Matilda Jane MLM Review

If you love clothing and you quite fancy yourself as a bit of a fashionista, then you might be interested in selling clothing as a means to earn a living. In this Matilda Jane MLM Review you’ll learn all about this MLM business opportunity.

If you want to be involved with Matilda Jane MLM opportunity it’s going to be helpful if you know a lot of women and younger girls who are interested in their clothing. Interestingly, Matilda Jane clothing is also targeted at dolls as well as people.

We’ll be looking at how much it costs to join up, how much it will cost you to maintain an active membership and whether it’s worth your time and effort. Can you make money selling Matilda Jane clothing after you become a member of their MLM?

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What is Matilda Jane MLM?

Matilda Jane is a brand of clothing targeting girls and women. This review is not about the clothing, rather, it is an overview of the Matilda Jane MLM business opportunity.

The Matilda Jane clothing company was established by Denise DeMarchis in 2006. This multi-level marketing business is based in Fort Wayne, in Indiana.

Included in Matilda Jane’s catalog are accessories and products for the home. The best way for me, a man, can describe Matilda Jane’s clothing is saying it’s very “girly”. Can I say that these days? Well that’s how I’d best describe their clothing line. Girly.

If I were a girl, I’d love to wear these kind of clothes. They’re certainly different to the usual stuff. I’m not a girl, so I won’t be wearing any Matilda Jane dresses any time soon. I do have a 7 year old daughter though, and she tells me she loves the clothing she’s seen.

Take a look at the short “Spirit of Matilda Jane” video just below and see what I mean.

The Spirit of Matilda Jane – Video

If “girly” clothing is your thing, read on. If selling Matilda Jane’s clothing as a business opportunity is something you’d like to know more about, again, read on.

How Does Matilda Jane MLM Work?

Distributors of Matilda Jane clothing are known as “Trunk Keepers”. Just as any other MLM opportunity, you arrange “parties” with a host. These parties are also called shows.

The host of the party is rewarded with a gift. Sales generated at that party are sent to Matilda Jane’s company for processing and the items bought are dispatched to the buyer.

Do check out the “New Trunk Keeper’s Guide

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Will You Earn Money with Matilda Jane’s MLM?

Many multi-level marketing business opportunities will tell you that their products are so good that they “sell themselves.” However, this is almost never the case. While Matilda Jane’s clothing is indeed really good quality, I don’t believe it’s going to be easy to sell their products over and over again.

You might do well for a little while when you get started as your customer base may never have experienced Matilda Jane clothing.

Matilda Jane MLM Review - Clothing Available on Amazon

And even though Matilda Jane clothing is quite unique in terms of style, it’s not exclusive. You can also buy this brand of clothing on eBay, Amazon and Zulily, to name but a few places. The best way to make money selling Matilda Jane’s clothing if you’re a “trunk keeper” is to recruit people into your downline. Then you will make commissions from anything that they sell.

This is one thing I don’t really like about MLM in general. The requirement to recruit people is generally what puts me off this business model completely. As with any MLM, you’ll build a downline and that of course means someone is above you in the chain. It’s a bit like a pyramid. Making money with any MLM is going to require you to recruit more and more people into your downline. Can you do that kind of thing?

Maybe you can sell lots of clothing at the parties you arrange. Maybe you can’t recruit people into your downline like you hoped. I don’t know you and I don’t know how good a salesperson you are. I’ve gotten hold of the Trunk Keepers’ Policies and Procedures PDF for your perusal. It will open in a new tab, so don’t worry about losing this page, it will stay open.

So, to summarize, there are two ways to make money with Matilda Jane MLM.

1. You sell clothing to others at Matilda Jane “shows” or parties. You receive a commission.

2. You manage to recruit people into your downline who also sell clothing to others and you get a commission from those sales.

What is a Jane?

A “Jane” is a hostess of a party where the clothing from Matilda Jane is sold. Janes will earn discounts or free gifts depending on the volume of sales made in the parties.

For example, if you achieve $300 in sales at one event, you can expect a 50% discount on just one item that you want to buy.

Matilda Jane MLM Review - Perks and Discounts from Hosting a Show

As you can see from the screenshot above, the minimum volume of sales you need to achieve is $300 just to qualify for a 50% discount on just ONE item. That makes me gasp a little. I’d find that difficult to achieve.

Being so hard to reach that minimum $300 sale amount, I’d feel under a lot of pressure all the time. Maybe it’s just me. Maybe you would find it easy.

Reaching $500 in sales will qualify the host of the party for 50% of 2 items and they’ll also be given a free product valued at $25. That sounds a bit more reasonable, but harder to achieve than the $300 in sales level. I suppose it’s an incentive to sell more.

Will the host invite a lot of people to these shows/parties? Your guess is as good as mine.

Let’s move on to the pros and cons of Matilda Jane MLM.

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The Pros of Matilda Jane MLM

Free Training

You will receive a personalized development plan and training if you’re a Trunk Keeper for Matilda Jane.

