The Top 10 Deadliest Mistakes People Make When Trying to Earn Online – Plus My Solution

There are many reasons people fail to make money online, but really, it's not so hard if you follow a few simple tips for a better shot at success.

Write these down on something that you will see every day to remind yourself.

Reasons People Fail to Make Money Online

Nobody ever succeeded at anything in the history of success before first having a few struggles on their way.

Success isn't a straight line and more often than not, it's a ball of tangled mess. Success is at the tip of the proverbial ice-berg.

There is so much failure and struggle and frustration below the water line that is rarely seen by those observing successful people.

And at the bottom of the post I'm going to invite you to try something quite special.

It's something that will help you overcome a lot of the hiccups that will invariably present themselves on your road to success.

Big Mistake Number 1 - The Fear of Failure

The Fear of Failure to Earn Money Online

Lots of people don't try something because of the FEAR of failure.

I've been known to suffer from this debilitating affliction a few times myself. What you have to do is realize that "failure" is a catalyst for success.

You cannot be successful unless you've failed. Sometimes you've got to fail over and over and over again to achieve the success you're looking for.

Failure is essential!


I know, I know...

sounds crazy, right?

But yes...

Failure is something you MUST experience with your online business pursuits so that you can learn from it.

And then you can pick yourself up and you can continue on with a little more wisdom than you had before.

Makes sense, right?

I've Failed More Times Than I've Found Success

Believe me, I've failed thousands of times when trying out new things to expedite my own success.

It's okay.

Now that I know those ideas don't work, I won't waste time on them again.

Because those failed ideas are mistakes that I have already made and I've seen that they simply don't work, I can then quickly move on to other things that DO work.

Now I can progress a little bit faster than ever before.

I encourage you to just dive in and let yourself make those mistakes.

Don't be afraid of failure.

Embrace Failure!!!

Once you've made lots of mistakes you're kind of whittling the successful strategies down to the stuff that you know works.

You're getting down to the meaty stuff that you want.

It's like going through a pile of junk and finding little golden nuggets. 99.99% of that junk will be no good, but the longer you keep sifting, the more nuggets you'll find.

Silly analogy, but I think you get my point!

Big Mistake Number 2 - Unrealistic Expectations

Unrealistic Expectations Can Let You Down in Online Business

All of these problems are quite serious when trying to earn a living online. One of the most serious of them is that when people are new to this online business malarkey, they set their expectations unrealistically high.

They're setting themselves up for failure right from the very start of their journey.

They see people making 6 or even 7 and 8 figures from online business strategies such as affiliate marketing and they think they can do the same...

Within a month!

They expect to crack $10,000 a month or more before they've even got started.

It ain't gonna happen overnight!

It's not.

So you need to stop that.

Don't set yourself up for failure by expecting too much too soon. It takes time.

Think about it...

if it happened so fast, then everyone would be doing it. And if everyone were doing this stuff online, there would be a lot of competition, wouldn't there?

Plus, those traditional offline jobs wouldn't get filled. We'd all be sitting at home in our jimmie jams with the laptop on the kitchen table making 10k a month online.

The streets would be empty.

Life as we know it would come to a grinding halt. Nothing in the offline world would get done and people would quit their jobs in droves.

We can't have that, can we? Can you imagine going to McDonald's and it's closed because they can't get anyone to work there?

Can you imagine going out to your driveway and finding you don't have a car because all the car production companies had to close up shop?

And can you imagine going to the grocery store and finding out there was no food because all the farmers had quit farming and now they too, are sitting in their kitchens with a laptop making money online?

Let's keep it between you and me! We can't have that at all. Do me a favour will you?

Don't tell the farmers, the factory workers, and the staff in restaurants that they can make $10,000 or more online while sitting in their underpants, will you? They'll all be at it! Let's keep this stuff between you and me, okay?


So in a way, it's GOOD that so many people set their expectations too high in the beginning.

It's good because when they fail, and they quit trying, they resort to keeping the day job. They leave plenty of room for you and to crush it online.

All because you kept on going...

while they threw in the towel!


Big Mistake Number 3 - Shiny Object Syndrome

Shiny Object Syndrome can be Lethal if You are Growing an Online Business

Ah, SOS, otherwise known in this "industry" as the great big shiny object syndrome! What is shiny object syndrome, Jim? Come on now, you know what this one is.

