily join a PTC site and there are hundreds if not thousands on the internet. I chose 10 of the most well-known ones.

None of these pay to click sites will make you rich overnight but there are ways to increase your earnings quite substantially. More on that later.

Can You Get Rich Doing PTC?

It is possible to make lots of money with just one PTC site but you would have to get lots of referrals signed up under you to do that.

This is done by getting your affiliate link and sharing it online (maybe your website or send to email friends.) If you'd like to get a free website to do that you can get one here. Click the link just below to read about how you can get a free site at Wealthy Affiliate.

Update: PTC Officially SUCKS! BIG TIME!
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If you just want to get started without a website you can simply go ahead and join all these PTC sites in the top 10 list.

You can always come back here and get a free website if you decide you'd like to later on when you're ready. Combine them all and you should be earning enough to make it worth your time.

Okay, click below to see my top 10 PTC websites.

My Top 10 PTC Sites List

Thanks for reading.

PS. I don't bother with PTC anymore, they die out too quickly and cannot be relied on. What happens to your money when they suddenly die out?

That's right, you guessed it. You lose it. Don't bother with PTC if you ask me. Try out My #1 Recommended Way to Make Money Online instead.



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