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Category Archives for Web Hosting

What is SSL and Why Should You Get it NOW?

What is SSL and Why Should You Get it NOW?

That’s the question I intend to answer here today. We’re going to find out what SSL is and why you will benefit from it if you have website. It’s the way of the future, it’s going to become more of a benefit throughout 2017 and beyond. Pretty soon, if you don’t have SSL you’re going to experience a decline in rankings in search engines. But how and why, and what, exactly is this new acronym being thrown around these days? You should care, because it will affect you and your online business whether you like it or not. So, without further ado, let’s crack on, shall we?

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What About the Best Web Hosting for Your Business

What is the Best Web Hosting for Your Business?

You’ve got a website, great stuff! But did you know that just as important as having a website is where it is hosted. What about the best web hosting for your home business and what about the costs incurred if you choose a sub-par service to save a couple of dollars a month?

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What is the Best Web Hosting Service

What is the Best Web Hosting Service for Your Home Business?

Building your online business begins with a website and all websites need hosting. But what is the best web hosting service for a WordPress website or blog in 2016? I’ve been testing one out and so far I’m extremely impressed with the service I’ve received. We’ll be finding out in this overview today all about it.

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