Affiliate Marketing Tools for Beginners

Today I’ve compiled a tidy little affiliate marketing tools for beginners list that will get you up and running with your own home business. I use most of these resources daily to keep and my other sites running smoothly. This is a cheat-sheet for newbies, so to speak.

When I Was a Newbie I Wished…

As a beginner when I was learning about affiliate marketing, building websites and so on, I didn’t have a list like this. My job is to help people to learn this make money online from home stuff for themselves without being scammed, being led down rabbit holes and to prevent them from chasing shiny, time-consuming systems that don’t work. This little list is incredibly powerful if you leverage it.

Join as much stuff as you can for free and decide later if you want to “upgrade” to a premium account. You could run a full-time online business with just the tools on this page. I can’t think of any tools I have left out due to absent-mindedness but I can always add those later when I edit the page.

Each Day Brings New Discoveries

I’m discovering more and more cool tools almost by the day so I will keep it as up to date as possible. Some of these tools are invaluable and many of them are completely free to use. You’ll be surprised that they’re free. A few of these tools have premium upgrades available, but you don’t have to upgrade to use them in their basic forms.I like the free stuff and I like the try before you buy stuff, don’t you? I’ve never used anything online that costs money until I have tried them for free. No, sir! They don’t get a penny of my money until they prove their worth. The things on this list have proved their worth to me time and time again. And so I’ve dwindled them all down into a condensed page of must haves and must tries.

I like the free stuff and I like the try before you buy stuff, don’t you? I’ve never used anything online that costs money until I have tried them for free. No, sir! They don’t get a penny of my money until they prove their worth. The things on this list have proved their worth to me time and time again. And so I’ve dwindled them all down into a condensed page of must haves and must tries.

Awesome Affiliate Marketing Tools for Beginners

Step by Step Affiliate Marketing for Beginners Training at Wealthy Affiliate which –

  • provides training for internet marketing and building sites.
  • gives 2 Free websites on subdomains for free membership. What a deal!
  • hosts 25 dotcom websites for you if you are a premium member. (Premium membership =$49 a month.)
  • gives you access to a valuable internet marketing community.
  • has a 24/7 Live chat facility that is very useful for getting 24-hour help.
  • includes a keyword research tool that is simple to use.

One of the Best Affiliate Marketing Companies for Home Business Owners

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Free website for graphics creation and manipulation –

  • Fatpaint – This is an amazing but free logo designer that is very powerful but takes a bit of learning.
  • Cooltext – This is a free logo designer that is very easy to use but not as powerful as fatpaint.
  • Coollogo – Very similar to cooltext.  Again, a free logo designer that’s pretty good but not as powerful as fatpaint.
  • Flamingtext – Another free logo designer that sits maybe between cooltext and fatpaint.  Easy to use, quite powerful and effective.
  • Microsoft Paint – Free windows paint application that comes installed on windows devices.  Not an option for professionals, but suffices for common tasks.
  • gimp – This one works online or offline.  To download the offline version for free go here.  It’s open source, like firefox web browser.
  • pixabay – A site with a huge collection of free images that can be used as you please without worrying over copyright issues.
  • tinypng – This free website takes your images that are 100kb and makes them 50kb instead, thus it improves site loading speed.
  • Snappa – This one is quickly becoming my favourite graphics and image manipulation tool. See a tutorial video using Snappa here.


Url Shorteners

  • tinyurl – It is a free url shortener.  Long urls are unattractive and cumbersome.
  • bitly – Another free url shortener similar to tinyurl.


Social Networks

Social networks mustn’t be sniffed at.  Free but if you use them correctly they can drive a lot of traffic to your website.

  • facebook – Groups and pages. Not the same as your own profile. Post your blogs on groups and pages on facebook.
  • twitter – Better learn hashtags for this one.
  • google+ – You can find people in your niche to network with.
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest – Pins, boards, pictures, infographics and more stuff in your niche.
  • Linkedin – A more professional social network for professionals who want to network.

Read My Affiliate Marketing Guide for Beginners

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  • pretty link lite – A url shortener for free that makes your links, well…prettier.
  • Yoast SEO – This helps to ensure that your keywords and your posts are all formatted nicely for google to acknowledge.
  • google analytics by yoast – Free plugin that helps hook up your Yoast Seo with google analytics.
  • wp edit – Free and it replaces the default visual editor which is a bit on the limited size.
  • share buttons by AddThis – Free plugin for social sharing buttons. You may see them on this site. Go ahead and share this. 🙂
  • wp spamshield – Free spam defense for your website.
  • w3 total cache – A Free plugin to keep your website fast by flushing, or emptying your cache.
  • ewww – Free image shrinking plugin. Images can be too big in terms of memory footprint (kb). Your site slows down. A slow site makes visitors leave.
  • optimize database after deleting revisions – Another plugin that helps keep website speed fast by deleting old revisions of posts and pages.
  • SumoMe – A Multi-functional plugin with many tools included free
  • Instabuilder 2 – A phenomenal piece of kit to build landing pages for your website. Read more about that one here.

Niche and Keyword Research

  • WA Keyword Research Tool – a free keyword research tool. Join Wealthy Affiliate to leverage that one.
  • Buzzsumo – find out what’s trending online. Interested in a specific niche? Go there to see what’s trending, get more ideas for your websites.
  • Jaaxy – A powerful paid keyword and niche research tool. You can get 30 free trial searches before purchasing.

