How Much Money Can You Make with a Blog?

My friend, Joe, sent an email to ask me, "how much money can you make with a blog?" But it wasn't such an easy question to answer. There are a lot of things to take into account first.

It's an excellent question, and everybody who is thinking of starting a blog has that same query.

I know I did.

I know that you're also wondering how much you can make with blogging.

And so I thought it would be a better idea to write a blog post about it rather than just reply to the email with the same explanation just for one person.

Here is that explanation for everyone to read.

You wouldn't want to put your back into a method to earn money online if it turned out the maximum amount you could earn was only $100 a week, or month, or whatever.

I wouldn't do it for $100 a week. But I had to start doing it for $0 a week to begin with.

I know you wouldn't do it for $100 a month. But you'll have to start doing it for $0 a month to start with.

Nobody would do it if that was all you could make per month in this blogging for profit business model. 

So, How Much Money Can You Make with a Blog?

Hi, Jim here.

How much money can someone make as a blogger? First, we need to make sure we all understand what a blog is.

You are reading a blog post now. This is my blog post.

My website has lots of blog posts on it. Sometimes people call the whole website "a blog".

Another word for a blog post is an article - a piece of writing about a specific topic.

And the topic I'm blogging about today is related to how much money can be made with such a blog.

Since my niche site is all about how to make money online from home, I choose topics around that area.

The purpose of my website, and my blog posts on my website, are to help people learn how to earn money online. 

That's Blogging (Affiliate Marketing) in a Nutshell

One thing is important though.

You cannot just make a website and start blogging about random stuff. You have to keep it in your niche.

If you start a website all about cooking you can't just start throwing up blog posts about golfing.

No sense in that, is there?


Keep Your Niche Site On The Right Topic

You want to write about golf related stuff you have to make a site all about golf.

If you want to write about cooking then you keep your site about cooking.

What you gotta do is keep your website all about one niche.

Want to sell guitars from Amazon's website?

Probably best not to write about the best new 7 inch android tablet from Samsung on that website, then, eh? 

What Is My "Job" as a Blogger?

On my website I try to help people start a real online business. Many don't bother taking action, which is a shame.

Busy watching Television I suppose.

On my website I recommend things that work great for me. I also warn people about stuff that's a scam, or just plain junk.

Many times I will write a product review. All the products that I review belong in my niche.

You'll find web hosting reviews, training program reviews, video tool reviews, landing page software reviews and all kinds of stuff that is related to this field, or niche!

So now we've got the basics out of the way, let's move on... 

How Much Could YOU Earn By Blogging?

The truth is, there is NO LIMIT to what you can earn online with your blog.

This is why I believe it is possibly the most "BEAUTIFUL" thing about affiliate marketing.

Not to mention all the other benefits like...

  • Not having to wake up to an alarm clock is nice
  • You do not have to "work" on days you don't want to work
  • And You don't have to commute to work in traffic
  • You do not have to listen to an idiot boss
  • And you can work an hour a day or you can work 16 hours a day. It's up to you, nobody else.
  • You get paid more when you do more
  • You can choose whatever niche you love the most
  • And you get to help people out in your niche

Obviously the more work you put in, the better results you're going to have. And faster, too! 

Everyone Struggles When They Start a Blog

Many people, despite excellent advice, tips, and training that shows them how, will fail to make money online.

To discover why that is, read why people fail to make money online here.

Here's another thing about blogging.

Once you've found your "niche" in affiliate marketing, and you're building a solid business online, it's FUN!

It's interesting, fascinating, and when all is said and done, quite simple. Really. 

The 4 Basic Steps to Making Money with a Blog

There are only 4 basic steps to worry about if you zoom out to 35,000 feet and get a bird's eye view. (By the way, some birds really can fly at that altitude!)

  1. Choose your niche
  2. Build a website (easy peasy these days)
  3. Create content which sucks visitors in to your site
  4. Recommend something to your visitors and then get paid for it

Simple, right?

Yeah, I know, there are little bits and pieces that make up those 4 steps, sure. You've gotta learn a bit at a time. But the great thing is, you learn as you earn and vice versa.

But do you know what? New skills like that are valuable. Very valuable.

Imagine being able to write 1000 words (a blog post) and click on publish within a couple of hours?

Now imagine people coming to read those words and clicking on your affiliate link. They go off to another site through your affiliate link and they buy the product you recommended. Now imagine all of this happening again and again and again on autopilot.

You've DONE the work. You did it once and it pays you again many times.

Now, while you're getting on with your next blog post, your other blog posts are making you commissions 24/7 with no more effort needed from you.

It truly is the most powerful way to make money online that I know. And to be honest, I'm flabbergasted that more people don't do it.