It's when you have an idea for a business and you start working on that idea. But soon, along comes something else. Something you think might be better than your original idea. 


you've just been zapped by shiny object syndrome (SOS). This is a MAJOR problem that I've encountered myself many many times.

By my not so expert reasoning, I believe shiny object syndrome causes about 50% of the failure for people trying to make money online today.

A rough estimate, I can assure you...Maybe it's more than that. You have to stick to the plan, folks. There is nothing worse than shiny object syndrome when it comes to slowing down your progress if you're building an online business. It is lethal!

Don't let new stuff get in the way of the stuff you set your mind on from the beginning. Stick to the original plan. The original plan was great! It's still great today.

You just need to see it through to make it work for you.

Big Mistake Number 4 - Not INVESTING in Yourself

INVESTING in Yourself is Crucial for Online Success

Another biggie is not investing in yourself. I mean investing in yourself in terms of time, learning new stuff, and in money.

I am perplexed when I hear people say they don't want to invest a few dollars a month into their online business, their education, their online tools, training, and other related stuff...

only to spend DOUBLE or TRIPLE that money on junk food, coffee, beer, computer games, movies, and other such non-essential "stuff"...

It's unbelievable that some people will gladly spend $5 on a single cup of coffee every day that lasts them 10-15 minutes but they REFUSE to part with a single cent to better themselves (and their family). 


I mean, come on...

Some people take out HUGE loans to go to college or university to get a degree so that they can get a J.O.B (Just Over Broke).

And you know what? Most of them who actually DO end up with a job they wanted, will hate that job. And now they're in massive debt. It'll take them years to pay it off. 

What a Complete Waste

Not to mention they wasted 4, 5, or even 6 or 7 years educating themselves. And there's the stress of all that study. That's just the lucky ones. A lot of people get their degrees but don't end up in a job they wanted.

They settle for less.

Some end up flipping burgers... (I've been there and done that with McDonald's, Burger King, and Pizza Hut when I was in my teens.)

Many will end up in jobs they hate. And they still have massive student loans to pay off for several years before they break even.  

That's Batsh*t Crazy to Me! Everyone wants to have a degree these days. It's getting saturated. If everyone else has a degree, what will set you apart from them?

It makes little sense to me and I definitely wouldn't be chasing that degree if I went back in a time machine. Know what I would do instead?

I'd get on the internet and start learning how to do affiliate marketing. It's easier than getting a degree. There's way less stress involved. It's way cheaper and it's way more fun.

And once you've mastered this internet marketing thingy -mejig, you can make a lot more money than most degrees will qualify you to make. You can take that to the bank! 

Affiliate Marketing is The Easiest Way

Affiliate marketing is the easiest way to make money online, believe it or not! And the benefits? There are so many. It's so cheap to start up. And there are no set limits to what you can earn.

You want to make $50,000 a month? Nothing stopping you.

It would take an incredible amount of work before you achieve that level of success, though.

It means creating a website (easy) and finding stuff to sell to people who visit the site. 

You stuff you can buy on Amazon?

I prefer digital products myself though. Higher commissions. Often with digital products there are recurring commissions.

Why get paid once for selling a $100 product on Amazon for a commission of about 8% when you can put in the same amount of work and be paid $40 every month for something digital which costs $100 a month.

No brainer!

I digress...

We're not here to talk about which affiliate marketing stuff I prefer. You're here to solve the problem of why you might fail to earn money online.

And we're here to stop you in your tracks before you make any or all of these deadly, soul crushing mistakes. 

How Much Money Must You Invest in Your Online Business?

How much money must you invest in your online business tools

The truth is, there are only a couple of things you need to pay for when starting and growing an online business.

  • A Domain Name (Website)
  • Hosting (Somewhere your website will live)
  • Training (More on this aspect later)
  • Keyword Tool

That's probably enough for everyone. Especially when just starting out. Keep things simple and then there will be less "stuff" that gets in your way. There will of course be costs for those basics, as with any business, you're not going to be able to build it completely for free.

Sure, you can build an online business for a ridiculously small amount of money these days and that is fantastic. It's one of the biggest benefits there are to working online.

How much do the essentials cost?

How much is domain name? A domain name is only about $15 a year for a dotcom, if you shop around.

