CryptoHopper Review – Best Cryptocurrency Trading Bot or Not?

In this honest CryptoHopper review, I’ll be sharing a video showing proof of earnings from my own trading bot experience. If you’re into bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and you like making profits by buying and selling crypto and you’re like me and struggling to stay on top of your trading, then you’ll probably benefit by using a trading bot.

Trading cryptocurrencies is notoriously hard, especially for newbies. It’s basically gambling. Is the price going to go up or is it about to go down?

Even the best expert traders sometimes get it wrong. That’s why you have to be careful about when to buy and when to sell. It’s not as simple as just spending $100 on bitcoin and snapping your fingers and suddenly you’ve doubled your money.

CryptoCurrency Trading is Like Gambling and Has Many Pitfalls

There are many pitfalls. I discovered this a few times myself in the last few years when trading on Binance. I’ve won some and then I’ve lost all my wins in one fell swoop.

If you’re a beginner and you’re tired of losing what you’ve made, or worse still, being deeply in negative territory where your profits have disappeared, then you might want to invest a little cash into an automated trading bot to do all of the heavy lifting as well as all the nitty-gritty for you.

You can finally step away from your computer.

It’s what I decided to do. And this review will share my experience thus far. I’ve been using a cloud based trading bot for my trading, baby. And it’s way easier than manual trading, I gotta tell ya!

And it’s so cool you can actually try CryptoHopper for 7 days without paying a dime.

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What is CryptoHopper?

Cryptocurrency trading can be done via an automated trading system, or software, or as most people call then, trading bots.

The name of the bot I’ve been using, and making profits with, is CryptoHopper. I started with $299 just to test the waters for 7 days because CryptoHopper gives a free 1 week trial before you have to splash out any cash.

If CryptoHopper could help me grow my initial $299 by 1% per day I would decide to upgrade to a paid account and add some more funds to trade with.

Did I Achieve My 1% Per Day?

Did I make my 1% per day? Hell yeah! Actually I made around 1.4% on average per day. I don’t expect to make over 1% per day every single day though. I expect some days there won’t be a lot happening. It’s vital that I mention my mindset when trading. I never sell for a loss. If the price drops drastically, it is annoying. But I never sell. I just stay patient and eventually it WILL come back up into profit. This mindset has been my saving grace many times now.

And so of course, I upgraded to a paid subscription of the CryptoHopper trading platform. There are three different levels of CryptoHopper and I went for the middle level for $49 per month. I was making enough through the trading bot to justify that expense.

1% per day is phenomenal, even though at first it doesn’t seem like a lot. But this is compounded earnings we’re talking about. It grows daily. At first you’re making just a couple of dollars a day. Nothing too impressive.

But if you continue making 1% a day every day, even starting with a small amount in capital, your earnings will eventually be in the hundreds per day then the thousands. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, though.

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Anyway, back to what CryptoHopper is and what it can do.

CryptoHopper is an automated crypto trading bot which hooks up to your cryptocurrency trading exchange via a private, secure API. CryptoHopper does not have access to your assets, but it does have the ability to place buy and sell orders on your behalf. And that’s the whole point of having a trading bot. It does almost everything for you, according to the instructions you give it.

Now, when trading manually on an exchange, I found myself struggling to trade with just one asset at a time. Never mind trading 2 or more. It’s a lot to keep an eye on. CryptoHopper makes trading many assets all at one time a breeze. In fact, since it’s a cloud based application, it does all the work for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week. It trades for you when you’re asleep. You don’t have to be at your computer. That’s a massive benefit if you ask me.

Is it set and forget? I wouldn’t say you can “forget” it, but it comes pretty darned close.

My Experience with This Trading Bot So Far

My experience so far has been quite exciting. I’ve been making consistent profits for close to three weeks (at the time of writing this post). After my first trial week, I added some more funds to my initial $299 because I was confident it was all working the way it should be.

I bumped up my principal amount to $670. At the time of writing this post I’m now sitting at just over $716. So I’ve earned $46 profits in about 3 weeks. I’ve still got some trades ongoing which are still in the red, but they’ll come back up into profit as they always do.

