LimeLife MLM Review

In this LimeLife MLM Review you’ll discover all the details about Alcone’s business opportunity selling skincare and cosmetics as a LimeLife by Alcone “beauty guide.” We’ll be taking a look at what products LimeLife has to offer, how this MLM opportunity is structured, and whether or not it’s a legit company or just another MLM pyramid scheme that robs you of your money, friends and family.

Should you skip the LimeLife MLM business model or go all in? In this article today you’ll learn the following…

  • What LimeLife is all about.
  • Who LimeLife MLM is for?
  • Are LimeLife’s products any good?
  • Can you make money selling LimeLife products?
  • How much it costs to join LimeLife MLM business opportunity.
  • Is LimeLife MLM a scam or something worth getting involved in?
  • Is there a better alternative to LimeLife MLM? (Hint: Yes there is, and I’ll tell you about it below)

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By the end of this review you’ll know all about this business opportunity and whether you should join or not. You’ll also discover if there’s a better alternative. Heads up – yes, there is!

Do read the whole post because I don’t want you to miss out on the most important pros and cons of LimeLife’s MLM opportunity before you make an informed decision. I also want you to read about the better alternative to LimeLife MLM.

Let’s go…

What is LimeLife by Alcone?

LimeLife by Alcone rebranded itself from its original name of LimeLight. It is a company that sells cosmetics, skincare products and also accessories. The company has been in business since 1952.

That’s almost 70 years at the time of writing this review. 70 years is a long time. But does that mean LimeLife must be legit just because it’s been around so long?

In 1952, the original iteration of this company provided makeup to people in show business. Since then, it’s grown, rebranded, restructured and added new products to its product line. It’s evolved into what we now know as LimeLife by Alcone.

The name of “LimeLife by Alcone” itself as a brand hasn’t been around too long. It’s the same company but they’ve rebranded several times and the last time it happened was in 2018.

I wonder why they keep on re-branding? Still, no matter…It’s not illegal to re-brand your company, is it? And there are many legitimate reasons to re-brand.

However, sometimes MLM companies like to re-brand when they’ve got too much bad press for scamming people. But hold your horses, I’m not pointing at LimeLife MLM and saying it’s a scam….not just yet anyway!

Prior to 2018 the company branding was “LimeLight by Alcone”. So, it’s the same thing, just restructured and rebranded.

Are LimeLife’s Products Worth The Price?

The last time I looked, the product that LimeLife sells range in cost from $20 to around $150 a pop. They claim that the products are organic and natural, no chemicals.

I don’t know if this is definitely true, but I’ve seen complaints (listed below) that refute that “all natural” claim.

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Personally, I think the products from LimeLife are a bit on the expensive side. It’s probably priced higher than it really should be due to having to pay all the commissions to the Beauty Guides in the MLM downline selling their stuff.

The LimeLife MLM Business Opportunity

As a network marketing company, or direct sales as some people will refer to it, LimeLife by Alcone gives the opportunity for anyone into MLM to get on-board and sell makeup and other cosmetics, such as skincare products and if you’re involved in LimeLife you’ll already know that you’ll be given the title of “Beauty Guide”.

As a beauty guide, you get to sell LimeLife by Alcone. There are a few things you need to do to get involved with this MLM first, as with all MLM companies.

You must purchase a starter kit. The kits come at 2 different levels and you must fill in an application on their website.

How Much Does it Cost to Join LimeLife?

There are 2 starter kits.

  1. The Business Starter Kit. There is only 1 variation of this starter kit and it costs $99.
  2. The Silver Business Starter Kit. This starter kit costs $169 and has 4 different variations to choose from.

Below is a screenshot of the different starter kits you must purchase to get going with LimeLife MLM as a beauty guide.

You only need to choose 1 starter kit to get started. So, you take your pick, you can start with the business starter kit for $99 or you can go for the silver business kit (choosing a shade) for $169.

On the LimeLife website, choosing a starter kit is the first thing you’ll do before being redirected to the application form to become a beauty guide.

