What are the Best Part Time Jobs for Seniors?

Retirees today face a lot of different challenges. The best part time jobs for seniors are those which don't take a lot of effort to maintain as aging sets in. Retirement is meant to be a time to wind down, not to wind up, after all.

Even though many seniors have retired with great pensions and savings, there are some that need to still have a secondary job. Whether it’s for financial reasons, or it’s because they need to fill some time through boredom. There are plenty of part-time jobs seniors could consider.

Keeping it Simple

A simple part-time solution can help seniors not only make a little extra money but can also help with filling in time that could be tough to deal with for pensioners who are used to having an active life.

Remember, when seniors leave the full-time workforce, they are relegated to leisure. And while that’s good, it can get boring for some.

That leaves one question to consider, what are the best part-time jobs for seniors?

The Best Part-Time Jobs for Seniors

That’s something that may be tough to answer at first, but when considering part-time jobs, there are some solutions that are better than others. 

Seasonal Retail Solutions

Jobs in Seasonal Retail for Seniors

For those that don’t mind standing for long periods of time, seasonal retail solutions are always going to open up during the holidays.

Some as early as October will open up, and run through the end of the New Year’s celebrations. Seasonal options don’t always pay a great deal, but they give great hours for many people that are needed.

Millions of shoppers will frequent malls and big box retailers, and companies hire part time employees for a number of positions. 

Child Care Options for Seniors

There are Child Care Options for Retirees

Not just nannies, but babysitters too. Many retirees find families that need help with part time child care. The key here is flexibility.

Since a retired individual isn’t going to have to deal with a full-time schedule, they have time on their hands.

Child care options can be pricey for families, but by hiring retirees, families can save money on babysitting, and of course, nannies.

There is also the very likely possibility that seniors are grand-parents. Often times the parents of these children can't afford child care. Why not offer your services at a discount? 

Tutoring (Reading, Writing, Etc.)

Teaching Jobs for Retirees and Seniors

Public libraries and universities are in constant need of helping hands for their English and ESL departments. Many people with degrees and those that can simply read and write can help students of all ages.

While these positions are limited in scope, they provide a great resource for those in need. Consider the many people that need conversational English as a second language, and you’ll realize why so many need to fill the void.

Tutoring is a great way to get out of the house, earn a little money, and help others as well.

File Clerk Positions

retirees can be file clerks

Another simple job for seniors to consider is that of the file clerk. This is a position that requires minimal effort and some organization. In many offices, all one has to do is put files away, and select files from a large physical framework.

Organizing files by last name or numbers can be easy, and in some offices, the demands can be around 20 hours or thereabouts.

Part-time clerks are needed in law offices, medical facilities, and even retirement homes.

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Sports Stadiums Will Employ Seniors

Sports Stadiums Will Often Employ Seniors

One of the best places for seniors to work is at the ballpark. Every major city has a stadium or two. Stadiums hire seniors because of their flexible schedule. Jobs vary from ticket scanning to front office work.

Many will find that this is a simple job but requires individuals to be at games a couple of hours ahead of the gates opening, 7 days a week. Working with these schedules can be tough for the average person, so flexibility is a must.

Seniors that are retired usually have the best schedule to consider, as it is open ended on many levels.

The Best Part Time Jobs for Seniors Over 65 - Museum Guides

Museum Guide Jobs for Retirees

Museums are interesting places for seniors to work. Seniors in a community can help with ticket taking, ushering individuals across different exhibits and even leading discussions about historical elements of the location. Part Time Jobs for Seniors Over 65 are often available at museums.

Many can even train to be tour guides to help individuals get the most out of their visit to any museum today. 

Fun Jobs for Retirees - Recreational Sports Need Umpires and Referees

Fun Jobs for Retirees

There are lots of fun jobs for retirees if you look for them. Every major city or local municipal area has a park and recreation center. These locations set up leagues for amateurs to play a variety of sports. From children to adults, there are leagues that require official umpires and referees.

These are paid positions that are part-time and require sports fans to officiate and control the rules. While this may vary by season, a lot of seniors will find part time options in this regards. 

Work at Home Jobs for Retirees - Create Your Own Work

As you can see, there are a lot of solutions to consider in regards to part-time work for seniors. Many of the ideas above will get your idea engines turning over. However, some would prefer to run a home business and work for themselves. Check out my review of Wealthy Affiliate if you're more interested in making money from home.

The Best Part Time Jobs for Seniors - Try The Wealthy Affiliate Program

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