And how much is hosting? You can probably find reasonably cheap hosting for about $5 a month if you look online.

And what about training? Training can cost more. Some places will charge you thousands for coaching. Not cheap at all. And will that training get you to where you want to be?

Maybe...maybe not.


Wealthy Affiliate is Still My #1 Recommended Training That Shows You How to Make Money Online...

Learn all you need to know about making money on the internet

My #1 Recommended Training is Wealthy Affiliate

I will recommend something much more affordable and it's called Wealthy Affiliate. That recommendation will include hosting and training, a keyword tool, and you can also buy a domain name inside there. All nice because it's under one roof. Plus there's a lot of other in-house tools to help you start and grow an online business.

And there is also an awesome community of like-minded people inside that can help you along your way. People of all different levels from complete beginner to people who're making a gazillion dollars a year online.

How much does it cost?

It's only $49 a month!!!

What? heard that right...

$49 a month will get you hosting, training, and access to a community that helps you out 24/7. There's even a live chat feature where you can get help at 3AM if you need it.

And guess what? They even have a yearly payment plan which costs just $359 annually. That's a huge saving on something that was already really affordable!

Oh, for transparency, I'd better mention the purchase of a domain name. That, like I mentioned before, is about $14-$15 per year. That cost is additional. It works out at about 4 cents per day.

Can you afford to invest 4 cents per day into a domain name that you own yourself? Sure you can!

You do realize, right, that owning a domain name is like owning real estate. It's virtual real estate. It's an asset that will grow in value over time. But it's an asset that won't cost you more and more over time to maintain.

The cost should remain about the same every year, just about $15 or so.

Anyhoo...where was I?

Oh right...


Costs to run an online business.

How affordably could it be done...really?

I'd say approximate costs would work out at about $30 a month if you went for the yearly payment plan.

And if you went for the monthly payment plan it would cost you about $49 a month. (Plus that initial domain name purchase). Remember what I was saying about people who can blow $5 on cup of coffee every day?

How much is that coffee every month? By my reckoning it comes to a whopping $150...


And some of those same people will refuse to invest a fraction of that amount into a real online business that they own.

Are you half as flabbergasted as me?

It's incredulous to me that someone can be so short-sighted, so wasteful, so brain dead.

Sorry, I'm not implying that people who drink expensive coffee are brain dead dumbos. I'm referring to those who would gladly do that but then turn around and say it's not worth investing $30 a month into themselves to build a life changing online business that they own 100%.

Let's continue on to the next huge mistake.

Big Mistake Number 5 - Lack of Consistency

This one is closely related to the deadly shiny object syndrome. But shiny object syndrome is just one part of why some are inconsistent with their actions for their online money earning attempts.

Once you kick SOS to the kerb and you focus on a strategy that you know will actually work, then you've still got to make sure you take action.

Take action every day.

Repeated, consistent, ACTION!

The more action you take every day, the faster you will progress to where you want to be with your online business.

It's "cumulative", meaning although you won't see much in terms of results in the early stages, something that you do today, can have a massive effect weeks, months or a year down the road.

I could make a video and put it on Youtube today.

I might get 10 views in 3 days.


I know.

My first instinct would be to give up on the idea of making Youtube videos for my online business.

Why bother when I only got 10 views in 3 days?

And therein lies the problem.

You see, if I keep on making Youtube videos, that original video I made will start getting more traction.

My channel on Youtube will start to grow. I'll get more subscribers daily if I just keep on uploading videos to my channel.

My original video will rank better in the search results. This gets me many more views on that original first video.

We're eventually up to thousands of views and it's only been a few months.

Now imagine for one minute if I'd packed Youtube in because I thought that first video was pointless?

And that is what happens to so many people.

If I chose to use Youtube as a way to drive traffic to my website (via a link to my site in the description below the video) then the very best strategy you can have is to be "CONSISTENT"...

It can be boring and repetitive but really, it is something very powerful that doesn't seem all that powerful in the early stages.

Be persistent, stick to the plan, keep going, and don't quit.

Once you find your mojo, keep at it.

I've got something great for you later that you will want to take a look at. It will solve most of the problems on this page that you will no doubt encounter.

Moving on...

Big Mistake Number 6 - Lack of Motivation

Lack of Motivation to Start an Online Business

If you're stuggling with ideas, and you're not gaining much traction, it's easy to lose motivation. Losing motivation will cause a lot of procrastination. You might get writers block, you might be stuck in the mud for those ideas you originally had.