So, cryptohopper takes care of your trading while you can go off and live your life the way life was meant to be lived.

Try CryptoHopper for 7 days without paying a dime.

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Who is CryptoHopper for?

As I’ve already mentioned above, CryptoHopper is for those wanting an easier way to trade cryptocurrencies. Automation sure is a lot easier than sitting at your computer all day, wouldn’t you agree?

If you’ve got some cryptocurrencies and you are scared to death of trading on exchanges like Binance, and a plethora of others, then a trading bot might be your solution. Trading bots take the emotion out of trading. Emotion really does ruin a lot of people’s success when trying to buy and sell cryptocurrencies for a profit.

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How Does CryptoHopper Crypto Trading Bot Work?

Once you’ve signed up with CryptoHopper you can start setting it up right away. You’ll need to go to the crypto exchange you use. (tip – choose an exchange with the lowest trading fees).

I use Binance because it’s really cool and easy and the fees are only 0.075% when I use my BNB (Binance Coins) to pay for the fees. There’s a 25% discount on the trading fees that way.

Once you’re logged in to your exchange of choice, look in your account settings for your API keys. This is a code that you generate. Keep this code top secret, you don’t want anyone else seeing this. Only you.

Get that code and pop it into the correct place in your CryptoHopper account. It all takes just a minute or two and only a few seconds once you know what you’re doing.

Congrats, your “hopper” is now connected to your exchange. Once again, I must say, CryptoHopper DOES NOT have the ability to run off with your money because they don’t have anything like your wallet addresses, keys and passwords, etc, that are required to access your funds. So don’t worry about that.

What CryptoHopper Can & Can’t Do

What CryptoHopper DOES have is the ability to do is “control” your buying and selling in the exchange. Great! This is what we need, right?

The bot will only do what you tell it to do. But how do you tell it what to do? How do you stop it from using all of your money and buying a gazillion dollars worth of crypto that you don’t want to buy?

Again…you have complete control over how much of any coin it can buy, and if you’re smart, you’ll make lots of little trades with small amounts of money. That way, you’re spreading any risk and if in the likelihood the price crashed, it doesn’t matter so much. This is because you’ve only bought a little bit of that asset.

However, if you’ve never used a bot for trading before, or if indeed you’re a newbie to the crypto trading game, then not to worry. CryptoHopper has things called “templates”, “strategies” and “signals” to make things a million things easier.

My CryptoHopper is using a template which was free, and I’m also using some signals which cost me $10 per month. Well worth it in my opinion.

Try CryptoHopper for 7 days without paying a dime.

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What Are Signals?

So, what are signals? Well, there are people out there on earth who are WAY better at reading cryptocurrency charts. They can do technical analysis of coins on your behalf. Basically they say “buy this coin now” and your trading bot carries out the action automatically based on that “signal”.

The signal doesn’t tell your bot “how much” to buy. That is the job of the template, which is set to your specifications. For example, you tell the bot not to buy more than $10 at any one time of any coin. So if you’ve got $300 in your trading account, it will split that into 30 chunks of $10.

Splitting your capital into chunks like this would allow your bot to buy up to 30 coins, automatically, all going at the same time. Of course, the signals don’t all come in at once.

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When I started, it took about 4 or 5 hours until I saw my bot taking any action based on signals. I looked in my dashboard and I saw it had bought 6 different coins for $10 each. 4 of the coins were already in profit by about 1%. Great stuff.

I wouldn’t have been able to do that manually because I never quite know when to buy based on bollinger bands, RSI, MACD, or any of that complicated stuff. What I do is let the signals take care of what to buy and when to buy. The template takes care of how much to buy and at what profit to sell at.

Try CryptoHopper for 7 days without paying a dime.

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CryptoHopper Features

Packed with features, CryptoHopper makes trading cryptocurrencies as easy as it’s ever going to be.