LimeLife MLM Review - Business Starter Kit

LimeLife by Alcone’s Most Basic “Business Starter Kit” edition costs $99

The Business Starter Kit Includes the following items for $99:

  • Perfect Eyeliner Pen
  • Perfect Mascara
  • Perfect Translucent Powder
  • Perfect Lip Gloss
  • Moisturizer
  • Travel Size Priming Spray
  • Travel Size Setting Spray
  • Cleanser
  • Mini Powder Brush
  • Catalog & Training Materials
LimeLife MLM Review - Silver Business Starter Kit Light

LimeLife by Alcone’s “Silver Business Starter Kit – Light” edition costs $169

LimeLife MLM Review - Silver Business Starter Kit Medium

LimeLife by Alcone’s “Silver Business Starter Kit – Medium” edition costs $169

LimeLife MLM Review - Silver Business Starter Kit Dark

LimeLife by Alcone’s “Silver Business Starter Kit – Dark” edition costs $169

LimeLife MLM Review - Silver Business Starter Kit Deep

LimeLife by Alcone’s “Silver Business Starter Kit – Deep” edition costs $169

Each Silver Business Starter Kit Includes the following items for $169:

  • 10 Catalogs
  • Foundation Matching Card
  • Training Materials
  • Cleanser
  • Face Mask
  • Moisturizer
  • Dew Date Face Oil
  • Bamboo Renew Body Scrub
  • Blush/Powder Trio Palette
  • Perfect Eyeliner Pen
  • Perfect Mascara
  • Enduring Lip Liner
  • Enduring Lip Color
  • Perfect Lip Gloss
  • 2 Perfect Lipsticks
  • Blenderful Non-Latex Makeup Sponge
  • Silver Business Starter Kits are available in Light, Medium, Dark and Deep.

So there are the choices for you to get started with LimeLife by Alcone’s MLM business opportunity as a beauty guide. But what other costs will you have to pay?

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Can You Make Money with LimeLife?

When you join LimeLife’s MLM opportunity you can earn “up to” 35% sales commissions. You definitely won’t be making 35% right off the bat though. Read the compensation plan pdf to see what I mean.

If you choose to lead a team, you will also earn a percentage of your team’s total sales. You can check out the LimeLife MLM compensation plan PDF to find out exactly how much you can earn per sale and how much on other people’s sales you could make.

It’s up to you to set your goals – whether it’s becoming a Beauty Guide full-time or whether it’s just a part-time gig.

The first step is to choose your starter kit. Do you want the Business starter kit for $99 or do you want the slightly more expensive Silver Business Starter kit for $169. If you want the Silver Business starter kit, choose which shade you want. Light, Medium, Dark, or Deep. All starter kits include resources to help support you.

The second step is to complete your online application. During your application process you’ll get to establish your replicated website (uh-oh…) – another red flag!

The third step is to agree to their rules and regulations.

I mentioned a couple of red flags. The first red flag for me is they don’t tell you clearly how much you’ll earn as a Beauty guide if you’re leading a team. It simply doesn’t say. Perhaps it tells you on the application later on. As I’m no way into MLM and I’m not going to blow $99 on a starter kit for myself, so I really don’t know.

The second red flag is the “replicated” website. Ummmm. How are you going to get traffic to that site? The SEO is going to be terrible, I can assure you. Are you going to have to start blogging to drive traffic to your site? Posting on social media? Will you have to pay for ads (PPC?). Just a thought.

For a more detailed overview of how much you can make as a LimeLife Beauty Guide, here’s the LimeLife MLM career and compensation plan (it’s dated 2016, so I don’t know how accurate it will be today)

LimeLife MLM Complaints

I’ve seen a lot of worrying complaints from LimeLife MLM Beauty Guides that leave a bitter taste in my mouth. It seems like the LimeLife MLM scheme doesn’t like to refund when people cancel. I’ve read a lot of complaints about guides trying to cancel before the next billing but then getting billed for several months after.

The LimeLife response is always, “ah, but it’s in our contract” and many other excuses which basically are designed to keep the money despite the MLM beauty guides trying desperately to cancel. Cancellation requests falling on apparently deaf ears.

(I surmise they love taking money from the beauty guides and will do their level best to keep billing them even after cancellation is requested then repeatedly demanded.) LimeLife by Alcone? You should be ashamed of yourselves, really. What a terribly sneaky thing to do. Here are just a few of the complaints you can find at BBB (Better Business Bureau) about LimeLife by Alcone.

LimeLife MLM Review - BBB LimeLife MLM Beauty Guide Complaints 1
LimeLife MLM Review - BBB LimeLife MLM Beauty Guide Complaints 2
LimeLife MLM Review - LimeLife MLM Complaints 3

The 3 samples of complaints above are all about the MLM scheme that LimeLife has going on. The complaint below, though, is about the actual products LimeLife by Alcone sells. This lady may need $10,000 worth of work from a dermatologist because of LimeLife cosmetics. Blimey!