Remind yourself of the reason you started.

Go on Instagram and follow some motivational quotes accounts. When browsing through these motivating posts you will build up your determination to succeed. Those quotes start to rub off on you.

Listen to motivational audio or video from the likes of Tony Robbins.

Write down some goals you're shooting for.

Are you hoping to achieve $1000 a month as your first goal? Write it down.

Visualize something you'd like to buy for yourself with your profits. Want a new car?

Sure, get a picture of that car and put in near where you're working. You could have a picture set as the wallpaper on your computer.

Want a dream house? Get a picture of something you'd love to live in.

What motivates you can make the difference between success and failure.

Just paying all the bills every month and having money left over is motivation enough for many.

Taking a nice vacation is what motivates others.

The lack of motivation often leads to the next problem...

Big Mistake Number 7 - Inaction or Procrastination

Inaction or Procrastination Can Kill Your Online Business

Inaction through procrastination can be a business killer. Procrastination is what keeps us from working on our business most of all. More so than the fear of failure, I believe.

Procrastination is inextricably linked to lack of motivation and vice versa.

Write down a to do list before you go to bed each night.

Doesn't matter how many tasks you put on that list, because you don't have to complete every task the next day.

What I like to do when I have a to do list is simply start with the smallest, easiest tasks at the beginning of the day. When I finish that little task, I feel like I've accomplished something.

No matter how small that task was, even if it only took me 5 minutes to get done, it makes me feel like I am getting somewhere.

Then it's on to the next slightly bigger job. Maybe I could make a cup of coffee at this point to reward myself for completing task number one.

Rinse and repeat until you've done as much as you think you can manage for the day. haven't finished all the tasks for the day?

No problem, you've accomplished lots of useful tasks today.

Now copy the incomplete tasks over to the next day's to do list.

Rinse and repeat. Start with the small tasks first and work your way up to the bigger ones.

I bet you will get much more done every day.

Here's another quick tip.

Don't try to multi-task - It's inefficient.

You do half as good a job and it takes you longer.

Focus on one thing at a time and don't move on to anything else until it's done.

So, close all those other browser tabs which will distract you and get on with your number one focus.

Another quick tip!

I prefer to check my emails at the end of the day, rather than at the beginning.

We all know how email is. Once we start checking, we simply have to get on with replying to all of them. This can take out a large chunk of your morning if you're not careful.

Not to mention they are distracting you and sucking up your energy.


Keep that to-do list going.

Tick off the tasks as you complete them. This is a psychological hack that makes you feel pleased with yourself.

And you'll be itching to crack on with the next job on your list. Those little to-do lists can become quite addictive. Try it out, you'll find they can be extremely effective.

Big Mistake Number 8 - Not Finishing What Was Started

Not finishing what was started

This kind of relates to the last mistake and also to the "shiny object syndrome" problem. You wake up feeling pumped. You start your routine and you're cracking on with work. Nothing is gonna stop you today.

But wait...

What's that?

You just received a notification on your Facebook...

And you simply have to check it.

Or you just have to check your email.


I think you get the picture.

Before you know it you're distracted and you know you're not going to get anything worthwhile done today. That's a day wasted.

It feels like you're losing your way, your direction...and success might be impossible.

Do you know how much useful stuff can be accomplished in a day?

What to do?

Again, it all comes down to focus. You must finish all those little tasks that you started. Never leave them incomplete (unless of course they're not so little!)

If it's small jobs you need to get finished don't reward yourself with a break until you've got them done and dusted.

As I mentioned earlier, another thing not to do is to try to multi-task.

Focus on one thing at a time until it is done! Reward yourself with a cup of tea or coffee. Maybe a snack.

Big Mistake Number 9 - Falling for Scams

Falling for Online Scams

Are you always getting scammed online? Buying stuff you don't need? Do you find yourself being sucked into something that looks so good it couldn't be true?

You need to stop being so impulsive.

The best way to avoid being scammed is to be VERY cautious of what you're paying for. 

Do you really need it?

Have you read any reviews on the product?

Do you know anyone who is using the product themselves? What do they think of it?

When you get scammed because you bought a useless product claiming that it'll make you rich and that product doesn't deliver, it eats at you. It erodes your confidence.

