What is the Best Website Builder for Small Business?

Confused beginners are always asking me, Jim, what is the best website builder for my small business? So, I always recommend the same place.

That's the topic of today and we are going to touch upon some other related stuff that must be considered before making a final choice. 

Are You Fumbling About with Website Builders?

I fumbled around for months on end trying to find a perfect solution and I tried all these well-known website building platforms like wix and weebly. But there was always something missing, always something wrong, or something I couldn't fix. 

I could play around all day to my heart's content and enjoyed building my first ever websites. But it was all just for fun. I hadn't really thought about the making money aspects that a business owner would want to keep in mind.  

I learned a lot using these free website builder platforms but I realized in the end that it was difficult to monetize them. There were usually limitations on what you can do with the site once you start building it. Silly, really, because buying a dotcom and getting it hosted isn't as expensive as I first had imagined. 

That being said, what is the best website builder software for new home business owners to get started with? Some of the completely free website builders are actually quite good, in themselves. But they all lack something vital for a business minded person who's not just building a website for fun, or for a hobby. 

There is No Training Included

And most of all, there is absolutely no training included that show how to monetize the site. How to do keyword research and all the other neat stuff I that will help to grow a business, which is what most business owners want to learn, right?

Did you know that over 25% of the world's blogs and websites run on WordPress? That means one in four websites are built on WordPress. 

Over 25% is Good Enough for Me

Over 25% is good enough for me, I suppose because I really did not wish to learn to use Dreamweaver or any other premium website building software. It would mean I had to pay for it as well as do a lot of learning that I wasn't prepared to do and I simply didn't have the time, or attention span, to learn it all.

However, I have found one website builder which is both simple to use, and includes training to help you build it. There are also lots of tools included, such as a keyword research tool, free hosting, and a live chat feature you can use 24/7 if you get stuck on something.

Amazing. You don't get that with all the other website builders, do you? 

What is the best website builder for small business?

I bet you're dying to know what the name of this site builder is, aren't you?

Okay, so let's find out. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I am delighted to present to you...(fanfare please....)

"Siterubix" is the best website builder for small business. It's also the best site builder for complete beginners and new bloggers.

More important than the simplicity and the training was "do I get to keep full control over the site?" Could I monetize my site with google's Adsense, Amazon, and other advertising methods? In other words, were there limitations that I would have to adhere to with a site I built with Siterubix?

The answers to all of those questions are "ABSOLUTELY, You Can!"

Just below this text, there is a box where you can type in the name of a site you'd like to build. Try it out now. Choose a cool name for it. 

Why do it the hard way? Siterubix ideal for businesses because of the training. 

I wasted a lot of time with HostGator

Like I said earlier, I spent a lot of time doing the research and I was getting impatient because I wanted a website up and running in minutes and I wanted to build out the site with lots of content and ads from affiliate programs like Amazon associates.

I wanted it all and I wanted it NOW. But I was being a little hasty and I ended up jumping about with hosting companies and in the end paying Hostgator about $60 for three months hosting and 1-year domain name registration. Not a good idea when Siterubix can do much more for much less.

I continued to pay for my site with Hostgator for about two months, still learning how to build a website with WordPress there. I thought..."Hey, this ain't too bad a deal paying $60 for a site over 3 months, is it?" 

But the cost was quite reasonable, wasn't it?

3 months hosting and a one-year domain name registration was very reasonable indeed, wasn't it? No, it wasn't a bad deal...but I still regret it for 4 reasons. I wasted another one month and a half (nearly 45 days) because I had no mentors. (Hostgator does not teach you anything.) You're on your own.

I spent money on something I didn't really need to spend my limited money on. I lost out on TIME that would have been better invested into learning how to monetize a website with a proven strategy that works for many others who've walked the path before me.

In the end, HostGator made it very difficult for me to get my money back mon. I wanted to cancel within the 45 day guarantee period. I did get my money back (minus the domain name registration fees!).

It took a lot of chasing up, and they made it a stressful 5 days for me to cancel the hosting. I felt they were stalling me for some extra time, to make sure that I went beyond the 45 days threshold for cancellation. Not a nice experience I have to tell you. But I learned stuff there! 

So, Did I Find a Free Website?

I got a free website. That's what I got! Do you want to know what else? Sure you do, you curious cat you!

Have I got a treat for you here or what?  Here's what I got myself for free. No credit card required...

  • A free WordPress website
  • Video Tutorials on how to create a free website using WordPress and their Siterubix site builder 
  • Video Tutorials on how to find a niche to get involved in. Fashion accessories for men, for example!
  • All sites have anti-spam software pre-installed on the platform so there's no need for plugins
  • A long list of other features of the starter membership like auto backup every 24 hours, site monitoring, three different themes to choose from, 5 plugins included etc, etc. 