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What Holds Most People Back from Smashing it Online?

The things holding people back are quite silly really. They'll often complain of things like...

  • I work 8 hours a day and I'm too tired. (yet they'll sit and watch TV for 6 hours every night!)
  • Oh I've got 2 kids to look after. (who hasn't?)
  • I've got a bad back. (I've got a bad back, it doesn't stop me)
  • I don't have money to invest in my training. (Yet they'll blow good money on junk food)
  • My husband won't let me. (Do it in secret then?)
  • My wife thinks it's a scam. (Make some money with it and prove her wrong!)
  • My friends tell me it's impossible. (Show them this blog post)
  • My family says I am dreaming. (Tell em if they loved you they wouldn't crush your dreams)
  • I'm not smart enough. (Yet I know some big idiots who make a lot of money online)

There's lots of excuses people give to themselves so they don't try and see. They fear failure. Some people even fear success (Bizarre, I know!) I've had a lot of the problems above in my online journey. But I didn't quit.

I'm not a millionaire yet but one day I will get there. Can't wait to see the look on the wifey's face! 

How do I know I will become a millionaire?

Well, it's because I know what is possible with internet marketing. It's because I've made money and I'm making more money every month. And it is because I've seen and spoken to millionaire bloggers online.

It is also because I've seen how the earnings grow more with each effort you put in. And most of all it is because I know I'm not a quitter. The more you stick at it and make mistakes, the more you learn. 

If Pat Flynn Can Surpass $250,000 in One Month, Can I?

See that image below? That's Pat Flynn. He's been blogging since 2008.

See that $167,553.31 in the top right? That's his earnings from his online business from August 2018. That's not a year's worth of earnings.

And I've seen him make over 250k some months. So, that $167k must be what he calls a "bad month" for Pat Flynn...

Pat didn't start out making over $100k a month. He started where we all start, right at the beginning.

Blogging would have been making him $0 a month to start out with. It's just the way it goes I'm afraid. You have to put some work in up front.

What Pat Flynn Makes with His Blog

And if Pat Flynn can earn over $250,000 in ONE MONTH, which I've seen him do....

Why can't I?

And why can't YOU?

All he did to achieve that since starting out in 2008 was to "stick at it through thick and thin!" Learn the ropes and keep going.

So that's what I'm going to do. And I'd love to help you do the same. Believe it or not, there are people out there making even more money than Pat Flynn makes.

But they don't all disclose their earnings.

You can bet your bottom dollar there are affiliate marketers, bloggers, work from home moms and dads, home business owners out there making over $1,000,000 a month.


Some Tips on How to Make Money with a Blog

If you want to get in on this amazing business, then I want to help you to start up a blog and then to earn money from your blogging.

Nothing makes me happier than to see everyone doing well.

Here's some sound advice you should try if you'd like to make sure your blogging is successful.

  • Get PROPER training - Nothing works better than a proven roadmap for success
  • Only Choose ONE niche and stick to it until you gain experience to branch out in others
  • Choose a Domain Name you're happy with - Something related to your niche is good
  • Don't be blinded by shiny object syndrome
  • Write daily if you want to earn sooner
  • Don't give up after a week or a month or even 3 months if you still haven't made money
  • Recommend ONLY products you really do believe in
  • Write content that genuinely helps people in your niche - They'll thank you for it
  • Add images to your blog - Nobody wants to read a huge wall of text
  • Add videos (They can be someone else's from YouTube, or your own)
  • Check your on-page SEO - (Easy when you use Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress)
  • Keep all your content specific to your niche 

What Would You Love to Achieve as a Blogger?

If you want to succeed as a blogger and you'd like some proper training to earn online, then I would suggest you hit up Wealthy Affiliate here, which is where I learn and earn money online.

It is my most highly recommended training platform.

And the great thing is, there is a 7 day free trial so that you can check it out.

If you'd love to see an example of what is possible with a bit of elbow grease and consistent, persistent action, you'll want to read what Grace accomplished.

What Grace Accomplished with Her Blog 

Click Here to Read More About What Grace Accomplished 

Grace is just a regular Joe (or Joanne) like me and you.

She's not some superstar blogger that's been at it since the inception of the internet. Grace is still very new to blogging. I have no doubt in my mind that Grace will easily smash through $5k a month in September 2018. I can even see her making it to $10k per month by the end of this year.


The one and only thing that she blames her success on is her consistent action.

Basically she got her head down and blogged daily. And within a relatively short time span, she made $4,900+ in August 2018. Just by writing words on her own website.

How much money can you make with a blog? It's completely up to you and your effort in the end.

Tell me, what's stopping you?

okay so if you want to learn how you can make money blogging, you can try out Wealthy Affiliate here and get my video training to go with it.

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