LimeLife MLM Review - LimeLife Product Complaints 1

If you’d like to see the many more LimeLife MLM complaints, check out the Better Business Bureau website here.

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Reasons Why You Should NOT Join LimeLife MLM

In this video, which is one of many about this “opportunity” you’ll discover a lot of reasons why you shouldn’t join the LimeLife by Alcone MLM. You’re going to have to sell, sell, sell to family & friends. People are going to start getting annoyed with you. Can you sell LimeLife’s products to your friends and family indefinitely?

Imagine the conference calls from your upline! Imagine them telling you you’re not working hard enough. Imagine the stress. Watch this video and see for yourself all of these reasons and more, for not joining this MLM. And I’d apply a lot of this reasoning to any MLM you can muster.

Pros of LimeLife MLM

  • Application to join seems simple enough (do read the small print/terms and conditions)
  • Cost to become a Beauty Guide is reasonable at $99 or $169
  • Some training is included with the starter kits

1. The application process is easy enough. There are just 3 steps. You choose a starter kit (either $99 for the business kit, or $169 for the silver business kit). The starter kits have a selection of cosmetics and have some training included.

2. I believe the cost is quite reasonable to get going with LimeLife’s MLM business opportunity. It’s worth mentioning that there is also an ongoing fee of $75 per year to keep your membership as a Beauty Guide active. You’ll also have to pay $9.95 per month for your replicated website.

3. Training is always beneficial no matter what business type you’re getting into. I don’t know how useful or extensive LimeLife’s MLM training is because I don’t want to sign up to be a beauty guide.

Cons of LimeLife MLM

  • It’s the MLM business model which in general sucks!
  • Difficult to cancel/get a refund! Check out the complaints above.
  • Products can cause a reaction for some people!
  • The website you’re given is a replicated/cloned website and that costs $9.95 a month!
  • How will you get traffic to your replicated website?
  • Beauty Guides must pay $75 per year on the MLM membership.

1. Being an MLM business model, it’s going to be hard to make sales and recruit people into your downline.

2. Trying to cancel your involvement in the LimeLife MLM scheme looks to be really difficult in some of the complaints I’ve seen so far.

3. Some people get a reaction to the products by the LimeLife by Alcone company. There are claims that their makeup is chemical free, then there are complaints saying chemicals are used. Which is it?

4. Replicated websites don’t rank. You’ll have to put a lot of work into the website such as creating lots of content that ranks so you can drive traffic to your business. You might as well create an affiliate marketing website for yourself instead of going down the MLM route.

5. You have to pay $75 per year to keep your membership in this MLM scheme active. There is also the  website fee of $9.95 per month to add on. Total cost per year – $9.95 X 12 = $119.40. Add $75 = 194.40. I also see that you MUST achieve $300 in sales every month to keep your business as a Beauty Guide “active”.

In your first year you will have to purchase the starter kit. This could be the $99 or the $169 version. Let’s add that up to see how much it will cost you to get involved with LimeLife MLM for just the first year.

Business starter kit @ $9912 Months of website fees @ $119.40

Total cost for year 1 at the very basic business starter kit level = $218.40


Silver Business starter kit @ $16912 Months of website fees @ $119.40

Total cost for year 1 at the Silver business starter kit level = $288.40

Personally, I don’t think the cost of getting started with LimeLife’s MLM scheme is too bad. My concerns are more to do with the “cost” of actually being a Beauty Guide within this MLM company. You’re going to have to make arrangements for home parties.

You’re going to have to sell to friends and family. You’re going to be getting calls from your upline (the person who recruited you under them) and they’ll likely be pressuring you to sell more and “stop being lazy”. I’ve heard tales of high-pressure recruiters in MLM companies reducing their recruits to tears. I believe LimeLife’s Beauty guides who work to recruit people in their downlines are probably going to be just as pushy. MLM isn’t a nice business model at all, what do you think?

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Is LimeLife a Pyramid Scheme or a Scam?

Many MLM companies sell decent products. However, this doesn’t mean that joining the companies’ MLM opportunities is a good idea. You may have heard of ponzi schemes or pyramid schemes.

These types of schemes require you to recruit others into the same scheme if you want to profit. In turn, your recruits will have to go out and recruit others into your downline. Then there’s the selling of the product itself. You might be in an MLM that has great products for sale but the MLM scheme you’re in will often suck.

The usual way to get people into a company’s MLM business model is to convince potential applicants that their products sell themselves. It’s dangerous to outright call a company a scam these days, because you can indeed end up in hot water if the MLM company decides it wants to sue you.

