What is a Keyword Tool that is Super Simple to Use?

I'm sure you'll agree with me when I say keywords are vital for online success. That being said, what is a keyword tool that is super simple to use, even for complete novices?

In this post, I will show you the only tool I use and you can see how simple it is in the video below. We will cover the following points in this table of contents. You can click any section to skip to that part of the post.

  • What Keywords are and Why You Need Them
  • Who Needs to Use a Keyword Tool
  • Why You Need The Right Keywords for Ranking
  • What a Keyword Tool Will Do
  • Why Jaaxy is My Go-To Keyword Tool
  • A Demonstration and Proof of Jaaxy's Power for Ranking
  • A Demonstration of How to Check Rankings with Jaaxy

What are Keywords and Why Do You Need Them?

Keywords are what Google uses to rank a website's articles in the SERPs. SERPs means Search Engine Results Page.

When you go to Google (or other search engines) and you search for something online, like an answer to a question you have, it is the job of the search engine to bring you results based upon the words you used in your query.

Usually, the top 10 results on page one of the search engines' results page will lead you to a website that gives you an answer to the question you've asked. These answers should be relevant to what you asked in your search query. Those keywords that you typed into the search engine are what brought you to that website as a visitor.

If you type "what is the biggest animal on Earth?" into a search engine you're likely to get the answers in the top ten results. If Google has done its job right, the answers should all be "blue whales" on every website you visit from that results page.

Who Uses Keyword Tools

Bloggers and affiliate marketers use keyword tools to find the best keywords that they should use in their articles that will attract those people who are searching for answers online. If you choose the right keywords that answer a question someone has, and they come to your site to read something, you can make money if they buy something through your site.

Why You Need The Right Keywords to Rank in Google

If you were to type into the search box of any search engine and you were given the wrong results you'd never find what you're looking for.

However, the search engines all use algorithms to rank websites based on the articles they publish. For example, you might have arrived here through Google, Yahoo or Bing when you searched for "What is a Keyword Tool?"

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How a Keyword Tool Will Help You Make Money

If you have a website all about skin care products and you write a review about the latest and greatest skin cream for men, you need keywords to use in the article that the search engines will use to "measure" what your article should be ranked as.

If you don't use a keyword tool you're unlikely to get much "traffic" to your website. So, in the end, you might not make any sales with your skin cream for men, no matter how awesome it is.

This is where a keyword tool comes in very handy. However, many of them are expensive, difficult to use and can be inaccurate.

What is a Keyword Tool that is Easy to Use?

What is a Keyword Tool?

I use Jaaxy Pro because of its speed and simplicity. It gets me ranked when I use it and it gets me ranked higher than I used to be ranked without it. It's proven itself to me many times over.

Take note: My website is called best stay home jobs. Take a look at this screenshot of my site on page one of Google.

Finding Keywords and Using the Google Keyword Ranking Checker

Okay, it's demo time. Watch me finding some useful keywords in the quick video, if you haven't already. Also in the video, I show you the Google keyword ranking checker function of Jaaxy.

Jaaxy Demo Video

Read My Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool Review

I wrote a full review of Jaaxy with some instructions on how to get the best out of it and you can read it here.

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I'm Jim, thanks for reading. If you have questions about Jaaxy or anything else, don't hesitate to ask below in the comments section. If you'd like to read more about me and the reason I started this site you can check out my about me page here.

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