Extensive Catalog

Matilda Jane Trunk Keepers have a huge variety of products, including clothing for babies, girls and women. Matilda Jane also includes a lot of products for the home, such as blankets, pillows, bags and even kids’ toys.

USA and Canada Availability

All United States and Canadian regions can be considered as your marketplace.

Commission Rates are Reasonable

As a member of the Matilda Jane MLM business opportunity, you’ll be able to make commissions of 20%.

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The Cons of Matilda Jane MLM

Starting Cost is High

To get started with Matilda Jane as one of their Janes, you’ll have to fork out a sum of money every time a new “seasonal kit” comes out. How many times will they bring out a new kit? Be ready to buy whenever they insist you get the new season’s kit. The startup kit will set you back a whopping $1,600. Ouch.

Matilda Jane MLM Review - Cost of Starting Out

It’s also essential to mention that you’ll have to pay retail cost for the items you buy in the new season’s trunks. There is no wholesale discount for you, Jane!

Monthly Sales Targets to Achieve and Maintain

To keep your status as an active “Trunk Keeper” you must achieve at least $1,500 in sales. That’s $1,500 in sales per month.

Purchasing Trunks

At the start of every new season, you will be obliged to buy a new Trunk at the listed price.

You Can’t Advertise

Don’t even think about setting up some Facebook Ads or PPC ads on Bing, Yahoo, or Google. Matilda Jane don’t allow this form of customer acquisition. Ouch!

Deposit is Non-Refundable

You must deposit $300 using a credit card if you want to become a Trunk Keeper. This deposit is non-refundable, so don’t even ask!

Termination will Cost You

If you want to terminate your participation in the Matilda Jane MLM opportunity you’re going to have to pay. How so? When you want to cancel, you have to send a written notification to Matilda Jane MLM via Federal Express, which will cost you. What’s wrong with Matilda Jane MLM just accepting an email, a private message or such online which is free and fast?

Charges Still Apply After Termination

After you terminate your dealings with Matilda Jane MLM program, the charges don’t necessarily stop there. Refund requests can still come in after you think you’re completely out of system. Ouch!

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Matilda Jane MLM Complaints

As with most, if not all MLM companies, there will be complaints. It’s impossible not to have complaints in any line of business.

But here are some just so you can get a grasp on issues you might encounter if you join the Matilda Jane MLM scheme. After all is said and done, you need to make sure you’re getting into something legit and honest.

If you’d like to read about any other complaints about Matilda Jane’s MLM scheme, you can check out this page.

I’ve also included a link to a thread on

Matilda Jane MLM Review - Complaints

Look Out for Potential Lawsuits

There is a lady in West Virginia who is suing Matilda Jane MLM for labor violations. She asserts that she should be making at least a minimum wage. She certainly was under the illusion she’d be making a decent salary when she signed up for the Matilda Jane MLM. I’m pretty sure this woman didn’t check out all of the reviews of the Matilda Jane MLM program before she dived in.

You’re lucky because you did your due diligence before getting involved with this MLM. It’s my guess she didn’t know she’d only make money if she sold something or when she recruited people under her who went on to sell things. This is the case with most, if not all MLM companies. You get paid based on performance only. There is no set wage. It’s possible to earn absolutely nothing when you become embroiled with any MLM company.

Is Matilda Jane a Scam?

I would never call an MLM a scam even though I believe most are set up to deceive you into believing you’ll be wildly successful and the products will practically sell themselves. The structure of most MLM schemes means you have to recruit people into your downline in order to make a decent amount of money for yourself from the product they then go on to sell to others.

The thing I don’t like about MLM most of all though, is that you have to deal with people in a direct manner. I guess that’s why MLM is known also as direct sales. Matilda Jane has some nice product and I wouldn’t have any reservations about buying some of their clothing for my daughter. The products (clothing & accessories) are in some cases very nice and good quality.

However, the MLM scheme itself is a little more questionable. The startup cost alone is what makes me very nervous about Matilda Jane MLM. Having to fork out $1,600 before becoming an active member worries me. Another thing that worries me is having to cancel via Federal Express which will cost. I’m not sure exactly how much it costs but I think that’s ridiculous even if it was just 1 dollar to send the written notification by mail. Having to pay to quit? What?

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It’s worth mentioning that with MLM you do not make an hourly rate. You only get paid for sales that come in, either sales you’ve achieved or sales that people in your downline have managed to make. This means it’s going to be hard work persuading people to sign up as a Trunk Keeper in your downline so you can leverage their sales in order to make more money yourself.

Are you good at selling? Will the products you’re selling practically sell themselves as most MLM companies promise? And what about the person above you in these MLM schemes? They’re going to be on your back all the time and they WILL tell you you’re not working hard enough and you’re failing to bring in enough sales.

I don’t like the high-pressure nature of this type of work. I prefer not having to meet people in person or to try and convince them to buy something from me. The type of work I prefer is no pressure whatsoever. I don’t have anyone to answer to but myself. I even get to do 100% of my work from home, in my own time, and I can take breaks and days off whenever I please.