So, I won’t say LimeLife MLM by Alcone  is a scam, I’ll just say that I don’t recommend it. And if I’m perfectly honest, I don’t recommend any type of MLM business. There is just too much pressure from your “upline” to sell sell sell. You have to meet minimum sales quotas. You have to be a really good salesperson. You often have to nag friends and family to buy from you or worse still, be a recruit in your downline.

People often have fallouts with friends and family over MLM businesses. Imagine having to beg people to buy from you just so you can meet your minimum quotas. For further reading, you can check out this post which lists 3 mind blowing statistics about MLM. For more further reading, check out this pdf on the research, risks and rewards of MLM.

And if you’re still not convinced that MLM is not good, check out what the FTC has to say here.

Is There a Better Alternative to LimeLife MLM?

There is a better alternative to LimeLife’s MLM scheme. The whole MLM thing should just go away and leave us all in peace. It’s too pushy, it’s too high pressure, you lose friends and really fall out with family members because you’re always pushing them into buying from you. You have pressure from the person or people who recruited you. The more you sell, the more they make.

They’re going to be on your back all the time telling you to do better. You’re going to be pulling your hair out within days of joining your new MLM. It might seem really exciting at first, because you’re in business for yourself. Forget that garbage.

If I were you, and I really loved makeup, I’d create a niche website all about makeup and go into business selling makeup of your choice as an affiliate. You could join Amazon’s affiliate program – they have TONS of brands, makeup and skincare, and accessories galore.

Amazon is not the only affiliate program you could join. There are thousands of affiliate programs available for this niche. You could join several affiliate programs that have products you truly love. Affiliate marketing is a better alternative to any MLM in my opinion. Some reasons it’s better are –

  • It’s way less stress.
  • It costs a lot less money to get started and run an affiliate business.
  • You truly are in business for yourself.
  • Nobody can kick you in the butt and tell you to do more work.
  • You make all the decisions.
  • You work when you want to work.
  • You get to stay home if you want to.
  • You don’t have to answer to anyone.
  • You take breaks when you like, and for as long as you like.
  • You don’t have to beg people to buy your stuff.

There are a gazillion reasons why affiliate marketing is better than any MLM you can muster up. MLM sucks, affiliate marketing ROCKS!

If you’d love to start up your very own REAL online business and you’d like training and tools and support to help you, then look no further. Click here to read all about the best affiliate marketer training. Hint, it’s the same place that taught me how to make money on the internet.

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Final Thoughts

As with any MLM opportunity, you have to be careful and read the small print before joining. There are often hidden fees and minimum requirements for you to qualify for commissions or even to keep your status active. Take makeup for example. LimeLife’s MLM is all about selling makeup and skincare products. Makeup has a use by date.

Don’t buy too much product at one time, you might not be able to sell it and you’ll end up stockpiling expired product that you can’t possibly sell. Stockpiling is a common problem with MLM companies and people end up in debt more often than not. I’ve found an example of what makeup will expire and when, here on this site: Do Makeup Products Have an Expiry Date?

Some stats on MLM companies I’ve seen will shock you. The vast majority of people who join an MLM business do not make money. Rather than list the terrible results here in my own words, I’ll give you a link to a pdf from the FTC. Read this FTC PDF Document about MLM business opportunities. It’s scary stuff indeed.

Thanks for checking out my LimeLife MLM Review

I’m hoping this LimeLife MLM review informed you well before getting involved. At the end of the day, it’s completely up to you whether you think you can make a go of it. If you’re looking for more MLM reviews, check out my Arbonne MLM review, Amway MLM review, Matilda Jane MLM review, doTerra MLM review, Herbalife MLM review, Monat MLM review and Norwex MLM reviews.

What are your thoughts on LimeLife MLM? Are you a customer who uses their products? Are you one of their Beauty Guides? What do you think of MLM in general? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Drop me a comment below and I’ll reply.

Ciao for now.


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  1. I’m so glad I read this before joining LimeLife MLM. I had no idea that it would cost so much to maintain the status of Beauty Guide after buying the starter kit.

    I’ll definitely consider selling makeup as an affiliate, it sounds like a great alternative.

    Thank you,

    • Being an affiliate gives you infinite flexibility and as an online business owner you don’t have the pressure from an upline and you don’t even ever have to speak to anyone in person, over the phone or anything like that. Thanks for dropping by today, Sylvia. Let me know if you need any assistance inside Wealthy Affiliate.


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