CryptoHopper 2 Month Update – Mistakes Made But Still Good Profits

In my CryptoHopper 2 month update with video proof, you’ll see me using this bot to make money trading bitcoin on autopilot. I’m Surprised! After using Cryptohopper for 60 days, I decided to share with you these results. How much profit did I make? What mistakes did I make? Can I improve my results in the next 2 months? Find out what happened in my last 2 months using Cryptohopper and whether I still think it’s worth investing in this crypto trading bot or whether it’s better to trade manually on an exchange.

But first things first, let’s have a recap on what CryptoHopper is, exactly, just in case you have landed on this page with no prior knowledge of this trading bot.

Watch – CryptoHopper 2 Month Update Video

In the following video which I published on YouTube dated the 24th of November 2020, you’ll see my progress after using the bot for 2 months. I made mistakes in those 2 months but I still got good profits.


CryptoHopper 2 Month Update – What is CryptoHopper?

CryptoHopper is an automated, cloud based trading robot that hooks up to your favourite cryptocurrency trading exchange using a secret API and it will trade for you on autopilot based upon a set of instructions it adheres to.

So, CryptoHopper cannot take money from the exchange, it can only send buy and sell orders (based on your settings).

If you want to learn more about CryptoHopper and how it works, check out my full CryptoHopper Review here.

Is CryptoHopper Safe to Use?

Absolutely. But you have to make sure you set it up right. It can only go wrong if you go crazy with all the settings. Make sure to get decent instructions on setting it up and you’ll be fine. Hint – Get CryptoHopper through my link on this page and let me know you got a paid plan and I will send you a special video showing you exactly how I have my bot set up. You can thank me later.

Does CryptoHopper Really Work?

Over the last couple of months, I’ve proved it does actually work. You do need to do a little research on the signals, strategies and templates you use. Also, worth keeping in mind it’s always best to know what the Bitcoin price is doing right now as you switch on the bot for the first time.

In 60 days I made $103 profit when I started out with $670. So my balance in USDT came to $773. This means I just about broke even after paying for the bot and the signals. With compounded earnings factored in, that profit margin will certainly continue to increase on a daily basis, more or less.

In a year from now, if my projections continue to be correct, I’ll have turned my original $670 into over $1920.

If I keep doing that for another year, my total will hopefully be around $4783. It’s starting to look good. I’m more than doubling my money every year (if I progress as well as I have been doing, of course!)

After 3 years, my total could be around $11900. Can you see the power of compounding? From $670 to $11900 in 1095 days (3 years) at a very conservative 0.25% profit per day. Nice. That percentage per day is obviously going to be lower some days and higher on other days. I’m using 0.25% as a nice little average that I am sure I can achieve.

Change the percentages about a little, and change the starting dollar amount a bit and those numbers can change exponentially. But I want to be conservative, safe and not get too excited with the possibilites.

Try some calculations yourself using


How Much Profit Did I Make in 2 Months?

My very first week or two using CryptoHopper for auto trading, I started with $299. This was what I call my cautious testing phase.

After I saw that I was consistently making good profits, I then sold some of my other cryptocurrencies (at a slight loss, I might add) so that I could add some more funds to the pot as I like to call it.

So I bumped up my initial $299 to $670. This should allow me to make more money on a daily basis than is possible with $299.

After I added more funding (in USDT) I allowed the bot to continue trading for me. I tweaked some settings so that it would buy larger amounts of crypto in each buy order. For example, I went from around $10.02 per buy order to $20 and sometimes $25 per trade.

I also let the bot access all of my $670 to trade with, which was a bit of a mistake that I’ll tell you more about in a moment. Hint, I already made 2 mistakes at this point. I’ve learned from these mistakes and I want you to benefit from my mistakes so that you can make more profits.

My Bonus for You When You Get CryptoHopper Through My Link

If you sign up for CryptoHopper using my link, then that means I will receive about 10% commission every month that you remain active with CH. Now, as you can imagine, if you’re not making decent profits with this auto trading bot, you’ll cancel. And then I won’t make my 10% per month.

So as you can see, I want you to be happy with CryptoHopper. If you’re happy, you’ll make money and I’ll make money too. Make sense? So you’re getting my very best advice here. Nothing is secret once you sign up for CryptoHopper using my link.

