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There's quite a few questions that are commonly asked so I've covered some of them in the video above.

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Course Structure

5 Lessons

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Watch these quick videos first.

Success Stories – See What’s Possible with Blogging

In this video I show you just a "FEW" success stories that'll motivate you into taking action for yourself. Huge success is absolutely possible if you follow the training inside Wealthy Affiliate.

Your First Steps

First things first. We need to get you set up with a free account at Wealthy Affiliate. This is where the official training, website builder and web hosting are to be provided for you.

You'll also have access to thousands of members to get help when you need it. Also, there's a Live Chat feature I'd like you to use when you need to find help quickly.


Your mindset is more important than you think. Watch this video and get your mindset right before you embark on your entrepreneurial journey.

A Peek Inside WA

Let's take a peek at what's inside of Wealthy Affiliate

Help! – The Many Ways to Find Help Inside WA

What's up? Stuck on something? Have no fear. There are many ways to get help really quickly inside of Wealthy Affiliate. You just need to ask.

10 Lessons

10 Lessons

These are your first 10 lessons on how to blog for profits.

Lesson 1 – Getting Rolling

This is an overview of Wealthy Affiliate's "Getting Rolling" lesson. This is the very first lesson in which you'll take your first actions on your actual blogging business. 

Lesson 2 – Understanding How to Make Money Online

In lesson 2 you'll learn how the process of making money on the internet works. Kyle will walk you through all you need to know for understanding the basics.

Lesson 3 – Choosing Your Niche

This is lesson 3 where Kyle will explain how you will choose a niche. You must choose a niche you love and a niche that you will stick with if you want to make your business as exciting and fun as possible. Choosing something you don't genuinely love will lead to you having a hard time wanting to do any work on your biz. Choose wisely, there's no rush. Ask for help, ideas using the live chat feature if you're stuck. You can also leave me a comment below this video on this site if you wish.

Lesson 4 – Building Your Own Niche Website

This is lesson 4 where things start to get more exciting. Kyle will show you how to build a website and then set it up in the coming lessons so it's ready to go.

Lesson 5 – Setting Up Your Website

This is lesson 5 where you'll learn how to set up your website in the back end (your WordPress dashboard). There are plugins to install and settings to choose here.

Lesson 6 – Getting Your Site Ready for Search Engines

This is an overview of lesson 6 where you'll continue setting up your site, but more specifically, you'll be setting up your site so it's ready to be found by Google and other search engines.

Lesson 7 – Creating Your Initial Website Content

This is the lesson 7 overview. In lesson 7, Kyle will show you how to create your first bit of content. The only content you need to write for this is your "about me" page. Other content such as an affiliate disclaimer page and a privacy policy page are available within this lesson as templates. You will just have to change a few words in the templates and copy them to your site. These pages are also known as "legal" pages. Easy stuff. Kyle shows you all you need to know.

Lesson 8 – Creating Custom Menus on Your Website

This is lesson 8. Most websites will have a menu, and it's usually something that goes at the top of the site where people can easily find it. Kyle shows you how easy it is to create such a menu in his training video within Wealthy Affiliate. Follow Kyle's simple steps and you'll have a custom menu on your site in no time at all. Takes a minute once you know how.

Lesson 9 – Understanding Keywords

This is lesson 9 where Kyle will talk to you about keywords, how to find them and what to do with them when you find them. Don't let keyword research scare you (like it used to scare me)...because it really is easy peasy with Wealthy Affiliate's "Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool"

Lesson 10 – Congratulations (And Your Next Steps)

This is lesson 10 where Kyle will tell you to give yourself a pat on the back. You've finished level one and it was much easier than you thought, right? But what are the next steps?

3 Lessons

Bonus Videos

In this module I'll be giving you some hints, tips, and tricks that will help you find your way faster once you're a member of Wealthy Affiliate.

Danger! – Avoiding Scams & Shiny Object Syndrome

In this video I'll tell you why it's important to avoid scams and "Shiny Object Syndrome."

Blogging Tools – Resources to Help You Succeed

In this video I'll tell you how to get a hold of my free eBook which contains a list of over 100 tools that you can use as a blogger and they'll help you get things done (for free)

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone, particularly beginners, will have questions. I've created this video to answer the most commonly asked ones.

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