CryptoHopper is a Cloud Based Automated Trading Bot

One of the main benefits of CryptoHopper is that it’s cloud based which means you do not have to download any software to your computer and you don’t have to leave your computer running 24/7. Nope. In fact, you can even log in to your hopper using a mobile device.

I never have logged into it with a mobile, so I don’t know how good it is on a phone or tablet. Try it and see what you think.

CryptoHopper Review - CryptoHopper Features
Some of CryptoHopper’s Many Features

CryptoHopper’s Trailing Stop Loss

Another great feature is the “trailing stop-loss” tool. Let’s say your bot bought $20 worth of bitcoin and the price goes up. The trailing stop loss will kick in at a set point you tell it to. (Actually the template will tell the bot what to do here).

CryptoHopper Trailing Stop Loss Feature

Once the coin(s) your bot has bought reach a certain percentage, let’s say 1.5%, the trailing stop loss is activated. There is a number the template has and it is different for every template. Imagine yours is set to 0.45%

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This means, if the bitcoin you have bought with the bot starts dropping below that initial 1.5% profit point, and it gets to 1.05%, then the bot will sell before it drops in price any more. So you get 1.05% profit. That would be about 10.5 cents if you were trading with $10 worth of crypto for that specific trade. Now of course, there are different options here for the trailing stop loss.

You could set the TSL (trailing stop loss) to to kick in at 5% if you wanted. And you could set the percentage drop by let’s say 2.5%. That would mean if you bought $10 worth of a cryptocurrency, and the price went up to 5% then started coming down again, the bot would sell when it comes down to the 2.5% profit mark. It’s a great tool to help in preventing losses.

Basically, the “trailing” stop loss will adjust the sell price further up the more your asset rises in price and only be triggered to sell if the price starts dropping and reaches a certain percentage below the max price. This is cool because it makes sure you’re profiting from all trades. Of course, if the asset you buy drops in price BEFORE the TSL is activated, it will not sell, because it has to wait until the coin you bought reaches the preset you instructed.

I think I’ve explained the trailing stop loss to the best of my abilites. Maybe I should make a video and try to help you visualise what happens with trailing stop loss settings?

CryptoHopper’s Mirror Trading

This feature works a bit like eToro. This is where you are “copying” other traders who are probably better at trading than you are. I’ve not used this feature, nor do I think I will need to because the trading set up (the strategy I’m using right now) is gaining me just over 1% total profits daily. So if you want to use that feature, you’ll have to learn about it yourself once you’ve got the bot.

CryptoHopper’s Paper Trading

This is an awesome feature and I do recommend you use it before using real money. Paper trading uses imaginary money that you can play with to see how well a certain strategy, template, or signals will do once you decide to use real money.

CryptoHopper’s Back Testing

I think this feature is incredible. Back testing looks at the previous days or weeks or months and measures your chosen strategy against what has already happened to a cryptocurrency’s price action.

Basically, it’s like a “what if I had used this strategy over the last month?” kind of thing. It tells you how much in percentage profit you would have taken if you’d used specific settings.

Note: Past results do not guarantee future success. The crypto markets are always changing. You get bullish markets and bearish markets. Just because bitcoin did well in backtesting with your chosen settings it doesn’t mean that those settings are guaranteed to work well the following month.

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CryptoHopper Strategies

You can create your own strategies in CryptoHopper or you can download strategies created by other traders. I haven’t done either of these, as I am using a template and signals.

Strategies can be found in the cryptohopper marketplace
Free and Paid Strategies can be found in the CryptoHopper Marketplace

CryptoHopper Signals

You can “subscribe” to signals using CryptoHopper’s “marketplace”. You’ll find lots of signallers that are free and lots of paid subscriptions, also. Do your research in the marketplace and go for only signallers that have good reviews and good stats.

Signals Can Be Found in the CryptoHopper Marketplace
Free and Paid Signals can be found in the CryptoHopper Marketplace

CryptoHopper Templates

There are templates you can load into CryptoHopper. But what are they and how do they work? Essentially, they are pre-configured bot templates. The bots you can create in CryptoHopper are known as “hoppers” There are templates you can use that have been created by others.