If you sign up for CryptoHopper using my link I will also be sharing with you the exact strategies, templates, signals, and some awesome tips to help you avoid any mistakes I made. Fair? okay, let’s move on to cover any mistakes I made in my first 2 months using the bot. I have a secret unlisted video that is created specially for my CryptoHopper referrals as a thank-you for signing up with my link.

What Mistakes Did I Make in the Last 2 Months?


Mistake #1 – Allowing the Bot to Use All of My Funds

Okay, mistake number one was to let the bot use ALL of my funds. I went and allowed the bot to use all of my initial $670. And of course, low and behold, Bitcoin decided to head south. Damn. All the alt coins I had in active trades also tanked down. I had all of my money locked up in those trades and they went into the red for about 2 or 3 weeks in total.

And so I couldn’t do any new trades. All my funds were locked up in play. I had to sit there for ages and wait for it all to go back up when Bitcoin decided it wanted to go up again. Painful mistake. Don’t do it.

SPLIT your funds into 2 chunks. There is a setting in the bot where you tell it how much of your funding to use. I should have split mine into 50/50. I should have told the bot to use only about $350 of that initial $670. I’ve learned my lesson and I strongly and emphatically suggest you do the same. Because you know what happens when we get too greedy? We end up losing out.

Mistake #2 – Setting the Buying Amounts Too High

This is my mistake number 2. I got a bit greedy and overzealous with the buying amounts. This can be changed to whatever you fancy within the settings of the bot.

Instead of being sensible and conservative, I told the bot it could buy $20, $25, and sometimes $30 or more in each trade.

Big Mistake. Don’t do it.


Well, you’re locking yourself up with these bigger trades and using up more of your funds. This will limit the number of trades you can have going on at the same time. The more trades you’ve got going on, the better. Because while some trades might not be doing so well, you’ll have others which are. I want you to think of a conveyor belt where lots of stuff is going on.

Some trades will be in the green and some will be in the red. See the image below for an example of what I tend to think of as just a normal scenario with CryptoHopper when you look at it and see what’s going on.

CryptoHopper 2 Month Update
Your Trading Bot Typically Looks Like This on an Average Day

As you can see in the image above, there’s a mix of trades that are currently in profit and some trades you will see are up to almost 6% in losses. (But they’re not really losses unless you sell them!)

All of those trades which are in the red will eventually come back up and sell at a profit. Mark my words. You know cryptocurrency is always going up and down. It always comes back up after taking a nose-dive. Just be patient, even when it takes days or weeks.


It doesn’t matter that a trade is 20 or 40 or 50% in the red. It’s only a small amount you’re trading with, after all. Can you see why it’s beneficial to only let the bot buy small amounts?

If you set up the bot to buy huge amounts, then it goes into the red, then your trades are going to be a lot of negative profits. It’s better to be waiting for a $10 trade that’s 20% in the red to come back to profit than it is to wait for a trade worth $100 which is 20% in the red to come back to profit

My advice? Keep each trade buying amount small. Binance for example, has a minimum buy amount of $10. So I set my CryptoHopper to buy no more than $10.10 now. When I get to the big numbers and I’ve got let’s say $5000 in my trading funds, then I might consider jumping up to $50 per trade. Make sense? I’m working on a “percentage” of my funds, not so much the dollar amount. If some of my crypto tanks into the red, I don’t lose too much, so to speak. And it comes back anyway as long as I don’t sell.

Mistake #3 – Stop Doing All Those Manual DCA (Dollar Cost Average)

Dollar cost averaging really is quite nifty when it’s done the right way. The bot does have automatic settings for this and of course, you can also do it manually. I’ve done too many manual DCA orders in my first 2 months.

The trade amounts sometimes ended up being too big because of this. One time I had some crypto that I had manually DCA’d and the total value after my interference was $162. This, as you can imagine, is quite a large chunk out of my total fund of $670.

My Advice?

Don’t manually DCA unless you know exactly what you’re doing. Far too many times I didn’t pick the right time to manually DCA and then bitcoin did the opposite of what I thought it was going to do. I ended up with bigger bags in the end. Don’t worry though, they all did eventually come back up into the green and sold for a profit. But things could have gone so much better if I hadn’t have messed about with the bot and each of the trades so much.

