The Top Paying Affiliate Programs List for Newbies

I've been researching some of the best affiliate programs with high commission for affiliate marketers. Why work so hard for low commissions when you can work no harder at all for a higher paying commission? With that being said, there are a lot of good ones, so here they are.

What are the Best Affiliate Programs with High Commission?

Okay, so what we need to do is consider why choosing the best affiliate programs with high commissions is a better way to do things than to choose something with a low commission. More often than not, affiliate programs will pay you once.

I prefer affiliate programs that pay over and over again, mostly on a monthly basis. It's the same amount of work to get a commission that is high paying and recurring that it takes to get a commission for something that's low paid.

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Why Affiliate Programs with Recurring Commissions are Best

Take a look at the two very realistic scenarios below for an example of what I mean.

  • John promotes a high ticket item that costs $1000 and he gets paid 50% of that amount every month. This is as long as the person he referred remains a paying customer. John enjoys recurring commissions and the more people he refers to an affiliate offer, or program, then the more he makes per month. John makes a good living online and quits his day job.
  • Jane promotes things that cost $10 each and she gets 50% of that on a one-time basis. She worked just as hard as John did, but for a fraction of the commission. Jane struggles to make ends meet and has to continue with her day job. Meanwhile, John is swimming in cash with no more work than Jane did. 

I'm No Genius...But, I'd Rather Be John

Now, it doesn't take a genius to understand that it's far better to go for the scenario that John went for. And it wouldn't be a very smart move to go for something like Jane did. She's working as hard as John and she's not getting paid anywhere near as John is.

That is why you should consider your options wisely when it comes to choosing what to promote as an affiliate. 

The Top Paying Affiliate Programs List

So, here's a list of what I consider are the top paying affiliate programs in a nice, concise little list for you to choose from. Heck, choose them all if you must. They're not in any particular order, so just because something is number 5 on the list, it doesn't mean it's the 5th best one after 4 better ones. They're all equally good, really.

  1. Wealthy Affiliate - (Read more about Wealthy Affiliate)
    Wealthy Affiliate is a no-brainer. They pay you a recurring commissions of $23.50 every month so long as the person you've referred remains a member. You will have to join as a premium member there if you want to receive full commissions. However, Wealthy Affiliate also offers commissions at half that rate for starter members (members who are using a free account). So, if you're a starter member there, you'll receive $11.75 (the last time I checked).
    The benefits at Wealthy Affiliate also include all of the training you'll have access to, which will teach you how to make money online with the affiliate marketing method.
  2. JVZoo -
    JVZoo itself is not an affiliate program. This is a marketplace for affiliates to pick and choose products that suit their niche. You can receive recurring commissions from many of the products there, but not all, so make sure you check the details when picking up something to promote. Some items are part of sales funnels and you promote what's known as the "front-end" product, which could be a low-ticket item that is in a funnel with other, higher ticket items known as upsells.
  3. Clickbank - (click to read more about Clickbank)
    Similar to JVZoo, Clickbank is a digital marketplace where you choose what you want to promote. You get a large choice. However, not everything there is brilliant. Choose wisely. Many of the products there give recurring commissions of varying rates in percentage.
  4. Warrior Plus -
    Warrior Plus is a cool place to go which is similar to Clickbank and JVzoo. There are many new products listed there every day. Some good, some not so good. So, as I always recommend, do your proper due diligence before choosing stuff there. Just like the others, many products there will give you a recurring commission and some won't. Some are part of a sales funnel with a low-cost front end (FE) product that is part of a higher paying sales funnel with all the usual upsell items.
  5. Amazon Associates -
    I know, I know, they don't have recurring commissions at Amazon. However, I thought it was essential to add Amazon to this list because of the way Amazon works. If you are promoting something for a $5 commission from Amazon, and people go there through your affiliate link and decide to buy something else, like a huge flat screen television, for example, you get a commission for that one also. The only drawbacks with Amazon are that they don't pay into PayPal and they have cookies that last only 24 hours.

What is the Best Affiliate Program for You?

Okay, the list we have above is 5 programs long (so far.) In the future we will add more and more as and when we learn of them. For now though, we have a really nice spread. You can become a millionaire with just one of them if you know what you're doing. So which one is the best affiliate program for you?

  • If you're a complete newbie, definitely go for Wealthy Affiliate because they will teach you so much, even as a free starter member. You also get 2 free websites.
  • If you know what you're doing, any and all of the programs above in the list are good for you, including Wealthy Affiliate, there are many super affiliates in there helping out.

Thanks for reading my short post on the best affiliate programs to join if you're looking for high commission rates. Recurring commissions just make a whole lot more sense to me. Is there another program that you would add to this list? Do let me know in the comments below and I will look into it.

For now though, I bid you farewell, I've got coffee to make and I might just have a little snack, too. Bye....


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