MLM is the opposite of this. You have to get out there and sell, sell, sell. In person and through your recruited downline. For a more thorough explanation of Multi-Level Marketing and what’s required of you, check out this WikiPedia page.

Did you know that 99% of people who join an MLM company lose money? Don’t believe me? Check out these 3 mind blowing statistics about MLMs if you don’t believe me. You can also read this document by the FTC which tells us all about the abysmal numbers of MLM opportunities.

And you can check out this AARPF PDF research document about the risks and rewards of MLM. Once you’ve taken a look at the information contained in the above documents you might be left in no doubt about the viability of MLM as a business opportunity. So, is there a better alternative to MLM?

Yes, there is…read on.

Is There a Better Alternative to Matilda Jane’s MLM?

While Matilda Jane MLM may be legal and admittedly some people will make it work for them, I don’t believe MLM as a whole is a good business model at all. There are the high startup costs and then there is the pressure from the person who recruited you to sell products. If you want to earn more money you’re going to have to recruit people into your downline.

You have to meet people in person, set up parties, buy new product every new season and you have to maintain a minimum dollar amount in sales to even keep your status as a Trunk Keeper active. There is something better than MLM in my opinion. Affiliate marketing is better in so many ways and it is the method I use to generate revenues online and I don’t have to deal with people personally.

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There are no meetups I have to arrange, I have no boss, I work when I want and how I want. I don’t have to achieve a minimum amount of sales to be kept as an active participant and I don’t have to pay for huge startup costs like with most MLM companies. Perhaps one of the best things about affiliate marketing is that you don’t have to stock any product whatsoever. All of that is handled by the “merchant” and they even handle any refunds, queries, support and training that is included.

I can earn better commissions, sometimes up to 100%, depending on what it is I “sell”. Affiliate marketing is the way to go, and you can learn all about the best affiliate training online if you read my review of the #1 recommended training that’ll teach you how to do affiliate marketing from home, on your computer, and you’ll never have to worry about low quality MLM programs ever again.

My Final Verdict of Matilda Jane MLM

There are many things I don’t like about Matilda Jane’s MLM program that make it a no-go for me. The starting cost for one thing is way too high at $1,600. The next thing that has me clenching my jaw with anxiety is the fact you have to buy new trunks (new product) every new season.

As well as the two points above, you’re going to have to maintain a level of sales that I think is unreasonable, especially if you’re new to this type of work.

I don’t like the fact we have to recruit people under us if we want to make better money. And if you join an MLM, you’re going to have someone who is above you and it’s likely they’re going to be contacting you all the time to crack the whip, so to speak.

Forget that. I’d rather be my own boss. I’d rather stay home and not answer to anyone about how much work I’m doing (or not doing). I’d rather earn better commissions. And I’d much rather I didn’t have to stock inventory and meet anyone in person and try to persuade them to buy something from me.

I don’t see any problem with the quality of the clothing from Matilda Jane’s company, quite the opposite. But be aware, they are not exclusively sold through Trunk Keepers or “Janes”. You can buy this clothing online at places like Amazon and eBay.

My advice is to learn affiliate marketing instead, and get started for free. That’s my best advice. Once you’ve decided that you prefer the affiliate marketing business model, invest just $49 per month to continue learning, get 1 on 1 help, web hosting, tools, a weekly live training, and a website builder.

You can check out more of my MLM reviews if you want to. My LimeLife MLM Review talks about Alcone’s makeup chain, and Norwex MLM review talks about Norwex’s home cleaning products.

Coming soon I’ve got an Arbonne MLM Review, a Monat MLM review or you can check out my doTerra MLM review and my Herbalife MLM review. That lot should keep you busy for a while.

If you have any questions regarding Matilda Jane’s MLM scheme, let me know in the comments. Have you experienced this company as a Trunk Keeper or a Jane? What happened? Good or bad?

What about MLM? Leave your comments below and I’ll get back to you.

Thanks for visiting, my name’s Jim, you can read more about me and this website here.

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  1. Thanks, Jim for such an in-depth article about Matilda Jane. The entry start-up cost is extremely high so I would think that would be a deterrent for people looking to make money quickly. There are so few people who make money with this type of business model but people continue to flock towards multi-level marketing. I have been one of those people (in the past). I know better now.

    Much appreciated,

  2. Hey Jim interesting post on Matilda Jane. They seem to be what would be referred to as a party planning company. And if so no question that part of their business model is hosting parties to sell the wares and you are correct that the big money is earned by building a downline. I personally very much enjoy the MLM industry and have done very well in it. I also see you prefer Affiliate Marketing, I also very much enjoy affiliate marketing and engage in it as well. My opinion is the best business model is actually a combination of affiliate marketing and MLM. They call it attraction marketing, it basically combines the best of both of their worlds. I agree the affiliate company you recommend is the best out there by far actually, great recommendation. Cheers man and take care. Robb

    • Hey Robb. Interesting that you’re doing well with MLM and affiliate marketing. It’s nice for once to hear of a more positive view on MLM particularly.
      Many thanks for dropping in!


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