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WordPress Themes

  • Optimizer theme – Free theme that is simple to use and quite good to say it is free. Of course there’s a superior premium version with more bells and whistles.
  • Happenstance – A really simple to use theme that looks nice to the eye. I like it a lot. There is the free version and the premium.
  • Zerif – Free or Premium theme.
  • Customizr – A Free and simple theme for beginners.
  • Parabola – Excellent fun for beginners and free but don’t get sucked into a theme with too many bells and whistles.
  • Omega – This one is ideal for beginners too. You’ll find plenty of free themes but remember to keep it simple.
  • Avada An incredibly popular premium theme for WordPress which sold over 200,000 copies last time I checked. Visit the theme maker here
  • X Theme – Another beautiful premium WordPress theme by Themeco. Visit the theme maker here


Site Performance

  • Brokenlinkcheck – This website checks your website for broken links.  You don’t want broken links, they cause headaches.  Another freebie.
  • Google webmaster tools – Webmasters need this for analytics and other tasks.
  • Bing webmaster tools – Same as Google Webmaster Tools but this time it’s
  • Google analytics – This is where you can check how many visitors have been to your site.
  • GTMetrix – This is a website that checks out your overall website speed and tells you what to improve.
  • Pingdom – Same as GTMetrix in that it tests your page load speed and will tell you how to improve.
  • Website Grader – Like Pingdom and GTMetrix in that it tests your site for speed and informs how you can optimize it.


Social Media Automation Tools

Automated tools help take the workload off you when it comes to repetitive and time-consuming tasks you want done. You could pay someone a few dollars an hour or you could pay a lot less for an automated method.

  • Mass Planner 2 – An automated social media scheduler/poster tool – This is a paid tool but pays for itself very quickly if you use it right.  You can get a free 5 day trial but before you do try it and if you decide to buy it, that costs about $9.95 a month…but…
  • WARNING: Use with caution!!!  It’s a fantastic piece of software but be careful with it. Read more about why right here.

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Affiliate Programs

  • Amazon Associates
  • Clickbank
  • JVZoo
  • Shareasale


Useful Websites to Join

  • IBO Toolbox – This is a free internet marketing platform that allows you to do many things which benefit your online business. Handy!

[thrive_link color=’orange’ link=’’ target=’_blank’ size=’small’ align=’aligncenter’]Check Out IBOToolbox Here[/thrive_link]

  • Global Moneyline – Build a downline and get thousands of leads every day that you can send messages to about your online business.

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  • Udimi – Get solo ads from a reputable place, such as Udimi.

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The resources in this arsenal are at your disposal. I wish you luck whatever you do from here.

Check out this affiliate marketing tools page often because it will be updated and expanded upon. Bookmark it in your browser for easy access should you need to remember where you saw this list. And share to your friends on social media, too! Thanks.


Tools to Create a Membership Site

Read my review of EverLesson 2.0 to learn what you can use to create membership sites.

What Would You Add to This Affiliate Marketing Tools List?

There are thousands upon thousands of other resources for internet marketing. Is there something I’ve missed? What would you add this affiliate marketing tools list? Thanks for reading.


10 thoughts on “Affiliate Marketing Tools for Beginners”

  1. Hey James,

    Awesome list! Thanks for putting this together!

    Most of those tools are essential for any business! However, I was a bit surprised that you didn’t mention Shakr – used it a lot for my Facebook ads (I run a small e-commerce)

    Anyways, thanks again for this and your website.

    • Shakr is quite an expensive product, Arthur. Also it’s not what I would call a beginners tool. However, it might go well on another list of affiliate marketing tools for advanced marketers. Thanks for coming by!

  2. Hi, James!

    I always like when I come across the site which is easy to navigate and to read through. Your site is just that, easy to navigate and easy to read, offering some very handy collection of various marketing tools.

    Keep up the good work!

    Best wishes,

  3. I want to be like you! Thank you for this list! I am going to start checking off one by one item soon, I hope. I can’t believe that there are so many affiliate marketing tools for beginners. I am definitely ”attacking” Twitter and Google+ after all your posts I have read.

    It’s good to have this list. Thanks a lot for providing it!

    • Yes you should learn how to use all the social media networks, Sunny, it will help with your business. I recommend you choose one, learn the heck out of it and then move on to the next, rather than trying to learn all of them together. You’ll have less of a headache that way.

      Cheers Sunny.

  4. You did a good thing by taking the time to write this post. One thing that is important when starting out and during the process of growing online is simply keep it simple. You listed some good resources in this post and when someone uses them with Wealthy Affiliate they are off to a great start while avoiding chasing shiny objects. Good post…Keep them coming!

    • When I first started out with websites I didn’t know Wealthy Affiliate existed. I wonder how much money and how much time I wasted before I tried WA.

      I’d be a millionaire by now if I’d discovered WA much sooner. Still, I am so glad that I did find WA. Now my mission is to spread awareness of this training school, web hosting platform community far and wide. Once you join WA there is no wanting to unjoin. Beats facebook a thousand times over. You don’t learn much about making money online affiliate marketing from home when you sit on facebook all the time.

      Keep it Simple!

      Thanks for your visit!

  5. Hey nice website design with quality content, with a little information about you on your main page. It is always a good way to connect to your customers. I like the fact that you are training beginners on how to create a successful business online, and as for wealthy affiliate, they are very fair.

    • Afees, Hi!

      Yes, the Wealthy Affiliate community sure has helped me out with my website escapades in the past year. I want everyone in the world to learn this stuff because it is easier than at first presentation.

      Thanks for joining in the discussion, Afees.



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