CryptoHopper is packed with useful features. When you load in a template it takes away all the confusion of how to set up properly. It’s all set according to whomever created the template. Read the reviews on each template before subscribing/buying them. Look for good stats and high ratings.

Templates can be found in the CryptoHopper Marketplace
There are free and paid templates in the CryptoHopper marketplace

CryptoHopper DCA Feature

This is a very useful feature that can be used to get yourself out of trouble if the sh*t hits the fan, so to speak.

Imagine you buy some cryptocurrency for $100 and it gradually or suddenly drops by 20%….ugh…you’re immediately thinking “Oh crap! I’ve just lost $20…”

With the DCA (Dollar Cost Average) setting in play, CryptoHopper will buy MORE of the cryptocurrency. This is dollar cost averaging. Now if it buys another $100 of the same coin, it reduces your “loss” of 20% to only 10%. This means that the asset only has to go up another 10% instead of 20% for you to be in profit again.

The DCA feature can be set to “double” or even “triple” down. Meaning it can buy another 2 separate lots. A clever feature indeed. Let’s hope you never need it. But, it’s there if you do. Bitcoin and other assets aren’t going to just keep on going up permanently, as we all know.

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Lots of Other CryptoHopper Features

I’m not going to go too deeply into the myriad of features that CryptoHopper has, because it would turn this post into a 50,000 word “bible” and I don’t want that to happen. I know you’d probably not want to read it all anyway. Waste of your time and mine. I just mentioned the coolest ones that I use myself and that I understand myself.

There are plenty of tutorial videos you can watch once you’re logged in to your account with CryptoHopper.

Try CryptoHopper for 7 days without paying a dime.

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How to Get Started with CryptoHopper

It’s easy to signup and get going with CryptoHopper. I’d really appreciate it if you signed up through my affiliate link (at no extra cost to you) so that I get a reward for sending CryptoHopper a new customer.

Thanks for that, it helps fund all the work I do researching and reviewing tools just like CryptoHopper and helps me pay my website hosting.

I recommend once you’ve signed up and got yourself logged in to CryptoHopper that you watch the tutorial videos before you do anything else.

One of the first things you’ll do is get your API details from your exchange(s) of choice. This API code/key plugs into your hopper and gives the bot permissions to trade on your behalf. It’s not difficult, either. It took me 20 seconds to hook up my bot with Binance.

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Which CryptoCurrency Exchanges Will CryptoHopper Work with?

CryptoHopper can be connected to most of the best known exchanges. My exchange of choice is Binance, but you can connect your hopper to Binance US, Bittrex, KuCoin, Coinbase Pro, Huobi, Poloniex, OKEx, Bitvavo, HitBTC, Bitfinex, and many more.

Cryptocurrency Trading Exchanges You Can Use with CryptoHopper
Cryptocurrency Trading Exchanges You Can Use with CryptoHopper

Try CryptoHopper for 7 days without paying a dime.

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Can You Really Make Money with CryptoHopper?

Absolutely you can. The proof is in the pudding, as they say. And with that said, here’s a video showing my earnings over my first 3 weeks with CryptoHopper. I’m currently using (and loving) this micro trading strategy using some paid signals and a template.

Video Proof – Automated CryptoCurrency Micro Trading for Compounded Daily Profits using CryptoHopper

Try CryptoHopper for 7 days without paying a dime.

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CryptoHopper Pricing – How Much Does it Really Cost?

There are actually 3 different price points for CryptoHopper. In fact, there’s a free 7 day trial to get you going before you pay anything.

If you pay yearly, you’ll save in the long run. It will cost you a minimum of $19 per month if you go for the cheapest option on a monthly payment plan.

The screenshot below shows all of the pricing options if you want to pay for the bot month to month. The one I’m using for my micro trading strategy is the “Adventurer” package, which costs $49 per month. You’ll see the “Hero” package is $99 per month.

You can use Paypal to pay for CryptoHopper (which is convenient).