So, who is this for? What is it, exactly? And what can it do for you? What has it done for others? How long until you can make money blogging on your site?

It will do so many things for you and for your business direction. Let's address some of the above questions right now, shall we?  Here are the top 10 questions I picked out... 

What is it, exactly?

It is a free way to learn how to make money online AND get two free websites hosted. It is an online university populated with affiliate marketers from beginners just starting out to super affiliates wanting to learn more and give back by teaching YOU and walking you through the processes required to turn a website into an authority niche site that makes money from advertising commissions.

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Is Siterubix a Scam?

No, absolutely not! I have been a member since early in July of 2015 and I will be staying a member for a long time to come whether I am super successful or not. There is ALWAYS new stuff to learn, even for super affiliates with a gazillion websites making over 7 figures a year for little daily work. 

How does Siterubix Work?

You learn and you build your own website and you blog as much as you can within your chosen niche. Choosing a niche is as easy as choosing what interests you so that you could easily write stuff about the topic on a daily basis.

A blog a day would bring success more quickly. Using keyword research tools you write an article and that article is then read by people online when they search for it in Google or Bing.

They see your site, click on it and read your informative and interesting blog post. Making money from blogging comes through by advertising amazon products (one example) on your website that is RELATED to your niche.

A good example of which could be a blog about a new gadget like a mobile phone.  Then you advertise products such as mobile phones on your site. People click on the products and are then taken to amazon or wherever else and they make a purchase. You make a commission. 

Who can do it?

Anyone you can picture in your mind right now can do affiliate marketing (building a website and putting ads on it, basically) A ninety-nine-year-old great grandma or a 12-year-old kid could do this - you do not have to be a super genius - you will learn so much in the training and most of it is really, really easy - honestly. 

Who is it for?

Affiliate Marketing is for anyone who wishes to get away from the rat race and out of the nine to five crappy job situation.  It is also for...

  • People who want to work from home or anywhere else like a beach in Thailand, maybe.  If you've got an internet connected device you are in business already.
  • Unemployed folks
  • Disabled folks
  • People who want to be their own boss, who want to call the shots.
  • People who may be traveling the world. If you do this right and you learn properly, you can sustain yourself in any kind of lifestyle you choose. 

Who cannot do affiliate marketing?

I honestly cannot think of who cannot do this. 

  • Perhaps North Koreans couldn't do it.
  • Babies and toddlers can't do it.
  • Monkeys can't do it.
  • People who give up too easily can't do it.
  • People who don't want to work at it can't do it.

And last but not least are people who don't believe in it or think it is automatically a scam cannot do it.  Some people are just far too wary for their own good.  They miss opportunities all of the time through fear and procrastination.

They can get Analysis Paralysis. This is a serious business model that you need to run with if you want it to work for you. You can't quit every time a tiny problem comes up and you see that problem as massive and unsolvable.

Nope, that kind of attitude will get you nowhere near success, I can promise you that much.  I've seen so many give up when so close, just refused to do a bit more to fix something, got pissed off and jacked it in. 

Can You Do Affiliate Marketing From Anywhere?

Yes. Anywhere you can connect to the internet on your laptop or tablet computer, then you can do your business from whatever location you choose. Maybe not in the Grand Canyon or at the summit of Mount Everest, but I think you get the picture.

Think about that for a minute, get good at this and you can travel anywhere in the world and sit in a coffee shop in Sydney, Australia or sit near the beach in Spain with your laptop.  Making money online has never been so accessible to the masses. 

How Much Does Affiliate Marketing Pay and When?

That is a very tricky question to answer because you are different to me.  You have different abilities, different life experiences, different mindset, different background, different ambitions, different niches and of course some people are just plain smart than others while some work harder than the smart ones and achieve more.

If you're smart and hardworking, you are gonna crush it online!

Show me where to go so I can start too!

I will only show you where to go and what you need to do if you make me a couple of big promises. You must actively work to make this work for yourself. I don't want big complaining babies that want all the work done for them.

Go have a read of my Wealthy Affiliate review and learn how you can also get some awesome free bonuses just for joining through my link.

I don't want anybody kicking tires and wasting time for me when I could be relaxing with my family. The best way to be successful is by accepting that you have got to learn to do it AND implement it a little at a time without expecting to get paid a million dollars overnight. 

Learn the Ropes, and Don't Quit!

You have got to learn the ropes and THEN you will be able to do this better and faster and more successfully than you did the first time. It gets easier and easier, I do promise that.  But at first, it can be overwhelming. Don't quit, come to me here and ask me what to do about any problem that may arise for you.  I will get an answer back to you as soon as humanly possible.

Thanks for reading and I hope you got some cool info from this post about which is the best free website builder. As always please do drop us a line in the comments below to let us know your questions, concerns, or just to say Hi.

I'm Jim, nice to meet you. Read more about me here

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