And it also sucks your time and energy, and also takes your money out of your wallet.

Go back to the investing section and read that again. You only want to be paying for stuff you really need. And you don't need a lot of stuff, really! 

Big Mistake Number 10 - The Lack of Fast Results

Lack of Fast Results in Online Business

This one annoys me most of all. When I hear people complaining after barely any time at all, that they haven't made money yet. Here's what I'd like to tell them.

Hey, buddy...this is a REAL business. You should realize that any business, offline, and online, is going to take time to build. You are expecting too much too soon if you think you can build a website, and leave it there and expect money to start rolling in the next day.

It doesn't work like that. It's a cumulative effort. The work that you put in today might not start paying until months down the line.

It depends on how much content you put on your site. If you add new content every day you will accelerate faster to the money side of things.

But if you're going to slap up one blog post and leave it a month to do the next blog post you're not going to make it.

I know it's a bitter pill to swallow. But you have to shape up if you want the money. You have to provide consistent value as often as possible. Here's an analogy which I think is perfect for this line of business (affiliate marketing). 

You are a fisherman and your website is a boat.

It's a fishing boat.

To catch fish, you have fishing rods. You attach bait to the end of the line which comes from the fishing rod.

You take your boat out to sea and you cast out your bait on the end of the fishing line. Your bait is sitting there floating around in the water.

You might catch a fish. I doubt it though. You could be fishing in the wrong place. You might be using the wrong bait. There might not be enough bait on the hook. 

Waddya do?

The Fishermans Boat and Online Business Analogy

Do you sit there for a month and scratch your head asking why you haven't caught any fish yet? Do you say "This fishing malarkey is a scam!" and then give up and go home?

Here's what I would do if I were that fisherman with a boat. I would make sure that I had all types of different bait.

You see, the bait is your keywords and the fishing rods are your blog posts. The boat is your website where all your rods and fishing bait and hooks and other gear is kept.

You want as many fishing rods and as many variations of bait on the ends of those lines on hooks all cast out over the side of the boat.

You want to take your boat where you know there are lots of hungry fish.

Now, ask yourself this. "Would I cast out just one fishing line with one bit of bait if I were a fisherman with a boat?" Nope.

I would cast with as many rods as I could fit on that boat. I'd cast out with hundreds. Once I had cast the first line out I would crack on and prepare the second rod with line and bait.

I would keep repeating this process over and over and as quickly as I could. I would just crack on and get it done. Because I know there are fish there. There are PLENTY of fish there. 

The fish, by the way, are dollars.

Some fish are little tiddlers. They could be worth about a dollar each, for example. Some fish are medium ones. They might be worth $5 or $10, let's say. And some fish might be whoppers.

These whoppers will occasionally come along because you've got just the right bait, you're just in the right place, and you cast out and you catch the whopper. The whopper could be worth let's say $50 or $100. 


Now you know what bait the whoppers in that area like, you put some more bait like that back on the end of the line and you cast out again.

Meanwhile you're still catching tiddlers on the other lines. That's okay, too. It all adds up. It's work that is already done! Benefit from it.

The more rods, lines, hooks and bait you have dangled over the side of that boat,'s kind of guaranteed that you're gonna get a lot of fish over time.

And the longer you stay there in the boat in that area, the more you're going to catch.  

What do you do? Do you come back to shore after you cast out one single line and catch tiddler?

Oh no, shipmate! You don't do that.

You stay out there casting out more and more and more lines with more and more bait. You're getting good at it. You're getting a feel for what bait works best on those hooks.

By this time, your boat (your website) is becoming more trusted by the search engines.

Your rankings improve because Google and the likes of Yahoo, and Bing, can see that you're serious. They see you are intent on providing value to your website visitors (the fish).

The compounding effect kicks in. You're catching more fish. This gives you the motivational booster that makes you crank out even more content (fishing lines with bait on the end).

You're becoming a bit of a master fisherman. Now after some time, because you've stuck at it, you're reeling in whoppers every day.

It's hard to "NOT" catch whoppers every day. They just won't stop biting at that bait. You've "made it", so to speak. You might even be addicted to fishing now! 

Guess what?

The other guy who went back to shore because he cast out just one measly line with a tiny maggot on the end of it?