You can also see the features available with each price point.

Monthly Payment Options for CryptoHopper

CryptoHopper Monthly Pricing Option
CryptoHopper Monthly Pricing Options

Yearly Payment Options for CryptoHopper

As I mentioned, paying yearly for CryptoHopper is the best value for money.

You can see the pricing is considerably cheaper due to the discount you get for going yearly. The Explorer package would normally cost you $19 a month but would be about $16.58 if you chose the yearly plan.

The Adventurer package would cost you $41.58 per month if you go yearly.

And of course the most expensive package, the Hero, will cost you $83/25 per month. Again, the higher the package you go for, the more features you’ll get.

Yearly Pricing for CryptoHopper
CryptoHopper Yearly Pricing Options

Try CryptoHopper for 7 days without paying a dime.

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Which CryptoHopper Package is Right for You?

If you go for the cheapest “Explorer” CryptoHopper package, you’ll be able to trade with up to 15 different coins.

I’m using the Adventurer package, and I’m paying monthly (for now). This allows me to select up to 50 different cryptocurrencies that I trade with on Binance using the USDT trading pairs.

If you go for the Hero package, you’ll get to choose from up to 75 coins. Remember, more features are available on the more expensive packages.

Is CryptoHopper Worth The Price?

It’s a resounding “YES” from me. I say this because since starting with the bot, I’ve made consistent daily profits of over 1% compounded. It’s not massive life-changing profits yet though, because I’m sensible and I started with a small fund of just $299 to play with. After 1 week using the bot, I saw my stats and I’d made good profits. And so I added more funds to the tune of a total of $670.

After 3 weeks using the bot (including when I was only playing with $299) I had grown my total funds to $721. Over $50 profit in 3 weeks. Not bad. Not bad at all.

Now that I trust CryptoHopper, I’ll be adding more funds for it to trade with very soon.

Try CryptoHopper for 7 days without paying a dime.

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Is CryptoHopper Safe?

I suppose it can only be as safe as the human (you) who is operating it. It’s like asking if a Lamborghini is safe. If you give a Lambo to an idiot he’s going to crash and kill himself and the Lambo wouldn’t be seen as safe in that scenario, would it?

But if you give the same Lambo to a sensible, safe driver, then that same Lamborghini is perfectly safe.

The same is true for trading bots. Set it up using strict guidelines (templates, signals, strategies, funding, coin buying amounts, trailing stop loss, etc, etc, etc) and it will be as safe as automation can be.

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CryptoHopper Trading Vs Manual Trading

This is a no-brainer to me. Have you tried manually trading? It’s not easy to even trade using just one asset, is it?

But when using a bot like CryptoHopper, and you have signals and templates set up, all the hard decisions are taken care of. Trading bots take the human emotion element out of the equation completely. I don’t know how many times I’ve screwed up trades due to fear, excitement, envy, etc etc.

A trading bot doesn’t care about feelings. It just does what it is instructed to do.

Try CryptoHopper for 7 days without paying a dime.

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CryptoHopper Tips and Tricks to Make Trading as Safe as it Can Be.

I have a few tips for you when you get started. Follow these tips and you’ll probably do even better than me. It’s worth mentioning that trading cryptocurrencies can be profitable. But it can also make you lose a lot of money. Personally, I think a bot is way better at trading then any human could be. But you have to set it up properly.

Tip #1 – Funding

Don’t go all in from the beginning. In fact, however much you have to trade with, use only half of it and keep the other half in reserve. This will be most optimal for you because if you only have $500 USD to trade with and you let the bot use all of it, what happens if Bitcoin decides it’s going to tank by 10%, 20% or whatever?

If you have some funds in reserve, you can use them to get yourself out of trouble. So, if you’re starting with $500, set CryptoHopper up to only be allowed to trade using $250 of it. This way, you’ll be able to “DCA” any negative buy orders and bring yourself back up closer to profits.