Take as much of a hands-off approach as you can, despite the temptations to get involved. Try to trust the bot. It really is better at trading than humans are. And it goes for 24 hours straight without sleeping. And it can also handle hundreds of ongoing trades with its hands tied behind its back. No human can trade like these trading bots can.


What Will I Do Differently in the Next 2 Months?

I admit to all those mistakes I told you about above. I am sure I’ll make more mistakes as time goes by. But I have learned a lot from my first 2 months. Despite all the mistakes though, I did make some nice profits. If I didn’t make all those mistakes then I’d be sitting on a lot more profit than I am now. I reached a total of $773 in 2 months and I have no doubt that I could possibly have been sitting on around $900 or even $1000.

I’m looking forward to the next 2 months to see if I can make a lot more. I just about broke even when I factor in my expenses. The plan I’m using is $49 a month and the signals cost $10 a month. So I have to make the bot generate $59 a month then anything extra is pure profit for me.

As time goes by, the profits will grow. In fact, in the beginning the profits barely cover my expenses. But that’s only because I started off with a set number in my funds. Had I started out with about $1000 from the beginning, I am certain I would now be making enough to cover expenses and about double that amount in profit. I’m not worried.

My little pot of gold is still growing daily and it should be more than enough at the end of month 3 to cover all expenses and to give me a nice profit as well. Patience is key with this strategy. In a year from now I hope to be making $50 a day. More perhaps.

Compounded Profit is Where The Big Money Will Come

In time I hope to be generating $100 a day. What happens with today’s conservative micro-trading strategy will ultimately affect how much I will make each day in the future. I am reinvesting 100% of my crypto back into the trading. If I take money out, It’s like going back to square one. Compounding my profits is the most powerful way to grow my daily income from the bot.

After all is said and done, if I can make even just 0.1% per day using this bot, it’s going to be way more profit than any bank account will give me. Wouldn’t you agree?

What do you think of this trading bot? Do you trust it? Do you want to give it a go? Are you afraid of it? Do you know something I don’t? Let me know what you think in the comments and if you get the bot through my link, comment and tell me so I can send you the link to the special secret sauce video that I’ve got ready and waiting for you.


My Conclusion After 2 Months Using CryptoHopper

In short, if you’re wondering, YES, I have made good profits with Cryptohopper over the last 2 months. Keep in mind the amount of cash I started with is important. Had I started with more money, then I would have had more profits in those 60 days. I actually got going with just $299 for about the first week (I honestly can’t remember if it was a week or 2 weeks).

Anyway, I added some more money to bump up my funding for trades. This amount grew from $299 to $670. The calculations I’m working on are from the $670 point. I disregard the profits on the $299 because they skewed my final results. In all honesty, the bot did even better if I don’t include the period where I was only trading with $299. I would have made more if I started with my $670 right off the bat.

I Do Recommend CryptoHopper

If you are looking to get started with CryptoHopper, I recommend you start with a good amount in funds. This is because if you start too low, like for example just $100, then you’re not going to see enough profit to cover the cost of the bot for a month. It will grow from $100 for sure, but it will take some time before you make more than the cost of Cryptohopper.

I also recommend that you reinvest all profits for the time being. You’ll see bigger returns that way. I use paypal to pay for the bot monthly and leave all my profits which get added on to my total funds. So, my $670 has turned into $773. That’s a total profit of $103 in 60 days. As I’m writing this, I’m actually on day 70 and I’ve almost reached $810 so far. I will write another post at certain milestones, say 90 days, 120 days, and so on.

Ideally, I’d want to start with a minimum of $1000. I would split this into two. I would allow the bot to trade with $500 (50% of my funds). If bitcoin sinks in price and the altcoins also sink, I could then use the reserved $500 to continue trading as bitcoin comes back up. Make sense? Check out my video above for more information on that.

Thanks for reading my CryptoHopper 2 month update.

I’m Jim, if you need any help setting up CryptoHopper after getting the bot through my link, don’t hesitate to comment below in the comments section and let me know. That way, I can know it’s you and can then send you what I like to call my “secret sauce” video which will walk you step by step through all of my current settings, template, signals, tweaks, mindset and tips so that you can make great profits like me. I actually hope to see you doing better than me because you should benefit from my experiences if you take the advice in the secret sauce video I’ve put together.

Drop a comment below, even if you haven’t got CryptoHopper. I’d love to know what you think.

Take it easy and stay tuned for my future CryptoHopper updates coming soon.


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