Is My Online Business Education a Scam? Read My 2018 MOBE Review

Is My Online Business Education a Scam? Read this 2017 MOBE review to find out if it’s worth your time and money. We uncover some hidden details about this MLM opportunity. MOBE is an acronym for My Online Business Education. Can you realistically build your own online empire with MOBE’s education and is MOBE a scam?

I’ll be giving an honest personal opinion of this online training platform without slandering it just because it’s overly expensive. Because something that costs a packet doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a scam.

So, let’s take a look at those details before you throw money at it.

Is My Online Business Education a Scam? 2018 MOBE Review

Is My Online Business Education a Scam?Product: My Online Business Education (MOBE)
Cost: $49 +$19.95 per month + upsells (up to $29,997)
Owner: Matt Lloyd
Recommended?: Absolutely Not


What is MOBE? – My Online Business Education

MOBE is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company that sells online marketing tools. Multilevel marketing companies are companies in which members pay a membership fee in order to distribute the company’s products.

(In the case of MOBE, the products are online business tools. But other famous MLM companies include Avon and Mary Kay, in which members sell cosmetics, Amway, in which the products are household supplies, and Herbalife, in which the products are dietary supplements.)

In multilevel marketing companies, unlike in other direct sales companies, members who join the company are considered independent business owners rather than employees.

The members can earn money from the sale of products. There are also financial incentives to recruit other members (known as your “downline sales team” in MLM parlance). These financial incentives take the form of bonuses for recruiting new members and commissions on sales made by your downline sales team.

MOBE is one of several MLM projects owned by Matt Lloyd and based on the sale of online marketing tools. Lloyd also owns My Top Tier Business and My Millionaire Mentor.

While the company’s original name was My Online Business Empire, since the end of 2014, the name has been changed, so that MOBE now stands for My Online Business Education.


It’s Official: MOBE is a SCAM

In the first half of 2018, MOBE was found, in a court of law, to be a scam. This is due to their business practices which made it too much of a pyramid scheme.


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Who is MOBE For?

MOBE is for anyone who wants to start an online marketing business.  Upon further investigation, however, it appears that MOBE is most appropriate for people who want to start an online marketing business and whose disposable income vastly exceeds their research skills.

The initial cost to join MOBE and the monthly membership fee are certainly affordable But there are so many upsells in the form of training materials and elite memberships. Some of these cost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

Considering the amount of free information about online marketing that is available, and considering that the low startup costs are part of the appeal of online marketing, the fact that this company charges so much for training materials raises suspicions.


MOBE Overview – The Cost Starts Out Okay But, Ooooh, The Upsells!

It costs $49 to join MOBE, plus a monthly fee of $19.95.  That does not sound like a lot, and by itself, it isn’t. But upsells are a huge part of MOBE. And some of them are very, very expensive, costing upwards of $20,000.

The $49 fee you pay when you join MOBE enrolls you in a 21-step training course centered around building an online marketing business.

I think $49 is a reasonable price for an online marketing training course, but the trouble is that the course materials frequently encourage you to do things that require the purchase of higher levels of membership.  You can buy an MLR membership, for a one-time payment of $2,497, plus a monthly fee of $99.

In addition, you can also buy a Titanium membership, for a one-time payment of $9,997, plus a monthly fee of $199.  Then you can buy a Platinum membership, for a one-time payment of $16,667, plus a monthly fee of $299.  And you can buy a Diamond membership, for a one-time payment of $29,997, plus a monthly fee of $299.

While the content of the training materials is theoretically applicable to any kind of online business, it is specifically geared toward the goal of selling MOBE products and memberships.

To make matters worse, you can only sell a certain level of membership if you yourself have bought into that level of membership for yourself. That means you have to invest large amounts of money for the chance of promoting the same level of membership products.

Mobe Affiliate Program

Commissions are big if you decide on joining, but you’ll have to step up through the various membership levels if you want to leverage the MOBE affiliate program for maximum profits. I’m not keen at all on this business model. Here’s an analogy to expain why:


What is MLM? My MLM Analogy in a Nutshell

Imagine someone says to you…

“Hey, I have a shop in the middle of the desert. I have problems getting customers to come here, they don’t know I exist. If you can bring me some customers I will give you a commission.”

Your reply is “Okay, sounds great. I’ll do that.”

And so, off you trot, working hard to find customers for that little shop in the desert. You find a couple and you lead them to the shop. Upon arriving, you’re then told that you have to buy something in order to get a commission.


Not only that, but you have to buy whatever those customers are buying so that you can get a commission. If you don’t buy anything at all, you get nothing. You basically “PAID” to work for someone.

You have to “pay” for a product before you can tell others about the product in order to get your commission. What a scandal, in my opinion.

This is typical of MLM. This is why the MLM business model is often referred to as a Ponzi scheme, (according to Wikipedia) or, a Pyramid scheme.


Pros and Cons of the Product



  • If you just buy the lowest level of membership, it is not very expensive, and you may learn some new things from the training materials.



  • MOBE focuses heavily on recruitment of new members.
  • The upsells are too expensive to be practical. The Diamond membership costs as much as several semesters of tuition at a university.
  • For real success, it’s often implied that you need to upgrade to the next upsell, which inevitably costs a lot more. The upsells seem to be endless.



MLM companies that focus as heavily on recruitment as MOBE usually end up enriching only their founders.  MLM training materials also tend to have a high ratio of hype to useful content. Business tools MLMs, especially, tend to have overpriced products and training that you could find elsewhere a lot cheaper, or in some cases, completely free.

If you actually have enough money to afford the higher level MOBE memberships, your business options are not limited to online marketing. $30,000 is enough to open a restaurant in a food court.

You could even put a sizable down payment on an appropriate car and establish a limousine business with that kind of money.

While I have no doubt that the training and tools work well at MOBE, I give it a score of 20% because of the costs involved in order to be given access to everything.

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Is There a Cheaper Alternative to MOBE?

There is Wealthy Affiliate, which is a much cheaper alternative to MOBE. I’m not saying MOBE is a scam, I’m saying MOBE might cost way too much for most people. After all, most people who want to learn how to make money online are wanting to do so because they have little money to spend. It’s a catch 22 situation.

Wealthy Affiliate is more suitable for those on a tight budget. You can join for free, and stay for free forever if it suits you. If you do decide to go all in, the monthly fee will be no more than $49 a month. And you get up to 25 websites for that.

For now, though, I would stick to the free version of Wealthy Affiliate and save up some money. Learn what you can there on the starter membership. After you decide it’s the real deal, go for the monthly membership. That will give you full access to everything available there.

You don’t have to promote Wealthy Affiliate, but you can if you want to. The main purpose there is to learn affiliate marketing in any niche whatsoever.

Action takers are the money makers. Incidentally, Wealthy Affiliate gets over 90% consistently from me in terms of value for money, training and the community there that helps you on your way to success.

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Money Online With Affiliate Marketing – Wealthy Affiliate Program

Thanks for reading.

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