Tip #1 – Small Trades

My second useful tip is to make sure the bot is only doing small trades. What I mean is instead of setting the bot to spend $100 on a trade, you set it to buy only $10 worth (that’s the minimum amount on Binance).

Now imagine if your bot is buying in lots of little $10 chunks, you’re leaving it plenty of “wiggle room” for it to buy from a large variety of other coins.

Going on the premise that you’re trading with $250 in your fund, you can have your bot trading with about 25 “positions” all at the same time, assuming each position was just $10 each.

This is great and the benefits are two-fold.

Benefit number one is you’re not going all in on one asset and getting into trouble if that asset tanks (goes down a lot).

Benefit number 2 is if the price goes down a lot, it doesn’t hurt so much because it’s just a small amount ($10). If the asset went down 5% (and they can quite easily) then it’s only 50 cents under your original $10 and not so painful to deal with. If you were to be impatient and sell it, you lose only 50 cents. Meanwhile, you have all those other assets trading.

So, to summarize, buy in small amounts and keep 50% of your funds in reserve which will get you out of trouble. Of course I’m not saying you must only set the bot to buy in little $10 chunks. You might have thousands of dollars to fund your trading, in which case I’d go on a percentage of those funds for each asset.

So, if I had 100,000 dollars to trade with, I would be doing trades of maybe around $250 or so. Maybe $500. It depends on how conservative you want to be. Heck you could just do trades with $50 a time if you wanted. It’s completely up to you.

If the price drops and your fund is big, the “loss” on a $250 trade isn’t going to feel so bad when you consider it in a percentage. I’m using $10 (ish) trades for my microtrading strategy and thus far it’s working very well. Watch the video above for more info on that little strategy.

Try CryptoHopper for 7 days without paying a dime.

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Is CryptoHopper a Scam?

I’m shocked you’d even ask, lol. No, it’s not a scam. It’s completely legit. But do remember, it’s only going to be as good as you make it. If you go wild with it you’re going to lose money.

As you’re probably aware, Bitcoin can and will drop in price sometimes. It’s inevitable. Be sensible from the beginning and you’ll on average make profits if you’re using recommended templates, signals, strategies, etc.

Only choose templates, strategies and signals that are highly rated and do not spend all of your money in one go. I don’t want to see anyone losing money, so listen up…listen very carefully. Read the documentation, watch the video tutorials, go steady, don’t sell your granny to get money for trading.

Try CryptoHopper for 7 days without paying a dime.

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CryptoHopper Pros

As with anything in life, there are going to be pros and cons. Good things and bad things. Perfection isn’t possible, is it? Close to perfection might be though. Here you’ll find some CryptoHopper pros and cons.

Easy to Setup and Use

Now this is true for most people, but I don’t know your abilities. When you first log in to your CryptoHopper it can be a bit daunting. But after navigating around and following the tutorial videos, you’ll find it easy to get set up and use. It’s actually quite simple when you know how.

CryptoHopper Takes The Emotion Out of Trading

When people lose money from trading cryptocurrencies (or on the stock market) it’s usually because of emotions. Emotions such as fear, excitement, regret can cause you to make rash decisions and in turn lose money. A robot doesn’t have any emotion. It just does what you pre-program it to do. If your asset drops 20%, the robot doesn’t panic and sell. It only sells if you told it to.

Plenty of Tutorial Videos

When starting out with CryptoHopper you’ll likely be a bit scared. Take your time and have a good look at all of the tutorial videos. Most of the time you’ll be able to suss out what it is you’re trying to do by watching. Failing that, you can always contact live chat support staff if you get stuck.

More Features Than You’ll Ever Need

I couldn’t list all of the features here because it would make this CryptoHopper review way too long. But mark my words, there are oodles and oodles of features and you’ll never need all of them.

Live Chat Support

I’ve actually used live chat support a few times. I had to wait a few minutes for someone to answer, but it’s still way better than emailing and waiting hours or days, right? The support staff are polite, friendly and helpful.

Most CryptoCurrency Exchanges Supported

I use Binance personally, but you can connect with many other popular trading exchanges if you want.