He's going home hungry. He's saying fishing is a scam.

And you're laughing because you have experienced how easy this fishing malarkey really is.

Because you now know that when you get a new website and start out, you're not going to be catching many fish in the beginning. You know that if you continue casting more and more lines out with all types of bait (keywords) then you're practically guaranteed to be successful. 

It really is as simple as that.

I'd like to kick the lazy ones up the backside. I'd like to scream into their faces that this line of work is not a scam. It's completely legit, very common, and when done properly, it can be MASSIVELY profitable. And yes, I am talking about LAMBO money profitable.

And in fact, it is probably the most POWERFUL way to generate income online that I've ever heard of, or experienced.

I am so glad I stumbled into this method of making money sitting in my jimmie jams sipping coffee at home. 

It's freakin' awesome. In the beginning though, captain Ahab...

You have to accept you're only going to catch a few tiddlers. We all have to go through that stage. You have to work hard, be patient, be persistent, by continually adding new content to your website.

It will come!

Believe this, and you're 90% of the way to the bucks already. Only time is in the way. Could be 6 months. It could be a year, or it could be 2 years.

The more you create, the faster you'll get there.

Simple enough for you, Simon?

Winners Never Quit and Quitters Never Win!

Online business begins like pushing a car from a standing start

Did you ever have to push a car because it won't start? Notice how hard that initial push has to be to get the car moving up to walking pace? And have you noticed how easy it is, once you've got up to walking pace, to keep that car going at walking pace?

This affiliate marketing stuff is exactly like that. The more effort you put in at the beginning, the easier it becomes. Once you've established yourself as an authority in your niche, it gets to be like pushing a car down hill. The car will speed up and you won't be able to keep up with it. That's what you want!

Then come the bigger and bigger monthly pay checks. Pay checks that you've basically written for yourself. I want you now to "cast" your mind back to the fisherman and his boat with his first line cast over the side with the bait on it.

Do you know that line is now pulling in a good few fish every day to his boat? It's pulling in a lot more than it did in the early days ever did.

That's because his boat (website) now has more "authority"...

And do you know what else? Nobody can say you can't have a pay rise in this line of work.

And nobody can tell you that you've got too many fishing rods (or boats) and put a stop to you making more money. 

And I mean NOBODY!!!

It is one of the most beautiful business models in the world. If only more people knew how it works. They'd be laughing all the way to the bank.

The only difference between those who fail and those who are successful is "NOT" giving up before getting traction.

Sadly, Over 95% Will Fail (Despite Good Advice)

How to achieve success with your online business

When all is said and done. Even 95% of people who read this very blog post will try to make money online and fail miserably for any number of the reasons I've laid out above.'s true. And most of them will quit before they've even been at it for a month. Pffft.... 

Am I banging my head against a brick wall here?

Do I have to come round to people's houses and push the mouse about and show them how to make money online?

Or should I just accept that most people would rather stay in their day job they hate, commute to work, and have their days dictated by an alarm clock, a crappy boss, and a measly salary for the rest of their lives?



I hate to see that happen when I know about something that's a million times more satisfying. I want to tell them to start with a couple of hours a day and work on their own online business.

Sure, I know they're tired and all that, but if they can spend about 6 hours a day (even after a full dat at work) watching TV, then surely, they must have a couple of hours a day to spend on starting and building a real business online.

I suppose the saying "You can take a horse to water but you can't make it drink" is the perfect statement in this regard. I don't know you.

I don't know how old you are, or how young you are. I don't know if you're male or female. I don't know if you're smart or dumb.

I don't know if you're handsome, pretty, or fuggly - By the way, I know you're wondering, and yes, I'm extremely handsome. Lol.

Heck, I don't know if you're lazy or hard working. 

But I do know one thing.

I know that if you take my advice, and you get your head down and follow some simple training, that I can practically "FORCE" you into making money online.

And how can I do that then?

Well, you'd have to join a very specific community through my affiliate link to do that.

You'd have to go through my link above to qualify as someone who is giving me permission to drag you kicking and screaming to the finish line we call success. 

I won't be doing the work for you, mind!

I've got enough on my own boat, ahermmmm....I mean website to be getting on with.

But I can offer a helpful hand, advice, motivation, ideas, strategies and top tips. This will help you so that you can set up and grow your own money making machine on the internet as fast as possible.