Useful Market Place

In CryptoHopper’s market place you’ll be able to find both free and paid templates, signals and strategies. Do your research before using any of them. Check they have good reviews and also check the stats history for them. You’ll find out the success rate for each one of them.

Pay with PayPal

It was a pleasant surprise to me when I discovered that you can pay for CryptoHopper using PayPal. If you don’t have a credit card, it’s so convenient.

Try CryptoHopper for 7 days without paying a dime.

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CryptoHopper Cons

Signals, Templates and Strategies Can Cost Extra

Not all of the signals, templates and strategies are free. Some of them are premium and you’ll have to pay for them. There’s a wide array to choose from with just as wide an array of price points. These templates, signals and strategies are usually from third parties, i.e. they aren’t provided by CryptoHopper.

Again, do your due diligence before paying for any of them. Perhaps one of the free ones will do the job for now?

Try CryptoHopper for 7 days without paying a dime.

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Are There Any Alternatives to CryptoHopper?

Yes there are a few I’ve seen, including one called 3commas which looks promising. However, CryptoHopper is the first one I’ve ever tried so I don’t know much about all the other ones just yet. I’m happy so far with CryptoHopper so I have no need to try another at this time.

One of the main reasons I like CryptoHopper is that you can use PayPal to pay for it. I don’t have a credit card and I really don’t want a credit card either. PayPal is so much more convenient for me to pay for things online.

My Final Thoughts About CryptoHopper

After a long struggle with manual trading on Binance, waiting for profits all the time and being hugely disappointed most days, I decided it was time to give a cryptocurrency trading bot a try.

Where I used to spend hours every day at my computer watching the price of cryptos going up and down and having my hopes dashed more often than not, it’s like a godsend.

Now, with the bot, it’s buying coins at the best times (according to the signals I’ve subscribed to) and it’s not buying huge amounts where I have to sit and wait days or weeks for the price to go up.

There is no way on this earth that I could manually trade as many assets or positions by myself. It’s hard enough to trade with just one or two. Are you like me in this respect?

Now my bot is set up and running, I’m making nice consistent little profits from multiple trades per day. My little strategy brings in just over 1% total profits per day and I’m very pleased that I’m compounding those profits so that each day, my 1% is a little bit bigger.

Sometimes I look in my Hopper dashboard and I’ve got 25 different positions active and they’ll be in the red. That’s scary, but it’s no more scary than manual trading and seeing everything in the red. I just stay patient and they always come back up into profit eventually.

Some trades only take minutes. And some trades can take hours. Some trades will take days, and some, annoyingly, take weeks. But again I say that this is no different to what can happen with manual trading.

At the end of the day, I trust CryptoHopper more than I trust myself with trading. That’s a funny thing to say isn’t it? Shouldn’t it be the other way around? Nope. I know the signals are good, and I know the bot is more efficient than I am. Additionally, I know it’s more accurate than I am and I know it’s trading 24 hours a day for me. No human could beat the bot when it comes to earning profits.

Keep in mind that with any trading, the prices for cryptocurrency can and absolutely will drop from time to time. My strategy for making profits is simple. NEVER sell when the price is in the negative. Just be patient, wait for it to come back up. It always does, because this is the nature of cryptocurrency. In fact, it’s GOOD that crypto is so volatile. It means there’s plenty of profits to be made if you’re trading right.

Try CryptoHopper for 7 days without paying a dime.

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My name’s Jim and it’s been great talking to you today.

Thanks for checking out my Cryptohopper review. If you have any questions regarding this bot and my experience to date, let me know in the comments below and I’ll respond. How do you feel about bot trading? How do you feel about bitcoin in general. Do you have experience trading the stock market which is very similar?

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CryptoHopper is simple to set up, simple to use and has a great looking user interface. It takes the stress out of trading cryptocurrencies so that you can finally walk away from your computer and still make money trading on all the most popular crypto exchanges. The pricing is fair, the bot is as safe as any bot will ever be and I’ve used it to make profits every day since I joined.

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