I know you want to get there as quick as humanly possible, it's only natural. And I'll do my best to speed you up. I'll fast-track you as much as possible in this line of work. 

So What is The Solution to These Huge Problems?

There is one solution for all of these problems combined into one training and community platform that'll iron out all of your difficulties if you put the effort in.

And yes...

There is a 100% free trial so you can check it out before buying.

And when you do buy, it's $49 a month, or, if you're smarter than the average bear, you'll want to save and go for the yearly membership. 

What's included?

  • You get oodles of top-notch training videos
  • Web Hosting is included
  • There is an easy to use website builder
  • You will have a keyword tool (with training on how to use it)
  • 24/7 access to live chat 365 days a year.
  • You get my help.
  • And you get the help of thousands of other members.
  • You will even have access to the 2 co-founders of this 14 year old internet marketing training company. (really!) 

Get Everything You Need to Start and Grow an Online Business

It's just about all you will ever need for starting and growing your online business from home.

All you need is an internet connected computer and you're away.

There is nothing else you need to buy once you've joined. 

Oh, actually, I told a little fib just there.

You do have to pay about $14- $15 a year for a domain name. They're purchased inside and you can install your WordPress Website on them in a matter of minutes.

Total cost per year if you do it the smart way?

$359 + $15 = $374.


Less than $400 a year to start an online business?

To start up, run, grow, and learn all there is to affiliate marketing costs less than $400 per year. I don't know about you, but I think that is PHENOMENAL value. I wonder how much it is to start a bricks and mortar business these days.

And also, when you're up and running, in the future, many people with their own websites like to start email marketing. But don't even consider this right now, it's not immediately important enough for you to worry about.

Just the above will be fine for a good while! I dread to think. Anyhoo, even some people who do go for a monthly premium membership will leave after a month. I don't know what else I can do to keep them motivated.

I bend over backwards for them and they still leave. A lot of them don't have it in them. Many see that I wasn't lying and indeed they do have to put the effort in. It's like they expected it all done for them. 


Would you build someone else's business for them for less than $400 a year? No can do I'm afraid. This is a legitimate learning and business building platform all rolled into one.

You'll get plenty of training, plenty of tools, plenty of tips and plenty of expert advice...But one thing you won't get is someone building your future for you. That's up to you. 

A little bit of perspective is called for here. How much would you pay to go to college or university for 4 years? How much do you want that future?

I'm referring to the future lifestyle that I know you've heard about. The laptop lifestyle some call it. Others might call it financial freedom or passive income.

It begins with hard work. You can take your foot off the gas a bit once the bigger profits start coming in. Slow down by all means and start enjoying those profits.

You'll get to a point where you're making enough to have most, if not all of the work for your website outsourced. And still make huge profits. But don't just write a couple of blog posts and give up, for heaven's sake. 

Did you think it was going to be so easy?

It's hard to begin with. Believe me, I've been frustrated with this stuff many a time. But I wouldn't change my new "job" for any other, even though I haven't reached Lamborghini status yet.

I WILL get there. I know it. Because I've seen plenty of my own bigger and bigger successes that blew my mind. And I've seen tons of other people attain and maintain success of their dreams, too.

They're the ones who are like me in that they just know they have to keep going and keep learning, building and creating content for their websites.

Never stop learning is one of my mottos. And once you see the pennies start trickling in, this affiliate marketing malarkey becomes quite addictive. If you can earn a dollar through affiliate marketing you can certainly earn a million dollars. 

I love it. But will you love it enough to stick at it and never quit?

If you think you're up for the challenge, and you want to learn how to build, grow and run a profitable online business using affiliate marketing, then you should definitely be clicking (or tapping) on that big fat blue button you can see on this page. 

Have you got what it takes? What do you think is holding people back most of all?  

Do you know of any reasons people fail to make money online?

Is there something I haven't mentioned on this page? I'd love to hear it in the comments section below. I'll get back to you. I may even add your opinion as a number 11 on this list of reasons people fail to make money online.

If you have any friends or family that you know would love to read this, go ahead and share this using the social media buttons to the left (I think).

I'm Jim and it's been great talking to you about why people fail to make money online today. Stick around if you like

 Or better yet, get on with building your business. Click that big blue button above and get yourself rolling with your free 7 day trial.

Bye for now!

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